Is there any Point in having a Business Strategy when the World changes from Month to Month?

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Bharat said:   5 years ago
Yes, there should be a business strategy in a changing dynamic environment because a business can't be run with capital but it needs a goal and a specific strategy to achieve the goal. But in a changing environment, you should have short term strategies to satisfy the short term goals henceforth the goals should be designed as such that it gets satisfied in a month.

So, summing up the point. Strategies are a key to business goals but in a changing environment they should be kept on a short term scale and flexible so that it could be changed immediately according to the requirements and wants.

Jain said:   6 years ago
As per my perspective, having a sound strategy is imperative for any business especially when there is a dynamic environment with different fast-paced changes. As we all know business is partly reactive and partly proactive, it also enables us to maintain a soundtrack past action and to handle future uncertainty effectively.

So as per my view, having a business strategy become more important when there is changes with a fast pace.

Pankaj said:   7 years ago

According to me, business strategy is a key of success in any business without this no business can run for long time and will collapse soon. In present competition era a business man need to be ready with new plan every time for meeting the customer demand.

Manav said:   7 years ago
According to my point of view, to understand the meaning strategy is very important for any entrepreneur or any businessman because the 50 % of the whole business depends upon the basic market strategy and marketing awareness it's actually a part market strategy.

Without working on market strategy or any plans for your product or business may be you will get in trouble any you actually pay more money you have to use your intelligence you have to now who is your customer And which customer I should call. If the market change day by day you have to build hours by hours strategy for your business.

Thank you.

Neeraj said:   7 years ago
Hi Guys,

As we all know that world is transforming rapidly in front of us where there is more and more need to keep focus on the work procedure to gain something in the business life. Making strategy is a way to achieve target in the business. Without any strategy we can not expect even average positive result in our hands. We all are aware that when we talk about development of the country so we talk about the people of the nation and if people are doing well it means each one is able to do his/her best to the task so business is nothing but part of the nation where there is more & more need of making proper strategy so that each one can handle the situation well.

Let me explain a true story of my friend's family so that I can give you better display of importance of the strategy in our work place. Actually that family was quite poor just two years ago but now that family is a rich family and when I saw so I was extremely happy seeing that and now they are rich not only with the money but also their behavior I tried to ask the hidden formula and they told me that we have changed our planing to achieve the things that's why now we are changed in the society.

So with the help of strategy we use to modify ourselves to gain more and more benefits.

Anamika said:   7 years ago
According to me, of course, business strategy is required for any kind of business to work smoothly. Business houses need to change its strategy as and when required. Without a strategy, there will be no discipline of work, which will lead to the messy environment which will ultimately affect the profits of the business. Without a business strategy, a business will easily get knocked out by other business in competition in the market. Thank you.

Imran khan said:   8 years ago
Without business strategy a company would be analogous to a human body without a brain i.e it would be directionless. Yes, it is true that today the world is changing very rapidly so do our business strategy should change to acclimatize with it. And this would be possible with the use of technology such as digital marketing, big data as a service (BDaas) etc. Today many companies uses this technology to get the valuable trend, perception about the consumers, competitors etc which helps them to formulate their strategy. For example, Amazon with the use of data analytics collects data of every customer who visits the website based on past trend of that particular purchases amazon shows related products. In this way, it can be said that only constant is change.

Hari said:   8 years ago
Business strategy is very important in the present day world. A Business without a strategy is like a ship without navigation system. So to control the business and have good success in the market the business strategy should change according to the market requirements and consumer desires. For any business to be successful they must a strategy which is changing according to the world.

Mayur said:   8 years ago
Hello everyone,

"Failure to Plan is Planning To Fail" The World Changes every now and then but that doesn't mean we should leave it without Planning. The Rapid industrialization with advanced technologies getting things easier has to lead to the change in work culture & Management Systems helping to get the work done Efficiently in Time has been the trend of the market. For Achieving Anything we should have a Strategy and for Achieving the Goals of the Company We should have a Business Strategy because we would be coming across various Analysis while framing a Business Strategy giving us an Idea of the Forth Coming Scenarios. So from my Perspective A Business Strategy is Foremost Important in a Business Cycle combined with Transitional Changes.

Megha said:   8 years ago
Hello everyone,

Yes, of course. I think that a business strategy is of utmost importance as for any business to work a proper planning has to be and should be done. For example, if we consider an FMCG company then we can see that the production is done by such a company solely depends on upon the forecasted demand which is actually a virtually evaluated value and such calculations that are done are a part of the strategy of a business only.

And even with the world changing from month to month, the business strategies can be modified in such a way that it maximizes the profit of the business. :)

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