Is there any Point in having a Business Strategy when the World changes from Month to Month?

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Neeraj said:   8 years ago
Yes, it's necessary to have the strategy because without planning you cannot reach the goal. This is just like sports in which every moment you have to strategy and skills parallelly. Taking an example of Jio sim first spread with free usage, created addiction among customs. Now Jio gets popular and near about flopping all rival companies. From this, I must say the strategy is a necessity.

Yunus said:   8 years ago
As per my thought, Strategy is a plan for achieving objective.

Sujay said:   8 years ago
The strategy is such a word which is required for almost any kind of work.

If you are giving any competitive exam you should follow strategy required for different exams as syllabus keeps on changing. Similarly a business strategy is not stable it must keep on changing as per present market situation such as demand of product, cost etc.

Mansi said:   8 years ago
Yes, of course. I totally agree with the point that there should b a business strategy. Without planning business would collapse soon as no one would be knowing what to do further. We know that in this globalised world Business environment is dynamic and it changes very quickly due to up gradation of technology. So as 2 remain in the sector corporates need 2 have a diff strategy 2 survive in this competitive world.

Thank you.

Vinesh said:   8 years ago
Though the world is changing from time to time which is inevitable and is following laws of nature it is as important to have the strategy for a business as a shell for a nut.

Let me illustrate this by an example Suppose I want to be the best seller of a product in the market, this is my objective. To accomplish this objective my strategy is to give the best quality at affordable rates.

But parameter changes with time like raw material cost, labour, demand, market condition, govt policies, etc.

But my strategy remains same and step to implement strategies keeps on changing.

Priyanka said:   8 years ago
A business is a field of strategies without planning business does not exist without proper planning business may undergo big loss. To overcome risk and losses business must plan and it must go according to plans of the business so in business field, we have separate department called research department if any changes in technology or in the market they will take care of it.

SHILPI said:   9 years ago
To go on a trip in vacations we start planning before 4-5 months that how is the place, where we stay, what we will see. So, for a simple trip if we plan strategies that is also tentative than to run a business how can we ignore such a crucial step of planning.

A business can be start by an idea but to make it successful we have to plan strategies step by step. But strategies in today world's should be a amalgamation of both rigidity and flexibility.

Rigid in the core working such as its completion of targets in making, maintaining the overall turnover but should be flexible in some planning changing according to the demand of the consumer, improving it sales, increasing production.

As universally define change is the law of nature so the strategies should be as the time passes the companies should make some changes in their strategist to compete the present market but at the time should also maintain their core strategies remain unchanged on which their company stand.

BMGIndia said:   1 decade ago
Yes, following a particular business strategy is must to face the new challenges of business environment. Global consultancy company may help in great way by suggesting new process engineering and management tricks based upon time tested theories like DFSS, Lean theory, Triz theory or others.

Poonamverma said:   1 decade ago
YES this statement is correct. According to me business strategy is the base of any business. We all know that today the competition is very tough in the market for any business whether business is on local, national and international level. In this ever changing world if you don't have systematic strategy then you cannot stabilize your business over long time. And one more point to consider when we talk about the strategy, strategy is always according to changes in today not on previous techniques. I think growth of any business is directly proportional to the strategy.

Shantanu Ghosal said:   1 decade ago
Hi Friends.

Business Strategy works at the very core of an organisation and s responsible for the propagation and expansion of a business.

Business Strategy is a result of a whole lot of research, observation, analysis, study and expert advises. It is the anchor that forewarns an organisation about the impending market situations and helps out the firm during tough times.

The very changes that occur and make the market change continuously are itself results of long term business strategies.

So however dynamic the market can get, Business Strategies will never lose their importance.

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