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Shivam kumar said:   3 years ago
In my opinion, it is not a good idea, regular election keep the govt in control and force the parties to regularly hearing of Janta's problem. If the election were conducted once in 5 years every political party will visit the ground only in the last year.

The election is one of the key element of democracy, what is the point of saving money by sacrificing some of your democratic power.

Money said:   4 years ago
India is one of the most developing countries.

Pros: -> India will get full of freedom and to make easy sources will get easier. Because of the one time election no currency transfer and nothing will happen like every five years. To know who will be a perfect person to stand in the election.

Cons:-> City will develop but the village will not.

AnnA said:   4 years ago
As I read above saying that it saves money, made a bit of confusion. Look the elections are conducted on a specific day and all over India in all states, casting 3 votes and there is a necessity of voting machines more than now used. Every single constituency need a good voting machine on the same day same time. So we could think about the no: of voting machines and so there expenses.

Rakesh said:   4 years ago
Hello friends, in my opinion one nation one election is not a better idea. Because if we are watching only the advantage of it, but we are not focusing on the some loss of it, during one election many resignal parties may be loss their existence in the flow of national parties. Because national parties majority is more than resignal parties. In 1966-67 elections this process has used but after result election commission change this decision. So we want to make better this present election system we require to do some new change an awareness of people.

Pavan kumar said:   4 years ago
I think in my point of view, it's an amazing idea.

One election provides us a lot of benefits like money save and time save and also people will have a clear idea of election and we expect perfect ruling. So many people are confusing about elections like some states conducting elections before or after the actual time.

The major disadvantage is security forces during election time and the distribution of money all around the country.

Anshoo Singh said:   4 years ago
First of all thank for giving me a chance.

I am not favour of one nation one election because it is possible that winning party started play role of dictatorship.

In my opinion there are a lot of options. We can schedule lok sabha and rajya sabha election simultaneously so that we can save money.

Uday teja bandaru said:   4 years ago
In my perspective, one nation has its own advantages and disadvantages. Advantages are government does not have to worry about elections of a particular state that is to come in the tenure of central government and it can plan welfare programs more confortably. Saves lots of amounts of money. Money flow can be minimised, As election commisioner is independent, he can act more stringently and it would be difficult to mobilise money all around country. Disadvantages are if the elected government is unstable, it is possible the house be dissolved as it happend in 1979, 1991, 1998. If would be big blow for regional parties of certain which formed their assemblies with absolute majority and has to end up dissolved. And if certain state assemblies are unstable and ended up for dissolution let us say 2 years, and state can not have elected govt till next elections, there would be autocracy by governers and beaurocrats. Welfare programmes during the presidents rule rests in the hands of presidents and governers without discussion, they can pass the laws. If the central government does not like a particular party coming to power in a hung assembly (no majority for any party) , governor gives chance to party that cannot form govt, it can indirectly rule the state through governor by saying that no one got majority and declares governor rule. If an mp or mla passes away the seat remains vacant till end of the tenure of central government, so there would be no representation for people for those constituencies. I conclude the it may be cost efficient and less complex if there is one nation one election, but it is better than being under governors rule with out any reresentation for the people.

Manthan Gandhi said:   5 years ago
I think the election for Lok Sabha and Rajyapal sabha should be in one particular time only. This will save lots of Efforts, time and Money. And it will also save 1 public holiday.

But the con is that Parties might appear once in 4 years and Opposition party might not contribute to anything.

But I think we should try this system and if not applicable then we should move forward to another.

What if the Winning party might do Good work?

Jay patel said:   5 years ago
Hi everyone.

As my opinion it is good. If we can do election and that election which group win that election, that political group has the time of next coming election. In that time, he get to put his power (use his brain) in developing our country.

Vak said:   5 years ago
According to me, an idea of one country one election is a nice but practically a little bit difficult. Here we have to concern a matter of management of both time and money. It is quite difficult for a huge country like India has a lot of political parties.

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