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Prajwal said:   7 years ago
Hello, Today's generation is very smart in taking decisions and also has very high potential, confidence, self-belief, try to go fast to reach to the top of the world. But sometimes it could face large implications and due to this confidence losses and there in mind we think that if he/she loses they get nervous, depression by this they fear of losing and they reach at last and the one who takes smart decision and think with proper way and stay in positive thoughts then he/she can win and finish at last or first. In race, there, the one who comes first is winner for world but if someone comes last he thinks there he/she loose and the game is over. There are so many people who are not having all qualities but they develop, train themselves with positive thoughts and win. If someone who is the last rank in previous competition does hard work, thinks where he looses focus and grows with positive thoughts then the last on also comes first. So the nice guy finishes last by proving himself as first.

Megha malhotra said:   6 years ago
Hello everyone.

The given topic is "nice-guys-finish-last".

In my point of view, firstly, the nice word here refers to the one who is truly responsible towards his work with full dedication, confidence, courage. I know that's very easy to say because the young generation is fed up with all this. They always want to apply the shortcuts to reach at the top of the world in this rat race.

In our childhood, we all surely listen to the story of rabbit and tortoise. In this story, rabbit loses the race because of overconfidence and tortoise wins as here tortoise is nice guys.

The major problem lies in the mindset of the people. This only words "nice guys finish last" can't drastically change the mindset of the people and at the end, I only want to say do the work for your satisfaction not to satisfy the others.

Anderson said:   1 decade ago
I really liked the topic but the thing is how do you define a "Nice guy" ? becz I think its quite subjective topic and a person who is nice to one can be bad to another, so there is nothing like a nice guy.

But if I have to consider a decent enough guy then its really not necessary that he will finish last because I have seen many people who finish 1st because as said by some person above 1st impression is the last impression then obviously when a decent guy comes in front of someone then his 1st impression is counted which is very good and then he finishes 1st.

Then there might be some cases where even a decent guy with a good 1st impression finishes last because he spends lots of time in perfection.

Shamik Bandyopadhyay said:   1 decade ago
Nice is a nice word. It is a positive sign of a person. A nice guy becomes nice because everybody accepts him/her. This means that the person thinks positive about others. The psychology can react in different ways. That person really can feel bad when somebody hearts because of him/her. So, he/she may not push himself/herself to that extent which leads him/her to the top because people generally depress when they becomes second or so.

In another way, no body can last because life has no finish until death. The person loose one way win in another that may not be visible.

So, we cannot firmly say this statement because there exist both the sides.

Krishna said:   8 years ago
"Nice guys finishes last", this may be a true statement for a short term. But for a long term consistency it is a nice guy who ends up successfully. Dealing with shortcuts is smart and it may give a person an illusion of him getting all he wants. But a famous proverb says, "God provides a bad guy all he wants, but won't help him at difficult times.

But he does not give everything to nice guys but he never forgets to stand by his side during difficulties". The proverb looks lengthy because its a translation of a Tamil proverb. Last I would like to say that nice guys finish last for a short run, but in a long run he will win.

AHMED said:   7 years ago
Nice people never finish last. They always emerge as the winner in the end. The problem in today`s world is that most people try to take shortcuts which at times is either illegal or unethical. These people might get the desired result but in the long run, face serious repercussions.

Unlike these people, nice guys always measure the steps they take, make sure they proceed in the right direction and no one is harmed by their actions. They dedicate themselves to everything they do and make sure their actions yield positive results. The whole process might take a little time but the end result will always be fruitful.

Prasanna said:   1 decade ago
Nice guy probably the one who is not studious even the one who is good in attitude acquainting the positive path. He adopts optimism and tries to accomplish the tasks in a honest way. These nice guys finishes the work last which the result of their quest of perfection. Though the work may be perfect it lags with respect to time. Anyways in the longer run these guys may be benefited and yields to fruitful results. But at the same time it must be remembered that time end tide waits for none. Summing up in simple terms it can be concluded that these nice must perform the work in smarter way rather than in perfect way.

Hitesh said:   1 decade ago
It is an interesting topic that we have been given here. The unique feature is that it can be comprehended in different manners. One of them could be that a nice guy essentially defines a person who plays by the book and is morally and ethically astute. He stands by his ideals and principles come what may. Such approach to life may be beautiful and inspiring but in today's cut throat world where survival of the fittest mantra holds supreme being on top may mean compromising on those beliefs. Those who adapt will prosper while those who don't shall perish.

Thank you for this opportunity to speak.

Rakesh rahuna said:   3 years ago
Good morning to all, regarding this today topic.

I want to say that being nice is easy to write in social media in the caption of shirts but in reel being nice person face every single problem to reach in this position they interpret each work and completely Focus to complete that task every time they having a single focus for perfection at each and every aspect sometimes people dreamed that I will become a nice person and win over the world but some dream converts into reality so I concluded that scriptures looking more beautiful when more working pressure occurs by that maker.

Thank you.

RAJ said:   8 years ago
If I have to consider a nice enough guy then it's really not necessary that he will finish last because I have seen many people who finish 1st because as said by some person above 1st impression is the last impression then obviously when a nice guy comes in front of someone then his 1st impression is counted which is very good and then he finishes 1st.

Nice guy always wants to complete its work 1st. To make good impression. And he never hesitate to work overtime and make it on the time. So from as far as my point of view its never necessary that he always comes last.

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