Is Social Media Actually Connecting People?

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Nigar Ayubi said: (Jul 2, 2022)  
According to me, yes social media is connecting people.

But now, it has become a medium to show off people are just doing stuff to improve their social media presence.

Actually, there are both advantages as you know, it is all depending on you how many times you use social media and how can we use it and how it will be helpful for us that's all depends on you.

Thank you so much for giving me this golden opportunity.

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Kiran Kulkarni said: (Apr 22, 2022)  
Hello everyone,

Social media plays a very important role in connecting people. It is a powerful installation where in just within few secs, A man who is poor but is a smart and hard worker will grow up as a rich and on the other hand the person who is rich and is involved in malfunction n all will be completely suppressed and demolished this is what the power of social media.


> it plays a very crucial advantage role in gaining the knowledge, updates in news, etc.
> strangers will get connected and can play a very imp role in users' life.
> a platform for skill showcase and skill development.
>FB, WhatsApp, etc. Such apps make people to get together in the form of groups, or individuals.
>it can be the best option for the donation for whoever is in need.


> Actually social media itself tells us that it connects people socially, but it actually is making a reduction in family bonding. Where the person addicted to social media is wasting a lot of time, if they could give enough time for his family and they're loved once, he can lead a beautiful life.

> usually fake id's are used to malfuncation, blackmail, etc. Therefore cyber security has to be updated.

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Felix said: (Mar 12, 2022)  
Yeah, I think social media is really connecting people and it has increased in the last 2 years thanks to Corona virus.

We had lockdown and we meet new people through social media like Instagram, YouTube.

And I even some friends with the help of social media. In the social media age, your religion, country and blah blah doesn't matter so you can connect with so many people on social media.

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Shubhanjali said: (Feb 21, 2022)  
According to me, yes social media is connecting people who are far from us. There are both advantages and disadvantages. It totally depends upon you how we use social media in our life. We can't blame this plate for wasting our time. We should change our thoughts about social media so anything which we do within the limit is always beneficial for us. But if you talk about disadvantages then it connects us to the world but as well as increasing distance from our family.

Thanks for giving me the chance to say something about social media.

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R.Akshay said: (Jan 31, 2022)  
It is connecting us and social Media is connecting the people those who stay far. But this helps the people to share their thoughts, ideas and information to a public issue. All we need to do is that just stop blaming social media for the damages rather start changing our way of using it.

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Vikas said: (Oct 22, 2021)  
Yeah, It is connecting the people. The main purpose of social media is that only to connect people and share information quickly. We can talk with a person who is at the other end of the world, through social media. But unfortunately, nowadays new generation kids are very much addicted to social media that they cannot spend time with their family members. And the people blindly forward the information which is coming from the other person without knowing whether it is true or false.

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Asis Kumar said: (Sep 15, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

Yes, social media is actually connecting people. And it is being a part of our life these days. But nowadays some people use it in bad ways. So, totally it depends on people that how they can it use. Today it takes a very important role in our daily life. Today government has declared to stay at home for 21 days Janta curfew due to Coronavirus covid 19. So, due to social media, we updated about Coronavirus.

Thank you.

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Gayathri said: (Sep 11, 2021)  
In my opinion, social media helps to gather people around and they unitedly helping people who are in great need. Could all of you think that without social media can we all survive through tough situations like corona, and flood? It helps to pass the message more quickly like anything else, maybe other devices would do but it's handy and spread it more quickly. It helps us to come over from the toughest situations but at the same time, the impact that this made on children is not ignorable. They've all they needed handier so they cannot much creative and it may be easy to communicate with one who's far away from you, but what about the one who's with us all day long? I think we're all missing that connection. Everything is good when we know the limits.

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Priya said: (Jul 6, 2021)  
According to me, social media is the most important thing in the current generation. Social media has connected the people. All people are used in social media, they are collecting information. We are waking up the morning first we are watching the notification of social media.

That's why social media is connected to people every second.

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Saif Ali Khan said: (May 28, 2021)  
Social media is connecting people but not in a good manner these days, because these days every one is getting communal because of the rumours in social media and this is spreading hatred in the community. Instead of spreading good news everyone is targeting the community and that will effecting the peoples and also develops hate on the mind of the peoples. So from my opinion, social media is not connecting peoples it disconnecting them because of the rumours.

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M. Selsiya said: (May 13, 2021)  
According to me, social media helps to relax our mind in stress. At the same time, some good minds also spoiled by social media. So, social media has 2 faces. It depends on how the users use this.

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Aimee V said: (Jan 12, 2021)  
Yes, I believe just like everything in today's society it has pros and cons. I believe it connects people far and close. Keeps us connected to our loved ones as well as friends. It helps with keeping us updated on what is going on in the world. All great things but on the bad side, it also puts people in danger. Our youth use it to bully which sometimes causes loss of life. It makes stalking easier. It makes getting peoples info easier causing damage at times. It makes it hard for me to say with 100 per cent that its beneficial.

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Sanket Pawar said: (Jan 2, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

Friends, as we know today social media is playing a vital role in our day to day life, this is becoming one of the fundamental need of human being and now it becomes an addiction for some people's which Will be very harmful.

According to our topic, actually social media is for connecting people but now so many People disconnecting, going in depression, getting wrong information because of social media.

Yes, there are so many advantages of social media but we are not focusing on that we are just using social media to show our self, our beauty, property etc. But we don't have time to speak with persons who really need help and if we help him we are showing this on social media, see what I have done.

So, according to my opinion, it is a virtual connection so come out from this and meet people face to face, speak with them, help them which Will give you inner piece.

Thank you.

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Govind Kumar said: (Dec 30, 2020)  
According to me, social media is connecting people but it is real fact to get the mental illness as well as wastage of time if not being used at the appropriate time.

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Avinash Arya said: (Dec 29, 2020)  
Yes, social media actually connecting the people.

Social media is a global platform from where we can share our thoughts, ideas to our friends, colleges and parents. Through social media, we can communicate all around the world and can get easily world news. In covid-19 period WhatsApp, YouTube played a vital role in the study, teacher share contents to their respective students. So I think social media is a good platform if we use it in a proper way.

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Airman Sagar said: (Dec 7, 2020)  
Hello friends!

I think that Social media has emerged as a very powerful and effective tool of communication that has converted the entire world into a global village.

But, here the topic of our discussion is that is it really connecting people. According to my opinion, yes! It is connecting people but in virtual relationships. And we are getting deep down in these relations that we have started ignoring our real relations. But the reality is that most of the virtual relationships are fake so due to these fake relations we should not neglect our actual real relations.

People these days have thousands of friends on WhatsApp, FB etc. But they don't have even a single one with them that can understand his /her friend and can help him/her when there is need of a friend.

In the age, when a son should be a friend of his father, he is busy with thousands of friends on social media.

In the form of conclusion, I would like to say that social media has definitely reduced the physical distances but has enhanced the distance between hearts. Thank you.

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Shalini Sharma said: (Nov 30, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

As everything has pros and cons social media has it too. If we talk about pros social media is indeed helpful in many ways. One of them is CONNECTING PEOPLE. It's quite easy to float messages and connect with people via social media.

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Hemalatha said: (Nov 29, 2020)  
Hi, social media is a better platform for people to know the information in the national and international level. It also updates the information within a second. How to use that is up to us everything has prons and cons we take what we need to form that. Sometimes, it gives virtual information sometimes it fake.

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Sumit said: (Nov 29, 2020)  
Hello friends,

In my opinion, social media has its pros and cons.

1) helps in marketing.
2) connecting people all around the world.
3) staring digital campaign.
4) earning money by showing their skills.
5) improving communication skill.


1) wastage of time.
2) mental and physical illness.
3) making people lazy.

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Abhimanyu Kumar said: (Nov 11, 2020)  
Let me put some light on "social media", social media is helpful. It depends on the people how they use.

Social media become a various platforms like fb, instagram, twitter etc. For connecting the people in different ways.

People say that social media is consuming the time of youth and it is waste and all but if we look bright side of the topic then yes, social media is connecting people into lives and joy every moment like posted a photo, video et.


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Vaishnav said: (Jul 28, 2020)  
It connecting but not everyone in the same way. Most of the time we use social media not only for connecting, we use for entertainment, fun, relaxation.

When we see social media as a fun place, we are losing control over it. There is not many guidelines to use it. Without any coordinates, we are diving into it. We usually not studied about social media and its consequence. Even we know about it, everyone not. Nowadays social media readily affect most young generation.

Social media connect people but on the other hand, it has so many traps which is not discussed. We usually see the filtered content on social media. We didn't know how much time it takes from us for small genuine information in social media.

In nowadays everybody has an account in it and anyone can be a content creator or something on social media. Yes, there is a possibility, but not for everyone. Trends never talk about your loss. It always praises the winner, after that new trends will come.

Nowadays social media is a platform of psychology. Most of them don't need to stick with you. Chat is nit mean to come from heart, its maybe from keyboard and skills. Most people know but not aware.

So, I think is social media will help you in various ways but there is not much guaranty. Use it as a helper to help you, became your is not to make it happy. Think twice before you leap into any decision, you should think if it really matter.

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Parthana said: (Jul 3, 2020)  
In my view, yes somehow it is connecting people but also distancing relationship with near one.

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Munny said: (May 9, 2020)  
In my opinion, social media is helpful and harmful. It means, It depends on the people how they use.

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Ankush said: (Apr 25, 2020)  
NO, Nowadays overall our whole youth generation is using social media. This is like changing generations, Whenever generation changes it made a change between our generation and the last generation. But now social media is not a change it is an evolution.

It is changing people's behavior, their living, thinking, and almost everything. People are feeling more connected over social media rather than people around them. In the future, it will cause a big problem.

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Radhika said: (Mar 31, 2020)  
Yes, no doubt about it is that social media connect people but it matters that how it connecting by virtually or by heart relation. Nowadays, social media is a weapon for a person where they can express their views independently. We can get contact with our long last friends. As contrast people are so busy in social media as they are ignoring their real relation as a result when he/she needs a friend in tough situation there is no one with him/her to vent feelings. Apps used to connect with people depend on person to person if one is choosing someone as close//friend then one should be careful before this as it is online you have not surety about that person that he/she wants your good/bad.

As conclusion want to say that definitely social media connect people but paralleling people are losing real ones as well.

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Sanjana Sahu said: (Mar 28, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

Yes, social media is actually connecting people. And it is being a part of our life in these days. But nowadays some people use it in bad ways. So totally it depends on people that how they can it use. Today it takes a very important role in our daily life. Today government has declared to stay at home for 21 days janta curfew due to Corona virus covid 19. So due to social media we updated about Corona virus.

Thank you.

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Sangeeta said: (Jan 20, 2020)  
In my opinion it depends on the way we use it, i.e. for the betterment or for the destruction.

Following are the few pros:

1) With the help of various social media applications like fb, insta we can always be connected to our long lost friends. We can know what is happening in their lives like about their weekend plans, places they are travelling to, etc through their stories and posts. This gives us a sense of connection with them.

2) Social media has now become a powerful tool to express our thoughts. Twitter has proved to be an excellent platform for the same. For eg. If we find something wrong happening around us like the police officers misbehaving, taking a bribe or something like that we can just take the video of the same and post it, it may become viral in very less time and quick action against the wrong can be taken.

3) Various platforms like Linkedin have proved to be an excellent way of connecting to professional people and increasing networking. This will in long run help in searching of jobs, gaining knowledge, interacting with the people having the same or similar qualification.

4) Social media provides a platform to content creators to share their content like memers to share their memes, poets to share their poetry and shayaris. These people try their best to connect to their current followers and increase the same.

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Sakshi said: (Jan 10, 2020)  
According to me every term has it's own pros and cons and here social media have also.

At one point, social media is connecting people by Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. With the help of social media, people can easily connect to each other whether they are far away from them and can talk for hours and also we can get daily updates on social media we need not to use new apps and by this people become broad-minded.

But on other hand, people use for the negative way also social media is connecting people only on many virtual ones people forget to go out talk with someone they become far from the limited real ones and it has many negatives ways but it depends on people how they take it and apply on them.

Thank you!

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Shivam Sharma said: (Jan 6, 2020)  
Good morning all of you.

In my opinion,

Yes, social media really connecting us. Now we can talk with anyone in this world no need to go here and there. It all just possible by the internet. But most of the people using social media very badly like bullying, cybercrime, blackmail, sharing other personal photos, hacking personal details etc. So, social media is good as well as bad just like a coin has two sides. It is up to us how do we use it, that can be for betterment or destruction.

In short, I can say that yes, social media really connecting us, example the early time I was not able to talk with my villagers and my friends but now with the use of social media I can talk with them easily. We must use social media for our betterment, not for destruction.

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Alex said: (Jan 3, 2020)  
According to me, Social media has become a huge platform for connecting the people in different ways. It has definitely created a huge change in our lives and today there is no human being who doesn't depend on social media. Starting from our breakfast routine to going back to the bed, each and every activity of ours is being posted on social media. In fact these days, we don't even need a news channel or a radio to be updated to the daily news. That's only because, each and every thing happening in the society is being posted and it requires very less time to become viral. It has helped us in all the ways it can. But we have to make sure, we do not forget our own people going mad for these online websites.

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Rakesh Kumar said: (Nov 17, 2019)  
According to my point of view,

Do we really need these social websites to interact with the people we love? What about that love, care, and concern that we used to show before, meeting face to face? Social media can never take that place of personal interactions. It is not that they are not good at all, they definitely help us to remain connected with people, but the increased involvement of social media in life is somewhere making us forget about the warmth and love of real-life connections.

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Bhoomi said: (Nov 15, 2019)  
Social media has become a very important part of everyone's lives. It is quite helpful to the adults nowadays. As nobody is really interested in reading the news papers but when the news is spread through social media each one of them reads about it and it helps them know what is actually going on. Also, They can connect to their close one's staying away from them through social media and can share each others lives through it. But simultaneously, it is harmful for the now growing kids as they tend to spend more time on social media than actually meeting people or friends around them. The kids do not want to actually go out and play games but rather spend time in social media by uploading content. This could be leading to connections online only for the sake of having a connection. Because, Children miss out on the real fun in the outside world.

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Pooja Kumari said: (Oct 30, 2019)  
Social Media is one of the fastest and convenient ways of communication. As we all know that everything has a good and evil side. Using this platform people can raise their voice against a lot of things. We all know that the #metoo campaign was also started at these sites which was a great step towards women empowerment.

Where the women can freely speak about the harassment. It has many advantages like we get news about what is happening around the world. We often don't get a chance to meet friends and family who are staying far away or abroad but, we can stay connected with them through social sites like Facebook or Instagram. Our government is also planning to make digital India.

But, I believe without social media it will not be possible to make digital India. But, some people are addicated to social sites by posting their photos and unlikely stuff. Some people use social sites for their carrier and for the job purpose.

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Ajay Kumar said: (Oct 24, 2019)  
In my opinion, now days Social media is very important by which we can communicate with each other. And in this modern world, it has occupied separate time and space in our life. Social media is a group of applications or websites where we can share our thoughts and other important information in few time.

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Shivika said: (Oct 1, 2019)  
It actually doesn't. We ourselves indulge in scrolling down the phone screens, thus forget to converse with our neighbor ones. Here we lack connectivity in our real life. Though we get lot many friends in social media it won't help us in real life, thus people should live in reality rather searching friends in online.

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Manish said: (Sep 7, 2019)  
Hello friends,

Social media does connect to people in all the ways irrespective of where you live geographically provided you have an internet connection.

Social media is an excellent platform to everyone as there is no question of reservation and also there is equality to everyone.

The thing is people should utilize in a proper manner and also have a limit on everything they do online but instead people are misusing and misleading everything in all possible ways.

So social media is actually not connecting to people instead it is distracting their lives from the real-life which is not a good thing and probably affect their future in certain ways.

If we use social media in a proper way not getting distracted and taking all resources which are being provided online for improvising our lives then it would be fine.

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Rabup said: (Sep 5, 2019)  
Hello friends.

In my opinion, social media is a good tool for communication but not a good tool for a human soul-satisfying connection. You think yourself what gives you more happiness real face to face meet up with your old buddy or a connection with him through social media, ofcourse, the answer would be the first one for the majority. In an era when group activity has been replaced by group chats, meetups replaced by skype calling we have lost the art of making the connection. Take the commmon example at a waiting place all are busy with their phones so making us disconnected. We also cannnot verify the genuineness of virtual communication so it can never replace the trust we have in face to face communication.

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Ayushi Mathur said: (Sep 3, 2019)  
Hi, Nowadays social media has become an integral part of every human being irrespective of the age group.

It has given us the freedom to contribute our ideas and thoughts in an open platform wherever everyone can hear us. So it definitely helps us connect people who are far from us. Extroverts become introverts on this platform as it gives everyone an equal voice to share their thoughts.

Human being has a tendency to show what they like and social media helped them to reach to large no. Of people with whom they want to share anything, it could be pictures, poems, blogs, even thought about what they are feeling, what they are doing currently and they seek for.

But at the same time meeting people over social media has made people insensitive and about the actual physical thing. Getting addicted to social media tools becomes a boon for the word 'connecting' as you're going far far away from people who are actually close to you. You don't have time for your family because you're too busy posting updates on social media for few who know you and for total strangers.

In the end, I would like to conclude that there should be maintained some limit on the usage of social media. Get connected keeping in mind there is your family and real friends waiting for you out there to have a real conversation face to face.

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Abhishek said: (Aug 27, 2019)  
No, I don't think so.

Social media is connecting people from all around the world but it's not an actual connection. Today, we like to meet new peoples on social media but it is not possible to know how is he or she in actual, it is possible they want to take our advantage or can be criminal.

Social media connect people but it is taking us far from our parents, friends, relatives. We like to meet new people but we haven't enough time to spend time with our family.

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Praveen S said: (Jul 22, 2019)  
Social media is definitely connecting people but in a very different manner.

In this fast pace moving world, we generally left people behind us, but when we came across them through a social platform, it makes us feel elated and brings us a glimpse of memories we had made with them. But does it really mean we are connected to that person or hundred of friends like him? It is merely a connection I would rather signify it as a virtual connection which fades away with time.

But we all know that social media has brought us lots of friends not to our home but to our smartphone. We all left our friends or acquaintances when we move from one phase to another phase of life, and somehow due to the busyness of life we forgot them but this social media is making available that person into your life once again which we left behind.

People say that social media is consuming the time of youth and it is waste and all but if we all look to the brighter side of the topic then yes, social media is connecting people into our lives. How we use social media into our life is totally depends upon us we can't blame this platform for wasting our time.

Thank you.

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Sp Thakur said: (Jul 17, 2019)  
Hello everyone.

In my point of view, social media make people as less social. People are connected virtually to each for many apps like WhatsApp, FB, Instagram but they lose their real relationship. Every thing as two thought positive and negative. If we use social media as an improvement like students take an online course and learn new thinks put the question and get the query. And other students who waste there time to enjoy as social media sites like online games pubg, tiktok and waste a lot of time. We conclude social media reduce the distance which far for her but at same time they increase the distance which is near for her. So my advice is that people try to use social media as an improvement, not as a destructor.

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Pankaj said: (Jul 3, 2019)  
Hello friends!

I think that Social media has emerged as a very powerful and effective tool of communication that has converted the entire world into a global village.

But here the topic of our discussion is that is it really connecting people. According to my opinion, yes! It is connecting people but in virtual relationships. And we are getting deep down in these relations that we have started ignoring our real relations. But the reality is that most of the virtual relationships are fake so due to these fake relations we should not neglect our actual real relations.

People these days have thousands of friends on WhatsApp, FB etc. But they don't have even a single one with them that can understand his /her friend and can help him/her when there is need of a friend.

In the age, when a son should be a friend of his father, he is busy with thousands of friends on social media.

In the form of conclusion, I would like to say that social media has definitely reduced the physical distances but has enhanced the distance between hearts.

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Siri said: (Jun 9, 2019)  
I think social media is actually connecting and at the same time disconnecting people. In fact, it is connected to the people who are miles away from us and disconnecting to the people in our close vicinity. We can't enjoy the present moment just because we want to capture the moment and post in on social media. Till now I didn't use social media and I never faced any kind lack of important information. With Google in my hand, I don't think I would miss out my important information. Social media is killing time. The average person is spending at least 2 hours on social media. Instead, he can invest the same time in focussing on his goals. There is no room for habits like book reading, spending time with loved ones after the advent of social media. Lack of attention to our loved ones because of indulging in social media is deteriorating human relations. Social media is also responsible for aggression, envy, etc. When your friend posts a pic for hers and gets a good number of likes, even you want to post your pic. Firstly it wastes your time. Secondly, in case you don't get a good number of likes, you start feeling bad about your looks. It's not letting you be happy with what you have. Fake news has become quite a part of our vocabulary. People just believe what they see in social media and believe it's true. There are cases where people took extreme steps and lost their lives. Radicalisation through social media is increasing terrorism, which is a global threat. Young minds are being filled with hatred on their own nation and as a result, terrorist networking is increasing.

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Prafull Kolhe said: (Jun 6, 2019)  
Thanks for giving the chance to speaking on the topic of social media.

Today we have use social media for share our thoughts and provide the important information to the people. Social media is the best tools for connecting people.

Many people has advertising their products on social media and elections candidate also use the social media for election advertising.

As per my opinion, social media is not bad for us because social media is provide good or bad information it is the only depend on us which information should be choose.

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Manas said: (Jun 4, 2019)  
I think yes, Social media is actually connecting people. Because it is an only way to connect with our friends who are far away from us. And in case when you live far from your family the social media provides you to connect with them because previously your family is not able to see you how you sustain your life. But by the social media they can and you also see them.

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Mansi said: (May 3, 2019)  
Yes, it is. I think that it is the best platform to share our information and a means to connect with more and more people. It gives information that what currently happening in the world in short it is updating us.

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Prakhar Gupta said: (Apr 10, 2019)  
In my point of view, there are both advantage and disadvantages of social media. But it depends on us how we use social media. Stop blaming social media. We should change thought about social media so anything which we do in limit is always beneficial for us. But if you talk about disadvantages then it connects us to the world but as well as increasing distance from our family. Thank you.

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Thepubizo Nyekha said: (Mar 31, 2019)  
As everything in this world has two faces, so it's our choice whether we will connect or isolates from each other.

No doubt, social media help us to connect people who are far from us and whoever we can't meet physically but this connection has less value because, once we are connected with strangers in media we leave our relative, our real friend and our families behind.

In today's life, we spend most of our time in social media with strangers and we don't have time to communicate with our friends and our families to whom we can share our feelings. And whenever we feel sad, feel bored and feel hopeless we share our personal problem through social media with strangers. I don't mean that we should keep ourself separate from strangers but we also should remember our relatives whenever we deal with strangers.

As we all know, to make everyone happy is not possible but if we do remember both our families and our friend, that will be a great achievement in our life.

Thank you all.

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Prasanna M said: (Mar 22, 2019)  
Hello, everyone.

According to me, social media connecting people. Yes, nowadays social media playing a vital role in all life because every day we can exchange information in social network it helps me to acquire knowledge and helps to connect and share information quickly nowadays social media like a blood for so many business firm because the advertising their products in the social network quickly it helps to create competition in the market for their products nowadays customer is more addicted to online purchase because lack of time they are not going ask products information in retail stores because of this reasons these days social media playing vital not only in personal lives but also in professional lives.

Thank you.

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Renuka said: (Mar 13, 2019)  
Social media is (good or bad) depends on the user but its ultimate aim is to connect with people sharing news and developing the technology we people are misusing it so it's usage depends on us.

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Saurabh Kumar said: (Mar 3, 2019)  
Hello everyone,

According to me, social media is connecting the people but virtually. We spend lots of time on social media that results in make distance from our parents and spend our life with silence. We have been so busy in life using social networking site like facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc so that our interest of talk to parents and also the nearby person is day by day is decreasing. Also, we spend 90 per cent of our time with text the message. So social media is disconnecting the people.

Thank you.

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Sailakshmi said: (Feb 16, 2019)  
Social media connects the people if one news happens we spread the social media we can share to all friends and dicuss what are solutions required how to solve these.

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Mukkaiya Jerome said: (Jan 24, 2019)  
Social Media helps to connect the people in anywhere at any time. Social Media is (good or bad).

It's about the users. It helps that passes the information to all in the fracture of seconds. By Social Media, the people are faster and growing to the high level. But in Social Media, the news are being in sometimes fake by not secure. Media's only thing is to give a best and good repones to all public.


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Subrat said: (Jan 20, 2019)  

My name is Subrat and hope you all are doing well. No doubt Social media helps to connecting people.

But everything has a limit, now youth are so busy with social media in posting, sharing, uploading photos etc even if there is no time to talk with their parents that is the point.

My view is that social media helps to connect people who are far from us but at the same time it also helps to increase the distance from nears.

There is so many benefits of social media in terms of helping someone, gain knowledge from any valuable post etc. But if we maintain the time spending with social media that would be beneficial for both far friends and closer one (parents). THANK you.

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Gopika said: (Dec 28, 2018)  
Hi friends.

Yeah, undoubtedly it is wiping out the distance and connecting people. We can reach out anyone from anywhere and share things with lots of people without many efforts. It can also create a good platform for many talented people and make them glorified. On the other hand excess usage and its addiction results in loss of our valuable time. Nowadays Sharing everything in social media also leading lots of crimes. In some cases, it's making every relation a materialistic one in greed of likes and loves. It's in our hand to use it in the right way by think before we share anything in it.

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Ayushi Rathore said: (Dec 6, 2018)  
According to me, we have seen that by social media we all are connected to each other but inside us we feel alone. We have 1000 friend list in our account but whenever we need just only one friend we have none. So it is seen that social media is connecting us to many people but actually it pushes us to loneliness in today's world.

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Jincy said: (Nov 21, 2018)  
When talking about social media it has both pros and cons. Talking about its pros it helps you connecting people anywhere around the world, it provides you lots of information about the current events which are going all around and about its cons it makes people addictive, they start their day by looking into social media tweets, wherever people go they just switch into their social media app and begin to scroll down the feed. It can be seen in home, office, bus, anywhere and they begin to compare their life with it. Which infact is not a good idea.

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Brishaketu Giri said: (Nov 16, 2018)  
Hi, I am Brishaketu

Social media connecting people. We all are welcome in that media. We all are connected to relative, friends and those are away from me and also unknown. Knowing about those, learning from their life root and also aware ours current world. But the term "actually " use because of the bad effect of this. Like excessive use, fake news & stories, unsecured personal information etc.

So, proper use of media can help us to connect to the worldwide.


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Anubhav Verma said: (Oct 29, 2018)  
Social media, yes it is right that this word makes us amuse, but the harsh reality is that in present scenario social media is not working in its pure form, as all we know that it has become a platform for playing politics for some people, indiscipline in between regions is being created by the help of social media, fake news and stories are being made by fake people and this is costing lives, moreover it has not vanished from our minds that recently Facebook is caught in stealing the data of its users so social media has become so social that it is reading our minds also.

In my opinion, the social media is not behaving correctly in present for the society and for the national peace so strict actions are needed for the upbringing of the usefulness of social media.


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Raj said: (Oct 27, 2018)  
With the help of social media we get to what is going on in the world. It has made us aware of people of different lifestyles and traditions. But because of its excessive use by the younger generation has created many problems. We lose lives in many accidents because we want to take few a selfies at places that are quite dangerous. We are keeping distance with our close friends and relatives even if we are living close to them.

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Akansha said: (Oct 23, 2018)  
A big NO.

I think social media has lost its essence, the purpose for which it was initially created. It was created so that people sitting at two different corners of the world can connect. I do agree that people do get connected through it but that connection does not have any value. Nowadays on social media, people's have thousands of friends who are just there for liking, commenting in their post nothing else. Social media is connecting people on a superficial basis that doesn't have any real connection. Even people's are having a conversation with different people who are far away from them but they are losing contact who is sitting next to them. In need of help, one would get help only from their real friends who they have met personally and not from their other facebook or Instagram friends.

Even social media can actually help us in connecting people if we use it in a limited and optimum manner rather than using it all day all night just for fun.

Thank you. Have a great day ahead.

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Aishwarya said: (Oct 17, 2018)  
According to me, social media is the path or way of connecting people, friends also we can improve our knowledge through watching videos and so many inspire speech is the good think about social media. But so many people mostly youth are addicted of snapchat they can wastage there time in scrolling the Facebook and instagram so I think social media is good also and bad too.

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Dolly said: (Oct 17, 2018)  
Yes, social media conneting people but we use propely and in good manner. Never misuse the sicial sites like make fake account and disturb your friends. So it is good for us but use in healthy way.

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Priyadharshini.R said: (Oct 14, 2018)  
Hello friends.

Is social media actually connecting people?

As everything in this world has two face. Likewise, social media connection towards people also has two faces. Yes, It connects the people worldwide. It connects the people who are in such a distance were we can't travel to meet them. So that we can mingle with different people belongs to different area, which makes us to know their lifestyle and culture. We can also get connected with professors, doctors, scientists or any professionals and make use of them to clarify our doubts. We can also get updated with things that happen worldwide. But on the other face it keeps us away from the people around us. Yes, myself suffered from this my sister who I like a lot and love to spend time will never respect my feeling when she uses social media. It really isolates from people around us. Even the healthy food if we consumed more than the level it acts as poison. Likewise, social media too. So, we have to use it in a healthy way.

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Titli said: (Oct 10, 2018)  
As per my opinion, social media is connecting new people and also connecting our family friends in an easier way but nowadays many people open the fake account in social media, for eg-fb; He/she communicate people with a bad intention. So many people who don't know the proper security they face many problems using social media.

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Soumya said: (Oct 8, 2018)  
Hi everyone.

Yes, one can say the social media like facebook, Watsapp, Snapchat are introduced to communicate with other people through the internet. But in real life we do not use it in a positive way. Many people use fake accounts to communicate with others with bad intentions. People try to compare with others to show off their social status. Nowadays people are too addicted with these social sites and ignore their daily necessary works even a five-year-old child has his account in social media. So we should not make ourselves as slaves of social media rather we should use when it is really necessary.

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Rahul Vankadari said: (Oct 3, 2018)  
Social media is a medium through which we communicate, make new friends, share our opinions on everything, criticize each other, become the keyboard warriors.

In my opinion, it is not connecting people.

Social media is good if we use it properly so it is on us how we use it for our improvement or destruction. But nowadays people are got addicted to the social media and using it in a bad way and wasting their precious time. People are using it as a medium to show their happy times by clicking the pictures and posting it on social media. Instead of connecting friends on social media people should go out and try to interact them by heart.

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Shubham T said: (Oct 2, 2018)  
In my consent, it is actually not doing for what it came into existence.

Nowadays, parents don't have control over their children. Even a 5 year old now knows how to operate a smartphone and he/she is socially active on every social media website. Besides building contacts, this generation is just wasting their time refreshing the news feeds, tagging people and making vines. People are becoming more self oriented and selfish. They prefer meeting people on social media besides meeting the person personally. So, the social media is not connecting people, it is just making people more self-oriented, reserved and selfish in nature.

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Mehak said: (Oct 2, 2018)  
My opinion about this topic is No, social media is not actually connecting people as in todays life everyone is using sources of social media like facebook, whatsapp, snapchat etc for making a fake connection with people what people do is they just click selfies, pictures of food and keep on posting it and usually show off to their friends. This shows that they aren't connected by heart and they are just connected by means of showing each other how much happy they are and how much they are enjoying but the thing is they actually don't know how to enjoy as at outings or at public places also they are using phone instead of having fun. Instead of connecting through social media people should go out meet new people try to interact with them, making plans with them, sharing their problems with them this will develop good connecting which is just by heart.

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Mehrab said: (Sep 23, 2018)  
Yes, social media is actually connecting people who are far away but move away people who are around.

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Priya Dharshini said: (Sep 21, 2018)  
According to me, social media really connects people.

For Eg. For the protest of jallikattu and sterlite, people were gathered with the information via social media.

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Payal said: (Sep 14, 2018)  
Social media is connecting us with people who are either far away from us or whom we don't even know. In one way, we get to know about other people, their customs and traditions, etc but it leaves very little time to spend with the ones we are close to thus, disconnecting us from them. With the help of social media, we can connect with the government as well. We can share our opinions, feedback on the services they provide or the work they do. Thus, it is a way to connect with the government. Companies can connect with their customers and promote their offering.

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Anjali Thakur said: (Sep 3, 2018)  
According to me,

Social media is basically good as well as bad just like one coin have two sides. So its on us how we use it, that is for our betterment or our destruction. All we need to do is that just stop blaming social media for the damages rather start changing our way of using it.

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Madhumita Dey said: (Aug 27, 2018)  
In my point of view, the answer to this question is a big no. Yes, it can be said that social media has helped to know other people, be friends with. But the term connecting is actually not working these days. Anytime and Everywhere people are out with the cellphones to click picture and uploading as soon as possible. We can say marketing of social media has grown rapidly but this is a deep truth that it can never connect people in an actual basis because nowadays, people are eager to show and know how much they are happy and comparing there happiness with others. In this manner they are connected but it can never be like the old school friendship where there was no phones in hand and still we are connected in every levels all the time.

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Suraj said: (Aug 23, 2018)  
According to me, social media connects us with the world but it also decrease the time spend with family.

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Harshdeep Singh said: (Aug 18, 2018)  

In my opinion, the social media is good and quite useful if used rightly. But people nowadays, majorly the youth have been so addicted to the social media that they are rather wasting a lot of their useful time on it rather than just using it to get more information. I have myself seen so many people actively using social media but they lack the real communication skills in actual life. This thing people are not realizing these days but they are going to regret it later. So, it should be only used as a source to connect and meet new people across the globe and being a bit active socially and not as something on which people should waste their productive time scrolling the news feed. Everyone should be more active in real life learning new things and making their day more productive rather than being glued to their screens all day.

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Naveena D said: (Aug 15, 2018)  
Good Morning,

Yes, obviously social media is connecting peoples. Because there are millions of peoples are using internet throughout the world. So we are using most popular social media's and also using e-commerce. Then, also connecting with people through the internet because of everything is available in internet.

So social media is most important aspect in our country and peoples. It is connecting with people. There are collections of information are available in the media. So we are taking useful information from the social media. It will be very helpful for our knowledge.

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Mayank said: (Aug 15, 2018)  
No, social media is connecting people in my opinion what people are doing these days when they get bored they turn towards social media which is making them selfish and introvert at the same time. The mentality of today's generation is like it's better to sit inside and chat rather than go outside and meet with that person physically. People are becoming self-oriented they care about people who are far rather than caring and giving time to those people who are close, you can't form a connection just by sending a message in order to build a connection or relation you have to be there to share laughs, share stories that's how relationship can be build even we can see the change during festivals now people just use social media to greet eachother but before people go to eachother houses in order to greet and wish someone.

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Abhijit said: (Aug 11, 2018)  
No question that social media has revolutionized communication. As a result, we are becoming more knowledgeable, more direct, and in a lot of ways, more diversified. But the overall trend and actual fact is Social Media is connecting people those who stay far from you and isolating from your family or who are close to you. So you need to decide how you will handle or manage your social media and which is your necessity and which is your priority. It's difficult to make everyone happy, but if you can manage both your 'near' and 'far' that will be a great achievement in your life.

In the last five years, various social networking sites have taken the virtual world by storm. Now we have more friends on these sites than in real life.

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Shreya said: (Aug 10, 2018)  
According to me, the social media is connecting people we can meet here those friends whom we never think to talk and meet again. And also interact with new people and can understand their culture. Social media help in building a relationship here some people find their true love.

And Another one is charity. If a child needs a blood then tweet his location and name. You can get 100 of blood donor in a line.

And a spark can turn into fire. In minutes. If you want to share something with people so it a platform. And it is the power of social media.

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Rakshanda Khan said: (Aug 1, 2018)  
According to me, It is connecting us and social Media is connecting the people those who stay far from us. But this helps the people to share their thoughts, ideas and major information to a public issue. People who are using social media forget to spend time with their neighbours, family and also relatives and they become so lazy.

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Shanmu said: (Jul 31, 2018)  
According to me, It is connecting us and also isolating us. Social Media is connecting the people those who stay far from us and isolated from our family. But this helps the people to share their thoughts on a public issue. People who are using social media forget to spend time with their neighbours and they become lazy.

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Is Social Media Actually Connecting People?

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