Role of Ethics in Business

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Mir said:   1 decade ago
Ethics to Business is like, man to business. If man do not have moral ethics therefore business has no ethic as well, because it is man who govern business.

Business do not reason nor initiate its own social responsibility but only as a juridical being, man is a rational being that governs in the business.

Conclusion: If a business is not ethical therefore the people in the business are not ethical.

Provided further, ethics is to be value and not to value ethics because man-business are compose of ethical and unethical or moral and immoral, it is then we'll be able to discerned if we define ethics by our own values.

MCM said:   1 decade ago
Ethics is the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation. Ethics in business nowadays is being unnoticed because the mindsets of the people are focused on gaining profit. Although the business' main objective is to gain more profit and survive in the long run, they should also take into consideration the ethical values because somehow ethics can contribute in the success of a business as cited in the article on Integrity and Ethical values of Dan Feder. Having integrity and excellence can gain trust and loyalty from customers or people around the business.

Akash Bansal said:   1 decade ago
First of all, I would like to aware you the word ethics, ethics means the value, belief & culture. Acc. To my perception, ethical business always keep far away to get trouble and it is shown proove to be best for long term time period. Non-ethical business is the quickest way to get more profit for the short time period, after that it is not be able to carry on further business because till that time, lots of problems will have got by the co. Ethical business has transparent transactions which is answerable to the stakeholder of the co. With their fully satisfaction easily.

Jeet barad said:   7 years ago
Ethics does not support your Buisness because there are many times. Where we have to compromise our ethics to run buisness. And c it happens to be most imp. For us to run our buisness rather than ethics. As time changes we must change. Ethics were valued at 19th century times. Now, only value is you are a success whether it may be from ethics or not. If you follow you are ethics then survival becomes. Difficult nd if you can survive then definetly you should follow ethics but it may be not possible all buisness. So, I believe ethics does not have much imp role in businesses.

Priyanka Biswas said:   2 years ago
I believe that ethics play an integral role in the sustainable growth of a company. All consumers and stakeholders have a right to be a part of legal and fair business practices. Abiding by business ethics will surely prove beneficial in the long haul due to the reputation it garners and the loyalty of customers it is successful in earning. Moreover, it is the social responsibility of every business to be true to it's internal and external parties. It is only because of the society's resources and support that the company can flourish through sustained profits.

Mithiran said:   5 years ago
In my point of view, ethics plays a vital role in all part of our life. In a busines organization, ethics is the most important one because if we have to run a business through a set of ethics. We have to consider the customers and the workers working in that industry. And the quality of the product is also to be a better one due to that ethics. Because they are having a rule to how to make a good product for our consumers. Them only the consumers has to be bought that product. So ethics plays a very important role in each and every part of life.

Raj mahor said:   1 decade ago
In my opinion, business and ethics can't go together because in today's situation with immense pressure and competition, its not so easy to become successful with ethics.

When we follow our ethics, they hinders us from succeeding as they squanders time.

Ethics are generally bounded by religion, moral values. Such things can not work in business where you are expected to be professional and practical. A businessman should know how to handle pressure and competition and not to be ethical. People today judge you on money and not on ethics.

Pallavi Rajput said:   5 years ago
Ethics means principle. Ethics is very important in life and also in business. It makes the value of a person in themselves and in front of others also. According to me, every person should have some ethics in life and also in business. It plays a very important role in business to create a branding of a person and also for creating a brand for business which is responsible for business growth and also in expansion. If a person has ethics in business it increases trust and respect in the customer's mind and others also.

NIKHIL DOOHAAN said:   7 years ago
Ethics is what make things or processes more people friendly.

Business is basically a way of treating your customer to get the most money out of them, now if that customer doesnt see ethics from the company, why would he be interested in doing business with that company.

Considering the present scenario of the market, a customer has endless options when it comes to doing transaction with a company.

So apart from being the, most feasible transaction. Ethics are the 2nd most important aspects that a person looks for.

Alaa said:   10 years ago
In my opinion I think every company must has its well known ethics and moral values and everyone working there must be punctual to these ethics.

This will increase the trust not only between the employees in the company and their customers but also between the employees themselves.

And for sure as all of you said this will let the company gain the profits in long period of time but also for long period of time because of the reliability that the company achieves through it's commitment and obliging.

Thank you.

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