Making Aadhaar Mandatory: Benefits and Drawbacks

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MANISHA said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone,

I am here to give my opinion on given topic that is making Aadhar mandatory: Benefits and drawbacks.

Firstly I will discuss about merits.

One nation one ID card hence it become very convenient to carry only one identity card throughout the country.

No tension to carry number of cards like voting card, driving licence, PAN card.

Anyone can have aadhar card even childrens too earlier above 18 years old people can have identity card like voting card.

All other cards and bank accounts are linked with Aadhar card so fewer chances of black money.

We can do transaction by using Aadhar card and our biometric hence no need to carry a number of ATM cards.
Previously people are used to making fake identity cards but due to Aadhar card we can't make 2 identity cards so, transparency is maintained.
Our all personal and income-related database is linked with Aadhar card so none can fool the government.
By making Aadhar mandatory there is transparency in fund transfer of different government schemes no middle person is there so direct benefit get to the user.
Now there are some demerits too.
One of the most important issue with Aadhar database is the leaking of personal information.
Some persons biometric doesn't work after some time then he or she may feel it problematic.
Fraud peoples can easily make a fool to some illiterate or careless educated persons too.
But we can sort out this problem by becoming more alert.
So overall it is a good decision.


Mohsin said:   2 years ago
Good Afternoon Sir.

My name is Mohsin. I am going to tell my opinion about Aadhar is Mandatory for us. Suppose If Every Indian Citizen has a unique identity then we can identify them via Aadhar Card Number. It consists of Confidential Informations which is very important for that person. If its data is using for government purposes that's fine. If some intruder is using the same confidential data that may cause a problem for them that is not useful. The intruder can eye on that person which may lead to any robbery through digital hacking terminology. So it is a Government's duty to keep their citizen's data safe and secure.

Sohan said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone,

Aadhar is a identity proof which is made by using demographic and biometric information.

The benefit of Aadhar card is.

1. It is a single identity card which is applicable in all places and services it helps us to save from many cards.

2. It helps in identifying the people who come outside of the country which causes in the growth of our country.

3. It helps to build the direct relationship between government and people no middle man is required in this.

4. It helps to direct the transfer of money to the people account.

5. It also helps in reducing terrorism.

The drawback of Aadhar card.

1. It may cause to leakage of information.
2. People who labour and work with the hand may cause in identifying biometric information.
3. Scrunity who secure the data if they compromise it can also cause leakage of information.
4. it may voilate right to privacy.

Rushikesh chobe said:   2 years ago
Benefits of making it mandatory :.

Govt can identify it's citizens.
Unique identification for each citizen.
Prevention of financial assistance to terrorism.
Prevention of money laundering.

More imp - targets delivery of welfare schemes of govt and avoidance of repeated beneficiary. Many more.


1. Right to privacy: SC gave the verdict that the right to privacy is an integral part of the right to life and liberty under article 21.

2. Govt can't make mandatory Aadhar because those who have not have on like marginalized sections can't be denied schemes.

3. Mandatory for telecom school admission exam form could create a great hurdle for those who haven't Aadhar no.

4.Private players could access a huge database of sensitive info of Indians and can use it for various purpose.

Pritesh kushwaha said:   2 years ago
In my point of view "Aadhaar is very safe even today where ever you visit in India they will ask you id proof first is Aadhaar and the data of every individual person will share by only government. With Aadhaar you can get a person address, mobile no. , city etc. Aadhaar is mandatory for every in Indian it is not like citizenship of a country you don't have to carry all document if you have Aadhaar its enough to an id proof your Aadhaar is linked with bank and mobile no. Through Aadhaar you can easily do online transaction also and you applying for any government job entrance exam for that also they will ask you first proof is Aadhaar because Aadhaar is normal for every person every Indian have Aaadhar and in Aadhaar there is no age criteria like pan card or driving license you can use for getting information of any person, you can use verification for an online payment platform.

Bikram lalwani said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone,

Today our topic of discussion is benefits and drawbacks of Aadhar.

So, the benefits of Aadhar are:

1. Government can keep track on everyone.
2. Chances of having more than 1 identity which leads to fraud is eliminated.

Drawbacks:The information of the public might be leaked or hacked by intruders. However, UIDAI issued a notification that the data of Aadhar are very much secured.


Poonam said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone.

We are here to discuss the topic 'making Aadhar Mandotary'.

Linking adhar card with other personal accounts such as pan card or bank account is beneficial because with adhar gov can keep a check on the duality of pan card of the same person and keep a check on fraud transaction in a bank account.

Now days Adhar only is sufficient to prove your identity thus it makes every work easier and rapid.

But further UIDAI have to make biometric authentication more strong and secure because after 60 fingerprints of many people get vanishthen they will face problem with biometric authentication.

In my opinion linking adhar mandotary with personal account is beneficial but there is need to make biometric system more secure, a well-framed system to provide be benefit to every citizen.

Nishant said:   2 years ago
In my opinion, making Aadhar mandatory has many benefits because it is safe by many securities. By Aadhar card we do our all paperwork. We do not need any paper. Only Aadhar card is required in many times. Nowadays, we are withdrawal money by Aadhar card. So it has many advantages.

Bipan Kumar said:   2 years ago
Hello friends.

I am Bipan Kumar.

In my point of view, Mandatory Aadhaar is very beneficial for us because it is most important identify in which we have gave the fingerprint n eye print respectively, with the help of it we identify the person easily whenever indl has gone any corner of our country. This have more beneficial such cases like bank accounts, any other in which your hard work money you have kept will be safe.

Also it has drawback is the people who are doing work with sand, cement, concrete etc they lost their fingerprints or after the age of 60 they lost their fingerprints than they face problems, this is not a satta with this I also view held with my father respectively.

Prakash bhati said:   2 years ago
Greetings to all.

Making Aadhar Mandatory, yes I think.

It should be mandatory because it reduces the paperwork and we have to no keep with us many I'd's proof like ration card, pan card, etc and any other. It helps to the government to do work easier. The main thing of it that everyone has his/her id proof whether he is an adult or child. Many works in our daily life become easier by it such as schooling, collage, form verification, bank accounts, sim cards and many more. So because of it benami sampati is becoming disclose and many people are taking his /her wheat and rice which provides by Indian government easier because of Aadhar card.

But in a modern technical era many people doing misuse the Aadhar. They find easily database of anyone from hack the Aadhar card. Nd misuse the Aadhar in the election is increasing year by year.

So in the last, I want to say that Aadhar should be mandatory but in awareness of people and government also.

Thank you all.

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