Is the Patents Bill Good for India?

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Stonecold said:   1 decade ago
Patent is a neccessary law as it can not only give an individual but his/her country by the development done by that person.So if the goverment awares all the citizen by some campaign about the importance of this law our country can produce many gems because many a time due lack of knowledge about a n individual development can be copied by other and the other will take the fame for it.

Vishal srivastav said:   1 decade ago
I strongly agree that patent bill is good for India because it is necessary to reserve the rights for a particular thing. If a country or a person have manufactured something new then he/she must get all the benefits of it. If a person manufacture something he must be known for his ability. Nobody remembers who made a mobile phone but everybody do remembers who made a telescope, it's just because of the generation gap.

VIVEK VERMA said:   1 decade ago
Yes, it is good for INDIA. Countries like you. S have made many drugs e. G for CANCER which they are not willing to share with any ones leading the cost oflife saving medicines are sky rocketing. Ultimate benifit is for them and their country.

Satya kiran said:   1 decade ago
Hi every one, I have seen the all above discussions every one wrote well apart from this I will add some more points in a different way. Yes I too agree with you patent bill is necessary in India to know the ability of a person who manufactures a particular product and he must has all rights on the product. Then only every one will try to innovate new things thereby our country grows very rapidly to reach the hights like japan then we can rule the world.

Karthik said:   1 decade ago
On having a look over all the comments I strongly support patent bill, which helps for the development of the country not only INDIA.

Patent bill creates an awareness on the things developed in our country and they realise their need to develop the further part for their country.

Souvik mishra said:   1 decade ago
Patent bill is certainly good for India because it is a developing country needs to increase the number of researches and developments. This bill will certainly ensure security of the innovations of various institutions and research centers thereby encouraging more number of researches. As such India is well behind in R&D sector spending less than 1% of its GDP in it.So if the number of researches will be more then the govt will be bound to spend more and this will change our R&D scenario completely.
Not only that various foreign MNCs as well as Indian companies will also be able to secure there intellectual property in their R&D sectors which will also enhance foreign direct investments. So this bill can be a boon for our developing economy.

Love said:   1 decade ago
On reading the above discussion, I would like to put forward the fact that patenting is very good for India but with a restriction of patenting act on matters like medicine, social eta for e.g. If a patented medical comp. Fails to complete the demand of user, the price will go high as well as people won't get the treatment and would have to rely on substitutes.

Xyz said:   1 decade ago
Patents bill is Good in India. India is also having many knowledge and creative mind people. If the idea is from a particular person means he should get his share, whomever uses his idea. its not that somebody uses this persons idea and keep making money. Anybody can do a work if they know what they have to do and make money. Important thing here is first they should know what they have to do. this comes from the thinking ability which is an intellectual property which must get its value.

Ankush said:   1 decade ago
If anyone innovate any thing he/she must get the benefit for that he also feel motivated for that and he also try to innovate further new things which ultimately helps in India development so we must encourage that person for their development.

Debdatta said:   1 decade ago
PATENT BILL is of great importance. Every innovation is important and must be recognised and with the every product of Patent the name of the person who is responsible for this Patent must be mentioned because all of us should know about the inventions of that country and that persons. People who are from poor family invented a lot of things but they they have no idea about what they have invented and that add to what the world. Many of the times value additions is also can be done by this process. I would suggest a common forum for rural areas inventions so that every persons is recognised. And get proper evaluation for their Patent.

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