Poverty in Third World Countries is due to Prosperity in First World Countries

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Prakruti said: (May 7, 2020)  
First world countries had colonies in third world countries in the past. During their rule, resources in third world countries were exploited, wealth was taken away and pushed the countries into poverty. The impact of it is still seen today but it would be unfair to blame them for something done in the past. They left the countries long ago and they were the ones who built industries and better transportation systems in the third world countries. This helped boost economies. The poverty faced by third world countries is due to illiteracy, lack of awareness, internal disputes and unskilled labor. These issues weren't addressed for a very long time and resulted in their present state.

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Fred said: (Oct 21, 2017)  
The question is not 'how is poverty caused, ' but rather 'what causes prosperity?' Centuries ago, practically everyone was poor i.e. living on less than $2 a day (excluding, of course, kings and nobility). Then the Industrial Revolution in Britain occurred, man's output was drastically increased and the creation of wealth began in earnest. America's founding on 4th July 1776 created a nation based on Judeo-Christian values which included the free market, land rights and freedom. And from there it became the most influential power of today.

The developing of a country from the third world to the first includes a free market. To make a country rich, you have to increase its GDP, that is, its goods and services. Machines allow people to double, triple, quintuple their output, thus making them rich (e. G. One man in a combine can make enough food by himself to feed a city, compared with a thousand man working by hand). To stimulate an economy you have to create an environment in where goods and services may be produced - the free market. America's free market is what made it rich. Communist control makes a country poor because it destroys an individual's incentive to work. Whereas in America, the harder you work, the more money you get, in the Russia of yesteryear, all your work went to the 'common good' no matter how hard you worked you got the same. That's where an economy stagnates. The trick to prosperity is a free market, and land ownership - where the harder you work the more money you get and that this is recognized by the state.

There are some caveats however. When carbon caps/taxes are (self) imposed on a country (in an attempt to 'modernize' e. G. Kenya) that prevents economic growth by taxing what the country needs most - cheap free energy. Another instance in where the above statement holds true is when the first world meddles in third world affairs. This was seen in colonialism/imperialism in the past, in the middle east today (where the US gets involved in a complicated situation, engages in war and creates an extremely unstable socio-political economic environment) , and in South-East Asia and Korea during the Cold War. Warfare in a country is not conducive to prosperity. Finally, hand-outs from the first world directly to developing countries governments creates political insecurity and thus economic stagnation (i.e Africa). Unstructured handouts to poor countries are easily embezzled and lost in bureaucracy. They also destroy an incentive to work, and rather create an incentive to seize power.

That's a few thoughts on the issue.

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Bob said: (Oct 18, 2017)  
I think that poverty of the third world countries is due to the prosperity in the First world countries. Many of the developed countries today are only that way because other countries have helped them out. However, there have been few people from other countries coming into Africa or other third world countries to help them out. It has now become our duty to try and help these people out, these countries are in need of our help.

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Uttara said: (Aug 6, 2017)  
Poverty in 3rd world country is not due to prosperity in 1st world countries. 1st world countries could use its resources manpower and could adapt to world class technologies thus they could progress in this competitive age. Whereas 3rd world countries could not adapt to these factors. Its trade framework infrastructure even govt is not able to mould itself into newness. 3rd world countries like Africa in spite of being resourceful is down with poverty cause the people of the nation are lax towards developing their lives. The govt is dependant on foreign aid and gets debt ridden in due course. Education ease of doing business liberal govt policies all need a reform to drive a poverty ridden country out of the mould and walk towards prosperity. Thank you.

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Kishor Vishvanathan said: (Mar 21, 2017)  
No, it not like that, because, it only depends on brain drain, i.e. the well, educated, clever peoples are moved to other countries. So, wealth of the developing country decreases, wealth of the developed countries increases.

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Megha said: (Sep 4, 2016)  
That's wrong. Blaming others for your miseries. The difference is just about what we are concerned for. Out their people are also for their fellow citizens, society, and nation, but in here all they want is a bank balance for a limitless credit card, and luxury cars.

PS: it's not offensive approach for my fellow citizens who are left behind by me and those business tycoons and their rest prosperous country mates. But rather a strong attack for those who have left them behind.

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Shaoli Kundu said: (Jul 13, 2016)  
The one with the bike issue. Giving money to the police. It's like the cross elasticity demand graph (no connection) to the topic. It is true that India or any other third world country for that matter is underdeveloped because of the first world, mainly our big brother USA. According to the third world theory, the colonialists have always tried to take our resources and never let us develop. They same happens even today but it's latent. Almost all of the international organisations are dominated by USA, so its obvious whatever decisions are made are backed by the interests of that one country. Even if we are the member we actually have no say. Given the World trade center, most of the trade terms benefit America. USA forbids us to give subsidies to farmers but they are the ones giving the maximum of subsidies to their own farmers. As a result, they are able to dump goods in our country and we import them at higher prices. This definitely does not benefit us. Moreover, it's our fault. As long as we have domestic problems the more these countries will feed on those problems. Reservation policy has become so strict all the deserved find it better to go and work for a different country. Globalisation age has brought in greater connectivity. So we can even stay at our place and work for a US company. This may seem a high development trend but we are actually working for a foreign country and contributing to their development. Even if we get jobs and get a bit of the taste of growth but this is the fact.

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Sowmya said: (Apr 4, 2016)  
Hi friends.

In my opinion, I do not support the statement because main reasons for any poverty nation are quality education and hard working, so we have to improve our skills is very important, if all the persons have quality education automatically employment is generated, that time no one chooses to go to other countries for employment.

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Darren said: (Jun 2, 2015)  
I do think that it is 1st world countries faults that 3rd world countries are in poverty because even though you might say that they aren't the only reason 3rd world countries are underdeveloped is not because they had a late start in development, its because no other countries are helping them develop on a big scale. Think about it, the USA would not be so developed if only the English did it by themselves, no, the USA is so developed because people from other countries came to the USA and started to live and work there, which increases development.

But do you see any Americans or Chinese or Japanese going over to Africa or India on a large scale and living there? No you don't, and that is why there is so little development, because people with experience and those who could help the country in a whole do not move to those countries, and if they do, its not enough.

The problem is not that the locals to the country are under educated, its true that they are, but that is not how to fix the problem, as I said we need to have a large scale of people with experience move there and start helping with food, engineering, water, money, clean air, and of course development.

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Dan said: (Feb 7, 2015)  
I agree with this statement. I'm surprised so many are against it. While its true that the fact that the most educated of people from the third world countries living in developed countries is an issue that makes it difficult for these developing countries to get on their feet, we should not forget why these countries are in poverty in the first place.

Most inequality today is due to the colonialism of the European empires of old that conquered most of the known world and used other countries' resources for the benefit of their motherlands. So even though these developing countries have their independence today, they are at a major economic disadvantage. Its extremely difficult to win in a race when others have such a head start.

Regardless, I hope these developing countries catch up someday, but I only see that happening if developed countries start making some sacrifices.

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Maduri said: (Aug 6, 2014)  

In my opinion it is not a true statement because the prosperity depends on one's manpower and the ability to do the work. India though it is a third world country ie developing country is not like that. In India also many people work hard for the development of themselves and the nation also. If the prosperity is there in the first world countries it means it is due to their team work and their ability.

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Chandanasai said: (Jan 11, 2014)  
Hai friends,

As everyone said that among all the countries India is a third country for poverty.

I agree with you and I add some more points to you those are first poverty start by ours only because of for example we can take 3 persons who are traveling in one bike then the police man stop that bike then those people are give 500 to that police and go. That means the poverty start from ours only. To reduce the poverty in our country we can reduce by ours only.

REDUCE POVERTY SAVE OUR COUNTRY thanks for giving this topic for discussing.

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Megha said: (Dec 27, 2013)  
According to me this statement is not true. Prosperity of a nation depends upon its citizens, upon their seriousness towards the adoption of the rules implemented by the country's government and by the hard work of the citizens in which they contribute a lot towards the national income of the country.

First world countries have become developed because of their citizens who possessed all these qualities but in third world countries, lack of these qualities is responsible for lack of prosperity in these countries.


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Nupur said: (Dec 11, 2013)  
My views on this statement are somewhat in the midway. First of all, initially the "first world countries" have gained this tag because the development began for them at a very initial stage. They could utilize their resources, labour and capital in an efficient manner at a point of time when other countries did not even have thought of it.

By the time these giants were developed and self sufficed, the awareness in the "third development countries" was in a premature state. Hence, the economy of the latter could not compete with that of the former. This led to decrease in value of the money for underdeveloped or developing nations. And the growth is felt at a very slower pace than the developed ones.

Hence, the poverty exists due to both the reasons.

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Truptimayee Panigrahi said: (Nov 27, 2013)  
With respect to all, 1st world countries are developed but HOW? Due to their own creativity and labour. We are in a developing country named INDIA. Yes, we can also improve, we can also progress our nation by developing ourselves. Look, my English is very poor, yes it is. But I can't blame to my teachers for that. I can struggle my self to improve. Likewise our nation is also undeveloped, so we can do such great things to develop it. I think developed countries like USA, JAPAN etc are not responsible for that.

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Monojit Chatterjee said: (Nov 22, 2013)  
Poverty comes because of less revenue from country point of view and no income source from individuals point of view. If 3rd world country people can produce good product for all the aspect to fulfill our basic requirement then much revenue will come and that money will not go outside their country.

For example middle class people usually use DELLs laptop, Samsung smartphone or philips TV and many more. So those foreign companies are taking revenue by selling all those products.

This is one aspect. In another aspect our politician are looting large amount of money From govt fund and keeping it to foreign bank for privacy. So in that case foreign govt is becoming reacher. Like that so many aspect is there which makes 3rd world Country poorer.

So instead of blaming others first make sure you are buying Indian products, giving income tax to the govt (if employee) because if individuals think about the country then only one day impossible may be possible.

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Neeti Mishra said: (Oct 10, 2013)  
I am rather diplomatic and would speak both for and against the topic.

For the topic.

In terms of economy, a country like India purely rely on the huge sum of money poured by the developed countries for the upliftment of their emerging markets known as quantitative easing(QE). The continuous threats regarding the tapering of QE triggers a sense of fear and makes Indian economy volatile and unstable.

Secondly, the high standard of living, lucrative pay scale and other perks leads to brain drain.

Thirdly, the museums over there are still embellished with Indian assets, artifacts and gemstones all which were once the pride or our kings. This reminds us, time and again, the plight of Indians during British raj, which still has traces on Indian economy and living style.

Against the motion.

Exports and imports of goods, exchange of ideas, advancements in technology, globalization liberalization had in a way a big hand in improving the plight of Indians. When Indian students go to foreign countries and bring about a revolution here by serving India it helps even overcome the limitations of education system here. At the time of any calamity. The whole world comes up and stands in the support to provide any kind of help in terms of money, food grains or boosting the morale. Had India been a closed economy, it would had failed to improve.

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Brij said: (Oct 3, 2013)  
Why we can blame other why we can not see our self? That's the major problem of 3rd world countries people. They don't think all problem we are facing that is that is not created by other we can generate this problem. By using the our home product we can improve our country but we can't use it. We are afraid of other how they think about me and what is he/she will tell to me? so grow up and improve our self or country.

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Suchi said: (Aug 22, 2013)  
How can someone think of the society when their households, their own families are in a critical financial situation. Imagine the life of a child who studies in poverty all through his student life, devoid of any support from the government gets into a good engineering college, his parents cut costs from their basic amenities and arrange the college fees and he manages to be placed in an MNC. That day will he step back from that offer if his country's government and companies don't value his talent, don't provide the infrastructure he dreamt of working?

He might come back to his country and develop his own firm once he becomes enough bank balance to develop one.

So, the responsibility of development of third world countries rests on the shoulders of people who have been appointed public posts, the ministers and ministries, students shouldn't be blamed for reaching out to the appropriate workplaces.

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Bindu said: (Jul 19, 2013)  
It is not because of the 1st world countries that they are growing prosperous each and every day. It is really because of the our intelligent geeks, the 3rd world country people forgetting their own country's development and bothering just about their luxurious lives and spending their brains for the development of the people who pay them. People should really start working for their country and take it to greater heights rather than running crazy behind developed countries.

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Victor Njagi said: (Jun 10, 2013)  
I suppose this is a fact. Most intelligent and learned people of 3rd countries are found in 1st countries. They find less or no time to work for their motherland. You also realise that only people with sound mind are the most beneficiaries of Green cards and alike.

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Srirama said: (Apr 19, 2013)  
Looting of our believing on perfection of means gold and diamond which was a representational believe was converted into a parallel paper money system by making a few of indians to make them belief by enabling through employed clerks and converting kings into samants and finally loot of the actual.

Loot of precious gold and diamond and because of which there is a relative imbalance of value representation materials to only make few to possess the inherent items and I Think the world wars are results of these culprit misuses of names of business means to interfere into internal matters which is a pakka example which west has left on our head as a big burden.

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Chwa said: (Apr 1, 2013)  
If you just think about it for a minute or so, the statement holds some weight but depends on how one argues it out. When you think of the idea of the first world countries getting most if not all of their raw materials from such countries. In the same process they put on leaders they can manipulate and control to carry out their directives. In the same concept as causing communities to war so that they can intervene and reap the spoils of war? Survival for the fittest!

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Hannan Hoque said: (Feb 24, 2013)  
I think there are plenty of reason to remain developing country not a developed country. As our people are not interested to think different and form a unique mind which can bring a good effort to our country. Like A P J ABDUL KALAM AJAD who is a inspiring people to us who also suffered poverty but became a Indian idol. We just fascinating ourselves by doing some crazy thing. Indian peoples are most emotional. They just adopt the foreign fashion and modelling but not their rules and regulation. Foreigner also enjoy their life but they not forget their commitment what they promised, they think different in scientific way. If this proceed so Indian will remain developing country never the developed country.

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Aminur Rahaman said: (Feb 24, 2013)  
I am not agree with those people who said poverty in third world countries is due to prosperity of first world countries. I will give you some logic, if someone else crack in board exam we never say he/she is responsible for those people who are failed in exam.

They failed because they are not concentrate their own education.

We Indians are responsible for undeveloped India.

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Shreyasee said: (Feb 1, 2013)  
To me, I believe that prosperity in first world countries is leading to poverty in third world countries.

We, the Indians and the other 3rd world countries have often been exploited by the 1st world countries. Moreover, there are reasons also to support the fact. We don't have that infrastructure or resources that the 1st world are providing to the talented people, which is in turn resulting into brain-drain. Indians are moving abroad, because they are getting proper work space, better environment, which the 3rd world is not being able to provide.

But, this prosperity factor of the 1st world is not the only reason behind the poverty in 3rd world countries, its our responsibility towards the Nation to take it higher and higher. The need of the hour is proper Leadership, proper Awareness. People, if they start thinking of the Nation first rather than himself/herself, it would not only benefit the Country but also us. Self-centered attitude must be changed.

Cant we give our Country our efforts when it needs it? It has given us Everything we needed!

The need of the hour is to come up with solutions, I am optimistic that the 3rd world countries will overcome this poverty and emerge victorious one day.

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Ramya said: (Jan 10, 2013)  
Actually, I don't agree with this statement. A country can develop only because of their self recognition and efforts. It also depends on the citizens of the country. Main reasons are, corruption and lack of responsibility of citizens.

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Money said: (Dec 18, 2012)  
I agree that with the help of developed countries we progress.

We just follow their their fashion culture but not the rules. Their students are independent, they earn for themselves but here till the completion of education we totally dependent on our parents. Secondly as many of you have said that we are not interested in development of the country then tell me if there is proper credit given to us?

In developed countries life of citizens matters a lot but here only money matter.

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Poonam said: (Oct 29, 2012)  
Hi Friends, According to me a country can develop only because of their self recognition. We shouldn't blame others for that. We have seen some time people who are physically strong are begging on streets who are capable to do work and earn money. They are begging because they don't want to do work. In last 65 years after independence we growth good in every field but we should take Singapore and japan as inspiration to grow. In japan we have seen last year tsunami had come but they wouldn't stop to work. In whole world people are generally using made in china things because in china every person is hard worker everyone just think for their country growth. We can do something to ourselves for our company growth.

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Mohamud Somali said: (Aug 16, 2012)  
Every person submitted what he/she sees the Poverty in Third World Countries. I would to ask one question, who has given or named the poverty countries' 'third world countries' it is not true to say third world countries because they'll lead the western countries who are now prosperity once and they'll beg. The problem is big countries interfere poor countries, if they get-rid interfering they'll be the richest and everyone may search a job in this year’s happened when most of the Europeans came to Africa. The First World Countries will became poor as same experts told 2070.

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Lavakumar said: (Jun 10, 2012)  
I don't accept this statement. In our INDIA, people have talent but lack of guidance, lack of resources, they are not going forward and mainly now a days, young students are addicting to drugs and other bad habbits. They are not showing interest on nation development. They fall in enjoyment of western culture. In my view. Students are not showing interest on development of nation. Just they want money and they want enjoyment. I'm not considering all the students. Some students are obedient so that still we are living.

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Meghana said: (Apr 10, 2012)  
Hello friends,

Well 3rd world countries what they really need right now is a a continent with sound medical and engineering services, proper infrastructure, proper government (avoiding civil wars like somalia) for their citizens because only a safe and sound mind, calm and composed not solitary perhaps they need foreign support, but I will say let them solve their issues on their own. Interfering within might create groups of countries like china supporting Pakistan and bla bla so what I say is let them be on their own for a moment, make them realize what they lack and guide them properly with aids so that their can be a balance in world and no stomach sleeps in hunger.

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Aditya said: (Apr 9, 2012)  
According to me one thing is clear that increase in density of population leads to raise in poverty of that country. But there is still one more factor that leads to raise in poverty, i.e. unity among the people and their interest in improving the economical conditions of our country.

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Pradeep said: (Mar 30, 2012)  
Hello friends.

I am satisfied with this that Poverty in third world countries is due to Prosperity in First World Countries It has so many Examples and reasons also. In the case of India and Pakistan we can see that, those resources that should be spent for removal poverty were spent for Atomic weapons. One another example of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, we can see they are facing poverty as a gift from America. On other hand If we talk about reasons we can see talents of 3rd world also moves to 1st word by that best resources of these countries can not be used in these countries. It is also reality that developed countries also provide funds to developing countries for poverty removal but this too less. But at last I am optimistic that third world countries will fight against poverty and develop their ideas with this reality that developed countries don't want their development and for this they should enhance their education, decrease their defense budget and have prosperous relations with their neighbors. So it depends totally upon the third world countries.

Thank you.

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Sandy said: (Mar 7, 2012)  
Poverty comes due to populations. Suppose a parents has only one child and his monthly income is 10,000 Rs. Then he can live better ways but a parents has same monthly income but has 5 children then he can not live better ways. Their money is divided into 5 childrens and there will be always insuffiencies of money. So in our country main region of poverty is populations.

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Kartik Gupta said: (Mar 2, 2012)  
I think poverty is not due to prosperity in first world countries. Now a days a religious people think that poverty is a result of their fate so, they do not make any efforts to break this vicious circle of poverty. Any country which is developed or developing is due to their own efforts. But a poor people cannot make any effort. Secondly we can say that corruption is the main reason most of the political leader in India is corrupt.

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Neha said: (Feb 16, 2012)  
India belongs to third world. Around many years ago it used to be called as "Bird Of Gold". But then around 16th century, it started becoming victim of western countries which were poorer or average by that time. First they started making business and then they started interfering in the politics also which ultimately made India their slave for 200 years. In this time period they exploited India in every aspect mostly in materialism. When they left India, there was nothing to eat also for even a average person. So till certain extent we can blame them.

But it doesnt mean that they are the only culprits as we know that they have made lots of good differences to Indian society. After Independence we got 65 years to develop ourselves. But what did we do in these years. Did we make any remarkable change?Some people will say yes as now India is technically, financialy and economically growing. It does have increased its rate in education also. But then why still in third world!Answer is lack of good leadership, lack of responsible people, carelessness, Lack of awareness etc. People in India just think at the personal level not at the national level. Everybody is busy in making crores of money. E. G. They just want to clean their surroundings and throwing dirt at other people surroundings. Take the example of singapore. It is the world's smallest and very well developed country. It is surrounded by water from all sides. But still it cleared all the geographical barriers. Take the example of Japan. After Hiroshima and Nagasaki event, it was told by experts that leave human species, it is not possible even for an insect to survive over there. But today as we can see it is technologically and economically advanced country. Forget about 60-70 years, recently almost 1 year ago japan suffered from tsunami and nuclear reactor event. Still it didn't stop and instead of asking for help to other countries, it recovered itself.

There are lots of nations which has the stories of other nations which set an inspiration to us. Did we make any inspiration to other?

So it just depends on the mentality of people of that nation. How are they going to face challenge set in front of them?

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Ankit Shrivastav said: (Jan 19, 2012)  
Hello everyone. I don't think that poverty in third country is because of prosperity in first country.

Because we cannot always blame others for our Faliure. This would simply mean that we are loosing our cool by looking at the rich or developed countries. Those first countries are prosperous because of their government policies in terms of globalisation, dmestic affairs & most important people of that citizen obey the mandatory rules for their upliftment. So we cannot always think he/she is responsible for my nil or poor results.

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Abhi said: (Jan 9, 2012)  
I disagree with the statement because if poverty is serious in my country then its my responsible, its all citizens resposibility to eradicte which is possible by creating sound environment, like uncurrupt politicians, beaurocrater and patriotic citizen.

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Pultu said: (Dec 31, 2011)  
The disparity between the 1st world and the 3rd world countries are mainly because of the difference in Governance. The population density in third world is taken as a curse instead of mobilising the huge potential of this rare resource which are dreams in developed nations. Instead of providing infrastructure at the home, the Governments of 3rdworld beg or purchase comforts from richer ones making them further rich at the cost of the scarce resources they have. After all the 1st world have treaded to the height after much strugle. The people at the helm of affairs in the under developed states must pririties for their requirements of their nation and recognise the strength available in their self to advance inch by inch so that they really progress. All adversities, in whatever form has its own merits too. It is left to us whether to sit complacent carrying heartborn or to act first to win the race. In summing up let us not agree to the statement.

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Shailendra Rana said: (Dec 9, 2011)  
I think its not true statement because the prosperity in first world countries is due to the effective policies, innovation, improved technology etc by the govt, so why we blame first world countries for poverty in thirld world countries,

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Rehman Mushtaq said: (Dec 8, 2011)  
For my point of view i think developing country strugle own self first,in every place goverment point of view as well as public,govt play own role which they can do for their nation like education, health,feed,dress,houses as wll as justice and in public every person play role which he can do, if you did so than first world country bound to establish the relations with yoy.(thanks)

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Sonia said: (Oct 30, 2011)  
I accept it because most of the first class countries are trying to improve only their needs they don't make a look to other if they look what is the use means because their are placed first then they could progress other third class countries if this can be taken into a note there will won't be any third class prosperity.

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Rubeena said: (Oct 22, 2011)  
I think government must play a big role in putting its country on top. After all the rights an duties lie wit them. They have the power to mould each sector, so power lies with them. It really makes no sense to blame the first world countries for the poverty prevailing in third world countries. So stop blaming and start acting. Govt should make amendments, stop corruption and other activities that brings us DOWN!.

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Sumit Dev Bisht said: (Oct 20, 2011)  
I don't think so thonk so that this is a true statement because if a country has prosperity it means it has the ability to do something. If talk about poverty which is different thing because poverty is due to country imbalance in economic growth and in this poverty is emmense and we don't do anything.

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Medona said: (Aug 21, 2011)  
I think that the statement was true to some extent.Because if we looked out in developed countries they are spending lots and lots of money lavishly for thier own enjoyment. while at other part people are struggling to meet thier basic needs.we must think why these difference arises?? Both are borned empty handded..but one is enjoying immense pleasure of life and other one is struggling all over the life.According to my point of view this is due to the person who is enjoying others resources....

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Bbf said: (Aug 9, 2011)  
To be candid and fair to a certain degree, it can be argued that poverty and misery so prevalent in the third world especially in Africa has contributed in part to the prosperity of the developed world especially the western world-dont forget the Pareto philosophy-for someone to be up, the other person must be down. Colonialism and the slave trade should not be soft-pedaled. They greatly hampered and are still haunting the full development of the African economies.

Lets not forget unfair trade practices and protectionism by western governments to their local farmers and tools of neo-colonialism like the world bank and IMF used to indirectly control african governments. However african leaders have also failed their own people woefully. Instead of building strong institutions and a vibrant private sector that creates wealth for the country, they concentrate their efforts on holding on to power at all costs.

That is why corruption; mismanagement of state funds, nepotism; and embezzlement all bedevil most african countries. The way forward is changing our mentality, building strong institutions and investing in education especially scientific research and technology.

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Krishna Thayatt said: (Jul 27, 2011)  
I think that the problem faced by third world countries are made by their own political structure. So first the government should be take the initiative to make their country as a developed one. First they point on the education. Then only they can grown beyond the world. So first avoid the civil wars and the fruitless activities.

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Alamgir said: (Jul 27, 2011)  
3rd world countries what they really need right now is a a continent with sound medical and engineering services, proper infrastructure, proper government (avoiding civil wars like Somalia) for their citizens because only a safe and sound mind, calm and composed not solitary perhaps they need foreign support, but I will say let them solve their issues on their own. Interfering within might create groups of countries like china supporting pakistan and bla bla so what I say is let them be on their own for a moment, make them realize what they lack and guide them properly with aides so that their can be a balance in world and no stomach sleeps in hunger.

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Manu said: (May 17, 2011)  
Hello friends,

Well 3rd world countries what they really need right now is a a continent with sound medical and engineering services, proper infrastructure, proper government (avoiding civil wars like somalia) for their citizens because only a safe and sound mind, calm and composed not solitary perhaps they need foreign support, but I will say let them solve their issues on their own. Interfering within might create gropus of countries like china supporting pakistan and bla bla so what I say is let them be on their own for a moment, make them realize what they lack and guide them properly with aids so that their can be a balance in world and no stomach sleeps in hunger.

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Jobelle said: (May 6, 2011)  
I don't think that first worlds have something to do with the poverty prevalence in third worlds. I mean, we see how people from third worlds study in institutions of the first worlds in order to acquire knowledge. But do you think that all of them goes back to help their countries? I don't think so. They just disappear like they don't even exist. SOME may have come back, but not ALL. They prefer living in developed countries because of practicality issues. I mean, who would ever like to live in underdeveloped countries? let's face it. First worlds have nothing to do with third worlds' poverty.

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Ravando said: (Mar 21, 2011)  
The 1st world countries make efforts to turn down 3rd world countries. The organizations like Black waters working with the help of US is an example.

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Mohit Poonia said: (Mar 7, 2011)  
According to my opinion this statement is not true because any country that is developed is due to its own effort and devotion of their citizens towards their country and condition of any country depends on their resources, government. We can take ex. Of India in which corruption is at its zenith.

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Ajay said: (Mar 5, 2011)  
Friends, LASKI once said that I didn't have right to eat cake if his neighbor went bed without having a piece of bread. This sows in somewhat we are related to all people who are in this world. Those who are in list of developed had somehow got from other country for example what is england is today it is because of colonialism in which they looted countries like India.

So in my opinion their prosperity in some how is related with d misery of poor countries.

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Hai Do said: (Jan 4, 2011)  
Me too. I think that even though 1st world countries are rich and more civilized because they deserve with that in terms of all fields in human life. It would be unreasonable if so that they take place of the third world countries. They are the strong spur to make our world move forward.

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Rohit said: (Aug 24, 2010)  
I don't think its a true statement, as the 1st world countries are the ones that are developing. And with their help and guidance, maybe direct or indirect, the 3rd world countries can progress, otherwise there is no chance that these poor countries come ahead on their own.

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Poverty in Third World Countries is due to Prosperity in First World Countries

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