Making Aadhaar Mandatory: Benefits and Drawbacks

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Nitish Kumar said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone.

Good morning to all of you.

Today our topic of discussion is making of Aadhar mandatory. In my opinion, Aadhaar should be mandatory for everyone because it gives you an identity that you belong to an Indian. And as we know that before making Aadhar we use a various card such as Ration card, electricity bill, driving license, voter card etc for our identification. But when Aadhar card is launched by our government it provides every person to his own.

Unique identity with a single card. We can use this card for various purposes as like ticket booking, admission, making Passport.

There are some glitches in this card that you may lose your personal information if Your Aadhar got into the wrong hand.

And Finally, we know that in many government schemes need Aadhar for verification. So Aadhar is mandatory for all people.

Chandra Prakash Verma said:   3 years ago
Good morning Friends,

My name is Chandra Prakash Verma.

Today our topic is the cashless economy. We already know that every coin has two sides. So, First of all, I would like to discuss its advantages:

We can transfer money through internet banking and mobile banking, phonepay Google pay, Debit card, Credit Card Etc. In very easy manner.

But if we talk about its disadvantages:

It is not useful for an illiterate person like rural areas. Because they don't know what is cashless. And they don't know what is internet use. So for him very dangerous because hackers can very easily method hake their bank account. That, s all about cashless economy advantages and disadvantages.

Thank you.

Shivanshu Mishra said:   3 years ago
Good afternoon, my dear friends.

My name is Shivanshu Mishra.

Topic - Aadhar is mandatory.

There is no doubt, that adhaar is necessary for us because we are going to give a best example which you will have seen in your daily life that is taking a food which is provided by government, you will get rice and wheat etc. Through ration card, from ration card distributor. Along with all these, I want to tell that adhaar also play a important role, to verify you during sitting in competitive examination, there does not need more etc document to prove oneself.

But there is also some demerit of Aadhar such as no can get admission in the school and college, and it create problem in opening bank account if you have not. Like that there is lot of advantage and disadvantage.

Vanshika Poddar said:   3 years ago
Aadhaar is a true identity of oneself in India. So, it's definitely a benefit in order to avoid any sort of fraudulence and criminal activity. Nowadays everything is linked with Aadhaar number and one is like a shadow without Aadhaar.

Its drawback is only that one has to go tedious mandatory routines in order to get their Aadhaar number or any amendment. If it goes in a wrong hand it May be More troublesome.

Kavya said:   3 years ago
Good morning to all.

I am Kavya. The topic is making Aadhar is mandatory.

From my view, it's not necessary because we have voter ID, address proof, dob certificate etc., Aadhar is Identity but useless because if Aadhar card reduces the burden to take certificates is used one but Aadhar have all criteria I mentioned but there is no use and also anyone can get our database our details are spread in the internet through Aadhar card is it safe nope.

Thank you.

Sarika mishra said:   3 years ago
Everything have pros and cons adhar no which was started by pm of India in an initiative to counter money laundering activities, subsidy to poor people and farmers by sending money through DBT mode etc but advent of this there also increase in cyber crime as today we give our adharno easily to anyone which open the gates to illegal access of getting information about person which are used to manipulate and swindle money by fraud calls etc.

ANU MOHANAN said:   3 years ago
Not secure

1. Leaked into websites

A security researcher brought to the notice of the authorities that the Aadhaar demographic data of over five lakh minors was leaked on a website. The website was immediately closed after the report but this shows that the database is not all that secure. If it could be leaked on a website, it could be misused anywhere and in any manner.

2. Suvidha infoserve

Unique Identity Authority of India had itself complained with the Delhi Police against Axis Bank Limited, Suvidha Infoserve, which is a business correspondent with Axis, and design provider eMudhra of performing multiple Aadhaar transactions using stored biometrics. Thus is in violation of the Aadhaar Act, 2016, which prohibits the storage of such data.

3. You won't be notified

The people whose information was used by these companies were not informed of it. The Aadhaar act does not have any provision for this matter. You cannot approach a court if your data was misused in any manner. According to Section 47 (1) of the Aadhaar Act, the Unique Identification Authority of India has the exclusive power to make complaints in case of any violation or breach of privacy.

4. No RTI card

You cannot even play the Right to Information Act card in this matter. There was RTI filed but the Unique Identification Authority of India refused to share any information in this regard. So your information is compromised and you are not even aware of it. You cannot find out, you cannot question; there is no way you can take it to the courts.

5. No oversight mechanism or bounty reporting

There should be a reward for those who could find fault in the Aadhaar database system. This would have encouraged vulnerability testing to prevent hacks and exploitive acts. However, there is absolutely no regard for these measures which therefore decreases the security far more. In fact, the opposite is possible here. An entrepreneur who published an article on the flaws of the system was immediately arrested.

6. Third party involvement

Though enrolment is done by government and public sector agencies, they hire private players to collect demographic and biometric information. Enrolment agencies are not allowed to outsource work but they can hire enrolment operators and supervisors through third parties. This is where security gets compromised.

Very secure:

1. Open source technology

According to government sources, the Aadhaar platform is built mostly on open source technologies, with propriety technologies being used only where necessary. This means that no private contractors may sell/steal the data.

2. Proper security measures

Government sources also claim that the UIDAI has established two large-scale data centres to ensure complete security of data and applications, and it regularly conducts audits by reputed third party agencies to keep its systems and processes up to date. This ensures that there is no glitch in the system and hence no scope for breaches.

3. High encryption

Encryption uses highest available public key cryptography encryption, i.e. PKI-2048 and AES-256 with each data record having a built-in mechanism to detect any tampering. This ensures complete privacy and hence there is no need to worry about a breach.

4. Multiple vendors:

Before adopting any propriety software for biometrics, the design approach followed by the UIDAI is said to have multiple vendors in an architectural layer, with a payment model put in place such that the vendors are incentivised to improve quality, accuracy and speed. These vendors or their services can be replaced if they do not meet stringent service level agreements. More than 100 different companies are involved in the foundation, so that domination doesn't become a problem.

Government sources have rubbished the report of data leak from the system. Apt measures will be taken to improve and the culprits will be punished. Regarding the safety of the system, it could do better with few changes.

Rishav Raj said:   3 years ago
Hello all,

According to me, making Aadhar necessary is a good initiative by government because now everyone has his/her own identity whether he is an adult or a child. It makes a lot of government process easier as we don't need extra documents such as voter id, address proof, etc for verification process during any official work. It is a right way to verify an Indian identity but it has some negative points such as it requires a lot of effort to get an Aadhar card as you have to go through a lot of process which can be reduced by making the whole process digital. Other than that it of the best initiative taken by government.

BISWAJIT PANDA said:   3 years ago
According to me, making Aadhaar mandatory is good because bellow the 18 child they get their identity proof for where they belong and it also helps in this people who have no id proof so Aadhaar is mandatory good and it is the most consequences aspect all over India.

Abhish sinha said:   3 years ago
Firstly, Aadhar is a 12 digit unique identification no. Provided to every citizen of by a government of India. The basic idea behind identity no. Is that each individual must have its unique no which describes its identity. Making Aadharr mandatory and linking it with various govt ids will help govt to keep and manage records in a better way. Govt has taken already many steps like linking it with a bank account, pan card and other important documents. Govt steps are inclined towards making one nation, one identity.

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