One India One Election - Pros and Cons

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Pankaj Kumar Sasmal said:   7 years ago
Hello everyone,

I'm Pankaj.

According to me, it is impossible to make one election. If we made it possible then, what will happen at the time of dissolve of ministry. Who will control over the India? If such kind possible then it will be previously discussed in our constitution.

So in conclusion, it is not possible one India one election.

Sanjay singh said:   7 years ago
Hi everyone,

In my opinion, one election is not possible, if it would have possible then we would not have stated, I would like to justify my points by saying that Uttrakhand got separated, C.G got separated from U.P and M.P respectively as proper planning and division of work will exist.

Nishant Bhatt said:   7 years ago
I think it is a quite difficult as India is a huge country and it is very difficult for one government to manage the country. One government in the sense central government. Some of the local issues and decisions must be taken by state government for quick resolution and development. One country one election thought is useful for small countries not for demographically large country like India.

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