Is T20 Cricket killing Real Cricketing Skills?

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Dharmesh said:   9 years ago
Hi friend good evening:-

According to my point of view T20 cricket is best for newcomers. Because now days no have more time to effort or loss his time in front of television or on mobile. T20 cricket declared result earlier and also a lot of entertainment and money is available in large amount. But we compare about T20 cricket to one day cricket there is not enough time to analyse the batsman or bowler in T20 cricket because it can possible one player cannot analyse within a match but one day cricket is one of the cricket is to analyse who is best batsman or bowler (one day player can perform well in T20 but there is no chance of T20 player can perform in one day because there is need of defense and they can be not well defenser. ).

Whatever any reason but T20 is the best because of only one reason is that. It will not takes more time and it is full of entertainment for public.

Rakesh said:   9 years ago
According to me T20 is the real game to show the talents for the newcomers. T20 is not killing the real cricket skill. In t20 we can able to find the best players. Each and every one like t20 tournament in cricket and also there are people who like's test matches. Test match is use to find the player's stamina. All the test match's will not give the result. But in t20 there are only one percent of matches only will not give the result. Every ball we will have surprise in t20. T20 is a entertainment for the people who likes that.

Kanhaiya said:   9 years ago
T20 cricket is the format of cricket where you show your talent and today it is the most favourite format of cricket. I think T20 cricket not killing real cricketing skills because every player is free to play any format of cricket. Its all depend on player to play long in which format. T20 gives a numbers of talented player like AB de villiers, almost every player from west indies cricket team, Aaron finch, Mccullum, Dhoni, Yuvraj etc. So, it is not right that T20 cricket killing real cricketing skills.

Reshma said:   9 years ago
I think T20 is the best chance to show their talent for new players. There is no effect of T20 and ODI cricket. We see a real cricket in T20 matches. Cricket lovers are enjoy to see T20 matches in this busy life. This is a good platform for young players and also for failure cricketers. The players has a opportunity to show all their skills. I am not criticize other formats. Finally I am telling is each game has it own speciality. The players are trying to show all their skills in all formats. A real professional cricketer dedicate all his life to the game whatever the format is like SACHIN TENDULKAR and M.S.DHONI.

Sandeep Sahu said:   9 years ago
Hello friends,

Since in T20 things change very quickly, it forces players to not to become complacent in good situations which is the most important skill in cricket. Also, it requires high agility and fitness and so many young players are improving their fitness. Virat, De Villiers, Dhoni have some extraordinary skills.

But the sad part is, it is a bit in the favour of batsmen so bowlers are now trying to be economical than attacking. But mature bowlers are developing new skills to tackle both problems examples are Malinga, Steyn, Broad.

Sneha Roy said:   9 years ago
Hi everyone, as it stands in India Cricket is taken as only entertainment. T20 is the form of cricket that provide entertainment but it cannot bring in talent for India. If we see players 10 to 15 years back we will find that they used to play county crickets but now IPL is the only place where young players play before they play for India. T20 is just a 20 over game and anything can happen in 20 overs. To play test cricket talent and skill is needed and above that patient is needed. Indian players are in a hurry even when they play test and that is the main reason that they are not able to bat even for 90 overs. If this continues Indian cricket might have to suffer a lot.

Navneet kishor said:   9 years ago
Good afternoon to everyone.

Myself Navneet. Its a great pleasure to me that we are here to discuss the topic "is T20 affect the real cricket skill". I think T20 really affected the real cricket.

Because in T20 THE GAME IS ONLY OF 20 OVERS so players wants to six and four on every ball and in this format it does not matter that how batsman make a run.

It doesn't matter whether batsman has classical skill or not.

In other formats like test cricket the batsman who has better classical skill perform better.

Karun said:   9 years ago
Actually T20 don't kill the skills of cricketers, It provides them some additional skills such as maintaining the run rate, not choking under pressure and to hit sixes and fours in every ball you must have skill.

Anish said:   8 years ago
From my point of view, T-20 affects the real cricket game because they want to hit six on each ball. They don't use the real way to face the different types of ball and also the good bowlers have very less spell.

Pratyush Mitra said:   8 years ago
Basic purpose of a sport is to entertain people. So IPL has fulfilled it's part of entertaining people. But the cash rich nature of the tournament makes it mired with controversies regarding spot fixing.

So, I think that, if IPL is conducted with greater scrutiny it will be a win-win situation for both cricket lovers and new talents, who get recognised due to IPL.

All said it also takes a great deal of talent & composure in hitting sixes and fours within limited overs.

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