Is there any Point in having a Business Strategy when the World changes from Month to Month?

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Avinash Rathod said:   1 decade ago
Yes we got to have the basic theme right & the strategy has to be flexible.

Ex: One must be prepared well in advance before policy changes by deriving multiple possibilities & probability.

Sneha.... said:   1 decade ago
Strategy is a plan for achieving objective. Strategy is made after the Objective is fixed. Every Business Organisations whether it is small or large organisation needs to form a Business Strategy. It is true that the world is changes month to month. So long term Strategy is not useful but then also we need to make Strategy, but is should be flexible. It can be change whenever market is change.

Every work has some reason like that every business has a objective.

And like that we want to do plan for every work like that every business has to make Strategy.

Mukesh Kashyap said:   1 decade ago
Strategy is the much needed thing even in the rapidly changing scenario. Even everyday we make strategy for spending our day to day life so how it is possible that without strategy someone can run organization. Strategy is required but it also require proper evaluation and modification as time changes.

Ashish Mehta said:   1 decade ago
Business Strategy means Business Planning or Business Forward Path. Forward PAth or Planning are required for successful execution of any project or even small tasks.
Reasons are, in strategy, we are taking care of Busniess long and short term objectives, Macro/ Micro environment factors, resouces required for achieving long/ short term objectives, defining threats and competitors, defining strength and opportunity, developing contigency plan, etc..So, Business strategy is giving direction to the business. In the world nothing is constant, so obviously world will keep changing on continuos basis - not even month to month basis. Our strategy should forcast and consider change in the planning only.
Running busniess without strategy means Persons withou aim.

Biplab said:   1 decade ago
Strategy is the path towards achieving goal. Without the way how is this possible to reach there? So it should be like a strong backup.

But following the same strategy does not guarantee success, because the market is changing, more competitors are lining up, policies are changing as the world is changing day by day. The strategy has to be updated, it should be that much flexible to sustain in this competitive environment. Otherwise it may even become obsolete.

Guruprasad said:   1 decade ago
Running a huge organizations involves lot of challenges. Business strategies are not changed month wise and day to day basis. The strategies and decisions are taken by predicting the various aspects such as market, customers ten years down the line. Its not done keeping one month ahead.

Tanvii said:   1 decade ago
Yes it is absolutely necessary to make business strategy.

Business strategy is one of the key factor that relates an organization to its success. A good business strategy can give a company a strong advantage over other companies. No company can progress much without setting out its long term goals and the direction in which the company wants to head.

However as the world is constantly changing, rules, laws, completion, customer demands, markets etc are constantly changing, we cannot have just fixed idea as to what our company strategy should be. Change is constant and thus changing business strategies with this progressive world becomes a must for any company.

Take a computer firm for example, It knows what product it must develop and has sets out a strategy on how to go about the development of the product. But for a long term project Project plans must be adaptable. The plan should allow adoption of latest and most efficient technology. The plan should be flexible enough to allow to adjust change in consumer demands etc.

Krashikumar said:   1 decade ago
Absolutely very important. What is strategy ? To put it very simple its chalking out the whole plan, then designing its execution, assessing its profitable aspects and preparing for any untoward hiccups if they happen, that is planning with a long term objective but meeting out the immediate demands.Fluctuation in market is a constant pheonomenon, but outcasting strategy for that matter is a silly notion.

Hemapriya said:   1 decade ago
Business strategy is nothing but plan regarding future forecast about our action in a firm. It necessary to prepare strategy based on future and present. If a firm faces an uncertain there, change in strategy is required to make a company survival in long run.

Rohan said:   1 decade ago
A business strategy relates to the future forecasting of the business and its advantages and problems that lie ahead. With a proper planned business strategy. With well defined values n vision n mission. A firm can excel in thier field for sure. So thus business strategy is very important even though the changes taking place. Business plans and strategie can be modified seeking a change in the future.

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