Poverty in Third World Countries is due to Prosperity in First World Countries

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Neha said:   1 decade ago
India belongs to third world. Around many years ago it used to be called as "Bird Of Gold". But then around 16th century, it started becoming victim of western countries which were poorer or average by that time. First they started making business and then they started interfering in the politics also which ultimately made India their slave for 200 years. In this time period they exploited India in every aspect mostly in materialism. When they left India, there was nothing to eat also for even a average person. So till certain extent we can blame them.

But it doesnt mean that they are the only culprits as we know that they have made lots of good differences to Indian society. After Independence we got 65 years to develop ourselves. But what did we do in these years. Did we make any remarkable change?Some people will say yes as now India is technically, financialy and economically growing. It does have increased its rate in education also. But then why still in third world!Answer is lack of good leadership, lack of responsible people, carelessness, Lack of awareness etc. People in India just think at the personal level not at the national level. Everybody is busy in making crores of money. E. G. They just want to clean their surroundings and throwing dirt at other people surroundings. Take the example of singapore. It is the world's smallest and very well developed country. It is surrounded by water from all sides. But still it cleared all the geographical barriers. Take the example of Japan. After Hiroshima and Nagasaki event, it was told by experts that leave human species, it is not possible even for an insect to survive over there. But today as we can see it is technologically and economically advanced country. Forget about 60-70 years, recently almost 1 year ago japan suffered from tsunami and nuclear reactor event. Still it didn't stop and instead of asking for help to other countries, it recovered itself.

There are lots of nations which has the stories of other nations which set an inspiration to us. Did we make any inspiration to other?

So it just depends on the mentality of people of that nation. How are they going to face challenge set in front of them?

Bob said:   5 years ago
I think that poverty of the third world countries is due to the prosperity in the First world countries. Many of the developed countries today are only that way because other countries have helped them out. However, there have been few people from other countries coming into Africa or other third world countries to help them out. It has now become our duty to try and help these people out, these countries are in need of our help.

Aminur rahaman said:   1 decade ago
I am not agree with those people who said poverty in third world countries is due to prosperity of first world countries. I will give you some logic, if someone else crack in board exam we never say he/she is responsible for those people who are failed in exam.

They failed because they are not concentrate their own education.

We Indians are responsible for undeveloped India.

Megha said:   9 years ago
According to me this statement is not true. Prosperity of a nation depends upon its citizens, upon their seriousness towards the adoption of the rules implemented by the country's government and by the hard work of the citizens in which they contribute a lot towards the national income of the country.

First world countries have become developed because of their citizens who possessed all these qualities but in third world countries, lack of these qualities is responsible for lack of prosperity in these countries.


Lavakumar said:   1 decade ago
I don't accept this statement. In our INDIA, people have talent but lack of guidance, lack of resources, they are not going forward and mainly now a days, young students are addicting to drugs and other bad habbits. They are not showing interest on nation development. They fall in enjoyment of western culture. In my view. Students are not showing interest on development of nation. Just they want money and they want enjoyment. I'm not considering all the students. Some students are obedient so that still we are living.

Pradeep said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends.

I am satisfied with this that Poverty in third world countries is due to Prosperity in First World Countries It has so many Examples and reasons also. In the case of India and Pakistan we can see that, those resources that should be spent for removal poverty were spent for Atomic weapons. One another example of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, we can see they are facing poverty as a gift from America. On other hand If we talk about reasons we can see talents of 3rd world also moves to 1st word by that best resources of these countries can not be used in these countries. It is also reality that developed countries also provide funds to developing countries for poverty removal but this too less. But at last I am optimistic that third world countries will fight against poverty and develop their ideas with this reality that developed countries don't want their development and for this they should enhance their education, decrease their defense budget and have prosperous relations with their neighbors. So it depends totally upon the third world countries.

Thank you.

Darren said:   8 years ago
I do think that it is 1st world countries faults that 3rd world countries are in poverty because even though you might say that they aren't the only reason 3rd world countries are underdeveloped is not because they had a late start in development, its because no other countries are helping them develop on a big scale. Think about it, the USA would not be so developed if only the English did it by themselves, no, the USA is so developed because people from other countries came to the USA and started to live and work there, which increases development.

But do you see any Americans or Chinese or Japanese going over to Africa or India on a large scale and living there? No you don't, and that is why there is so little development, because people with experience and those who could help the country in a whole do not move to those countries, and if they do, its not enough.

The problem is not that the locals to the country are under educated, its true that they are, but that is not how to fix the problem, as I said we need to have a large scale of people with experience move there and start helping with food, engineering, water, money, clean air, and of course development.

Medona said:   1 decade ago
I think that the statement was true to some extent.Because if we looked out in developed countries they are spending lots and lots of money lavishly for thier own enjoyment. while at other part people are struggling to meet thier basic needs.we must think why these difference arises?? Both are borned empty handded..but one is enjoying immense pleasure of life and other one is struggling all over the life.According to my point of view this is due to the person who is enjoying others resources....

Shreyasee said:   1 decade ago
To me, I believe that prosperity in first world countries is leading to poverty in third world countries.

We, the Indians and the other 3rd world countries have often been exploited by the 1st world countries. Moreover, there are reasons also to support the fact. We don't have that infrastructure or resources that the 1st world are providing to the talented people, which is in turn resulting into brain-drain. Indians are moving abroad, because they are getting proper work space, better environment, which the 3rd world is not being able to provide.

But, this prosperity factor of the 1st world is not the only reason behind the poverty in 3rd world countries, its our responsibility towards the Nation to take it higher and higher. The need of the hour is proper Leadership, proper Awareness. People, if they start thinking of the Nation first rather than himself/herself, it would not only benefit the Country but also us. Self-centered attitude must be changed.

Cant we give our Country our efforts when it needs it? It has given us Everything we needed!

The need of the hour is to come up with solutions, I am optimistic that the 3rd world countries will overcome this poverty and emerge victorious one day.

Manu said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends,

Well 3rd world countries what they really need right now is a a continent with sound medical and engineering services, proper infrastructure, proper government (avoiding civil wars like somalia) for their citizens because only a safe and sound mind, calm and composed not solitary perhaps they need foreign support, but I will say let them solve their issues on their own. Interfering within might create gropus of countries like china supporting pakistan and bla bla so what I say is let them be on their own for a moment, make them realize what they lack and guide them properly with aids so that their can be a balance in world and no stomach sleeps in hunger.

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