Is T20 Cricket killing Real Cricketing Skills?

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Ravi Kumar said:   3 months ago
T20 is better than compared to the test match. Because at this time people don't have much time and they want full enjoyment in the match. But the test match always takes a lot of time. But in the T20 matches never takes a lot of time so people always like to watch t20 cricket.

People can see the patience in the player in the test matches.

NITESH SINGH RAJPUT said:   5 months ago
First of all, thank-you for giving this beautiful platform to put my point on the topic of T20 cricket is killing the real cricket skill.

So, In my opinion, that is not truly right in fact T20 cricket can give better players for the team in a short time like in IPL matches players are selected on the basis of their T20 performance. In T20 cricket.

In cricket, we need some energetic players who can't perform well in the match short period of time. Although audiences are enjoying a lot on their boundaries. The audience can also enjoy in a short time to watch T20 they haven't a seat for a whole day to watch Test cricket matches but mostly people enjoy test matches because they have to see the most skilled players who can play long periods of time and can face all the bowlers easily and played well.

RAKESH said:   9 months ago
According to me,

A T20 match is a better option for those players who are energetic and want to fast match. T20 match is also saves time with fun in comparison of a test match. Most of the people at this time want fun with time limited in this situation t 20 matches is the best option for them. Test match is also fun for those who really want to take more time to watch a cricket match. In T20 match players have to show their talent in a short time. In this situation, they are better prepared for playing cricket.

Blojger said:   1 year ago
I guess not. T20 cricket is another step in the evolution of cricket. Now we have a format which we can watch in a few hours. Do not have to sit all days. T20 is not much technical as compared to Test or even ODI. But the fitness level needs to be high while playing T20.

The test will always be there because Test is the most beautiful across the formats. As a cricketer, we love watching and playing a Test match. If the test is there, the real cricketing skills will always be there.

Shivam Singh said:   2 years ago
In my view, T20 cricket has been beneficial to the growth of test cricket. Take the example of two test matches, Eng vs Aus 2019, Headingly, and Aus vs IND 2021, Brisbane. In the former Eng were on the verge of losing the match but it was Ben Stoke's innovative shots which at the end sealed the match for England which was otherwise considered a lost cause by even the English commentators.

In the second case, India was in the midst of injuries, it lacked its most important players like Virat Kohli, Ishant Sharma, Mohammad Shami, Jasprit Bumrah and the list goes on. But look what the youngsters who hailed from the IPL did. Washington Sundar and Shardul Thakur not only played a blinder in the 1st innings to keep India alive in the game, but it was also the fearless batting of Rishab Pant which made India breach the so-called fortress of Australian cricket, the Gabba. Not only did India win the match at a ground on which Aussies hadn't lost a test in 32 years, but they also won the hearts and minds of cricket fans all around the world. This match was regarded as a savior of test cricket, which incidentally involved players who were called "T-20 specialists".

Uday pratap singh said:   2 years ago
In some manner, T20 is killing test cricket but in other, it is not killing as we can see the bowling strength can be improved so that batsmen cannot hit the ball for a boundary from T20 but the extra innovation can harm the quality of playing test cricket like when a player or a batsmen plays T20 then they are in the mood of hitting the ball out of the ground and the crowd loved it but will test cricket our audience says we don't have that much of time to see the whole day of a test match and the patience needed by a player in test cricket lacks so both the formats of the games have their own respect and reputation. Thank you.

Lokesh said:   3 years ago
This let player to perform under very pressure situation of the game. So they can improve mentally as well as technically. But on the other side it's testing the patience of the players when they play test cricket. Nowadays very few test matches ended as draw compare to when t20 cricket was not in introduced.

Biswajeet said:   3 years ago
Currently, we all like the T20 format of cricket because now all our citizens don't have the patience to watch long term cricket. So, T20 is trending as compared to other formats. So, it doesn't mean like that. It isn't killing Real cricketing skills. It improves the skills of players in the limited formats. It gives chance to the players to prove them in the short format. It isn't like against the cricketing skills.

Swastik Singhal said:   4 years ago
Well everything has its pros and cons. If we look in financial terms then t20 has contributed a lot and given platform to lot many young talents. But actually, in t20 cricket, bowlers are not worried about their speed, line and length, for example - many times bowlers get wickets on loose deliveries also and so they didn't improve themselves and had to suffer in test and Odis, as we can see in the case if West Indies.

Kuldeep said:   4 years ago
In my opinion, T20 is not killing cricket because players are getting platform, money and grooming chance with senior players. It is also increasing the popularity of the game. IN India IPL has become the festival of cricket, this is helping the younger player to achieve their goal.

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