Is the Patents Bill Good for India?

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Sony said:   6 years ago
Hello, Everyone!

In my point of view, Patent bill is good for not only India but for every country as it is doing justice for the inventors. But this patent bill should not become an extra burden to common man.

The inventor will have a recognition and right over his product. So, this inspires them and also many people to invent something useful. According to law of patents invention to the owner of the patent for a limited period, generally 20 years.

Hari said:   6 years ago
According to me, to the country, like India patent bill is extremely good. In some cases, it is helpful if important patents are within the country. If not then India have to pay for the patent holders in other countries which are cost effective and not good for our economy. So if the patent is filed within the country and it is useful to our citizens and helps the patent holder most then it is helpful.

Abhishek said:   7 years ago
Patent bill is a controversial issue in my view. If we see the medical field where hefty amounts are being charged in the name of patent for as long as 20 years, the necessary drugs are getting out of reach of poor people.

When asked who owned the patent for the polio vaccine, Jonas Salk answered, "There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?".

If vaccines for polio or pneumonia can be like that why not others.

While patent has its advantages as well as mentioned by many of the people above, I just wanted to be into light its dark side.

Sanjana hs said:   7 years ago
Yes, it is good for India because when you patent something he or she will get all kinds of benefits and also you can protect the products developed in India from getting patented by other countries.

Bhaumik said:   7 years ago
As per the given topic, the things have its own advantage and disadvantage so we have to understand that from which point of concept we have to look so in the other words it also seems that each thing has a two side of the coin.

So we have to decide at which point we have to go.

So from my point of view that patently is good as since from last 66 years, this patent is running without much problem

Yeah, I know there is some problem in delay the decision, in sort out of the problem is not done quickly. But to run such a huge country democratic it is quit difficult. So it is better to have.

Neha said:   7 years ago
According to me the patent bill is a good idea for developing country like India. Because if somebody spends their money, idea, creativity to developed any invention which helpful for India so the person should get the reward for this. It also helps to create something new which is beneficial for us. This automatically indirectly help to the development of our country.

Bisht said:   7 years ago
In my point of view patent right is very important for India because India is a developing country. If we want development in India and creates activity and invention etc. But we should not take one side of patent right in India we should discuss the other side like what is the demerit of patent right in India.

In my point of view inflation can be increased and some other.

Mansi said:   7 years ago
Well according to me, patent rights are very good for developing country like India. It is just like a reward foe the one who invests his money, mind, creativity, potential on researching. It also encourages others to develop new ideas n creates something out of the box. Patents prevent the developers from being exploited.

Priyanka said:   7 years ago
India is a developing country. When we talk about patents is vital in India the real owner must get out of the full benefit of his product and it is like an award for the owner, for 20 years he can make use of patent rights without his permission nobody can receive. It is vital to the developing country. To a common man initial invest may be little more too expensive, but it is advantageous for him to use his own patent right and he can earn maximum profit without any violation.

Mr. Liyaktkhan Babi said:   8 years ago
What if the patent is done indeed and the non government organisations like NIF, GIAN, Shrusti. Do not put a step forward for the products that will make India a good, pollution free, corruption free country. According to my perspective shame on the government of India if they do not take corrective measures about this.

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