Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages

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Amit "paraajit" said:   7 years ago
I agree with you @ Neha Gupta.

But tell me one thing. As you are saying what to do if someone fall in love before marriage the true love. But tell me what if the person you are in love with is a fraud may be he/she is playing with you. Answer me just one thing. What is the guaranty of love?

Khushi Chopra said:   7 years ago
According to me, arranged marriages are far better than love marriages. Because our parents are our only wellwishers even more than we are of ourselves and if others give us a reason to cry then just they give us a reason to smile so we must respect their decision first. We must marry and person they choose and later fall in love with that person. In arranged marriages, there is more understanding, love n less trust issues. :).

Preeti Maurya said:   7 years ago
I support to arrange marriage because in love there is no hesitation to talk to each other but in arranging there is a feeling of hesitation to talk to each other which makes the CUTE RELATIONSHIP.

Shilpa said:   7 years ago
According to my own opinion love marriage and arrange marriage both are equal but the only thing is that our partner should be a good person. We should keep trust, mutual understanding, bonding.

Shankar said:   7 years ago
It's your choice whether to marry a person with similar interests or opposite interests. I think love marriage is a better choice.

Ejaj said:   7 years ago
Love and marriage To different things.

So I support Arrange Marriage.

Nikita Kumawat said:   7 years ago
All we want from marriage is it doesn't have any expiry date. As we know in India, our custom is lifelong bonding between two person then it is a successful marriage. I can't choose one of them, both marriages are good. All we need in a marriage is better understanding between two persons then it's outcome will be definitely positive. So, it has nothing to do with love marriage or arrange marriage. There are many cases in. Which love marriage and arrange are successful and they are successful only because of better understanding between two people but if there won't be understanding then both marriages will be failure. Now coming to investigation of both the parties so it can be done in both cases as we you are doing love marriage then you must be knowing him/her from a long time and his/her parents too, if not then you should know about them fully, about their family values, education, occupation, religion, caste each and everything then only you should decide about marrying that person. Now investigating in arrange marriage can be done by asking from relatives, neighbors, common friends or dating before marriage, chats and knowing about likes, dislikes, morals, values, nature, occupation, education, everything about family then only you should think about marrying that person then its result will be positive. But as we know coin has two sides, so even after investigation of many years there can be something which we miss out or may be other side party hide something or lie about something then it may lead to failure. So a well known saying in Hindi is "The Fruit of marriage, the one who eats it shall suffer, the one who doesn\'t eat it shall also suffer". So we can conclude that chances of failure and good outcome have equality it depends on understanding and some adjustments.

Indian said:   7 years ago
We are blindly following the western culture physical attractions, love affair before marriage is the main reason behind the increasing divorce cases in India.

Some stupid are telling we are modern generation we will do LOVE marriage. If this keeps happening no one believes in marriage. This thing already happening, people are afraid to get married, because of false dowry harassment cases/ Love affair after marriage.

Follow your own culture. Do not destroy Indian culture due to western culture (physical attractions/love affairs).

Ponam said:   7 years ago
People who say LOVE marriages are successful, please check the result of LOVE marriages in western countries USA/UK. Where divorce rate is as high as 80 %.

But for Indian marriage is lifetime commitment. So instead of following western culture follow your own culture.

When you are in LOVE affair, Person will always use his positive side to impress you, you can ask this question to yourself.

So I will prefer ARRANGE marriage over LOVE marriage in some known family because we can know the full background of that person.

In your love affair of 2 years, you can not know person' s background, because 70-80% cases person will pretend, will not show his actual face.

But if you person and his family from 5-10 year, you can think of LOVE marriage.

So I will prefer ARRANGE marriage over LOVE marriage in some known family.

Pooja said:   7 years ago
New generation supporting LOVE marriages, and claiming LOVE marriage is successful. But the reality is totally opposite. In my friend circle itself, many Love marriages are failed.

I am not saying ARRANGE marriage are very good. But much better than LOVE marriages. Because your parents will always choose the better partner for you, after checking person's and his family background. Because many frauds happing in both LOVE and ARRANGE marriages.

So I will prefer Arrange marriage.

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