Is T20 Cricket killing Real Cricketing Skills?

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Saransh said:   4 years ago
No, T20 cricket is not killing real cricket skills. First of all the real cricket means the test match format which is played for 5 days. I agree to the point that it totally differs from t20 cricket as in test cricket you need to play defensive, with patience and have to play a long inning to support your team and T20 cricket is a short format requiring big shots and fast playing. I think t20 develops good bowling skills for the Odi's and test as bowling in the death overs and not giving more runs will make your bowling good and make it more and better. So, overall it is not killing real cricket skills but is also a good format to develop your bowling and batting skills.

Naveena D said:   4 years ago
Good morning Friends,

According to me, Cricket is main sport event in India and other countries. Cricketers are learn many things from the T20 matches. It will be useful for exploring their skills in T20. It is used to express in world cup matches. It is useful learning small things in T20 matches. That will express in world level matches. So, T20 is main part in cricketers life.

Thank You.

Jansan said:   4 years ago
T20 cricket helps in improvement of young talent in a rapid manner. So it teaches players to adopt to situation as fast as he/she can. Yes some of the skills are missing in T20 as its the shorter version Like patience and playing defensive, playing long innings. But its simple you can not get every vitamin and protein in a single dish. To get all you have to eat different dish. So what I think T20 is not killing any skill its just helping in learning some fascinating skills.

Mathews Ignatius said:   4 years ago
This question itself is not correct. Because the one who watches the game of cricket will surely know that it's not killing the real cricketing skills. While analayzing the question, we should interpret the term REAL. What actually is REAL cricketing skills. Are there are some skills which is considered as real and some other is unreal. There is no such differentiation. Every skill is real in its purest form. T20 s has contributed a large extend for the invention of new skills like dilscope, switch hit. These are unconventional way of scoring runs but they can be considered as a skill. When batsman tries to score runs they take different Methods which not only makes the crowd entertained but also makes the batsman to do something out of the he box. In earlier days test cricket is considered as the most difficult form of cricket. But now it's T20. The one who can adapt to the situations rapidly can survive. So as a conclusion note T20 are not killing the real cricketing skills it actually invokes the real talent in the players.

Sonu said:   4 years ago
In my point of view, t20 cricket is a great revalution in cricket but there some negative aspect of t20 cricket like player loss their temprament and test cricket is all about temprent game.

Ganesh king said:   5 years ago
Cricket is always like a Reason for mind fresh and relaxing. Most people liked cricket.

Allwin Raj said:   5 years ago
In my opinion, The t20 cricket will improve the skills of players, and they have to show their talents in short durations.

Nagamadhu said:   5 years ago
T20 cricket is one of the best formats for player improving the skills quickly and takes a decision shortly. T20 cricket is not killing the real cricket skills and also improving the batting skills. This format is player shorts full 360 degrees. Most of the thing improving skills with the t20 format is better than ODI and test format. The test format is improving stamina of batsman and fitness. ODI format is a little bit better than test, in ODI format improving batting and more for bowling skills. Finally, I say t20 is not killing the cricket and know the strength of batsman and new batting styles are improved.

Soumya Ranjan Padhy said:   5 years ago
Hi all.

We even don't think that t20 cricket is dominating now everywhere because Test cricket and limit over Cricket have their respect as well. In Test cricket format you have to deliver your patience, skills, able to score big. Test Cricket is not only defined you but it teaching you about your patience, skills, etc.

Yes, Nowadays we are very much addict to the T20 format game or mostly called the 360-degree game, But it doesn't decrease that 2 level and enhance the skills and how to score. It not good for bowlers and they have to be the best in all formats and here you have to be perfect under any circumstances.

Piyush kumar said:   5 years ago
NO, Through T20 cricket many youngsters start dreaming to play for national team. As IPL is a big platform to be creative. Players like RAVICHANDRAN ASWIN, SURESH RAINA are one of the best examples.

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