Making Aadhaar Mandatory: Benefits and Drawbacks

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Pratiksha Sanam said: (Oct 13, 2022)  
Yes, making Aadhar card is mandatory because of this is the most important document in Indian identity it's required because whenever we go there firstly ask your an Aadhar card in government documents they cannot proceed without an Aadhar card even though a child's school admission process being with the Aadhar card like documents. So everyone has the necessary to kept Aadhar card using Aadhar card lots of people are helpful especially old age people who just show their Aadhar card they can roam everywhere whenever they want because they want no bus charges using their Aadhar card and the number we can easily fetch the information and get info it will detect the age proper name and address so it will help in when we have any documents related the government it's most useful and important.

As per my thinking, everything has any drawbacks also I have seen many people are not haven't Aadhar cards miss lots of opportunities because of that and also it will take a little bit of extra time to update so it's also helpful as well as some drawbacks are there.

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Mukta said: (Jul 3, 2022)  
Hello everyone,

This is really great topic is making Aadhar mandatory: Benefits and drawbacks.

Adhar card is the one card we use all from our birth. Because of the Aaadhar card we don't need to take all the documents like Pancard, driving licence, light bill and everything. It's time-consuming as well as less paperwork.

Thank you.

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RBP Finivis said: (Jun 9, 2022)  
Aadhar card has been made compulsory for the registration of deaths. It will help the UIDAI to deactivate the Aadhaar and prevent its misuse. The Aadhaar card can be used as an identity card for Indian citizens. RBP Finivis is a Leading MicroATM solution provider Company that offers complete micro atm service, software, and mobile app solutions with the best margin.

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Devansh said: (May 17, 2022)  
Oh wow, that's great! Another very good innovation. I am so happy that India is growing more. I hope more technological advancements are introduced to help India strive more.

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Khalilur Rahman said: (Feb 20, 2022)  
Good afternoon.

First of all, I am thankful to you for giving me the opportunity to discuss on this amazing topic.

If we think about benefits and drawbacks for making Aadhaar mandatory, I can say it has more benefit as compared to demerits.

Government of India announced that Aadhaar is mandatory for all the Indian citizens, Aadhaar card is the combination of all the documentary evidence that means it is linked to the other documents such as pan card, voter id, passport, bank passbook etc, any person don't need to carry all other documents with him.

Secondly, if we think about it's security then I can say it is more secured in comparison to other document because it includes person's biometric information like fingerprints, eye scan etc. So that any fraud can't be able to misuse. But any other document does not have such facility.

If any one try to login then a massage prompt to the users registered mobile number with an OTP, and he will be notified shortly but in any other document that may not have such type of security.

On the other sense, I can say, In India there still many peoples are uneducated, that's why they can easily lost their money, due to the lack of knowledge.

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M Panwar said: (Jan 23, 2022)  
Hello everyone.


1. One id of a person and resident of India has been made by biomatric so that one people can't apply for 2 I.D.

2 Aadhar linked to banks, government/private offices, educational institutions who restrict documentation fraud and help to recognize the people by OTP verification.

3. It's important to sort out criminals by police /security departments and save their time.

4. It gives us exact data of people who are registered.

5 They can get direct benefits of government schemes.

6 Aadhar can be used as an identity.

7 The data is secured by uidai, its use is safe for banking.


1. It can be used by fraud to access the detail and bank account by illiterate people demanding otp but it can be resolve by awareness.

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Lasiya said: (Jan 10, 2022)  
Benefits: it is everything to identify the citizenship & security purpose based on authentication like biometric & iris, if any want to access data then send OTP to given mobile.


If Aadhar link all types of services then occur fraud. Fraud people took Aadhar with uneducated people to access all data like banking services. It can be a huge loss of that people.

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Narinder Kumar said: (Aug 13, 2021)  
According to me making Aadhar mandatory is a good initiative taken by our government Because it has more advantage than disadvantages some of the advantages are.

-it is the unique id of everyone who has full biometric of oneself include fingerprint, eye scanning, and address.

-now we do have not to carry our passport, driving license, and other documents for identification at any place.

-it is beneficial to all age persons because under the age of 18 we cannot have a passport, license pan card, and other documents.

-data in Aadhar is secured and no one can access our data until we cannot give OTP to anyone.

-it is managed by govt organization UIDAI so have not to be afraid of anything like leaking of our data.

The only drawback is a lack of awareness in uneducated people they can share their OTP by coming in a cage of hackers and fraud. But this drawback can be removed by Aware the people.

Thank you.

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Dnyaneshwar said: (Jul 4, 2021)  
Hello guys,

Lets me discuss the benefits of making Aadhar mandatory:

Adhar card is a unique identity of an individual which is a national identity card given by the government. It benefits to all people because as all documents like pan card, voter id card, etc are linked to it hence no tension to carry out other documents than Aadhar.

In a bank, we can do our transactions using an Aadhar card. No scam or fraud can occur as it involves our fingerprint and no one can copy our fingerprint hence it is a safer way for transactions.

Now we will discuss drawbacks:

Some uneducated people and rural people maybe got some fraud cases because they belives in an unknown person for help and they might be doing any fraud. But this is not a big issue.

Thank you!

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MANISHA said: (Mar 31, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

I am here to give my opinion on given topic that is making Aadhar mandatory: Benefits and drawbacks.

Firstly I will discuss about merits.

One nation one ID card hence it become very convenient to carry only one identity card throughout the country.

No tension to carry number of cards like voting card, driving licence, PAN card.

Anyone can have aadhar card even childrens too earlier above 18 years old people can have identity card like voting card.

All other cards and bank accounts are linked with Aadhar card so fewer chances of black money.

We can do transaction by using Aadhar card and our biometric hence no need to carry a number of ATM cards.
Previously people are used to making fake identity cards but due to Aadhar card we can't make 2 identity cards so, transparency is maintained.
Our all personal and income-related database is linked with Aadhar card so none can fool the government.
By making Aadhar mandatory there is transparency in fund transfer of different government schemes no middle person is there so direct benefit get to the user.
Now there are some demerits too.
One of the most important issue with Aadhar database is the leaking of personal information.
Some persons biometric doesn't work after some time then he or she may feel it problematic.
Fraud peoples can easily make a fool to some illiterate or careless educated persons too.
But we can sort out this problem by becoming more alert.
So overall it is a good decision.


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Mohsin said: (Mar 5, 2021)  
Good Afternoon Sir.

My name is Mohsin. I am going to tell my opinion about Aadhar is Mandatory for us. Suppose If Every Indian Citizen has a unique identity then we can identify them via Aadhar Card Number. It consists of Confidential Informations which is very important for that person. If its data is using for government purposes that's fine. If some intruder is using the same confidential data that may cause a problem for them that is not useful. The intruder can eye on that person which may lead to any robbery through digital hacking terminology. So it is a Government's duty to keep their citizen's data safe and secure.

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Sohan said: (Mar 1, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

Aadhar is a identity proof which is made by using demographic and biometric information.

The benefit of Aadhar card is.

1. It is a single identity card which is applicable in all places and services it helps us to save from many cards.

2. It helps in identifying the people who come outside of the country which causes in the growth of our country.

3. It helps to build the direct relationship between government and people no middle man is required in this.

4. It helps to direct the transfer of money to the people account.

5. It also helps in reducing terrorism.

The drawback of Aadhar card.

1. It may cause to leakage of information.
2. People who labour and work with the hand may cause in identifying biometric information.
3. Scrunity who secure the data if they compromise it can also cause leakage of information.
4. it may voilate right to privacy.

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Rushikesh Chobe said: (Feb 22, 2021)  
Benefits of making it mandatory :.

Govt can identify it's citizens.
Unique identification for each citizen.
Prevention of financial assistance to terrorism.
Prevention of money laundering.

More imp - targets delivery of welfare schemes of govt and avoidance of repeated beneficiary. Many more.


1. Right to privacy: SC gave the verdict that the right to privacy is an integral part of the right to life and liberty under article 21.

2. Govt can't make mandatory Aadhar because those who have not have on like marginalized sections can't be denied schemes.

3. Mandatory for telecom school admission exam form could create a great hurdle for those who haven't Aadhar no.

4.Private players could access a huge database of sensitive info of Indians and can use it for various purpose.

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Pritesh Kushwaha said: (Feb 15, 2021)  
In my point of view "Aadhaar is very safe even today where ever you visit in India they will ask you id proof first is Aadhaar and the data of every individual person will share by only government. With Aadhaar you can get a person address, mobile no. , city etc. Aadhaar is mandatory for every in Indian it is not like citizenship of a country you don't have to carry all document if you have Aadhaar its enough to an id proof your Aadhaar is linked with bank and mobile no. Through Aadhaar you can easily do online transaction also and you applying for any government job entrance exam for that also they will ask you first proof is Aadhaar because Aadhaar is normal for every person every Indian have Aaadhar and in Aadhaar there is no age criteria like pan card or driving license you can use for getting information of any person, you can use verification for an online payment platform.

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Bikram Lalwani said: (Feb 5, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

Today our topic of discussion is benefits and drawbacks of Aadhar.

So, the benefits of Aadhar are:

1. Government can keep track on everyone.
2. Chances of having more than 1 identity which leads to fraud is eliminated.

Drawbacks:The information of the public might be leaked or hacked by intruders. However, UIDAI issued a notification that the data of Aadhar are very much secured.


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Poonam said: (Jan 4, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

We are here to discuss the topic 'making Aadhar Mandotary'.

Linking adhar card with other personal accounts such as pan card or bank account is beneficial because with adhar gov can keep a check on the duality of pan card of the same person and keep a check on fraud transaction in a bank account.

Now days Adhar only is sufficient to prove your identity thus it makes every work easier and rapid.

But further UIDAI have to make biometric authentication more strong and secure because after 60 fingerprints of many people get vanishthen they will face problem with biometric authentication.

In my opinion linking adhar mandotary with personal account is beneficial but there is need to make biometric system more secure, a well-framed system to provide be benefit to every citizen.

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Nishant said: (Dec 24, 2020)  
In my opinion, making Aadhar mandatory has many benefits because it is safe by many securities. By Aadhar card we do our all paperwork. We do not need any paper. Only Aadhar card is required in many times. Nowadays, we are withdrawal money by Aadhar card. So it has many advantages.

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Bipan Kumar said: (Dec 24, 2020)  
Hello friends.

I am Bipan Kumar.

In my point of view, Mandatory Aadhaar is very beneficial for us because it is most important identify in which we have gave the fingerprint n eye print respectively, with the help of it we identify the person easily whenever indl has gone any corner of our country. This have more beneficial such cases like bank accounts, any other in which your hard work money you have kept will be safe.

Also it has drawback is the people who are doing work with sand, cement, concrete etc they lost their fingerprints or after the age of 60 they lost their fingerprints than they face problems, this is not a satta with this I also view held with my father respectively.

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Prakash Bhati said: (Dec 16, 2020)  
Greetings to all.

Making Aadhar Mandatory, yes I think.

It should be mandatory because it reduces the paperwork and we have to no keep with us many I'd's proof like ration card, pan card, etc and any other. It helps to the government to do work easier. The main thing of it that everyone has his/her id proof whether he is an adult or child. Many works in our daily life become easier by it such as schooling, collage, form verification, bank accounts, sim cards and many more. So because of it benami sampati is becoming disclose and many people are taking his /her wheat and rice which provides by Indian government easier because of Aadhar card.

But in a modern technical era many people doing misuse the Aadhar. They find easily database of anyone from hack the Aadhar card. Nd misuse the Aadhar in the election is increasing year by year.

So in the last, I want to say that Aadhar should be mandatory but in awareness of people and government also.

Thank you all.

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Nitish Kumar said: (Dec 3, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

Good morning to all of you.

Today our topic of discussion is making of Aadhar mandatory. In my opinion, Aadhaar should be mandatory for everyone because it gives you an identity that you belong to an Indian. And as we know that before making Aadhar we use a various card such as Ration card, electricity bill, driving license, voter card etc for our identification. But when Aadhar card is launched by our government it provides every person to his own.

Unique identity with a single card. We can use this card for various purposes as like ticket booking, admission, making Passport.

There are some glitches in this card that you may lose your personal information if Your Aadhar got into the wrong hand.

And Finally, we know that in many government schemes need Aadhar for verification. So Aadhar is mandatory for all people.

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Chandra Prakash Verma said: (Nov 29, 2020)  
Good morning Friends,

My name is Chandra Prakash Verma.

Today our topic is the cashless economy. We already know that every coin has two sides. So, First of all, I would like to discuss its advantages:

We can transfer money through internet banking and mobile banking, phonepay Google pay, Debit card, Credit Card Etc. In very easy manner.

But if we talk about its disadvantages:

It is not useful for an illiterate person like rural areas. Because they don't know what is cashless. And they don't know what is internet use. So for him very dangerous because hackers can very easily method hake their bank account. That, s all about cashless economy advantages and disadvantages.

Thank you.

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Shivanshu Mishra said: (Nov 21, 2020)  
Good afternoon, my dear friends.

My name is Shivanshu Mishra.

Topic - Aadhar is mandatory.

There is no doubt, that adhaar is necessary for us because we are going to give a best example which you will have seen in your daily life that is taking a food which is provided by government, you will get rice and wheat etc. Through ration card, from ration card distributor. Along with all these, I want to tell that adhaar also play a important role, to verify you during sitting in competitive examination, there does not need more etc document to prove oneself.

But there is also some demerit of Aadhar such as no can get admission in the school and college, and it create problem in opening bank account if you have not. Like that there is lot of advantage and disadvantage.

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Vanshika Poddar said: (Nov 16, 2020)  
Aadhaar is a true identity of oneself in India. So, it's definitely a benefit in order to avoid any sort of fraudulence and criminal activity. Nowadays everything is linked with Aadhaar number and one is like a shadow without Aadhaar.

Its drawback is only that one has to go tedious mandatory routines in order to get their Aadhaar number or any amendment. If it goes in a wrong hand it May be More troublesome.

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Kavya said: (Nov 13, 2020)  
Good morning to all.

I am Kavya. The topic is making Aadhar is mandatory.

From my view, it's not necessary because we have voter ID, address proof, dob certificate etc., Aadhar is Identity but useless because if Aadhar card reduces the burden to take certificates is used one but Aadhar have all criteria I mentioned but there is no use and also anyone can get our database our details are spread in the internet through Aadhar card is it safe nope.

Thank you.

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Sarika Mishra said: (Oct 18, 2020)  
Everything have pros and cons adhar no which was started by pm of India in an initiative to counter money laundering activities, subsidy to poor people and farmers by sending money through DBT mode etc but advent of this there also increase in cyber crime as today we give our adharno easily to anyone which open the gates to illegal access of getting information about person which are used to manipulate and swindle money by fraud calls etc.

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ANU MOHANAN said: (Oct 12, 2020)  
Not secure

1. Leaked into websites

A security researcher brought to the notice of the authorities that the Aadhaar demographic data of over five lakh minors was leaked on a website. The website was immediately closed after the report but this shows that the database is not all that secure. If it could be leaked on a website, it could be misused anywhere and in any manner.

2. Suvidha infoserve

Unique Identity Authority of India had itself complained with the Delhi Police against Axis Bank Limited, Suvidha Infoserve, which is a business correspondent with Axis, and design provider eMudhra of performing multiple Aadhaar transactions using stored biometrics. Thus is in violation of the Aadhaar Act, 2016, which prohibits the storage of such data.

3. You won't be notified

The people whose information was used by these companies were not informed of it. The Aadhaar act does not have any provision for this matter. You cannot approach a court if your data was misused in any manner. According to Section 47 (1) of the Aadhaar Act, the Unique Identification Authority of India has the exclusive power to make complaints in case of any violation or breach of privacy.

4. No RTI card

You cannot even play the Right to Information Act card in this matter. There was RTI filed but the Unique Identification Authority of India refused to share any information in this regard. So your information is compromised and you are not even aware of it. You cannot find out, you cannot question; there is no way you can take it to the courts.

5. No oversight mechanism or bounty reporting

There should be a reward for those who could find fault in the Aadhaar database system. This would have encouraged vulnerability testing to prevent hacks and exploitive acts. However, there is absolutely no regard for these measures which therefore decreases the security far more. In fact, the opposite is possible here. An entrepreneur who published an article on the flaws of the system was immediately arrested.

6. Third party involvement

Though enrolment is done by government and public sector agencies, they hire private players to collect demographic and biometric information. Enrolment agencies are not allowed to outsource work but they can hire enrolment operators and supervisors through third parties. This is where security gets compromised.

Very secure:

1. Open source technology

According to government sources, the Aadhaar platform is built mostly on open source technologies, with propriety technologies being used only where necessary. This means that no private contractors may sell/steal the data.

2. Proper security measures

Government sources also claim that the UIDAI has established two large-scale data centres to ensure complete security of data and applications, and it regularly conducts audits by reputed third party agencies to keep its systems and processes up to date. This ensures that there is no glitch in the system and hence no scope for breaches.

3. High encryption

Encryption uses highest available public key cryptography encryption, i.e. PKI-2048 and AES-256 with each data record having a built-in mechanism to detect any tampering. This ensures complete privacy and hence there is no need to worry about a breach.

4. Multiple vendors:

Before adopting any propriety software for biometrics, the design approach followed by the UIDAI is said to have multiple vendors in an architectural layer, with a payment model put in place such that the vendors are incentivised to improve quality, accuracy and speed. These vendors or their services can be replaced if they do not meet stringent service level agreements. More than 100 different companies are involved in the foundation, so that domination doesn't become a problem.

Government sources have rubbished the report of data leak from the system. Apt measures will be taken to improve and the culprits will be punished. Regarding the safety of the system, it could do better with few changes.

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Rishav Raj said: (Sep 22, 2020)  
Hello all,

According to me, making Aadhar necessary is a good initiative by government because now everyone has his/her own identity whether he is an adult or a child. It makes a lot of government process easier as we don't need extra documents such as voter id, address proof, etc for verification process during any official work. It is a right way to verify an Indian identity but it has some negative points such as it requires a lot of effort to get an Aadhar card as you have to go through a lot of process which can be reduced by making the whole process digital. Other than that it of the best initiative taken by government.

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BISWAJIT PANDA said: (Sep 17, 2020)  
According to me, making Aadhaar mandatory is good because bellow the 18 child they get their identity proof for where they belong and it also helps in this people who have no id proof so Aadhaar is mandatory good and it is the most consequences aspect all over India.

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Abhish Sinha said: (Aug 2, 2020)  
Firstly, Aadhar is a 12 digit unique identification no. Provided to every citizen of by a government of India. The basic idea behind identity no. Is that each individual must have its unique no which describes its identity. Making Aadharr mandatory and linking it with various govt ids will help govt to keep and manage records in a better way. Govt has taken already many steps like linking it with a bank account, pan card and other important documents. Govt steps are inclined towards making one nation, one identity.

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Aastha Pandey said: (Jul 15, 2020)  

1. No fake identities can be generated in private and government databases.
2. Any services can be avail through Aadhaar like banking, mobile connections, electricity bills, in jobs and etc because it gives a proof of Indian citizenship.
3. Duplicate ID's gets eliminated without Aadhaar fraud is reducing already because Aadhar proof is necessary everywhere.


1. Anyone can get your address through Aadhar which sometimes create problems,

2. It is valid for only one city for eg if you are shifting from one city to another then you have to create new Aadhar and for that, you have to go for a whole process.

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Shriya said: (May 6, 2020)  
Making Aadhar mandatory: benefits and drawbacks.

Aadhar is the 12 digit number identity which is obtained from voluntarily by the residents and passport holders of India, which is based on the biometric and demographic information of the people. Aadhar is the residential proof of people and not the citizenship of the people. Aadhar is need everywhere as a proof. Due to this, we don't have to carry a bunch of documents. Also it is linked with our bank accounts and mobile no. , because of this, we get the information of any transaction done through our bank account. From Aadhar we also get the information about the person, his/her city, also is the person of our country or not. Wherever we go the first document ask to us for the verification is Aadhar. It is also helpful for many schemes and subsidies. It will also help in identify a person in the case such as missing and accident. Aadhar has also make online transactions simpler. We can make a passport within 10 days with the help of Aadhar. But the only drawback is the security of the data. Nowadays we see many cases of hacking data. If there is on security issues then there is no problem for making Aadhar mandatory.

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R@hul said: (May 6, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

Good day to you all.

I'm Rahul.

Let us discuss the merits and demerits of the Aadhar card.

The merits of Aadhar card are by using it we can able to get the entire information about a person. In robbery cases, by using the fingerprints of a thief we can able to get the entire information about the thief by using an Aadhar card biometric. We have to need Aadhar card to register a new sim card. Aadhar card is like an Indian card without it we can't able to serve. No one can able to use your Aadhar card because it is biometric updated.

The demerits of Aadhar card are when you applied for Aadhar card it takes some time to reach your address. In some cases, the address may be mismatch then it takes more time to receive the Aadhar card. We may lose our mobile no & e-mail to an unknown person by using Aadhar card.

Thank you for all.

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Amarjeet said: (Apr 28, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

In my opinion, Making Aadhaar mandataory is very good intiative taken by government. It is helpful not only for government but also for people. It aid our government to identify people of the country. Aadhaar helps to reduce the corruption from the system. In our country many people take benefits two or more time of the government scheme which leads to reduce the government efficiency. But after making Aadhaar mandetory is reduce the making malpractise with the govenment. People also get advantage from the Aadhaar by using them as an identiprove. Through the Aadhaar, people have a right to be do any think in the country. After having Aadhaar card to everyone, the government easy reduce the fraudness and the terrorist atack which done by the terrorist as a form of human bomb.

But inspite of that it have some drawback for example,

To be hack all the information of the public.

To be increase fraudness by the people by using other man bimatric etc.

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Tejas said: (Apr 9, 2020)  
Making Aadhaar mandatory is true I am going with these.

The benefit of making Aadhaar mandatory:

1. It uses useful to your identity in India.

2. The benefit of Aadhaar is it linked with bank mobile number pan card.

3. The main benefit of Aadhaar can find any details address of that person.

4. Given Aadhaar number is useful to any application form identify using Aadhaar number detail of that person.


Drawbacks of the Aadhaar don't share Aadhaar number to another person.

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Krishnendu Bar said: (Apr 1, 2020)  
According to me, this is an advantage for all Indian. Aadhaar should be mandatory because Aadhaar card is connecting all government and private workplaces, all banks are asking first for Aadhaar number.

By using Aadhaar card we save our time and for hackers. It is very difficult to misuse the information if our mobile number is linked with our Aadhaar card. If anyone is not having Aadhaar card he or she will face problems at every forthcoming step of his or her life. So, I request you that please carry your Aadhaar card for proof of yourself as an Indian.

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Shahzaman Khair said: (Mar 17, 2020)  
I think It is a good initiative by Govt of India. To give Digital identity to the people of India. It is beneficial for many aspects like Banking and other Govts Body. By this initiative Crime rate decrease like financial fraud, Sim card fraud. Because earlier we have voter I'd card which is not relevant in terms of security. Miss use happened frequently in the past years. But after initiate Aadhar, it is a great pleasure for safety issue and one of the most important things is biometric which is only in Aadhaar. So I think Aadhaar is very important these days and we can see it is mandatory in many places. But I want to explain some drawbacks of Aadhaar.

1 - Synthetic fingerprint generators may duplicate biometrics.
2 - People are in fear that govt can track all their transactions.
3 - Financial transactions without a person's consent.

4 - Personal information privacy issues. So this is my viewpoint of Making Aadhaar is Mandatory: Benefits and Drawbacks.

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Shiva Macha said: (Mar 7, 2020)  
First of all. Thanks for giving me opportunity for this topic Aadhaar is Identity of man Aadhaar is useful for or mandatory educational, government, hospital.


1 - The person they are missing but they have registered Aadhaar in government they will easily find their biometric and get Address of that person.
2 - Aadhaar is important to document look government To prove the identity of that country or city.
3 - Easily portable.
4 - In the nationality Aadhaar is important to document.


1 - In this period it can generate duplicate Aadhaar.
2 - Some persons misuse of Aadhaar.

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Rutuja said: (Feb 25, 2020)  
Hello everyone, from my point of view, making Aadhar mandatory is beneficial. Aadhar card is linked to everywhere like our bank accounts mobile numbers. And is safe due to it is authenticated by the government.

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Kumar said: (Feb 24, 2020)  
Making Aadhar mandatory is a very good thing in our country. Aadhar is a very simple thing in which we share our identification with the government. Now, these days Aadhar is using a lot of processes like to take a new sim, to open a bank account and other various processes. It makes our identification secure. It is also using in the police department to identify the unidentified dead body or to catching thief though there's fingerprint. It is also required in filling the form of any examination through this the examination has become safer than previous years. The government of India makes it free of cost so every people of India can make its own Aadhar card.

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Shubajit Dey said: (Feb 19, 2020)  
Here everyone is saying about the merits and the demerits of the Aadhar card, but my point of view is that what's the use of this Aadharcard. Before Aadhar card we can also book our LPG cylinder, and for the bank account link, we have our voter id card. Can you differentiate between voter id and Aadhar. And before the age of 18, you don't need a bank account, you don't need to book cylinders. And if it's the question of fake id then the government must stop those agencies rather wasting money and as well as time to get a new id card. We are giving our precious vote what else prove does they need to be a citizen in this country.

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Vishnu Dubey said: (Feb 10, 2020)  
According to me, this is an advantage for all Indian. Earlier we used to carry many proofs for certain cause but now we can go with one Aadhar card we don't need to carry many proofs such as Ration card, Pan Card, light bill any many more.

Because of these, we save our time and for hackers, it's very difficult to misuse the information if our mobile number is linked with our Aadhar Card.

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Owais Yaqoob said: (Feb 9, 2020)  
According to me, there are many benefits of Aadhar card like bank accounts are linked with Aadhar card, mobile phones are linked with Aadhar card. As we know Aadhar has a unique number, so we can easily track the person who is miss using the mobile phone,

We can easily track the vehicle cause for vehicle registration Aadhar is mandatory.

And the most important rate of corruption will be decreased. Poor people are getting their subsidy directly in their accounts.

Let me tell you the drawbacks.

People are in fear that govt can track their records without consent.

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Ajit said: (Jan 22, 2020)  

According to me, Aadhar should have mandatory for us. It provides our identity that we are the citizen and we have right to live here without any objection. By this we are capable to apply anywhere for job as well as for changing another city.

Sometimes, it create issue like waste use of adhar in buying sim cards many times thats why, how can hackers leave this opportunity to use aadhar number in rong way.

At last want to say that we should use aadhar in proper manner by taking in mind security measures.

Rate this: +6 -12

Varun Kumar Tiwary said: (Jan 2, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

Benefits: Aadhar has been a key reform in our in the matter of identification. It has made identification of individuals easy and thereby linking it with a bank account has made it easy for the government in reducing corruption.

The transfer of direct benefits to the poor has reduced the role of middlemen.

Drawbacks: Though Aadhar is very good but it can also be the target of hackers. As it has information about all the citizens of India it is very prone to be hacked.

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Divya Bharati said: (Dec 4, 2019)  
Hello everyone.

As per my views making of Aadhar card should be Mandatory because Aadhar is connecting almost all the area's private and government workplaces, schemes and all. All banks are asking first for Aadhar number, in schoolsAadhar number is mandatory. And Aadhar provides you a unique identity. If anyone is not having Aadhar card he or she will face problems at every forthcoming step of life.

Rate this: +23 -7

Yedhusree said: (Nov 25, 2019)  
Making Aadhaar mandatory is definitely a positive progression for our country. It's importance is attaining a greater momentum now because of the new initiatives by the central government to link Aadhaar to our phone numbers and also use them in our banking procedures. Well, this is framing a consistency in our administration where the govt can manipulate the entire complexity of this country.

But the only drawback with this thought is it's lack of accessibility among the uneducated backward classes of our country. It is evident from many incidents that a huge part of our rural life is alienated from these developments that are proceeding. This make their life more difficult and at times they fall as baits in dark network of banking and finance. So rather than being anxious about the implementation of a novel theme, the govt should make sure to that it benefits each and every citizen of the country.

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Manish Yadav said: (Nov 13, 2019)  
Hello excellency, Good morning to all of you.

In 2009 the Indian government conceptualizes a card having a unique identity Adhaar of 12 digits identify number which consists of biometric fingerprint and retina scan which is unique for every human being. It is mandatory for all to the viewpoint of government identification. Because it is the time of corruption people mind change day by day in banks, gas subsidy, and crime are many different sectors where the question of human identification unequally it is very useful for every human being because it consists of all about of a person address clearly.

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Abhishek said: (Nov 8, 2019)  
Aadhaar card should be made compulsory for every citizen of India. Government organisation should also take care that every citizen should have an Aadhaar card.


* It makes easy to check the identity of person.

* Fake identities can be weeded out.

* The corruption from LPG is ruled out up to a great extent.

* We can get passport within 10 days as verification is made easy by Aadhaar.

* Our sim get activated within 2-3 hours former it took 2-3 days.

* Every bank account whether in same branch or other got connected to same unique identification number.

Which made a transaction between two different bank easy.


* Every person do not have Aadhaar card.

* There is fear among peoples that government can track over their transaction activities.

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Aman Singh said: (Sep 4, 2019)  
Hello everyone greetings!

I think it is very interesting topic for discussion. But I want to tell you about the benefits of Aadhar.

First things is by making Aadhar mandatory our government are trying to finish the corruption so it is a very good move of the government to connect Aadhar with the things like bank accounts gas connection, pan card voter I'd, so just to finish the danger disease Aadhar linking is a very good option.

The second thing people can use it as one and only one identity which includes all the details of the person. People can access their bank account by using their Aadhar so this is very beneficial to all the people this thing saves their time and many other difficulties. Not only bank accounts you can book your LPG cylinder by using your Aadhar number no need to go to agencies and book your LPG cylinder.

As we Aadhar is the unique identity of any person so it is very pertinent to do it mandatory in all type of work that a common people needs.

And no one can do any Fraud with the system. Mandating Aadhar is helpful in identifying the person this is the exact person. Is this person of my country we can check it just by seeing their Aadhar no need to other documents because if any authority wants to access all the details they can do it very easily just because of Aadhar is linked everywhere.

No one can make the government fool by doing fraud things.

So in my opinion, keeping all these things in mind I can surely say that making Aadhar mandatory is a good move of our Indian government.

Rate this: +72 -13

Arijit said: (Aug 18, 2019)  
Good morning everyone, Thanks to everybody for giving me an opportunity to speak something on the given topic "Making Aadhaar Mandatory: Benefits and drawbacks".

As you all know Aadhaar is one of the most secure databases provided by our government.


1. As it is linked to the bank accounts, it is easier for us to make the transaction easier and when a transaction is done by some person it has to go through any banks or financial institution so, that government can make a track which will help to collect tax revenue.

2. Now the government make sure that everyone who has PAN card has to link with Aadhaar card so that it will prevent money laundering & Black money transfer to an extent.


1. Not everyone has an Aadhaar card with them so it will create difficulties for them if Aadhaar made compulsory.

So, before making Aadhar Mandatory government has to make sure that every citizen of our country must have an Aadhaar card with them. It can not be imposed on everyone, it can be adopted by the people of the country.

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Simran said: (Aug 11, 2019)  
Aadhaar is a 12 digits unique identification number which cannot be duplicated because it consists biometrics of person. As Aadhaar contains all our details regarding our identification and addresses everything concerning to the individual it has advantage less carrying of documentation or paper proofs. Aadhar has unique number given to every individual which is also link to their bank accounts pan card and every platform to provide easy and secure service Aadhaar number is needed for the security purpose it is the safe and fastest way to validate our real identity.

As coins have 2 side Aadhar database is also the matter of concern recently ms dhoni news regarding Aadhaar database hacking and also if there is any mistake in your Aadhar card details you have to renew and update details of your Aadhaar till that your all-important works remain on hold.

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Sanjeev said: (Aug 8, 2019)  
Yes, Mandatory of Aadhaar is beneficial to all, because its biometric identification. It has been helping in these sectors:-.

* Single id proof used in max fd rather carrying a bundle of documents.
* Being more secure in the banking sector.
* Help the police to grab the culprit easily.
* Hurdle for the tax cheater,
* Pensioner are getting pension money on time.
* Made easy to disburse the provident fund.
* LPG and other subsidies.
* Easier to file income tax return through adhaar OTP.
* Can get a pasport in just 10 days.

Thank you.

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Param Dasondhi said: (Jul 6, 2019)  
Make in India is a great initiative taken by the government it provides you with the more and more on its objective is to skill enhancement, growth of the company, create a job.

As we know that the population of our India is high it helps to people who are unemployment not getting job anywhere this helps among the needed youth.

Narendra mode encourages the company if talk about the pharmaceutical company. It make their own product n sell into a other country.

If we talk about the benefits.

Economic growth of country.

Our India will be self-dependant.

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Meet Patel said: (Jul 4, 2019)  
According to me, Aadhar is mandatory for all people because it is a 12 digit unique identification number and cannot be duplicated because it has biometrics of person.

Aadhar card serves as a single document for proof of address and identifictaion so it has vast advantages in carrying documents of identification and less paperwork.

All government subsidies can be avail through Aadhar number If you can link your Aadhar no with your bank account it can easily avail various subsidies like LPG, kerosene, scholarship and pension scheme.

You can also do online transaction via Aadhar and make transaction simpler.

Aadhar has also made it possible to curb black money and benami properties via person identification.

But, the only issue is that protection of database nowadays hacking of account through leak data of Aadhar we can see in the news that is the problem for us.

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Aditya Chauhan said: (Jul 1, 2019)  
1. Helps to identify person details.
2. Aadhar has eased data handling.
3. With the help of Aadhar, distribution of ration is allocated to the beneficiary as per the Aadhar.
4. Helps in the population count.
5. Easy access to all services.
6. Reduces the paperwork.

1. The only concern is about the protection of Aadhar database.
2. Data leak of MS Dhoni on tweeter is another Concern for everyone.

To conclude one can say that Aadhar should be mandatory for providing useful services like subsidy, pensions, rations, but it should be optional for services like telecom, education, bank account.


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Anshu said: (Jun 26, 2019)  
Just like we had ID card in school which was used as a medium of our identification similarly Aadhar Card is a form of identity that we are a part if this country. According to me, this was a great initiative taken by the government and making it mandatory increases it's usage and efficiency. It creates a form of trust, reliability, traceability of every person. However, there are easy ways of making fake Aadhar cards which hampering the process.

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Vasantha said: (Jun 25, 2019)  
Hello everyone,

Today, the topic is making Aadhar mandatory: benefits and drawbacks.

In my opinion, it has benefits and drawbacks.

Firstly the benefits of Aadhar are;

* A single unique identification number is useful for applying for fee reimsment, driving license, bank ac, etc.
* It helps to identify person details when it is an emergency like missing cases and accident cases.
* It helps to identify a person who is corrupted.

Coming to drawbacks;

* A person whose details are wrongly printed has to suffer a lot to make it correct.
* The person has to postpone all his works until the Aadhar is correct.

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ANJALI MATHE said: (Mar 19, 2019)  
The idea of giving a unique identification number to every India citizen was first given by the former UPA government which was later implemented by the NDA government on the name of Aadhar card. Since Modi came in power he has been making a continuous effort to streamline the financial transactions in India through different government schemes.

By making Aadhar mandatory for most of the government schemes Indian government had saved about USD 9 million in 2016 from getting transferred to ghost citizens, said by Arun Jaitley.

Aadhar database also helped in solving missing and robbery case by using biometric data stored in Aadhar.

As Aadhar is a nationally recognized card and is linked to other identification cards like bank passbook, passport, and PAN card it has eased the document handling.

Aadhar has also made it possible to seal the Benami Properties.

The advantages of Aadhar in the reduction of corruption of USD 9 million as also been praised by World Bank in 2016 and world bank has advised other countries to replicate the same model.

The only concern or failure of Aadhar is the protection of Aahar database. As online hackers are getting smarter day by day it is important for the government agency to protect this database.

Uncovered story by the Journalist of THE TRIBUNE revealed how in just 500 Rs anyone can get the personal information of an individual.

Aadhar card duplicity is also another concern, the same journalist revealed that by an extra amount of 300 Rs can get you a duplicate Aadhar. The report also claimed that the data had been hacked from one of the Rajasthan government sites.

This show insensitivity of government, data leak of MS Dhoni on the tweeter is also another fault from the government.

The case of Bhartiya Airtel is also an eye catcher where users bank account were opened without their concern by using Aadhar database.

In an RTI, UIDAI revealed that there are also most 210 government sites which can easily provide you with Aadhar database.

All these case and many more make Aadhar highly insecure.

However, government actions like canceling of banking license of Bhartiya airtel and penalizing the hackers show government concern for the data leak.

Supreme Court verdict clearly shows that though Aadhar has many advantages, the pontential risk of data leak overweight the advantages this gave the birth of Virtual Identification Number which will help in utilizing Aadhar in a positive way.

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Vishal said: (Feb 25, 2019)  
I think Aadhar card benefits in minimizing the documentation work as well as time.

We can save Time means we have saved some money.
Adhar card also helps people who have lost.
These people can be taken to Aadhar centre and by accessing their fingerprints can help to find their address.
We don't have to carry too many documents.

The drawback I found that.

As Aadhar is compulsory, If anyone lost Aadhar card then he can't do any work like getting a new sim or change address or open bank ac etc till he gets back.

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Saikumar said: (Feb 21, 2019)  
Adhar card as good as well as bad like it as coins 2 sides heads as well as teals. It depends on how we use it. Whether it is used betterment or destruction. It depends on us, merits and demerits marits in olden days we used for so many documents for proofs in now a days we need only one proof that is adhar we can buy Sims, transfer money, buying a lands and demerits like when adhar is hacked enter all bank accounts, Sims, so we have start changing we of using it.

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Preethi said: (Jan 29, 2019)  
Aadhar is compulsory to every individual person, it gives recognition to citizens, it avoids frauds and corruption.

Rate this: +28 -19

Rajdeep Roy said: (Jan 29, 2019)  
Making Aadhar card mandatory has huge benefits.

It reduces the amount of paperwork needed to obtain services like opening of bank account, mobile number, property registration etc.

It helps in plugging the leaks while distribution of ration or subsidies as a person is alloted the benefits only as per his Aadhar. This disallows middle man to siphon off the benefits etc.

It helps in identification of all citizens and also enables to spot out any criminal or terrorist living among us.

However, the disadvantages of making Aadhar mandatory is that not all citizens have Aadhar card with them. People from the north east or in remote areas do not have Aadhar cards with them and will be left out in government welfare schemes. Poor or needy people also might not have an aadhar card.

The contract for registration for Aadhar is awarded to private companies who can misuse people's information or extract money from people for Aadhar related services.

The collection of Aadhar data and storage incurs huge expenditure on the part of the government which is paid by people in form of taxes. The expense in Aadhar services could be utilised for other beneficial schemes like medical support, education or construction of proper roads, ports etc.

Also making of Aadhar mandatory can result in Mass surveillance of citizens by the government.

To conclude one can say that Aadhar should be mandatory for providing useful services like lpg or farmer's subsidy or Jan Dhan Yojna, pension or ration but it should be made optional for services like Telecom, education, bank account.

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Akila said: (Jan 23, 2019)  
Aadhaar card is important for all. But if anyone hacks this number means it gives all bank details to hackers. It is the main drawback. Aadhaar card safety is not proper. Poor and uneducated people did not know about Aadhaar they give easily to this number to an unknown person.

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Jatin Valani said: (Jan 16, 2019)  
Aadhar mandatory have many benefits like.

1. Its reduce Documentation work in bank, driving license, pancard, passport process. One identity one nation.

2. In India many road accident occurs every day so aadhar help to identity injured or dead person & provide information about accident to there family.

3. Nowadays people have too many bank account if all the bank account connected with common aadhar number then it will help to know person income & pay tax according to it which help Nation development.

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Shreya Gupta said: (Jan 7, 2019)  
According to me, Aadhar is mandatory. Bacause its help in population counting. And the the maine thing that if, if we found any missing child so we can sent them to aadhar center. By fingr, print we can great all information related to them. And it also help in reducing the paper burden which se carry while documentation of anything.

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Kiran Gajul said: (Dec 23, 2018)  
Hi everyone,

As we all know adhar card is 12 digit unique identity number having bio metric details of every Indian citizen. It is official document recognised by the govt of India which cuts across all departments, industries etc. All other documents like voter id, passport, pan card etc. Are not always present with everyone. Hence adhar card would be a unique documents which every Indian posseses. Adhar makes easy for the govt to monitor and manage its resources and survices and this would give govt a strong control on illegalities and frauds.

Thank you.

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Pradeep Kumar said: (Dec 18, 2018)  
I don't have any doubt in my mind that there are many benefits of Aadhar being mandatory.

As it will reduce duplicity in the documents.

Earlier a person had many undisclosed accounts under his name but Aadhar card has shown excessive control in such cases.

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Hemant said: (Nov 21, 2018)  
Actually making Aadhaar mandatory is necessary because all citizens of India have it regardless of their ages like pan card, voter id. It also helps in reducing frauds like criminal identification become easy using fingerprint and retina scan. It helps in reducing the time of documents process by online identification of the person from UIDAI database. It is also safe to use because it required OTP and fingerprint scan so misuse of Aadhaar having less chance.

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Parikshit Malhi said: (Oct 20, 2018)  
Good Morning everyone,

As we all know, Aadhar card has both benefits and its drawbacks.


1. First of all, it is used as an id proof for every citizen of India, through which government can keep all records of a person including their address, family, bank accounts, numbers, etc.

2. In case of any alert while terrorist attacks, any person from outside our nation can be identified.

3. It will help in the population count.

4. It revealed the burden of carrying all the documents.

5. In any case of accidents or crime, the identity of the person can be easily identified.


1. The biggest drawback of mandatory of Aadhar card is that some people are misusing the illiterate or poor people who do not have knowledge about Aadhar card, by using their name and identity and making fake Aadhar cards without their knowledge.

As according to a survey held in New Delhi city, the no of applicants of Aadhar card id is much more in no. Then the total population in the city.

2. In many rural areas, many people are not having their Aadhar cards, but are the citizens of India, so mandatory of Aadhar will create circumstances for those people.

3. Illiterate and poor people do not information on the purpose of Aadhar card.

4. Security of Aadhar cards can be easily breached by hackers and the private information of the people can be leaked and misused.

5. Every people in the nation can be tracked by the Government Of India. Corrupted officials can misuse it to know the whereabouts of anyone.

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Vishal Tyagi said: (Oct 20, 2018)  
Good morning everyone.

Today's topic is making Aadhar mandatory.

According to me, making Aadhar card mandatory is beneficial to our societies because all information relates to any person is stored in this. Aadhar is that which contains all the details related to any person.

Benefits of making Aadhar mandatory:

1. Easily access to all services.
2. Reducing fraudulent and criminal activities.
3. The government can easily find out any person.
4. Reducing the paperwork nowadays all department requires only Aadahar number, not a photocopy.
5. Secured data /information.
6. Reducing other tools of identification.


1. If hacker hack data then he/she will get all information related to any person.

Thank you.

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Imran said: (Oct 15, 2018)  
According to me.

Adhar card is a good plane made by the Indian government.


1) It helps to the government to keep the record of every individual in India.
2) Aadhar gives every small record of the person.
3) Reduces the frauds.
4) without thumb impressions nobody can use others Aadhar like sim card activation.
5) It is link of information.

Thank you.

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Shaheryar said: (Oct 9, 2018)  
In my opinion, making Aadhar should not be mandatory, because it doesn't a big deal to like yours all important documents or I'd with Aadhaar card.

Because there is already a pan card, voter card, which already described your identity of house India and your unique personality.

And also there is a drawback of Aadhar to linking all-around with the account, I'd etc chances of hacking get enhanced.

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Subhashree said: (Oct 3, 2018)  
As we all know a coin has two sides. The Aadhar card is an unique identification provided to the Indian people by the GOI and the database of the same is taken care by the UIDAI. It has a lot no of benefits I.E, it provides us with a unique identification and a large no. of documents are no more needed as was needed earlier. It has made life way too easier. At the same time as its database consists of personal information of the individuals and everything is stored in the cloud system, so there are chances of the data getting leaked and misused by the hackers which is a very dangerous threat to the people.

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Sandip Londhe said: (Oct 2, 2018)  
Making Aaadhar compulsory to all the places it can be dangerous for people, there may be chances of hacking the data, as Aadhar is connected to the bank account it is also possible to hack bank account.

Recently government passed the recommendation that Aadhar card should not be compulsory for works like sim card or school admission, bank account. But it is compulsory for the PAN card and other Subsidies schemes.

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Priyabrata said: (Sep 27, 2018)  
UIDAI has made an unprecedented effort to compile holistic data of an individual in a single document named AADHAAR which has become a mandatory document in every step in our life. Govt has made it mandatory to link AADHAAR no everywhere, from bank a/c to obtain basic services like LPG connection, purchase of sim card or any application of exam-anyone can name it. Surely it is a comprehensive step to bring citizen under one canopy of unique identification no as well as to save government expenses from mismanagement of funds. But to what extent the data stored in AADHAAR are secure. Our data storage vulnerability recently has been evinced by the leakage of AADHAAR data. If that happens, then the sensitive data can be misused to make a fraudulent transaction and much more malevolent work. After all, An individual description is his/her privacy and it is ones right and leakage of such data leads to a violation of the privacy of a citizen. So, I think to remove all such bottlenecks is the first and foremost duty of govt before making it a mandatory document.

On the other hand, many people in rural area are yet to obtain the AADHAAR. So if anyone wants to open a bank a/c or a govt scheme, what would happen to him/her?Is his eligibility to be discarded due to lack of this AADHAAR?It should not happen. So making it flexible in case of rural and poor people is also necessary.

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Anonymous said: (Sep 3, 2018)  
As we all know, Aadhar is a unique identification ID issued to the Indian people by the government of India. Like other things it too has got some benefits and drawbacks.


-Earlier we had to carry multiple documents to confirm our identity but thanks to Aadhar cards as they have played a phenomenal role in reducing this burden as it contains all our biometrics, retinal scan and other required details.

-As it contains biometric details thus it can't be copied or faked easily for negative purposes.

-Earlier, it was observed that opening a bank account or buying a sim card seemed like a complicated task due to the involvement of long documentation process but now we need only the Aadhar card and the job is done immediately without taking too much time.


-Since past few months it has been observed that the government has made it mandatory to link up your bank account, PAN and others with Aadhar creating a nuanced problem and giving rise to jitters among people that their data might be stolen as all the details are now stored online.

-Aadhar here now plays a role of the key to the door i.e. If someone successfully hacks into your aadhar details he or she might gain full access to your bank details which may be dangerous.

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Rajasekhar said: (Aug 28, 2018)  
India has implemented a good idea. Each one of people gets an Aadhar card because of their identity proof. What ever you do in online or every thing our adhar card has been linked to that. No one manupulates to others.

Rate this: +8 -10

Dinabandhu Nayak said: (Aug 28, 2018)  
Hello Everyone.

Making Aadhaar Mandatory is a best step by Govt of India. For our Address and Identity proof previously we use many Documents like Voter id card, Ration card, Pan card etc but Now only 1 Aadhaar can enough for for every purpose, Best part of Aadhaar is it also Attached your Biometric details so you can Access every where only one finger print is enough for your identity, address. Main demerits of this Privacy issues, once your Aadhaar hacked means your all information is linked.

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Rutika Suryawanshi said: (Aug 21, 2018)  
I think it is a very good step taken by the Indian government. It reduces corruption, crime happening in India.

Rate this: +5 -46

Prasanta said: (Aug 18, 2018)  
Hello, everyone, I am Prasanta.

As a coin has 2 opposite side similarly this initiative of making Aadhar card has pros and cons both.

First of all, I want to say Aadhar card makes our life easier. For identity proof, earlier days we need a lot of document but now we can easily do that by Aadhaar. As Aadhaar card is related to fingerprint or retina scan which can never be duplicated so false Aadhar card cannot be made which is the main drawback of other cards. For making bank account or buying sim card Aadhaar is enough. We can get passport within 10 days only. As Aadhaar is related to a bank account, sim card etc just by Aadhar card we can do a lot of things safely like money transaction by mobile, withdraw of cash in bank Etc. Corruption is decreased much like we cannot be disturbed an unknown person intentionally for getting fun as we can get all info using Aadhaar.

But it has also some cons.

If Aadhar card is hacked every personal document can be hacked even bank account also. For a handicapped person, we have to think in a different manner for making Aadhar card safely.

Rate this: +63 -5

Apoorv said: (Aug 10, 2018)  
Hello everyone.

Making aadhaar mandatory is one of the best step by the government. Various documents of common person is now replaced by one document. Whether you want to make passport or you want to open bank account or you want to take an LPG connection aadhaar is mandator. Even our voter ID card is also linked by aadhaar card. This also reduces fraud corruption and somehow also reduces criminal activities as any information of any person can be easily identified by fingureprints or retina scan. Aadhaar reduces the duplicity and increases the transparency.

But at the same time there should be a proper security of database. Otherwise there should be a serious problem to the national security if there is any databreach.

But by making aadhaar mandatory it is a direct breach of the privacy if the control of the system goes in wrong hand.

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Shammu said: (Aug 8, 2018)  
Aadhaar is a mandatory for everyone. Nowadays details of every citizen of India is linked with aadhaar card. The number of aadhaar contains all the information related to that person, so it makes employees work easier. It is advantage in one way but on other side it also has a negative role. Where by knowing the aadhaar number some people try to misuse the information.

Rate this: +10 -3

Nupur said: (Aug 6, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

According to my opinion, everything has 2aspect making Aadhar mandatory has its benefits as well as flaws.

Benefits are the government has the exact number of count of the population as it is supported by unique fingerprints which were a loophole in Voter ID. It also speeds up the process of passport and will also help the government in implementing its policies and also make the life of common man easier as now they need not carry many documents Aadhar is sufficient.

Flaws- As everything is linked with Aadhar so there is the threat of data leakage as once the Aadhar is hacked then one can miss use information which must be a major concern.

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Jagdish Bhaliya said: (Aug 2, 2018)  
Indian government provided every person to his unique identification card that is Aadhaar Card. It is very useful to everyone like.

- To open bank account only Aadhaar card is required but sometimes ago there is so many documents are required.

- To buy a new sim card only Aadhaar card is required.

- By making Aadhaar card government is able to identify every people by its fingerprint.

As we discussed above the advantages of Aadhaar card it may also some disadvantages like.

- There are may be chances of data leakage.

- By Aadhaar number may be chances of hacking of bank accounts.

Now, let me conclude that here benefits are more than drawbacks tharefore making Aadhaar card is mandatory.

Thank you.

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Abhijit said: (Aug 2, 2018)  

1) Use of Aadhaar reduces the cost of identifying persons and provides increased transparency to the government in implementation of its schemes.

2) Aadhaar Card is used as the major document of proof when opening a bank account under the Pradhan Mantri Jhan Dhan Yojana in the nation. The bank account comes with a great set of benefits like free zero balance saving account, RuPay Card, accident insurance.

3) Aadhar Card linked bank account will get their set of LPG Subsidy directly accredited in the bank account.

4) For opening a bank account multiple documents are required. Now, Aadhaar card has solved this problem.

5) It will impact nearly 1 crore workers under MGNREGA scheme, who use Aadhaar to withdraw their wages every month, and nearly 30, 00, 000 pensioners.

6) Aadhaar Card will relieve you of the lengthy procedure while obtaining Passport. An applicant who uses Aadhaar Card as part of the procedure can get the Passport in just 10 days.

7) Aadhaar number shall also help to eliminate the duplicate cards and fake cards for non-existent beneficiaries in the government schemes.

8) Aadhaar shall be able to reduce the involvement of middlemen who siphon off part of the subsidy.

9) Every Voter ID will be linked to Aadhaar Card in a bid to eliminate the bogus voters.


1) The Supreme court had itself asserted in 2013 that Aadhaar should be voluntary, not mandatory.

2) As Aadhaar Project is being handled by private companies. So, it might lead to data erosion to the foreign body.

3) It demands Indians to link their bank account with the aadhar card, it can lead to some serious problem, if users bank details are leaked or misused in any way.

4) As Aadhaar is managed and operated by Supreme Authority of the country, it can lead to centralization problems as the authority is free to manipulate & create new orthodox rules which might affect Aadhaar card holders and Nation as a whole.

5) The Supreme Court indefinitely extended the March 31, 2018 deadline for mandatory linking of Aadhaar to bank accounts, mobile phones and tatkal passports until a five-judge constitution bench announces its judgement on the validity of the biometric authentication programme.

6) The supreme court has said that the government cannot insist on mandatory Aadhaar linkages " unless it is for the express purpose of subsidies.

7) Aadhaar will still be a must for social schemes and subsidies as under section 7 of the Aadhaar Act.

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Raj SIngh said: (Aug 2, 2018)  
Making Aadhaar Mandatory: Benefits and Drawbacks.

Hi Friends, My Name is Raj Sing.

As I read the comments of my friends that we all know that Aadhaar card is mandatory is good step taken by Indian government and its mandatory everywhere as a ID Proof which is good for our future it will be finish the duplicity in any filed and every one trace and identify easily with fingerprints and eye scan. By which crime will decrease and everyone thinks to do anything wrong. But it has to be some implement I think it should be started in bus or shops also by which everyone will have transparent on his work.

And about it's drawbacks one of the most issue is that data storage because it's a very huge size and the main thing is how to protect this form the hikers as recently I heard a news that UIDAI data has been stolen by some hikers I do not know it's a true or false but its really a big issue if it got hiked then everyone got a big issue.


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Rakshanda said: (Aug 1, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

Good morning to one and all.

According to my point of view, It plays a very important role in reducing fraud and cheats.

Aaadhar card is that it creates problem who are handicapped like who does not have hand, leg or other body parts so this problem is very crucial so government should solve this problem there is also a security issue so government should solve this problem. In another hand, Aadhar card will prove very helpful in the future to provide service to the person who actually needed it.

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Rohit Singha said: (Aug 1, 2018)  
I think it is a very good step taken by the Indian government in order to give digital identity for the citizens of India.

It is so technically advanced instead of having various documents we can simply provide Aadhaar card which contain all information of man in digital form.

It plays a very important role in reducing fraud and cheats.

It also helps to search for the missing people.

But it also has some cons like data protection.

Lack of proper system for handicapped.

In the future, if the government will overcome these issues Aadhaar will play a major role in our life.

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SANDESH said: (Jul 31, 2018)  
Adhar card mandatory is the one of the good decision of the Indian government. You can feel proud that there is no country in all over the world who have this kind of large information of his citizens. It proves very helpful to the transaction through BHIM app where your fingerprint is scan so less chance of fraud, as you all feel that Aadhar card replace the all other identity cards through a single card. There is another side of the Aadhar card is that it create problem who are handicapped like who does not have hand, leg or other body parts so this problem is very crucial so government should solve this problem there is also a security issue so government should solve this problem. In another hand, Aadhar card will prove very helpful in the future to provide service to the person who actually needed it.

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Bhairavi said: (Jul 30, 2018)  
Good morning to one and all.

In my opinion, making aadhaar mandatory is beneficial not only for government but also for the citizens. UIDAI has made a provision for each citizen of India regardless of his/her citizenship, to make aadhaar card, which is considered as proof of identity. Using technical advancements for identity drive reduces the human effort. With the upcoming government schemes, instead of having various documents for verifcation, we can simply provide the aadhar number, which contains demographic and biometric information of a person. It also helps the NPR (National popluation register) to keep all the records of people.

It can also help gov officials to track the person doing sim card frauds.

However, everything has pros and cons. Due to lack of technical security, data protection has become a major issue. Hackers hack the system, and leak out the personal info of a citizen and as a result person has to face difficulties.

Last but not the least I would like to conclude our discussion by saying that people can reap the benefits of this initiative, provided there are proper privacy and security measures for protecting citizen's sensitive data.

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Satyam Shaw said: (Jul 30, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

Today our topic of discussion is the making of Aadhaar card mandatory, its benefits and drawbacks. Well as all of us know aadhaar is something unique to each and every individual of this country. In my opinion, it has a positive impact on our lifestyle for example: Jan Dhan Yojna, direct benefit transfer and speed up the passport obtaining process.

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Making Aadhaar Mandatory: Benefits and Drawbacks

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