Is Social Media Actually Connecting People?

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Dinesh Goverthanan said:   4 days ago
Hello all, Thanks for this opportunity.

Here I am discussing about social media is actually connecting. In this generation, people are mostly using social media for entertainment and also some using to earn income so, all of them are connected to each other.

For example, I am using Instagram I used to watch reels and stories daily. I followed family and friends' activities through stories and posts. I can keep in Touch with my old friends through social media Wherever I lose my phone number or change home I can me in touch with them and I can stay connected with them even if I'm in a foreign.

Thank You.

Shivi said:   5 days ago
Everything has its Pro's and Cons. It depends on you how you use it. People use social media for business and entertainment purposes. People earn a huge amount through Instagram, and Facebook. Social media connects people worldwide if you are away from your family, friends, etc. We can take an example -Students study through YouTube or other platforms rather than physical classes

JATIN SAPRA said:   2 weeks ago
Hello everyone.

I'm Jatin Sapra thanks for giving me an opportunity to share my thoughts on social media.

Social media plays an important role in our lives. Nowadays we commonly use social media sites and apps like YouTube, Instagram, Linked In, and Facebook for sharing information communicating with each other, and chatting with relatives, family, and friends.

But anything access in life is poison and social media is the same as this. There are chances of cyber crimes.

Our information and data should be hacked so we should take care of data breaches.

Everything has pros and cons.

It depends on how we use it. Social media has good or bad effects. It depends on you how we use it?

thank you.

Niks said:   4 weeks ago
Social media plays an important role in our lives. It connects all over the world through apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

With the help of social, we connect with our friends, family members, and relatives.

But anything excess in life is poison and the same thing goes for social media.

So we are aware of the limitations of using social media.

There are chances of cyber crimes,

Our information and data can be hacked. So we should be aware while using social media.

I think social media is good as well as bad, it depends on how you use Social media.

Kajal Kushwaha said:   4 weeks ago
I firmly believe that social media is connecting people. Social Media has allowed us to connect to our loved ones, whether they are far or near. Parents can always know well well-being and safety of their children through video calls and other social media apps. We can make others feel our presence through just a message.

Social media is helping job seekers connect to recruiters. Because of the connections, recruiters can hire people from different parts of the country. Some apps allow us to help needy people which is an act of humanity. We have seen a live example during the COVID pandemic.

Social media is not only connecting members of the family but also has given us the path to reach our idols, artists, and politicians. We can see how a hashtag on Twitter can bring everybody's attention.

However, we see some negative influences of social media also but it is the user's responsibility to explore the good side of social media.

Padmasri chinthanaboina said:   1 month ago
Hello everyone.

This is Padmasri.

I want to share my thoughts on social media with you. Yes, social media connects the people.

Nowadays, people love to communicate with others who are far away it's a good thing to chat and speak with others through social media, but people forget to speak with the people who are around them. Children instead of playing with friends, they are chatting with others who they don't know. People stopped caring about persons who are around them. Because of this relationships become weak. Social networking is important but it has limits.

Lokendranath said:   1 month ago
I am Lokendranath.

Yes, social media connects people.

As per recent studies, we all know that Facebook stands on the top-used app. Most of the people spend their time on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. Etc. They find information related to mindset, long-lost friends and relatives. They indirectly know about their progression in their day-to-day lifestyle.

Most of the businessman uses Facebook for their product advertisement.

Shafiya said:   1 month ago
Social media actually connects people. Yes, it's true because wherever we are we can able to access them or find them through social media. There are lot of applications where people can connect with each other like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

There are many advantages and disadvantages. People can connect with strangers, so people get attracted towards them through applications. There might be a risk as the information provided by them might be fake. Some connections can take you to a place that is like a milestone in your life. People can explore their talent through social media and they can achieve their goals and find their best opportunities through social media. Through social media connections and interactions, they can understand other people's cultures and other new things. By social media, we can find childhood friends by their name so that they can cherish olden days memories and build connections more.

Imandi Swathi said:   1 month ago
Yes, Social media is connecting people in today's world. It helps to the business people with their promotions and many professional connections to individuals through Linkedin and connecting friends through Instagram and Facebook.

Amisha Chowdhury said:   1 month ago
Yes, Social media plays a very important role in connecting people. We can connect to our long-lost friends, relatives, collegues through many social media platforms like facebook, instagram, whatsapp etc. Social media also helps people who are in need of anything and can post by writing in any platform so that many people can help them out. It also helps in businesses for marketing their products through social media so that they can reach out to as many people as possible. It helps in educating young minds through recent news, current affairs and many other information.

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