Is T20 Cricket killing Real Cricketing Skills?

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Sandeep goud said:   1 month ago
T20 cricket has altered the dynamics of the game, emphasizing power-hitting and aggressive bowling. However, it also requires different skill sets, like improvisation and adaptability.

So, while it may be changing the traditional aspects of the game, it's not necessarily killing skill but rather evolving it.

Nagesh kalgond said:   3 months ago
The impact of T20 cricket on traditional cricketing skills is a topic of debate among cricket enthusiasts. Here's a breakdown:

1. Batting Skills: T20 cricket emphasizes aggressive and innovative batting techniques, such as power-hitting and improvised shots. While this can enhance a player's ability to score quickly, it might also lead to a decline in the development of classical batting skills like patience, shot selection, and building an inning.

2. Bowling Skills: In T20 cricket, bowlers often focus on variations and mastering death bowling to contain runs. This may reduce their emphasis on developing traditional skills like swing, seam movement, and spin variations. Fast bowlers, in particular, may prioritize pace over swing or accuracy.

3. Fielding Skills: T20 cricket has elevated fielding standards with an emphasis on athleticism and agility. Players are expected to be agile, quick, and adept at boundary fielding. While this enhances overall fielding standards, it may overshadow the importance of traditional skills like slip-catching and close-in fielding.

4. Mental Toughness: T20 cricket's fast-paced nature demands quick decision-making and adaptability. However, it may not necessarily cultivate the same level of mental toughness required for longer formats where patience and concentration are crucial.

5. Overall Impact: While T20 cricket has undoubtedly transformed the game with its entertainment value and global appeal, concerns persist about its potential to overshadow traditional formats. However, many argue that T20 cricket's innovations can complement rather than undermine traditional skills, as evidenced by players who excel across all formats.

In essence, while T20 cricket may alter the emphasis on certain skills, it's a part of cricket's evolution rather than a wholesale detriment to traditional cricketing abilities. Adaptability and balance between formats are key for players and cricket as a whole to thrive.

Dheeraj shivkumar jaiswal said:   4 months ago
T20 cricket most popular fun in comparison to a test match. Most of the people at this time want fun with time limited in this situation t 20 matches is the best option for them. Test matches is also fun for those who want to take more time to watch a cricket match. In T20 match players have to show their talent in a short time. In this situation, they are better prepared for playing cricket.

Dheeraj shivkumar jaiswal said:   4 months ago
T20 cricket most popular fun in comparison of a test match. Most of the people at this time want fun with time limited in this situation t 20 matches is the best option for them. Test match is also fun for those who really want to take more time to watch a cricket match. In T20 match players have to show their talent in a short time. In this situation, they are better prepared for playing cricket.

Nishant said:   5 months ago
Hello everybody.

According to me, yes, T20 cricket is killing some sort of skills in a certain way.

For example; test cricket is the real test of a cricket player. In the t20 cricket format, the player's mindset is he has to hit more boundaries and more runs, so he uses his physical strength more. He has to swing the bat with force like on every 2-3 balls. If it connects well then he gets runs but if not then he may out.

But in test cricket, a player is checked by his temperament. He has to bat in uneven conditions. He needs to learn when he has to show aggression and when he has to calm himself. Test cricket also teaches life lessons like one should have to try and try to get successful (from a bowler's point of view, to get wicket he has to hit lengths and the right areas regularly). Same from other end one should have to defend and stay calm in certain situations.

But in today's generation, people have not enough time. Today's generation does have not much time to watch 2-3 hours of videos or movies so they tend more towards reels and short videos. In the same sense, people have no time to watch 5 day long test match so they are more attracted to t20 cricket. Test Match is like that very good movie and t20 is like short videos and reels that sometimes do not make sense but entertaining.

Have a good day.

Rushikesh said:   6 months ago
Hello, everyone!

T20 cricket is one of the formats of cricket that provides a platform for numerous young players to showcase their talent.

It is a reality that many cricket leagues are organized by countries, such as the IPL (Indian Premier League) and BBL (Big Bash League).

These leagues not only give opportunities to emerging players but also contribute significantly to the global popularity of the sport. T20 cricket is known for its fast-paced and entertaining nature, making it a favorite among fans worldwide. The success of these leagues has not only strengthened the foundation of T20 cricket but has also played a crucial role in shaping the future of the sport by nurturing young talents and providing them with the exposure they need to excel on the international stage.

Vignesh pavan said:   7 months ago
So the answer is purely based on my point of view on this topic.

Cricket is nothing but a pure gentlemen's game and also requires class and technique to succeed. If you want to know what cricket is, just be patient for a while and watch test cricket. The reason I am saying to watch test cricket is the real cricket is in test cricket as to play test format, the players need to have patience, stamina, skill, class, and pressure handling. And many more. Test cricket can be boring for many but the real taste of cricket is in test cricket. T20 matches indeed kill the class of cricket as it last much less compared to test and t20 matches roughly take 3 to 4 hours hitting is the main motive in t20 cricket whereas in test cricket, the class and the technique are showcased and its an eye-feast to watch the batsmen play pure cricketing shots like cover drive, straight drive, square cut. Etc and in t20 matches we often see sixes but they can be hit by anyone with strength cricketing shots are tough to apply like Sachin Tendulkar who's known for his classic straight drive which looks amazingly smooth and I think t20 cricket is getting more craze for its short innings and less time taken.

Kartheesh said:   11 months ago
Maybe these thoughts are correct because the T20 format cricket can be hitting but we have to take a look at the odi or test cricket like playing the short like cover drive, square drive and play the proper cricketing short in these formats but in T20 format the players mostly go for hitting to post a good total and defend it easily, but the disadvantage is when we are playing the T20 format and go for hitting and losing the wicket easily to put the lowest score that's not the good thing in T20 format.

So we have to play the T20 format like ODI first we play quickly and steadily in the powerplay and we have to take the match slow and steadily in the slog overs and finally we lookout to play the death overs and the important thing is to note it in the T20 format is death overs we lose the wicket (many) in the death overs and still looking for the highest total. This is the modern cricket T20 format.

Harsh Gandi said:   11 months ago
According to me, T20 cricket is not killing the cricketing skills, it is killing the real cricket. Talking about watching the cricket the fans aren't that much bored of watching long format cricket. In fact, recently I was watching The Ashes test between England and Australia, the stadium was full of the crowd cheering and chanting for their teams.
Long-format cricket is the purest form of cricket. We get to see the purest cricketing shots played by the batters as well as when the bowler bowls the new ball the batter feels like hell.
Now talking about T20 cricket, yes it gives chances to the younger players to showcase their skills.

The real cricketing skills can be improved by playing both the T20 and long-term format but the patience of the player is determined by playing the long format cricket.

At last, to see real cricketing skills long-term format should be there and should not be disappeared.

Aanand said:   12 months ago
I think t20 cricket is an opportunity for youngsters to come and play at least 10-12 balls and score 20-24 runs. And one of my friend mentioned that, nowadays people don't have enough time due to their work and they don't watch full matches like test matches and ODI as well they just want to enjoy more in a very short period of time.

So, lastly, I want to conclude that T20 is not killing Real cricketing but it enhances the quality of the game and make it more enjoyable.

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