Is the Patents Bill Good for India?

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Rajdeep kumar said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone my name is Rajdeep Kumar.

Today the given topic is patent bill.

First, I want to give you an exact explanation of a patent bill.

A patent is an act which provides exclusive grants for an invention which may be a product or idea which provides more ideas for doing something new invention.

The paten is done to end the cheating by others making the same kind of product size, shape, and design.

Conclusion:- in my opinion patent bill is good for India because the patent bill people don't make the same kind of product size shape design as other people.

Because of the patent bill people, some new people are ready to make their products and ideas, I think for a developing country like India it is essential for encouraging and motivating others' talents.

Thank you.

Vaibhav Gaikwad said:   5 years ago
Hi, first of all thanks for giving an opportunity to display my viewpoint about this topic. I want to tell here about a patent that it's very important as the purpose of developing countries you know India is a rapdily country such type of country which has needed gives the best security to the investors and more research for other. Also, patent Bill can protect their invention from doing fraud work.

Chiranjib Munshi said:   5 years ago
Hello all. I'm Chiranjib.

According to me, the patent bill is important for India because 1st of all India is a rapidly growing country. There are many researchers, innovators in our country. They should be encouraged so that they can do their work and others also be motivated by them. And this will also be very growthful for the country. Patent bill can protect their inventions from doing fraud also. Original work always be rewardable. So I think the patent bill is very much important in our country.

Thank you.

Pintu said:   7 years ago
Yes definitely it is good for India because it gives security to the investors and more research for others. Without a patent an idea may get replicated and hence there is reputation of a particular product and which hinders the development of new products. With patent more no. Of research is carried out hence the result is more no. Of differentiated products.

Neeraj said:   7 years ago
Hi Guys,

Let me frst explain these two words which are main theme of the topic they are "Patents" and "Bill".

Patents mean the exclusive right granted by a government to an inventor to manufacture, use, or sell an invention for a certain number of years.

Bill means a proposed law presented to parliament for discussion. (Parliament = Both houses "House of the people" and "Council of states". House of the people takes place in Parliament with the help of the people of the country and Council of states takes place with the help of all assemblies of all the states and 12 nominative members of the president. ).

Now, I try to give my best possible views with the help of these two important words which have been explained above (Patents and Bill).

As we all know that different-2 types of the law take place in the parliament for making the country grow fast and passing patents bill is one of them for making work process ease for the people.

Patents Bill is most important for India because India is a developing country where different-2 kinds of innovations use to take place so if parliament gives full safety to innovators to get their whole income without any fraud so we can think that how much it is important for India. There are many frauds which take place with innovators when they innovate any things which are totally illegal so to prevent them parliament passes the "Patents Bill" so that they can be saved to innovate any things for the country and other people get inspiration to do such things for the country because if we wish to develop our country so there is need of each one contribution.

Thanks. Jai Hind jai Bharat!

Anamika said:   7 years ago
According to me, patent bills are good for India. It provides security to the investors of their inventions that no one will steal their ideas, which would be illegal. It would promote more competition and other intellectuals will be forced to come up with new inventions and this will create more quality inventions in our country. So I would definitely go forr the merits of Patents bill in India. Thank you.

Trush said:   7 years ago
Greeting to everyone,

First of all, the Patent bill is the authority to inventors for their innovation for some period of time. No one can replicate it with any permission. So, the patent bill is good for India. Nowadays, more and more people try to do something different. In tht case, parent bill provide security of innovation to particular person as well as it encourages people to do more research. So, that during patent period they can earn more money by creating difference among competitors as well as selling patent in the market.

Pankaj jalal said:   8 years ago
Hello friends,

As per the topic is 'patents bill good for India'.

Actually, first we have to know what patent does it means. It is the bill or an agreement which is officially done at a world level that the real inventor of the product is that one who actually invented it by spending a lot of time, money and most important his/her hard work.

If the scientist or an inventor does not get its real value or we can say a reward that means the inventor not getting his/her rights so how he/she will again invent something which is beneficial for the country and this not only effect on him that create a big effect on the young generation who's having an interest on research.

So it will be good to have a patents bill for India or every country that will encourage the inventor as well as a young generation who we called a futures of India.

Thank you.

Suvam said:   8 years ago
Hello, friends.

I believe that patent bill will be really good for India. India is a developing country so it is required that it should make good innovations in terms of technology and research.

So if patent bill will be there then it will be a matter of great incouragement to the young minds who have interest in research area.

People will engage themselves more on practical ideas and try to find out solutions by innovation.

We in India innovation in small scale is known as Jugaad. People are very good in it. It will be a technological boom for India if it is introduced.

More the Indian companies and MNCs will try to improve their product. A healthy competition will develop b/w them.

Nazia said:   8 years ago
According to my view, this bill is very very good to the India. Because this may help and encourage to the talented personalities those are interested in inventing something.

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