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Patil said:   6 years ago
Hello Friends,

As we know our topic is One India One Election. I think we should proceed this discussion in fruitful approach by first discussing different advantages and disadvantages of conducting one election throughout the country for state as well as Central Government.

In my point of view, I want to present few cons of conducting one election are.

1. India is a 2nd most populated country with 1.2 billion population divided within 29 states and 6 union territories if elections are conducted at the same time it will lead to the huge demand of security, facilities, logistics, and proper organization of elections which is very difficult to manage.

2. If the election happens at the same time then each and every government will be focussed on elections for that period which will lead to high negligence of government toward public welfare and they will totally focus on elections and all reforms and important policies, decisions will be kept pending for that period of time.

3. It will lead to instability of government for the election period.

4. At the single point of time, the government will have to spend a huge amount of capital on this.

5. It will be tough to monitor all the elections simultaneously and put a lot of burden on Election commission.

Shubham said:   6 years ago
Hello friends, I would like to present a whole new view to the undergoing discussion on one India one election.

Many of us think that it is a great idea to conduct elections at the same time but I would like to contradict the thought because if all central and state elections are conducted at the same time then we are givin away the power to a single political party to rule for five years by taking away the competition. A goverment ruled by particular party can take harsh decisions that may not be in public interest and the public can't do anything to oppose the decisions taken by the goverment because it was elected by the public itself. Goverments may not function up to the point because they may not have any fear of loosing any further state or central elections upto next five years. There may not be any strong oppositions because of the lack of interest of winning any elections till the next five years so the whole country may become unregulated due to absence of strong opposition. Now the elections are conducted at different timeframes in different regions that gives the people the right to express their feelings about the existing state and central goverment by casting their votes and in this way the goverment also functions in the common interest due to the fear of loosing upcoming elections.

The benifits or pros of conducting one nation one election is obvious but these are the major cons that needs to be thought of carefully before implementing anything baised on the views of certain people.

Bavita Kumari said:   6 years ago
Hello guys,

This is Bavita, in my point of view, "One India One Election" which is announced by our PM Narendra Modi is not practically possible. "One India One election" means state election and the central election will be held together. Initially, it was started on 1952 and was continued till 1967. I know every coin has two sides one pros and other cons, but we should go to the side which will be more beneficial for the common people. There are also some pros which are following:

- it will save time and money both (for example In 2014, 45 corers spend for Lokshabha election only which is wastage of money in same money both elections can be taken).
-will reduce corruption.

Inspite of these there are many cons:

-will be difficult to arrange all the process at the same time.
-security problem because of lack of central forces.
-federal system will be changed (federal system means differentiation in power of state govt and central govt. ) or we can say that it will centralise the democracy system.
-election machinery or source is not sufficient.

If the central govt fell down for any reason then whole the process will take place again and wastage of money. For example, in 1996 Atal Bihari Bajpey felled in case of this type of situation election will take place also repeatedly. There is one more thing if both state and the central election will be held simultaneously then that time all the govt will be focused on the election and all the decision and policies will remain in pending. Hence in my point of view this idea is not beneficial also not practically possible.

Jitender said:   6 years ago
Good Morning to all of you.

As the topic is one India one election for today discussion and I'm going to give my best to approach the topic and what I saw that too many friends don't understand the thought line one India one election.

It means that both state election and centeral election conducted at the same time. In our country state government election and centeral (national) govt election held after 5 year of interval at different time.

Suppose in India there are 28 states and in 5-6 state election conducted every year and the centeral govt who ruled the nation can put their money for this election rather put their power/authority to solve the problems of nation and compaign the election and waste the govt money. So conducting elections at different interval of time at perticular state can waste a lot of money and increases corruption and decrease our economy rate.

So friends I would like to say that conduct central and state election parallely. I know its a very difficult for election party to conduct the both election in a one day or manage all the things such as security, awareness among the peoples, maintain the decorom in a country. And India is a 2nd largest population in a country and in huge amount so its very difficult to arrange all these stuff in a very short period of time. But My dear friends.

Nothing is impossible untill and unless we try wholeheartedly for it.

So there are some pros and cons for conducting state and central election at a same time.

1. Save the money of gov and increase the economic condition of a country.

2. Eradicate the corruption from our country.

3. Build the strong leader who has a power of authority to control all these situations.


1. Very difficult to arrange all these stuff such as security and aware the peoples because some are poor who are not aware so much and think what's change if they give their vote so they think it's a waste of time and money.

2. Security is the main problem because if both election help at the same time and no one rule the nation at that time and some people can riot in cities. And at time safety is much measure issue to safeguard peoples and prevent riots against the law.

Thank you, guys.

Have a good day.

Paresh said:   5 years ago
According to me, one India one election is a wonderful idea where we can have general elections and state assembly elections all together but it is very important now that we should have common census among all political parties of India.

If we see the history of Indian politics India used to have one election for general and state assemblies from 1952 to 1970 until Mrs Indira Gandhi, the then prime minister had to dissolve the central government, it is after that the scenario has changed much in Indian politics, there are only a few states which go for state elections along with Lok sabha elections while majority of state are having elections either after/before 1-2 or even after 3 years from Lok Sabha, so it would be not possible to dissolve these state assemblies without taking into consideration from the political parties.

Many of us believe that it will reduce the overall expenditure of elections but as per the news of economic times we need vvpat machines for the elections which will cost about 10000 crores which need to be replaced every 15 years, so instead of reduction, we are actually increasing the expenditure.

Government view with regard to one nation one election that it will help the government to get more time to implement policies which is not possible during elections because of moral code of conduct but in actual case the government is free to implement her existing policies it is only that they cannot introduce any new policies during election time.

Siddharth Bhardwaj said:   3 years ago
Hello, friends, I am Siddharth from Patna.

As we all know our today's topic is one nation one election. First of all, we have to understand what is election. Election is a process by which people choose there leaders for 5 years in India for both center and state. Election are a key factor to strong democracy. Friends I am in favour of one India one election because there are lot of advantages to implement this and the advantages are following-.

1. Unnecessary expenditure of money by election commission on various state elections.
2. Focus of government on work rather than on state elections.
3. unnecessary focus of public on elections rather than their work.

Nishant Bhatt said:   7 years ago
I think it is a quite difficult as India is a huge country and it is very difficult for one government to manage the country. One government in the sense central government. Some of the local issues and decisions must be taken by state government for quick resolution and development. One country one election thought is useful for small countries not for demographically large country like India.

Ashwani Nigam said:   6 years ago
"one India One Election" lucid enough!

But what I see here that most of the ppl didn't anticipate very well the gist of the quoted line; here it is said that election in India which usually happens in two tiers like Central election (general election) and State elections (for different states), so the question is whether it's ok to go on with this mode of elections or we should introspect now and have elections (both type) in single phase; like central and state election happening parallel. But ppl here thought like it is written "One India One Government", no it's not that friends. We are a federal state and we can't have one government for the whole nation.

Pros: If both elections would have done in same time, one thing is very clear that it going to save huge amounts of the sum, which was earlier wasted sporadically. Secondly, this will put an end to filthy statecraft because the whole country will watch them for a period (5yrs) and can analyse the performance on whole time basis and pan India levels. Thirdly, Government will focus on the welfare of the public more instead of giving attention to frequently coming different states elections.

So friends whole country will have a complete makeover of the government at every root level. Every 5 years a new India will take a birth leaving behind filthy politics.

People will take this - One India One Election serious because it will gonna happen on a single day, and faith for the whole country is going to be decided.

I know some people here will whine and complain that our country is very huge and it is not possible to have an election on a single day, but, friends, INDIA is very diversified and huge, though we are world's largest democracy, counting every single person for his vote.

Nothing is impossible until and unless you try wholeheartedly for it.

Neeraj said:   7 years ago
Hi Guys,

"One India One Election" this is our topic to discuss and I am going to deliver my best possible views on it with the help of your sharing.

Let me first explain the clear picture of the two elections which take place in front of us. A. State Government Election. B. Center Government Election.

A. State Government Election= This is a state election in which we elect our CM with the help of elected MLA'S of the particular areas in the particular state. This election takes place after every five years (By election is the other thing which takes place in emergency). So with the help of this particular election we give safety only to our particular state. I mean there is a CM who is a king for its state and will take care entire state.

B. Center Government Election= This is a national election which covers whole country and we elect PM with the help of elected MP'S. PM is another king of the country as CM who takes control of whole country. PM is that personality who can apply any useful low for whole country but CM can watch only the particular state.

So now there is a question in our mind that when PM covers whole country so what is the need of CM for every state ? So answer is that our nation is a very big nation with the more & more population which is not fully mentally prepare to take the right decision at the right time I am not trying to say that all people but there is larger area with ruler gentry. PM is that personality who can not approach to all places that's why there is one more election facility to approach all people. And one thing also I want to add if one person will do everything for whole nation so it is obvious that, that person will tired and become frail physically and mentally.

Now let me explain Pros and Cons:.

* If one election takes place so election commission can save huge amount of money.
* We can consider less corruption because when everything would be in one hand so no one will use procrastination for the work.
* There would be unity among the people no one will show partiality with others.
* Riots will not take place using different-2 parties names.

* There would be difficult to approach all people even in difficulties.
* As our nation is developing country so no one will follow the lows strictly because government will being far away from the places.
* Now people fear that there is a big leader near us and in absence of that they will not fear and might do some illegal activities.
* There are small-2 things which are still outstanding at all places to complete even there is a big leader so you can thing when there will be no one for.

Finally, I'd say that our country is developing the country and there is a need of a big leader with the power of authority for all places so that all outstanding things can take place in the proper manner in the society. We all know that each work needs a lot of force to do that and because of one election now we can miss that force to complete our work. I mean more hands more help less hands less help.

Thank you.

Abhishek pandey said:   3 years ago
Good morning friends,

We have to discuss the topic one India one election. As we know in India people choose their leaders by-election.

In India, there are many elections are conducted by the level of central Or state.

It has taken a lot of time and money.

Due to this, our leaders going busy. They advertise for their party.

Also our previous president Abdul Kalam support this.

So, I support the one nation one election,

Thank you.

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