Is the Patents Bill Good for India?

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Chiranjib Munshi said:   4 years ago
Hello all. I'm Chiranjib.

According to me, the patent bill is important for India because 1st of all India is a rapidly growing country. There are many researchers, innovators in our country. They should be encouraged so that they can do their work and others also be motivated by them. And this will also be very growthful for the country. Patent bill can protect their inventions from doing fraud also. Original work always be rewardable. So I think the patent bill is very much important in our country.

Thank you.

Vaibhav Gaikwad said:   4 years ago
Hi, first of all thanks for giving an opportunity to display my viewpoint about this topic. I want to tell here about a patent that it's very important as the purpose of developing countries you know India is a rapdily country such type of country which has needed gives the best security to the investors and more research for other. Also, patent Bill can protect their invention from doing fraud work.

Rajdeep kumar said:   10 months ago
Hello everyone my name is Rajdeep Kumar.

Today the given topic is patent bill.

First, I want to give you an exact explanation of a patent bill.

A patent is an act which provides exclusive grants for an invention which may be a product or idea which provides more ideas for doing something new invention.

The paten is done to end the cheating by others making the same kind of product size, shape, and design.

Conclusion:- in my opinion patent bill is good for India because the patent bill people don't make the same kind of product size shape design as other people.

Because of the patent bill people, some new people are ready to make their products and ideas, I think for a developing country like India it is essential for encouraging and motivating others' talents.

Thank you.

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