Retirement Age for Politicians

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Aahana Dhupar said:   6 months ago
There should be a retirement age for politicians because there is an age of retirement in many fields so politics is the highest field in India.

In India; the retirement age in every field is almost <60> years.

Therefore, I think the retirement age in politics should be max <67> years.

Thank you everyone.

Kantamsetti LakshmanRao said:   9 months ago
If we allow without any age limit, others who are interested in being public representatives will not get a chance. Those who served two terms should be declared ineligible for contesting in elections, and more over 60 years of age should be made an upper age limit, for contesting for Assembly or Parliament.

DAVINDRA SINGH YADAV said:   2 years ago
Dear All,

Age is only a number. Retirement is from life and not from a job Eg; Politician. As long as the person is physically and mentally fit and his experience is the need of the hour for any organization, then he should be retained to benefit society at large.

Aseem Shaikh said:   2 years ago
There should be a retirement age for politicians as it is beneficial for the growth of the country as there is no autocracy and dictatorship in the country which is very harmful from past experience, and also mans physical and mental capability is not able to perform well after some time. But at the same time in the case of some situations, it is no barrier as take example of us presidents who cross 70 and was successfully able to run the country also Vladimir Putin is their if he will not their then western country and us will balkanise the Russia. So, it does not depend on age it also depend on situation of country when to retire and when not.

Avinash said:   3 years ago
There should be upper age for politician to take part in election. Because due no restriction in their retirement age young politician who have great vision and mission does not get easy chance to do something better for their locality. It should be mandatory to have retirement age so that more young mind come and make career in politics, It indirectly helps in improving the condition because new one try to take appreciation from society and for that he/she do their work sincerely.

Hina said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone.

I believe there should be a retirement age for politicians. We have retirement age in almost every field so why can't we have in politics?

If a person become a political leader then he will be a political leader till its last. As we know after certain time food starts detoriating means every food item has an expiry date because it loses its freshness and taste, this same is applicable in case of politicians as well. After sometime, people need new people to understand them.

Umasankar Misra said:   4 years ago
The politicians in most of the cases are not extraordinary men. They have also physical and mental limitations. Normally, they should retire at the age of 60. Considering the developments in medical science and better healthcare facilities, people remain fit until the age of 80.

Since there is a dearth in the number of matured politicians in the country, we have to make a cut off at the age of 60 and a second term be allowed after a mandatory check by eminent doctors. A person meant for the third term again be monitored medically. Now Mr Modi is of the age of 70. Trump is around 80. Beyond 80 people should not be in active politics. President of our country, if found fit can work after 80 even.

Hem Chaan said:   4 years ago
According to me, there should not be complete retirement from politics on the basis of age. Because, it takes time to learn for freshers in politics. So, the experience acquired by our senior politicians should not be wasted.

So, I think there should be a role of senior advisor before the retirement from politics.

My view,

Joining politics (age>21).
In politics and serving for nation (<60).
Senior Advisor for newbies (60<age<65).
Retirement (age>65).

Rishu kumar said:   5 years ago
Yes there should be an retirement age of politicians because the politicians after 60-70 age he/she is facing such a disease and gut health down day by day and the thinking problem also occur. This why every politicians have an retirement age.

Ravi said:   5 years ago
Hi, I am Ravi.

In my point of view, the retirement of politician compulsory 60 to 65 years. Because this is the best time of retirement, the 60 to 65 before retirement time this age of people energy able and thinking deeply & taking the perfect decision. After this age of people week energy and come health problem.

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