Nice Guys Finish Last

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Manish mittal said:   1 decade ago
Nice guys finish last it means three points.

1. He use the time completely as much as possible output he takes from that precious time.

2. He does the things in his own way and definitely leave a way to follow for others.

3. He never try to come first as his deeds makes him the no 1 automatically so he won't mind of doing things slowly but perfectly.

Kavya said:   7 years ago
In my point of view finishing the work perfectly matters a lot. Nice guys first prefer to collect complete knowledge and experience from the ones who already did that work. During this period they develop their brains to think laterally. Nice guys don't care about finishing first or last. They complete the work in their own way. Generally, perfection takes some extra time.

Nayan1623 said:   1 decade ago
First of all, we need to define what a Nice guy here refers to?

Be it a nice guy in studies, nice in nature, nice in thinking. Nice can be termed as Noble, Innovative, Challenging and Eclectic. So if a guy is noble definitely he is not going to find out wrong ways of doing things which now a days most of the people do.

If he is innovative and likes challenges then he will try to do things in a different way. And being Selective and meticulous about his work, definitely will take more time than others but the result will be definitely be Epitome of that field.

Hemant said:   9 years ago
Actually nice guys do their work with proper planning and thinking. So there planning may take time. But we all know that proper planning means half of the work has done already. But after planning they try to do there work as fast as they can. So nice guys are not finishing last at all rather they want to do it first and be an example to others.

Anjan said:   1 decade ago
I think topic indicates those people remain as dark horse but at the end they come out with wonderful results. They are nice in the sense that, they have better strategies and out of box thinking. If you remain as dark horse nobody would be expecting from you to win and due to which there will be no pressure on you to win. You will have only to gain and nothing to lose. If you think like that you have obviously better chance to perform well.

Dipul said:   8 years ago
Recall the story of tortoise and rabbit. As rabbit lose the race overconfidence but tortoise was a nice guy. Hmmm. People honest, work in proper manner and idea to complete work in a "kind" way are nice guys. Time is not a measure in their dictionary but work completion with the more effective outcome is their highest measure.

So they finish last.

Pravalya said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends,

Can we describe this situation in an another way.

Can we take this as a situation like nice things always comes last with lot of struggles.

Even though we face difficulties, our nice efforts will never get wasted. They will ultimately results in to a success.

Anderson said:   1 decade ago
I really liked the topic but the thing is how do you define a "Nice guy" ? becz I think its quite subjective topic and a person who is nice to one can be bad to another, so there is nothing like a nice guy.

But if I have to consider a decent enough guy then its really not necessary that he will finish last because I have seen many people who finish 1st because as said by some person above 1st impression is the last impression then obviously when a decent guy comes in front of someone then his 1st impression is counted which is very good and then he finishes 1st.

Then there might be some cases where even a decent guy with a good 1st impression finishes last because he spends lots of time in perfection.

Ajju said:   5 years ago
Nice guys finish his work on measurable duration with perfection. He is don't care about thinking like first or last.

AHMED said:   7 years ago
Nice people never finish last. They always emerge as the winner in the end. The problem in today`s world is that most people try to take shortcuts which at times is either illegal or unethical. These people might get the desired result but in the long run, face serious repercussions.

Unlike these people, nice guys always measure the steps they take, make sure they proceed in the right direction and no one is harmed by their actions. They dedicate themselves to everything they do and make sure their actions yield positive results. The whole process might take a little time but the end result will always be fruitful.

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