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Nishant Bhatt said:   7 years ago
I think it is a quite difficult as India is a huge country and it is very difficult for one government to manage the country. One government in the sense central government. Some of the local issues and decisions must be taken by state government for quick resolution and development. One country one election thought is useful for small countries not for demographically large country like India.

Sanjay singh said:   7 years ago
Hi everyone,

In my opinion, one election is not possible, if it would have possible then we would not have stated, I would like to justify my points by saying that Uttrakhand got separated, C.G got separated from U.P and M.P respectively as proper planning and division of work will exist.

Pankaj Kumar Sasmal said:   7 years ago
Hello everyone,

I'm Pankaj.

According to me, it is impossible to make one election. If we made it possible then, what will happen at the time of dissolve of ministry. Who will control over the India? If such kind possible then it will be previously discussed in our constitution.

So in conclusion, it is not possible one India one election.

Aafiya said:   7 years ago
Hello everyone!

I am Aafiya.

In my opinion, one election and one party or rather I should say Dictatorship won't work in India as it's a cosmopolitan country and we are much used to of our democracy. Dictatorship can easily work in small countries and in the countries where literacy rates are higher.

Neha said:   7 years ago
Hello, everybody.

I am Neha from Banka.

My opinion one election and one India is a very difficult activity so I say that government to is very very easy to beautiful other words for all people in making.

Ashish said:   7 years ago
In India, as cosmopolitan nature is there so different ministers can only understand the problems of their people. As mindset is different in different regions of the country dictatorship or one rule is not possible also it will have a negative impact on overall functioning of the country.

Nitin said:   7 years ago

I am Nitin.

I think there should be one India one election. Because on every election our country spends huge amount of money. If the elections are taken at one time, there will be great saving of money. And both central and state government will have same time for working and there will be good correlation between the governments.

Niza said:   7 years ago
This is an appreciable initiative of our prime minister Narendra Modi. India is a democratic country. There are twenty-eight states and union territories. Having election in all these states and union territories one by one is not only tiresome but it also requires a large amount of money to conduct.

Politicians from different parties spend their maximum time in planning strategies for their party, they become greedy. Instead of giving full attention to problems of common people by whose support only they are in politics, they make plans so that how they can get maximum votes and remain in power.

Thus, as a result, common public is the sufferer. People's problems are not taken up effectively and as a result, they want center to intervene. So in maximum cases, center has to be involved to sort out the problems. Thus if are involving center in solving our disputes, then why not give full power to center.

But as a common saying everything has two sides. If center becomes all in one, the problems of state won't be addressed properly. There will be more chances of disputes among states as center will treat every state equally. But all states are not comparable either technology wise or progress wise. Some are fully efficient, have all kinds of resources which others lack.

Thus we can't say that yes this is better or that is better. Both have their own pros and cons.

Vipul said:   7 years ago
India is very big country. It has too many states which have different state government. These government can't be merged into one single government because they have too many different cultures and the lifestyle.

Rahul said:   7 years ago
All the people failed to understand one India one election meaning. It basically means holding of the elections of the centre and the state together.

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