Polythene bags must be banned!

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Nirmala said: (Sep 26, 2020)  
Polythene bags should be banned. There are many impacts of using plastic bags. It takes many decades to degrade. We cannot ban it completely as many people are working in plastic industries and it is cheaper than others, but we can reduce the consumption of plastics. It is necessary for our daily life but we can reduce it.

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Ashu said: (Sep 24, 2020)  
Polyethene should be stopped because it is harmful to us, it spoils our environment. And neither does it rot nor dissolve. The pollution it causes is very dangerous for us. That is why we should not use polythene. And we should help to stop it.

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Raja Susmitha said: (Jul 30, 2020)  
Hi, myself Susmitha.

Today am going to express my opinion about the plastic ban.

We all know that plastic is polyethene which is nondegradable leads to soil erosion further floods n further havoc to people and causes major health effects and damages environment n damages animal and marine life and also sudden banning of plastic will affect many workers who depend on plastic manufacturing industries.

Instead of banning suddenly, first, we should promote about 3R among people, govt should feel initiative and make strong rules like China like offering tickets or any gifts to those who collect plastics. And also govt need to make the announcement to shopkeepers not to give covers only the customers have to bring covers in order to reduce plastic.

In marriages and hotels also govt should need to make strict rules this may be difficult but local leaders have to focus on these.

I said that first govt should promote 3R ie Reduce use of plastic by using alternatives like paper bags, jute bags, cloth bags and build industries for this and provide employment.

Reusable of plastic. Before people start complete avoiding of plastic at least should reuse plastic bags more than once.

Recycle. Many articles are available on how to recycle plastic-like making roads and others.

But don't recycle plastic for plant pots because plastic has severe chemicals which may genetically change the plant n soil so avoid planting plant saps in plastic utensils.

Following these are difficult but in order to get good n great plastic (not fully at least less than now) free society, we have to be hard at our decisions.

It's not only govt responsibility it's our duty too to make India pollution-free.

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Ch.Bhavani said: (Jul 27, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

Yes, it must be a ban. Because it is harmful to our health, it affects on body health dieases like cancer. It takes time to degradable for years and years. So it affects our healths.

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Pavani K said: (Jun 18, 2020)  
As we know plastic is hazardous and not nature friendly. We look for an alternate solution to evacuate plastic and employ jute and paper bags, but why don't we also think about reducing the number of plants and trees, used in making jute and paper bags. Instead, we can stick to 3R formula in reducing, reusing and recycling the plastic and get the best out of it. Nevertheless, it requires a good amount of humans support.

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Monika said: (May 16, 2020)  
Hi, Our today gd topic about" polythene bags must be banned". According to my opinion, Yes, it should be banned Because lt is very harmful for our environment. First of all, it is not recycled. After that if polythene bags burned, it creates A very harmful gas which effects our environment very badly. Even many of the animals like cow, dogs etc ate them which effect their digest system too. Now a days, government also taken many steps by imposing penalties on the people who are still using them like Retailer etc, Also we should promote jute bags to carry items which is save and also promote jute industry in India and ultimately helps in growth of GDP.

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Ajay Yadav said: (Mar 16, 2020)  
Hello everyone, very good to all of you.

This is Ajay Kumar today my topic is polythene bag must be banned.

In my point of it should be banned but by and by rather than suddenly as we all know that plastic.

It is a non-biodegradable material. It can't decompose due to this it causes soil erosion. By burning this it produces harmful gases which cause air pollution which is not good for breathing. Many animals eat plastic due to the negligence of human beings cause death to the animals.

Like every coin has two faces, it also has two aspects by banning plastic it causes unemployment to the.

People who are working in those industries.

Before banning plastic we also have to find a substitute for plastic-like jute bags, paper bags, etc. By finding such opportunities we don't face a problem carrying things.

Thank you for reading my opinion.

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Sonika said: (Feb 25, 2020)  
I think there should be a complete ban on using of plastic bags because plastic bags are one of the most destructive material for our environment as it takes thousands of years to decompose. Plastic bag can be replaced by many other alternatives such as jute and cloth bags. Plastic bags create a large amount of waste.

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Sunilkumar Sg said: (Feb 12, 2020)  
For my side, I think polythene bags should be completely banned because there are various demerits of this. And only one merit ie we can carry the things we bought. So it can be replaced by jute bags and paper bags. It's good for our environment.

But use of polybag can be harmful in many ways.

When it burns it provides harmful ashes to the environment.

Many animals die because of eating polybags.

And it's non-biodegradable too.

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Deepa Ramanathan said: (Jan 16, 2020)  
Before banning government or agencies concerned should come up with alternatives. It is a step by step process.

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Samarjit Ghosh said: (Dec 27, 2019)  
While coming to polythene bag it comes to 2 aspects firstly environmental and secondly industrial. Coming to the environmental point of view plastic is nonbiodegradable and causes pollution but from an industrial point of view if polythene bag is banned it will affect the petrochemical industry the most and it will also affect the small industry which is dependent on plastic for there business. This without banning plastic bag we can follow 3R policies i.e. Reduce (we should try to reduce plastic and use alternative form like paper bag) next Reuse (we should not do single use of plastic but multiple-use as it to reduce amount of pollution) and the lastly Recycle (we should try to recycle plastic like we know that plastic, when mixed with road pitch, increases the road quality by 10 times.

Currently, I read in the newspaper that plastic is used for oil production. Thus we should look at various ways of recycling plastic not on banning plastic as it is not going to solve the problem of plastic.

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Gayatri said: (Nov 20, 2019)  
Yes, polythene bags are must to banned in present days. Because of, it is a non-bio degradable material. It can leads to soil erosion. Most of the animals are eating the plastic. They are died. Most of the plastic is mingle in solid, it can leads to stop growing of plants. In oceans, seas, other are polluted by the plastic material. We are eating the ocean food like fishes, frank etc. Then automatically we also eat the plastic indirectly. We use in the place of plastic we can use paper material things and also cloth material. It can reduce the soil erosion and save the nature. It was totally depends on the usage of us.

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Hemant Mukati said: (Nov 14, 2019)  
According to me polythene should banned because through polythene it affects many things like animals eat that, it goes into the rivers, seas which affect the water animals, and it also damage the farming land where polythene is that place is dead and there you cannot grow plant.

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Sudeep Choudhary said: (Nov 8, 2019)  
Hello everyone.

A lot of animals are eating polyester. When we eat ocean fishes. We are indirectly eating polyester many problems are generated by polythene. Waste polythene is mixing in the ocean and created problems. So, it's necessary to ban.

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Ritesh said: (Oct 9, 2019)  
In my opinion plastic pollution. Plastics is a non disposable and non biodegradable plastic. We should avoid polythene bag. It is very harmful to our environment. Many animals also died. When plastic is burned it produces many harmful gases. Use only paper bags in market and shops. So l m requesting you all not use polythene bags.

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Vishnu said: (Sep 8, 2019)  
Yes, the government must ban polythene bags.

Polythene bags are non-bio degradable hence it leads to soil erosion.

Instead of polythene bags, we need to use cloth bags, conducting some roadshows and seminars on this and by bringing awareness among people.

We can reduce the use of polythene bags.

Among all countries china is in the first position to damage marine life by dumping wastes in the seas and oceans, the china government has taken the decision that. : "they announced that 5 small bottles=2big bottles=10 polythene bags=one bus ticket "by this method they are trying to reduce plastic waste.

If the Indian government introduce not only the polythene bags but also the garbage is cleaned up.

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Sanyam said: (Jun 29, 2019)  
In my opinion a ban on polythene bags is the need of the hour. For a country like India which ranks 180 among 180 countries in terms of Environmental Pollution Index (EPI), it becomes essential at this point to take such effective measures and ensure that people follow it seriously. Polythene is a non-disposable and non-biodegradable plastic, which not only harms the environment we live in, but various animals graze over food in polythene bags and might ingest whole or a part of that polythene. This may cause them to choke.

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Manisha Samota said: (Jun 11, 2019)  
It is necessary for banning polythene bags because our environment is polluting day by day. So the government had taken the right decision by banning the polythene bag. The shopkeepers also think about it. They should not give the polythene bag to the seller.


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Km. Anjali Prajapati said: (Jun 5, 2019)  
Hello everyone.

We are discussing the topic "polythene bags must be banned" which becomes a major problem for human being and animals as well.

In my opinion, this should be banned but the alternative of this should be encouraged.

There are so many reasons for the ban of polythene like most of the polythene waste are mixing in oceans and create problems for marine life. A lot of animals are eating polystyrene. When we eat these ocean fishes we are indirectly eating polythene.

These days everything including foods is wrapped in polythene and when these products are exposed to heat then dangerous chemical such as BPA released in food.

Like this, so many problems are generated by polythene.

There is a need for awareness to people and everyone should think about it.

It is a responsibility to every human being to clean our planet.

We can use biodegradable plastic, paper bags, cotton bags etc instead of polythene.

So my conclusions are polythene should be banned and replacement should be provided.

Thank you.

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Aditya said: (Mar 29, 2019)  
No not necessary.

Because as citizens of Indian, what is our responsibility to not use it. If these kinds of compromises did not do by our people how we aspects the development of any country. Everyone knows it. It s harmful for animals, earth, environment, people's so I think it is a very small thing so not need to ban it's our responsibility.

Poison also kill the humans but anyone not demanding for the ban. Acid is used on people but no one is not demanding to stop manufacturing this, why polythene.

So I think it's our responsibility to not use, not the government.

There are paper bags, and cotton bags available why we are not buying these things.

If everyone is trying to pollute the environment then I am asking why the government have to spend money to clean it why. And what is your responsibility? So no need to ban it people are cheep mentality they are going to do this again and again.


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Shalini said: (Feb 27, 2019)  
Ban of polythene is necessary but at some places because polythene is harmful but as well as useful too. We should avoid polythene bag where we can avoid it. We should use the polythene bags with the motto reduce reuse recycle which means that reduce the use of polythene bags reuse and also recycle it properly.

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Naushin Fatema said: (Dec 29, 2018)  
Yes, it must be banned because it is very harmful to our environment. But although we use plastic bags. Nowadays everything is wrapped in the plastic bags and it harms to our body. Many people died by this only. It causes many harmful bacteria and etc. By us, many animals also died. So, I am requesting you all not to use polythene bags.

Thank you.

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Mouni said: (Dec 16, 2018)  
Polythene bags are made of non-renewable resources and are petroleum based. They consume a large amount of heat when fabricated. They come in lightweight and are manufactured in large amount. No one stops manufacturing unless we stop using them. They don't give up since that's how they make money.

It's up to us to use paper covers, jute eco-friendly bags. They don't damage easily and degradable. Polythene may or may not banned but can be replaced by educating everyone. We arent only destroying our atmosphere but also our fellow living beings like cows. Cows don't know the taste and eat covers along with food. We are the reason for all these environmental imbalances. It's just a matter of second to take a jute bag and go for buying. Govt must ban polythene since we can't do anything about shopping malls giving off plastic bags.

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Divya Chakravarti said: (Dec 11, 2018)  
Good evening, everyone, this is Divya and my conclusion is that polythene bags must should be bannned.

As we know that polythene bags must be banned because it is creat pollution and it is not good for health if we not use polythene so automatically the polythene will be banned I know that is is not stop suddenly but we can try FIRST WE NEED TO CHANGE OURSELVES THEM ONLY WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD if we bring something on polybags and after that we can throw the polythene outside than the animals are came and eat the polythene. Eat and die.

Thank you.

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Indereep Singh said: (Dec 1, 2018)  
Hello, Everyone.

Polythene bags must be banned!

We know that polythene is not good for environments as well any living things on the planet. The only way to stop the polythene bags usage that is to stop the whole manufacturing factoring and else working place where polythene makes. Along with help those peoples who want to stop the usage of polythene bags.

All Government patty said to not using the polythene bags why they never stop the factoring making those polythene bags. If that not possible then give the free papers bags to the whole shops to use it instead of polythene bags providing by government If they want people to stop the polythene bags usage or else low taxes sale on the papers bags that might be people's will start to using these types of bags.

Too much harmful the facking polythene bags. I think if government Focus on that things instead of election the might be peoples shop the usages of these type of bags.

Note: That's time will come soon, when we need skin coverage as will mask need to help survive on the planet. If Government Will not resolve the issue of this problem.

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Jyothi L said: (Nov 2, 2018)  
Hi I'm Jyothi.

As per my opinion, that govt should take responsibility of polythene.

In my point of view, it's our responsibility to minimize the usage of plastic or polythene. If we decrease the usage of polythene automatically the plastics will be banned. For example, nowadays 10 rs coin is not using anywhere and no one is accepting it in groceries and shops why because we are not using that coin same as if we stop using polythene bags automatically the plastic will be banned. I know that suddenly stopping the usage of plastics is difficult but we can try to do.

It is our responsibility to take care of our environment clean.

Thank you

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Senthil said: (Oct 30, 2018)  
No need to ban polythene bags because polythene bags are 100% recyclable to fuels for which we have established a company to do it.

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Priyanka Lekhwar said: (Oct 26, 2018)  
Yes. Plastic bag must be banned. As it is non-biodegradable and has a huge impact on pollution particularly land pollution. Plastic bags require near about 1000years to decompose so it leads to severe problem towards mankind and to animals also.

Various problems like;

Land pollution.
Skin related problem.
Death of animal and so on.

So, I think that is the duty of every citizen to minimize the use of polythene bags, also we should educate and spread awareness regarding the use of polythene bags.

The Government should also make some stringent rule and laws to so that there should be the minimum use of polythene bags and make our country clean and pollution free. Thank you.

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Gopika said: (Oct 26, 2018)  
In my point of view, plastic should ban because it is harmful and for future generation also first of all govt should seize the plastic manufactures companies then automatically plastic usage reduces by people.

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Vishu said: (Oct 22, 2018)  
Good evening everyone.

Today's topic is polythene bags must be banned.

So, I think the government provide many of the awareness programs to people and encourage them to uses the lesser polythenes.

I think the polythene bags are must ban in our country because many other countries' already ban the polythene bags. And the people of our country become aware and they can help to become health country. People's use clothes bag's, jute bags and many more options. Because if we are not able to reduce the use of polythenes then the healthy society was not easily built.


1. People must carry a cloths bag's, jute bags etc.
2. Properly decomposed.
3. Creating awareness and encouraging people to not use polythenes.

Because every people of the country become responsible and not only become the dependent of government.

Thank you.

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Manish said: (Oct 12, 2018)  
From my point of view, the polythene bag should be banned and the government should take the necessary step to banned the polythene bag and we the people of the country should appreciate the action if it taken by the government.

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Gopika said: (Sep 28, 2018)  
In my opinion, the problem can be completely stopped only if we remove from its roots. Laws and acts won't help until they come out from that papers. The government instead of passing laws or spending money to adverstise on banning plastic they should encourage establishing some companies to produce packages made of bio degradable polymers. PM took a brave decision like demonetization, he should think on this which is a more problem to our future generations!

If possible harmful plastic bags production should be stopped and by initially providing subsidies cloth/biopolymer bags industries should be opened. Saving our environment is saving our future generations. But even swatch Bharath banners are of plastic.

Change should start from everyone. Everyone should be responsible and serious about this.

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Bhargavpriya said: (Sep 14, 2018)  
Indeed! We all support afforestation without any hesitation, even though we haven't planted a sapling. However, we at least by now have come to the consciousness of planting and growing trees. Simultaneously, we should also remember to protect them too.

Plastics can be highly beneficial and seem user-friendly! Sadly, they are actually not!

The toxic substance they emit when they come in contact with heat can cause unimaginable spoils to the soil where the trees are. The simple logic of plastic, that it doesn't allow the leakage to happen can be the regretted fact when it is under the soil. It doesn't allow any leakage to happen be it the raindrops or any such.

OK! Even if we all get into the track and STRICTLY OBEY TO THROW THE GARBAGE ONLY IN DUSTBINS, and plastics are separated from the degradable wastes and sent for recycling.

Once again, the whole lot process will happen to make that piece of evil work for us again in the nothing but same way.

For that to be recycled again a lot of resources would be employed, the waste liquid from the process causes water pollution, the smoke/gas from the process causes air pollution and keeps us drenched in the poisonous atmosphere forever.

This, it's better to give up plastics rather to give up ourselves! Think for yourself.

Thank you!

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Umang Singhal said: (Sep 11, 2018)  
By banning the plastic bags and adopting safer alternatives like biodegradable bags & bins, you can save the environment. Plastic is responsible for the release of many toxic chemicals into the soil and water. Plastic bags often end up eaten by the animals and clogs their digestive system ultimately leading to death.

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Taufique Zhombarkar said: (Sep 11, 2018)  
According to my opinion, the polythene bags should be banned, because the polythene bags are a kind of non-biodegradable and non-recyclable material.

Although, it's considered to be a very useful and convenient thing in our day to day life to utilize the polythene bags. However, It is a major cause of pollution and also causes fatal to all the living beings.

People should educate and spread the awareness of reduction of plastics and can opt for alternatives like paper bags, clothes bags etc. Which are eco-friendly in nature.

In order to control the pollution, the government must take initiatives and efforts to keep the environment clean.

Everyone should take an effort to keep the environment clean pollution-free.

At last, I want to say, Avoid Polythene.

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Vibha Tripathi said: (Aug 30, 2018)  
In my opinion, polythene bags should be banned. Because it is non-biodegradabke material.

But. If the polythene bags are banned.

India has to face many problems. Like;

1- In India, most of the people are directly and indirectly depend on the poly bags. Like in storing vegetables, Snacks or in shopping also.

2- If the government totally banned the poly bags then we don't have much jute or other biodegradable things to overcome the needs of poly bags.

But the correct use of polythene bags to recycle is to use it in road making.

As we know it is not be decomposed.

And in road making, it will help a lot.

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Sanu Raj said: (Aug 12, 2018)  
Polythene, the worse creation of human beings. It is the major cause of land pollution. It is a non-degradable substance. Due to the lack of decomposition, it remains as it is for a long period of time. Polybag is frequently used in the market, towns, and villages as it is cheap and having the strength to carry more loads. Disposal of polythene leads to major environmental problems. Many times stray animals eat polybag along with waste food and die.

Instead of polybag, people should use jute or cotton bag while carrying goods. The new technology should be developed to decrease the price of bio-degradable bags.

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Rohan Magdum said: (Aug 12, 2018)  
As per my opinion, we should use polythene bags properly. We should not throw polythene bags here and there after using it. We should use polythene bags as much as possible to use. Polythene bags should use very carefully because if we ban the polythene bags then we have to use paper bags and it will cause deforestation in the environment.

The government should take strike action about it, but not only government shutdown do this we are also the members of the society so it is our duty to ki our surroundings clean and healthy.

At last, we should avoid plastic as much as we can do. And if are using polythene bags then we should carefully while using.

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Surya said: (Aug 1, 2018)  
According to my opinion, I think polythene bags should not be banned. As it is very easy to carry. Nowadays 80% of the products are made up of polythene. So the end of polythene means the end of polythene products as well as bags which affects the company's productivity. It will not have any effect on its economic value but also will result in increased unemployment in the country.

So if any country has decided to ban the polythene then first it must provide its suitable replacement. The replacement which will provide the same solutions to the people and well as gives its better contribution towards the development of the country and to reduce the pollution.

Here if we move towards the use of paper bags instead of polythene bags, then after some time we will suffer from many environmental problems because cutting of trees for paper leads to deforestation which leads to soil erosion. So paper bags are not a suitable replacement for it because we don't want a solution for some time. We actually need a permanent solution of it.

I think the use of polythene bags should not be banned. Instead of it, we should try to find a solution to reusing it. Recycling of polyethene doesn't lead to any environmental problems as well as easy to carry.

First, we need to change ourselves them only we can Change the world.

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Gayu said: (Jul 27, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

In my point of view, polythene bags should be banned. These bags are made up of oil. The benefit is an easy way to carry everywhere and also everyone wishes to get the bags.

But these bags are very dangerous to our day to day life. It may cause us cancer. The usage of bags harming the animals also. All of them should realize that we have to limit the usage of plastic bags. We are throwing everywhere after using it. It is the main cause to make our environment to pollute. They can't decompose easily. So that everyone should carry bags when we go outside. If we so that the half of the bags are reduced in usage. We have to use the plastic bags after reusing it.

"Limitation of using plastic bags.
Carry a bag with you everywhere.
Polythene bags were banned".

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Mann said: (Jul 22, 2018)  
Plastic bags pollute our land and water. Because they are so lightweight, plastic bags can travel long distances by wind and water. They litter our landscapes, get caught in fences and trees, float around in waterways, and can eventually make their way into the worlds oceans.

Plastic bags are made from non-renewable resources and contribute to climate change. The majority of plastic bags are made of polypropylene, a material that is made from petroleum and natural gas. Both of these materials are non-renewable fossil fuel-based resources and through their extraction and production, they create greenhouse gases, which contribute to global climate change.

The production of these bags is also very energy intensive. To produce nine plastic bags, it takes the equivalent energy to drive a car one kilometre (more than 0.5 miles).

Using these non-renewable resources to make plastic bags is very short-sighted, considering that the typical useful life of each plastic bag is about 12 minutes.

Plastic bags never break down. Petroleum-based plastic bags do not truly degrade. What does occur is that when out in the environment, the plastic breaks up into tiny little pieces that end up in the ocean to be consumed by wildlife. Today, there are an estimated 46, 000-1, 000, 000 plastic fragments floating within every square mile of our worlds oceans. Other governments are banning plastic bags, so yours should too or at least make people pay for them. To date, more than 40 countries and municipalities around the world have instituted plastic bag bans. The United Nations Environmental Programme Secretariat has recommended a ban on all plastic bags globally.

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Nikhil Rawool said: (Jul 15, 2018)  
In my opinion, polyethene bags usage must be reduced in a systematic manner and the rules for regulating the use of polyethene bags must get stricter each and every month and people should be made aware of these rules and regulations in advance so that the transition to paper bags or other cloth bags becomes smoother and majority of plastic goes for recycling rather than in a dustbin.

Government should also create laws for using only certain type of plastics where you cannot replace it with any other material and shop owners must apply for permission to use it in a certain manner while obeying the laws made for disposal and recycling.

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Naveen Kumar.G said: (Jul 15, 2018)  
According to my point of view, polyethene bags must be banned because those bags are very harmful to our humans.

Nowadays we can see any were this polyethene bags are using more and those bags will through it out.

Some animals like cow goat etc eat that polythene bags so it will cause harmful diseases like cancer so don't through the polythene bags on the outside through it in the dustbin.

So keep our city clean and green.

When we through the polythene in dustbin the municipality will take the those used polythene bags will send to dumping yard. So don't use polythene bags and save the environment.

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Charudatta said: (Jul 11, 2018)  
Hi friends as per my opinion, before banning the polythene bag we should find the replacement of polythene bag so that there is no difficulty for the common man. And government should well awareness program about the plastic ban. And rather than banning the plastic bag we can gradually decrease the use of it so that we get control over it.

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Akash Raj Verma said: (Jul 10, 2018)  
Polythene Should not be banned, even government should have applied the hard penalty to everyone who provided polythene to customers. Because as for my opinion in India nobody really Want to understand anything instead of their profits when we put such steps like penalties and hard sentences then polyethene would have removed itself probably.

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Dhanshri said: (Jul 9, 2018)  
Hi friends,

As per my opinion, we should use polythene bags properly. We should not throw polythene bags here and there after using it. We should use polythene bags as much as possible to use. Polythene bags should use very carefully because if we ban the polythene bags then we have to use paper bags and it will cause deforestation in the environment.

The government should take strike action about it, but not only government shutdown do this we are also the members of the society so it is our duty to ki our surroundings clean and healthy.

At last, we should avoid plastic as much as we can do. And if are using polythene bags then we should carefully while using.

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Shlesha said: (Jun 29, 2018)  
Polythene bags create such a pollution that is not created by a harmful chemical also. As it does not degrade or decompose in soil.

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Harika said: (Jun 27, 2018)  
Yeah, definitely.

Polyethene bags should be banned as they create much disturbance for many other.

Many living organisms die due to its composted smell.

Due to the heavy disposition of plastic, it may pollute and contaminate the water.

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Shreyash Srivastava said: (Jun 27, 2018)  
Hi I'm Shreyash.

Coming to our topic, my opinion is that polythene bags must be banned because it is affecting our environment because when if we have used the polythene then we throw it and the sweepers is started burning that's why it affects the environment thank you.

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Rahul Rajput said: (Jun 14, 2018)  
Greetings to all,

As per the topic, polythene should must be banned. According to me, it must be banned as soon as possible. Our government should make a very strict rule on the consumption of polythene. And one more thing I want to add here is, people should also aware about how polythene is unbalancing our environment. Not Only government will focus on it people should also understand about it. Advertisement company should make an ad on the consumption of polythene like we see on Cancer. Two days ago I read in newspaper that Bengaluru announced a complete ban (gazette notification) that polyethylene bags is not allowed in any shops except plastic for export, packaging materials for use in forestry, milk packets and hospitals.

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Vicky said: (Jun 11, 2018)  
We should stop the use polythene bags but we can't because if we stop then we would prefer for paper bags which leads to excessive deforestation cutting of trees will increase whereas we are facing the problem of global warming.

I would suggest that shopkeeper should use 'used newspaper ' for packing the items because I went to sikkim once and that state is polythene free because they use newspapers for packing the goods and after all there is no use of newspaper we do after one tym reading and we have to become more responsible by not throwing polythene here and there. We can't always asked government for action atleast our little support will help to make our country clean.

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Harsh Mukul Chaushary said: (May 30, 2018)  
Hello friends.

According to my opinion, polythene bags should be banned because polythene is harmful in many ways such as.

1) When polythene is burned it produces many harmful gases which cause air pollution and when we breathe, it affects our respiratory system.

2) polythene is non-biodegradable. It takes many years in degradation which causes soil pollution and result is that fertility of the soil is decreased.

3) Many peoples after using polythene they throw it and when these polythene bags consumed or eat by the animal such as cow, dog. It causes cancer.

4) if we recycle polythene it requires a lot of money.

At last but not the least, I suggested that we have to replace polythene bags with the reusable bags such as jute bags.


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Akansha Nigam said: (May 28, 2018)  
Hi Friends,

I don't agree that polythene should be banned. Yes, but I would appreciate if it will be produced in lesser quantity because it is actually affecting our environment badly. But solution starts when everyone has put a limitation to use any resource provided to us. I have seen that we have started using every resource badly which give such kind of results where we have to come with such strict restrictions.

I wanted to say that we should try to use less polythene and try to recycle it as much as we can. When I say recycle it means that we should use one polythene many times. I have seen a lot of people are purchasing polythene crazily. In super market, in mall everywhere. We don't carry any bag before we go shopping and when a seller asked us in the counter to add a carry bag for our items then we say yes without thinking twice just because it cost not more than Rs.5. But we never had a thought that it can cost our lives because we can't destroy or dispose of polythenes.

I would request to all the readers to recycle the use of polythene because it's not you who do this there are n numbers of people who do this.

According to the survey, India current population is 1,359, 892,158 and everyone is doing this on a daily basis. Because they purchase daily and to carry it, they need a carry bag, if this will continue then it will create a huge bad impact in the environment and every citizen of this earth will suffer alot. We are actually giving a very bad environment to our future generation.

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Vibha said: (May 22, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

In my opinion, It should not be completely banned. If paper bags are not available then polythene bags can be use. It can be use for multiple times.

Everywhere we are paying for bags in malls, shops etc. Instead of that, we can ask for a paper bag because we are paying for that.

People should not throw polythene bag outside on roads. I saw cows were eating that bags because that they may get choke and can die. At least we should take care of these things.

Definitely, we should recycle it since it's non-degradable material.

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Susmita said: (May 17, 2018)  
No, I completely disagree with the ban of polythene bags as it is us who are not focusing on bringing awareness in the society. When proper recycling is done, the environment can stay healthy. It is us who is polluting the environment without giving a second thought. So it is necessary for the authoritative departments to take action on recycling rather than a ban on the product.

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Mahathi Raj said: (May 12, 2018)  
Polythene bags must be banned as they cause harm to the environment. It is better to use paper bags, or jute bags instead of polythene. Polythene is a non-biodegradable waste and takes thousands of years to be degraded. The government should also take suitable measures towards this cause.

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Prabhu Mantappa Madari said: (May 11, 2018)  
No, There is no need to ban polythene bags. It is us who have made it excessive use. We have 120 crores more people which is excess to our country but still, we have not put up a word to ban marriage. Only thing is we are not recycling the plastic bags properly. So we have to restrict the use not to ban.

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Dathu Rathod said: (May 8, 2018)  
Polythene bags cause to cancer. Use only paper bags in markets and shops. The Ploythene bags prepared by harmful chemicals. In summer polythene bags will melt because of heavy sun risers. Polythene bags prepare out of the city because of the chemicals harmful to human beings and animals etc.

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Amit said: (May 6, 2018)  
Good morning sir & very good morning to all of you, my name is Amit.

So we all are here setting together to discuss the topic as given by the management,

Sir, I agreed with the others point but I wanted to add some of my thoughts in this topic, a/c to me plastic bag should not be banned, if need to banned then it should be our usage style, in daily life people after using of polythene bags they just throw up anywhere as a result 100% polythenes not reached their recycling process, many of friends are talking about the use of paper bag instead of polythene bag but everyone should have to know paper is made by tree and for paper if we start cutting tree that will be more dangerous for the human being, so according to me instead of changing our system firstly we should have to bring change in our usage habits, if plastic bags not burnt-out in atmosphere, not thrown everywhere then it can be 100% recycled every time and that will save our resources also.

Thank you.

Have a nice day to all of you.

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Sominath Ahewad said: (Apr 19, 2018)  
Polythene bag must be banned because it is harmful our nature. After burning of plastic bag the harmful gases from plastic spread in nature due to which people are facing dises or cancer. So we should have tried to recycling process for plastic search. Also government should be create strong rule against plastic user and they should provided paper bag to the public. In this way we can solved the environment issue and minimise the climate change. So, according to me, plastic bag must be banned. Thank you.

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Stuti said: (Apr 15, 2018)  
Polythene bags must be banned. It is an hazard to the environment. It not only pollutes the environment but also effects our health. Using polythene bags not only causes air, water and soil pollution but also affects living beings a lot directly or indirectly. It affects stray animals who eat these polythene bags lying on the road. When it is burned it causes air pollution which leads to breathing problems and many more. Polythene can't be easily decayed and hence it remains in the environment for long time and affects the health of living beings. Thus polythene bags must be banned and paper bags must be used instead.

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Rohan Virat said: (Apr 11, 2018)  
Hi Everyone.

Polythene bags should be banned permanently.
As it causes air, soil and water pollution.
Which effects living organisms of the earth.
The way is found to recycle the polythene bag. But the process is costlier and only some plastic are eligible for recycling.

Finally, prevention is better than cure.

So polythene bags must be banned.

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Dushyant Pathak said: (Apr 9, 2018)  
Hi, everyone, Yes polythene bag should be banned for every time.

We know that polythene is a recyclable waste it is a very dangerous to our society, our health, our atmosphere etc,

Because it causes pollution and due to pollution many diseases are caused by pollution from polythene such disease is skin cancer etc. And our animals are also affect by polythene due to the eating it.

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Twink24 said: (Apr 5, 2018)  
Hi everyone.

Yes, polythene bags must be banned. It creates pollution as polythene is not bio-degradable. Polythene is affecting climate it creates soil, air water pollution. Banning polythene bags will be a small step to cure the problem of pollution. If we want our future generation to be healthy we have to take this step. Instead of using plastics bags we should use reusable bags.

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Niraj said: (Apr 4, 2018)  
According to me, polythene bags should be banned and the reason for that is it is non-degradable and causes pollution. The government of India should start providing bags that are degradable and causes less pollution. People should be made aware of the effects of using polythene through various mediums.

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Sheetal Malkani said: (Mar 31, 2018)  
Like many others, I also used to use plastic bags daily but now after knowing its disadvantages I have stopped using them and switched to Jute bags for my grocery shopping. Jute bags are sturdy, reusable and washable too. I also always ensure to keep a folding cloth bag in my car as it can be used at times when you have no intention of shopping but end up buying stuff. Also due to my office, I get time only on weekends to do my grocery shopping so I got this mac cart folding shopping trolley from Amazon. Now, I don't need to lift those heavy bags too.

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Adnan Shaikh said: (Mar 28, 2018)  
Hi, I am Adnan.

I am little bit confused it should be banned or not because it is very useful all the product of eating, carrying are packed in plastic bags but it also very harmful for our nature it I think in my suggestion our government needs to make a strict law for this bags 4R rule is good for this plastic bags (reduce, reuse, recycle, recover). I think it will work. Thats all my suggestion. Thank You.

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Anand Krishna Tiwary said: (Mar 26, 2018)  
In my opinion, polyethene bags should be banned as it is a hazard to the environment. Effects on the environment are enumerated:

1. Non-biodegradable.
2. Manufacture causes pollution.
3. Recycling of polyethene involves more cost. i.e loss to an organization involved in recycling.
4. Consumed by stray animals nearby society, causing dangerous disease like cancer (mostly cow's, dogs who are not owned by people are the victims).

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Deven said: (Mar 24, 2018)  
Yes, the polybags must be banned. This sentence is uttered by me also in any social gatherings or when we start discussing the concern of environmental protection. But when I went to the market without carrying any handbag which is not made of polythene then I also ask the shopkeeper to provide me that dangerous thing, at that time I don't think about the matter of polythene pollution, at that time what I think is that how I should carry my items easily. So I want to say that this is kind of initiative every one of us should take.

Thank you.

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Mithun said: (Mar 16, 2018)  
In my opinion, the polythene bags should not be banned.

As we all know that plastics bags are very easy to use, more strength than paper bags or anything.

I know, it's very harmful for air, soil, water and also for animal but we have no option.

But we can reuse these bags much time. The government should make a system like if you sell the useless plastic to the government they will pay you for this.

Thank you.

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Pravin Shinde said: (Mar 10, 2018)  
Hi friends.

I think Now-a-days Environmental Pollution is a bigger issue. UN tries to solve it. They apply various clean environment norms. Use of Eco-friendly products is one among all this.

We have various alternatives to Polythene Bags like paper bags, old fashion string bags and lot much.


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Abhiruchi Patil said: (Mar 9, 2018)  
Polythene is a non biodegradable polymer. Thus a polythene bag will live longer than humans, nearly after 100 years polythene bags start to degrade. Ban of polythene will be beneficial for environment for sure but also for people. More use of cloth bags and paper bags will come into picture, thus our age old traditional khadi bags will be used. Thus will increase the income of local hand weavers. Good replacements for polythene will come into picture benefiting mankind.

Thank you.

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Himani Beeka said: (Feb 17, 2018)  
In my opinion, first it should be ban but it's not banned till date that's is become our responsibility to recycle it's properly instead of saying to each other.

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Yash said: (Feb 2, 2018)  
In my opinion polythene bags shouldn't be banned, I agree to all the ones saying it is not biodegradable. But polythene bag is unique its properties are such that it can be reused, recycled. Our perspective on banning polythene bag is because people throw polythene bags recklessly in the environment, which causes lot of problem. But if we improve upon law and make rules strict, polythene bags are best, also much cheaper then other substitutes available for polythene bags.

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Premkishor Prasad Kushwaha said: (Feb 1, 2018)  
In my view, Polythin bag does not dissolve. When it is burnt it gives a pungent smell. It pollutes environment. So it should be banned.

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Pathan Shahebaz said: (Jan 28, 2018)  
As we know that, we use polythene bags for carrying daily needs like milk, household products, fruits, and other different materials.

If we ban polythene bags then it will cause difficulty to carry the different thing in daily routine as well as one of the advantages of polythene bag is that its free.

It is sometimes used for safety purpose.

Ex. If we keep mobile into polythene bag then it saves our mobile from being damaged by rain.

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Parag said: (Jan 28, 2018)  

Polythene bags is very bad because when bags iis burned then it creates atmosphere problem and oxygen is not good.

My suggestion all people please don't use polythene bags.

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Saumya said: (Jan 28, 2018)  
Yeah, of course, plastic bags 🛍 should be banned it is a non-biodegradable waste and harmful for the environment too.

People use it and throw it which Is eaten by cattle and other animals which can cause serious health hazards.

Also it takes a lot of time to degrade.

Apart from it, its production releases lots of harmful chemicals.

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Shuru said: (Jan 27, 2018)  
Hello, friends according to me.

Polythene bags should be banned,

Because polythene is degradable.

And firstly people must be educated so they can carry bags whenever they are going to buy anythings. The government should produce some else to carry the product not.

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Ashish Singh Kushwah said: (Jan 23, 2018)  

Everything depends on demand and supply, unless people will not be educated and stopped asking polythene bag from the shopkeeper, they will not stop selling or keeping and production will not stop. Even if its production banned by government We need to educate people that to be with their own bags when they are going to buy anything in the market.

That's also the responsibility of our educational system.

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Bohari Ankit said: (Jan 20, 2018)  
Polythene bags are harmful but if we make proper managment dor the recycling of bags than it can be easily used.

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Vijay Patidar said: (Jan 18, 2018)  
Hello everyone.

I would like to suggest that use of polythene should be decreased and it can also be stopped by govt of India like demonitisation. It is responsible of govt to stop production of polythene and also it's are responsible to stop using polythene so automatically production stop's.


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Kiran Mourya said: (Jan 17, 2018)  
Polythene is non biodegradeable that means it can not degrade but can be recycle.

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Kiran Mourya said: (Jan 17, 2018)  
Polythene bags must be banned because it is harmful for our environment. Even daily uses product also packed in the polyethene bags such as milk, chips vegetables.

Disadvantages of polythene bags:
1. It leading to death of the animals that eat with edible goods. Such animals are cows, dogs etc.
2. It chokes pipeline of the water.
3. It also causes the soil infertility.

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Rahul said: (Jan 12, 2018)  
Polythene bags are one of the things which are used essentially in our daily life. If it will be banned then definitely there will be a problem for short time but it will be good for our environment. Our new generation will also have an opportunity to enjoy their life.

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Vijay Varma said: (Jan 3, 2018)  
Polythene bags are very harmful to nature. It won't decompose into the earth fastly. Due to this dangerous gases may produce.

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Avni Dwivedi said: (Jan 2, 2018)  
Polythene Bags are harmful to our life. It is harmful because it is non-biodegradable. Polythene can take 1000 of life in a year. So, avoid polythene.

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Avni Dwivedi said: (Jan 1, 2018)  
Polythene bag must be banned because it can not decompose easily. We are using polythene very much as compared to a paper bag. Because of polythene many life's have gone. So, why we can't avoid polythene for our life. At last, I want to say that avoid polythene, please.

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Umesh Yadav said: (Dec 23, 2017)  
Hi Friends.

Yeah, of course, polythene bag should be banned. Because of its harmful to the human health as well as environment.

So I agree to ban the polythene bags.

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Supriya Kumari said: (Dec 19, 2017)  
Well, I'm in favour of banning polythene bags as.

* They are non-biodegradable hence they don't decompose and cause land pollution.
* Burning these polythene bags cause harmful smoke which effects the wildlife and cause air pollution.
* Many animals eat these polythene bags and they died as they can't digest.
* Instead of polythene bags we can use jute bags and paper bags which are eco-friendly for nature.

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Bhasker Mudiraj said: (Dec 17, 2017)  

Yeah, plastic is harmful to the society. But if we know the correct use of plastic it is very helpful. Nowadays for every store, restaurant it has become an essential element and playing a crucial role and due to the usage of plastic in the higher end made the problem for atmosphere. If we start using the jute bags can be very useful for the environment and we can decrease the usage of plastic.

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Narasimman S said: (Dec 8, 2017)  
Hi everyone.

In my point of view, polythene is one of the boons for our world. Why because 5 grams of polythene can carry 500grams of the load. And also it has long durable, waterproof characters. But the problem is, the people those who are all using polythene are not handling properly. They are all simply throwing outside of his campus. This activity creates soil pollution as well as water pollution. So people should know the principle of 3R. That means, (reduce, reuse, recycle). If everyone one follows this, then we will avoid pollution.

And also, I would like to tell, ban polythenes, where the people are not following the 3R principle.

Thank you.

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Dsr said: (Dec 6, 2017)  
Hi all,

Of course, we must ban the use of polythene bags, in fact, every polythene made products. These days polythine products are being used to make most of our daily usable products like water bottles, bags, glass, plates, buckets and so and so. Endless lists and just suppose how much poisonous gases are produced during making of all these. Not only in India but polythene use must be banned all over the world. Instead we should use jute and Cotton made bags that will bring opportunity for poor farmers to grow jute and cotton in their land for earnings as these plants don't need so much care for their growth.

If we want to save our upcoming generations from repercussions of polythene products then its very high time to ban this otherwise we will be too late.

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Suman Kar said: (Dec 5, 2017)  
According to the survey, India has a huge market of plastic products. But I will take a concern about our health. As you know that polythene or plastic produces harmful gases when burn which may be a bigger issue nowadays because the toxic gases of polythene may cause respiratory problem. So my advice to the research team of India to produce the polyethene bags which can be bio-degradable. So that the industry will not get down and the problem of healthcare will also resolve. So don't banned the plastic products as because it's can create the problem to Poor's people who get the meal by selling the plastic products.

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Manisha said: (Dec 1, 2017)  

According to my opinion, I think polythene bags should not be banned. As it is very easy to carry. Nowadays 80% of the products are made up of polythene. So the end of polythene means the end of polythene products as well as bags which affects the company's productivity. It will not have any effect on its economic value but also will result in increasing of unemployment in the country.

So if any country has decided to ban the polythene then first it must provide its suitable replacement. The replacement which will provide the same solutions to the people and well as gives its better contribution towards the development of the country and to reduce the pollution.

Here if we move towards the use of paper bags instead of polythene bags, then after sometime we will suffer from many environmental problems because cutting of trees for paper leads to deforestation which leads to soil erosion. So paper bags are not a suitable replacement for it because we don't want a solution for some time. We actually need a permanent solution of it.

I think the use of polythene bags should not be banned. Instead of it, we should try to find a solution to reusing it. Recycling of polythene doesn't lead to any environmental problems as well as easy to carry.

First, we need to change ourselves them only we can Change the world.

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Deblina said: (Nov 26, 2017)  
According to me, I don't think polyethylene bags should be banned. It helps to carry many things. It is a very useful thing which we need in our daily lives. Starting from dresses to foods to medicine each and everything is carried in polyethylene bags. Also, many people are employed in polythene making industry so it would be difficult for them to live their lives if it is banned. As polythene bag causes pollution and harmful to the environment to a certain extent so it must be recycled and transformed into a bag which is environment-friendly.

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Rohan Patnaik said: (Nov 26, 2017)  
Hi everyone

The use of polythene has been a great issue these days.
In my opinion, use of polythene should be banned because it has only one merit but has n number of demerits. Before some days there was a news regarding the death of cows which is due to eating of these polythenes.
And another main reason is that when the polythenes are thrown away, it makes the soil very difficult to absorb the water, as a result the level of water is reducing tremendously.

Nowadays paper bags are available everywhere, so we can use it plentily as it is eco-friendly and has no harmful effects on humans.

And if we use polythene, we should follow the 4R principle I.e., Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Recover.

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Sharan Randhawa said: (Nov 12, 2017)  
Since the dawn of our civilisation, man has a developed a number of tools and implements to make his life easy on planet earth. One such useful invention is that of plastic and to be more specific that of polythene bags. The invention of plastic has evolved the whole outlook of industrial output.

Though the use of plastic and polythene bags has become a part and parcel of our day to day life, yet we cannot ignore the ill effects of it. Besides the various environmental issues which such products pose, there are various health issues involved which cannot be overlooked.

Therefore such bags should be banned completely. It will be difficult to get rid of it initially but in order to discontinue its use, some alternative remedy by way of environmental friendly bags should be invested.

Moreover governmental agencies and NGO's can work a great deal in spreading awareness about the harmful effects of poly-bags and should encourage people to switch to environmental friendly bags. In order to maintain ecological balance such steps should be taken fast.

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Neha said: (Nov 11, 2017)  
Hello everyone, no polythene bag may not be banned because many people are employed in industries for making plastic bags. If we banned it they will be unemployed. Although this is one of big issue but if we banned plastic bag then paper bags comes for that we require lot of wood so off course deforestation arises. I think rather than completely ban of plastic it should be partial. We have to use 4 R rule that is very helpful. Yes polythene is non biodegradable. But if we use it properly and throw in suitable place it will becomes good for us. Today everyone says it should be banned but it is not implemented in real life.

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Pappu Kumar said: (Nov 5, 2017)  
Hi everybody,

I think plastic bags should not be banned because nowadays it becomes our daily uses material. Also there are a lot of people get employed in plastic industry, if it would be completely banned the the would be unemployed. Plastic bags are also cheaper than other carrying material. Also there are many kind of products, we can not carry that without plastic material or we don't have alternative, for examples medicine some other FMCG products.

There are many negative impact of using plastic bags, like it is non-biodegradable, creating more water and soil pollution, toxic chemicals are used to manufacture and emitting different kind of non environment friendly gases while burning, which creates air pollution and make impacts on Ozone layer.

Conclusion:- Instead of completely ban of plastic bags or materials we can use the concept of 4 R, which is recycle reuse, reduce and recover. Instead of taking millions of job we can provide millions of job. They will work on this four principal and educate the people, with the help of this we can create unemployment and stop all this negative impacts. There are many countries like US they are using vastly the plastic materials but using as well these four principal. Our government should also take such kind of step, which will also help to the swachh Bharat mission.

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Polythene bags must be banned!

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