Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

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Shreya Gupta said:   1 year ago
Here sleeping dogs refers to the people of the country who are involved in terrorism, crime and malpractices. So according to me, we can't let these dogs wander freely without any fear. As a responsible citizen of India, it is our duty to raise our voice against these people and make our country free from terrorism and crime.

SASWATA DUTTA said:   4 years ago
To let sleeping dogs lie means 'To leave as they are'. But we cannot let the things as they are because by the time our needs are changing, demand for things are increasing and cost of living a decent life is increasing, we have work more and make others who are bearing responsibility also work more. So we have to interfere.

As we know human have a great tendency to exempt themselves from work. Everyone wants to get more and more output with less work input. Most of the Politicians of our country are lazy and corrupt, they don't do work properly themselves and also don't let others do things the right way and they often try to avoid investigation in their work by misusing their power. So we have to interfere and make them work honestly or remove them, 'we cannot let the sleeping dog just lie'.

Also in every organization, there is always supervision on a person whether he is topmost or lowermost authority to make the organization work efficiently and smoothly. So if you want to progress you have to interfere in most of the cases.

Thank you.

Snigdha said:   5 years ago
Yeah, maybe you all are correct in your way. But for me you should not let the sleeping dog lie. Because nowadays I have seen my friends in my class who are not interactive in our class sessions but they have very good knowledge than others who are active in our class. And unfortunately partiality begins here. It has become a trend that if you are active then you will get every facilities and attention of the teacher. But in my opinion, every people in class should get some attention from a teacher. Who knows the dumb person would become the proud of your institute. So in my perspective, it should not happen. And no one should be dominated.

Uday said:   6 years ago
Hello Everyone!

I partially agree with this statement "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" because of sometimes good things are waiting behind problems. Always, running from problems is not a way to success. So if you think that by taking some problems can be good in future, there is no wrong to awake sleepings dogs.

Krishna vivek said:   6 years ago
Hi everyone.

I think the given statement is absolutely correct as everyone in the society are not actively involving with surroundings. As if there is any problem arise in one's life, then the others think in a way that" if I solve it what I will gain ". But for the last few years, it has been diverted to serve the people and gain the love. I hope this will continue further and make a society with love but not with selfishness.

If some or other had helped us when I along with my friends met an accident then the one who lost his life may be alive. So I hope at least respond to surroundings rather than sitting idle.

Amit said:   6 years ago
Hi friends,

The phrase 'Let speeping dogs lie' means to leave something alone if it might cause the problem to ignore a problem because trying to deal with it could cause an even more difficult situation in one's life.

If one knows that he has done something wrong to other in the past who has now a close friend, then one should let that old memory cone forward which would cause a problem in their relationship i.e., one should let that sleeping dog lie forever. So, if you raise an issue that others have forgotten about, you may have to suffer the consequences.

Daeny said:   6 years ago
Hi everyone!

Here, the topic of discussion is "let sleeping dogs die" and I totally disagree with it. Sleeping dogs are the persons who are not aware of any situations surrounding them. Being a responsible human in this society, it's our duty to let them know what they are missing by doing so so that we can improvise our society. Sometimes, by waking them up, we may create some trouble in our lives, but as long as we are smart enough to tackle those, we should enjoy waking the sleeping companions and give a wave to activeness and progress.


Mohammed jaweed said:   7 years ago
Hello, everyone.

This is Mohammed Jaweed.

In my view, the statement is correct because We all are sleeping and ignoring the truth of our society and culture one thing is that people always think that they are right but they are wrong.

What is happening in and around your surrounding.

Thank you all.

MSD said:   7 years ago
Sleeping dogs, in my opinion, are the illusion our society like corruption, theft, illiteracy. We all must awaken the sleeping dog in order to guard our nation. A sleeping dog is of no help until he becomes aware of what's happening around him. In other words, we must literate people of our country and make them more aware of the happenings around the world. If the dog is awake then with his alertness and strength he will be able to do great good to society.

Sony said:   7 years ago
Hello Friends,

I agree with you all to some extent but in my view, we can't let sleeping dogs lie because this modern era is very competitive and to achieve something we all have to run in this race. In every field we know that teamwork leads to a better output so have you ever think that what if we let the sleeping dogs lie or leave the inactive person in the state they want to?

Simply we will get a wide variance between the expected output and the output we got.

So, it's better to motivate the sleeping dogs or the inactive person to actively take part in this race instead of relying on luck.


Becoz in this democratic country every individual is equally responsible for the good and bad condition so small loopholes like inactiveness of individuals can make the country to suffer.

We all know that PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. So, it's better to awaken those sleeping dogs than to lie.

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