Necessity of Women Quota Bill for Women Empowerment

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Himanshu suri said:   2 years ago
Hello friends.

Women give reservation in politics there are following reasons:

According to me, reservation for women is unnecessary. Because reservation is meant for weak people like discriminated people and physically challenged.

My second thing is that women are still behind in education, social status and political affairs. It will be necessary to give reservation to bring them at par with men and increase their strength in state and country-level politics.

Himanshu suri said:   2 years ago
In my mind, women should be given reservation in politics because of the following reasons such like let's think there was practically no education for women prior to independence women looked after domestic works. There were educationally, socially, culturally and politically.

Aayush said:   4 years ago
Hi friends.

Few minority communities may not utilize this opportunity, as most of the women in these communities are less capable of utilizing this opportunity. This may lead to a sense of perceived negligence among them.

The Bill was adopted by the Rajya Sabha in 2010. The distance between the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha is just a five-minute walk. But the Bill has not moved for seven years. The Women's Reservation Bill is a victim of patriarchal power to ensure the status quo of male entitlement.

Aayush Choudhary said:   4 years ago
Reservation, Quota are words which explicitly imply to discriminate on the ground of unequalness. To discriminate is against our basic human and fundamental rights and to consider women unequal is against the very spirit of this bill. Empowerment, in no ways, should be given to the undeserving candidate.

So this bill, in my view, is not helpful for women empowerment. Along with this shortcoming, this bill also induces polarity in society, national loss in the form of capable resources left out and benefits to one political party over the other on immoral grounds. This bill introduces another never-ending quota of inequality.

Women don't need the power to be donated to them. Let them take their fair share of power by themselves on the equal benchmark. Give them support to reach their goals. Free girl child education, free college education, Acts to ensure action on cases atrocities against women and elements who try to hinder the process, awareness to girls/women on their rights are some of the actions that are needed to be implemented at grassroots levels.

Leave aside the bill, because the people who are preaching for the bill today have mostly never allowed the women in their family a fair share of EMPOWERMENT.

A quota is a discriminating word, isn't it? yes women quota will be beneficial for women empowerment as they will also participate in this society, but in present age campaigns are going like women are equal to men, then it is not needed to implementing all areas.

I think it can be implemented in some areas like gram sabhas, vidhan shabhas, where a lady leader can lead this country but bill is implementing in education, the job then it will like a reservation which I think a negative, more knowledgeable more skilled men will not get admision in good universities and a good job.

Samyuktha said:   4 years ago
Hi, this is Samyuktha.

Thanks for giving a chance to me. So in my point of view, that every girl student should study they should have the same equalities as male.

In olden days, due to the unawareness among the people, they did not study the girl student.

The government should also provide reservation facilities for the girl student.

So I conclude that women should develop more and more and provide facilities for women.

Soniya thakur said:   5 years ago
In my point of view, reservation is not a solution to empowered women.

Central and state government Should take some action like.

Equal opportunities in every field, create a safe and enabling work environment for women.

And awareness among rural women's this type of thing happens then there is no need of reservation.

Puppy said:   5 years ago
Hi friends.

In my point of view, every girl should study and educate their life and come forward in the society with the same as like male.

They should also want reservations in the government fields.

Urban women needs education in our society.

Rural women needs education in our society and awareness about the society.

Every girl should need reservation about 33% now a days for todays women.

So my request that every girl should need education and come in the society like male.

So, there will be requirement for women quota.

Kavya said:   6 years ago
Hi friends.

Women quota bill for women is needed for rural area people. Most of the people in the rural area they won't educate their children. If government provide some quota they will educate the women.

Hemlata Bavanthade said:   6 years ago
Women Quota Bill is necessary for only those girls who live in the rular area and still not aware. For many reasons, they could not be part of many important positions like IAS, CA so on.

Neha kashyap said:   6 years ago
In my point of view there is no need that necessity of woman quota bill for women empowerment.

1). Women is also a human being they take breathe also the boys. And they have also right to do as they want in their life.

2). If they have better education & knowledge so they can do well in their life. So I want to say t hose parents who do not send their girls to school.

3). When they are well educated so they don't have need of reservation because they have understanding to overcome with The problems.

4). Now these time no.of rape case and eve teasing case increase with a very high rate so if we all want to uproot these types of problem so firstly we have to corporate by ourselves to the other people.

At the conclusion I want say that girls don't have need of any kind of reservation indifferent -2 fields. But provide good education to them as well as boys in rural areas also.

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