Making Aadhaar Mandatory: Benefits and Drawbacks

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SANDESH said:   6 years ago
Adhar card mandatory is the one of the good decision of the Indian government. You can feel proud that there is no country in all over the world who have this kind of large information of his citizens. It proves very helpful to the transaction through BHIM app where your fingerprint is scan so less chance of fraud, as you all feel that Aadhar card replace the all other identity cards through a single card. There is another side of the Aadhar card is that it create problem who are handicapped like who does not have hand, leg or other body parts so this problem is very crucial so government should solve this problem there is also a security issue so government should solve this problem. In another hand, Aadhar card will prove very helpful in the future to provide service to the person who actually needed it.

Bhairavi said:   6 years ago
Good morning to one and all.

In my opinion, making aadhaar mandatory is beneficial not only for government but also for the citizens. UIDAI has made a provision for each citizen of India regardless of his/her citizenship, to make aadhaar card, which is considered as proof of identity. Using technical advancements for identity drive reduces the human effort. With the upcoming government schemes, instead of having various documents for verifcation, we can simply provide the aadhar number, which contains demographic and biometric information of a person. It also helps the NPR (National popluation register) to keep all the records of people.

It can also help gov officials to track the person doing sim card frauds.

However, everything has pros and cons. Due to lack of technical security, data protection has become a major issue. Hackers hack the system, and leak out the personal info of a citizen and as a result person has to face difficulties.

Last but not the least I would like to conclude our discussion by saying that people can reap the benefits of this initiative, provided there are proper privacy and security measures for protecting citizen's sensitive data.

Satyam Shaw said:   6 years ago
Hello everyone,

Today our topic of discussion is the making of Aadhaar card mandatory, its benefits and drawbacks. Well as all of us know aadhaar is something unique to each and every individual of this country. In my opinion, it has a positive impact on our lifestyle for example: Jan Dhan Yojna, direct benefit transfer and speed up the passport obtaining process.

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