Need for Good Leaders in India

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Ravi teja said:   8 years ago
Yes! I agree with all. India is a developing country. It needs a good leader. If the leader is educated then automatically he knows how to develop the country, but now a days ruling leaders didn't have any qualification.

Future of India depends on youngsters only. We have the right to rule the nation in a good way but we are selfish, all are prefer to settle in a software job youngsters. Also should realize to be a leader for our nation. Where there is a good leader there is a good nation. Due to that selfishness still India is a developing country not a developed country.

Rajeev ranjan said:   8 years ago
Hi friends this is Rajeev Ranjan. Friend about this topic this is right to say the we have to need a good leader.

My point of view is that In the the every place we have to need some development and the development is done by the leader. If the leader not well then the people not liked him like as in India we have to need a Google and developer man. Many of people like the leader because he works well. But in India we have to need a better leader.

Deepak said:   8 years ago
HI all friends I am Saurabh I agree with all friends, my point of view every Indian leader will passed minimum any one qualification in education. Then I got good leader in Indian politician.

Kuldeep Chauhan said:   8 years ago
Hi Friends, I am kuldeep.

I think you all are right for this topic but anyone change the mindset of public. Ok let we know our leader should be educated, good, honesty but in our India some population is said the leader is so good and other population is said the leader is so bad.

Ajay said:   8 years ago
Yeah, in my opinion of course we need a good leader because today our country is fully loaded by the corruption, casteism, turmoil and this will just happen because of leaders of our country so that they remained in power. And we will get trapped in this well plotted plan by their unctuous (flatter).

So we need a true leader one who can lead this country well who is honesty, characteristics & gave free from such a bull shit problem which today mass are facing and this will just occur when we people get alert and raised and voted to such a person.

So first we need to change so that the environment changed.

Lavina said:   8 years ago
Good leader should exercise wisdom in every work of national politics. They should practice ethical culture. The political parties should try to build confidence of political wisdom by their good work.

People expect good qualities in a politician. They expect them to be trustworthy. They should come forward to check and stop unlawful activities.

Priya Rajput said:   8 years ago
India needs a leader who thinks of the people lives for the people. With no selfishness, these are the kind of leaders our country needs. To evolve itself to a better position and to develop in all areas.

Nandini.P said:   8 years ago
Yes we need very good leader in India. The leader must and should know ethical values of Indian scripture. Learning text of children must and should consists ethical books then child will get good thought and mind. When he learns good things in small then he carry for hole life.

Rizwan Ahmad said:   8 years ago
Hi friend,

According to me, India is not in the list of developed country because of its corrupt leaders. I think everyday we come across news that this leader has been found guilty of money laundering or having black money answer so on. Today's leader only want development of their family members. They use their powers to suppress lower section of society who voted him. We can't expect from such type of shameless leaders.

So India really needs a good leader like Sardar Patel who integrates divided India, , sacrifice his life for the sake of country.

That's all.

Lavina said:   8 years ago
There is a true need for True leader, one who can lead this country and its people out of ignorance, corruption, and all kinds of evil and wrong practice's towards what is right and good for people.

A leader who thinks of the people lives for the people with no selfishness, these are the kind of leaders our country needs to evolve itself to a better position and to develop in all areas.

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