Poverty in Third World Countries is due to Prosperity in First World Countries

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Maduri said:   9 years ago

In my opinion it is not a true statement because the prosperity depends on one's manpower and the ability to do the work. India though it is a third world country ie developing country is not like that. In India also many people work hard for the development of themselves and the nation also. If the prosperity is there in the first world countries it means it is due to their team work and their ability.

Chandanasai said:   9 years ago
Hai friends,

As everyone said that among all the countries India is a third country for poverty.

I agree with you and I add some more points to you those are first poverty start by ours only because of for example we can take 3 persons who are traveling in one bike then the police man stop that bike then those people are give 500 to that police and go. That means the poverty start from ours only. To reduce the poverty in our country we can reduce by ours only.

REDUCE POVERTY SAVE OUR COUNTRY thanks for giving this topic for discussing.

Megha said:   9 years ago
According to me this statement is not true. Prosperity of a nation depends upon its citizens, upon their seriousness towards the adoption of the rules implemented by the country's government and by the hard work of the citizens in which they contribute a lot towards the national income of the country.

First world countries have become developed because of their citizens who possessed all these qualities but in third world countries, lack of these qualities is responsible for lack of prosperity in these countries.


Nupur said:   9 years ago
My views on this statement are somewhat in the midway. First of all, initially the "first world countries" have gained this tag because the development began for them at a very initial stage. They could utilize their resources, labour and capital in an efficient manner at a point of time when other countries did not even have thought of it.

By the time these giants were developed and self sufficed, the awareness in the "third development countries" was in a premature state. Hence, the economy of the latter could not compete with that of the former. This led to decrease in value of the money for underdeveloped or developing nations. And the growth is felt at a very slower pace than the developed ones.

Hence, the poverty exists due to both the reasons.

Truptimayee panigrahi said:   9 years ago
With respect to all, 1st world countries are developed but HOW? Due to their own creativity and labour. We are in a developing country named INDIA. Yes, we can also improve, we can also progress our nation by developing ourselves. Look, my English is very poor, yes it is. But I can't blame to my teachers for that. I can struggle my self to improve. Likewise our nation is also undeveloped, so we can do such great things to develop it. I think developed countries like USA, JAPAN etc are not responsible for that.

Monojit Chatterjee said:   9 years ago
Poverty comes because of less revenue from country point of view and no income source from individuals point of view. If 3rd world country people can produce good product for all the aspect to fulfill our basic requirement then much revenue will come and that money will not go outside their country.

For example middle class people usually use DELLs laptop, Samsung smartphone or philips TV and many more. So those foreign companies are taking revenue by selling all those products.

This is one aspect. In another aspect our politician are looting large amount of money From govt fund and keeping it to foreign bank for privacy. So in that case foreign govt is becoming reacher. Like that so many aspect is there which makes 3rd world Country poorer.

So instead of blaming others first make sure you are buying Indian products, giving income tax to the govt (if employee) because if individuals think about the country then only one day impossible may be possible.

Neeti Mishra said:   9 years ago
I am rather diplomatic and would speak both for and against the topic.

For the topic.

In terms of economy, a country like India purely rely on the huge sum of money poured by the developed countries for the upliftment of their emerging markets known as quantitative easing(QE). The continuous threats regarding the tapering of QE triggers a sense of fear and makes Indian economy volatile and unstable.

Secondly, the high standard of living, lucrative pay scale and other perks leads to brain drain.

Thirdly, the museums over there are still embellished with Indian assets, artifacts and gemstones all which were once the pride or our kings. This reminds us, time and again, the plight of Indians during British raj, which still has traces on Indian economy and living style.

Against the motion.

Exports and imports of goods, exchange of ideas, advancements in technology, globalization liberalization had in a way a big hand in improving the plight of Indians. When Indian students go to foreign countries and bring about a revolution here by serving India it helps even overcome the limitations of education system here. At the time of any calamity. The whole world comes up and stands in the support to provide any kind of help in terms of money, food grains or boosting the morale. Had India been a closed economy, it would had failed to improve.

Brij said:   9 years ago
Why we can blame other why we can not see our self? That's the major problem of 3rd world countries people. They don't think all problem we are facing that is that is not created by other we can generate this problem. By using the our home product we can improve our country but we can't use it. We are afraid of other how they think about me and what is he/she will tell to me? so grow up and improve our self or country.

Suchi said:   10 years ago
How can someone think of the society when their households, their own families are in a critical financial situation. Imagine the life of a child who studies in poverty all through his student life, devoid of any support from the government gets into a good engineering college, his parents cut costs from their basic amenities and arrange the college fees and he manages to be placed in an MNC. That day will he step back from that offer if his country's government and companies don't value his talent, don't provide the infrastructure he dreamt of working?

He might come back to his country and develop his own firm once he becomes enough bank balance to develop one.

So, the responsibility of development of third world countries rests on the shoulders of people who have been appointed public posts, the ministers and ministries, students shouldn't be blamed for reaching out to the appropriate workplaces.

Bindu said:   10 years ago
It is not because of the 1st world countries that they are growing prosperous each and every day. It is really because of the our intelligent geeks, the 3rd world country people forgetting their own country's development and bothering just about their luxurious lives and spending their brains for the development of the people who pay them. People should really start working for their country and take it to greater heights rather than running crazy behind developed countries.

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