Polythene bags must be banned!

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Subiksha said:   6 months ago
Dear friends here we are going to see about the serious and important topic about the avoid using of polythene covers.

As we already know that polythene covers cover is not degradable in the land. The plant feels difficulty in breathing and is very hard to grow.

Because of our irresponsible behaviour sometimes animals like cows and donkeys may eat those polythene covers, and they are affected by serious diseases.

The burning of polythene covers omit the toxic gasses which is more harmful for humans to breathe.

Only because of this burning of polythene covers, people are suffered from cancer, and many children are dies because of inhaling the toxic gas of polythene covers.

It is a punishable offence friend.

Only we can bring the upcoming generation with beautiful nature and so on.

I hope you came to know about the serious problem behind the usage of polythene bags. Hence friends make sure you are using jute bags.

Thank you friends.

Satyaa said:   7 months ago
Jai Everyone My Name Is Satyaa.

Dear All Friends We Are Here To Discuss On the Serious Topic Polythene bags should be banned.

Not only human beings but also animals are affected by polythene and nature.

In daily life, we see many people throw polythene on the road without thinking about its effects and results.

Stray animals Eat it from rubbish and waste materials it is the cause of death because they don't digest in the stomach.

We should use renewal resources instead of none renewal like polythene plastic.

It is the cause of soil pollution and Water pollution.

If we burn it it releases harmful gases like so2 and co2 which is the cause of the greenhouse effect.

At last, I would like to say that we should use jute and cotton bags instead of polybags.

NELLY JOAN said:   1 year ago
Polythene bags must be banned cause they don't decay leading to soil infertility and also they have to be burned and burning is also not good for soil as well as human health is concerned.

Venkatesh.G said:   1 year ago
Yes, we should ban plastics which non-degradable. Because it will spoil soil when it is submerged in soil like this if we are submerged in water, space, or fire we fired then the respective sources will be polluted.

And it releases harmful gases while preparation and destruction so please avoid plastic bags and start using paper and just bags.

Abhishek anand said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone.

I am Abhishek Anand & I am from New Delhi.

So we are going to discuss a very serious topic, about "plastic should be banned".

Because as you all know that, I am from Delhi and how the pollution goes up here. The main role that takes a part in all of these is plastic so it must be taken into serious consideration.

Every day we can see lots of garbage and stuff are being come from the home and being dumped in a particular area.

So from the essence of banning plastic products and plastic polybags, we can use paper products or biodegradable products.

Aashish kumar said:   2 years ago
Jai Hind Everyone.

My name is Aashish Kumar. I am from Himachal Pradesh.

Now, I am going to share my thoughts about, plastic should be banned because it is very harmful to our environment, not only for humans but also for animals and nature. Sometimes many animals eat these plastic bags, which results in death. It takes many times to decompose when we are buried in the soil or if we burnt it, it releases harmful gases like SO'and CO' which cause the greenhouse effect. Whenever we use plastic bags, we throw them in our surroundings which look so dirty and clumsy. If we throw it in the ocean, it also kills our marine lives. So, we should think about this regard and make use of paper and cloths bags. And we should apply the policy of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle which helps to reduce the use of plastic bags because we don't ban plastic bags totally because it has some benefits like easily carriable, waterproof, low cost, etc.

Thank you for reading my thoughts about this topic.

PRATAP SINGH RAJPUT said:   3 years ago

Today I am going to tell you about "Polythene bags must be banned".

As you know, Polythene derived as Poly means unlimited. So every time one question comes in mind why polythene is dangerous for humans, animals, the environment, and for the whole Earth?

Answer- Polythene is a chemical polymer that cannot be destroyed. The life of Polythene is in the multiple of 1000 years. If somebody wants to destroy it in any different way then still polythene will make you harm.

1. If you burn it then it will release harmful gases and smoke which can kill the human, animals and our fresh environment.

2. If you put polythene in soil then it will damage the fertility of soil forever. Polythene will not destroy even in the soil up to 1000 years.

3. If you throw it into the ocean then still it will damage the water also. Polythene can also stay in Space also.

You can do anything but no one able to destroy it.

Today Many animals eat polythene and they have to face their die due to polythene.

Even you can get Polythene at every place on the Earth such as mountains, glaciers, oceans, forests, and everywhere on earth. This happened due to humans only who do not care about their Mother Earth.

But it can be solved with the help of the Government and the unity of the people. If government ban the polythene and recommended paper and cotton bags and if people also start the use of cotton bags than we can save our life, can save the lives of animals, can save the environment, can save our Mother Earth.

Thank you.

Rushank Suryawanshi said:   3 years ago
Hello dear friends.

I am glad to speak about today's topic "Polythene bag must be banned".

As we know polythene bag is very dangerous for environment and for the animal also friends in our India day by day polythene as well as garbage, is increasing friends is polythene bag is helpful to keep safe environment? Friends suppose we are using polythene this is very dangerous to our health also. Friends do you know how much time takes polythene bag to decomposes in the soil polythene bag takes time a lot to decompose in the soil polythene bag takes 1000 years to take decompose in the soil friends this time period is very long we have to use cotton bag, paper bag it is not possible to set fire on polythene bag they will create lot of air pollution this is not affordable for our health and friends government didn't take to action on this topic but we should start to use cotton is bag is correct but we can't use polythene bag friends we have to use lot of time polythene bag whenever we go to buy fruits, vegetables don't give with us please give me a polythene bag we should purchase cotton bag they will help you lot of time such like as a whenever you buy vegetable, grocery, fruits cotton bag is helpful for that time some time we have to avoid to throw polythene bag on open space some animals eat polythene bag we are human being we have all information about what is the good or what is the bad but animals don't have mind because they eat polythene bag and after some days animal die and friends we have to avoid that to use polythene bag if we are continuously using polythene bag our next generation is also follow this type of habit government how to manage that things our mind set is today we are using polythene but we argue on government start form yourself one day it will be done and this is right time to ban on polythene bag thanks a lot you are reading this message once again thanks a lot.

I will definitely use cotton bag whenever I go to buy somethings.

Shanu Rawat said:   3 years ago
Hello everybody, first of all, a very warm welcome to one and all reading my views, today we are discussing a very Serious topic that polythene bags should be banned.

In my opinion, polythene bags should be banned, because it is very harmful to us, not only for human beings but also for animals and nature. Because they are not decomposed easily in nature. Sometimes many animals eat these polythene bags, due to which they die. If we burnt it to decompose it, them it releases very harmful gases like SO2, CO2 and many more, which is extremely harmful to our environment.

Nowadays we are using lots of polythene bags daily, and throw the polythene anywhere, due to which our water drainage system gets chocked, that enhance the dirtiness in our surroundings and due to our this habit, our underground water is also get polluted.

We should think in this regards and try to use more and more carry bags, which is made of cloth or paper so that we reduce the use of polythene bags. We try also to follow the policy of RRR means - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. So should also try to spread awareness among the people so that we save the future of the new generation.

Thank you.

Kc pandey said:   3 years ago
It is very critical problem for earth. It should be banned in India because it is effected our environment. Plastic work as a terror for animal. Birds and our nature also. It is not destroy on earth for a long time. Our government took many step against using plastic but it is not work properly. If using plastic is not stopped in India then our future will be in difficulty.

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