Is Social Media Actually Connecting People?

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Sayali Nikam said:   5 days ago
Yes, actually, it's both connecting the people and also making them apart at the same time. Social media is a platform where we can talk to people, send them wishes and many more things, but there is another side that, in real life or in actuality, we forget to greet them and take care of whatever relationship we have in real life. But yes, we can easily say that because of social media, we know what others are doing by checking their posts and stories on Instagram, Snapchat or LinkedIn-like platforms. Because of social media, the whole world is reducing distance. Now people can easily share their talents and people are also appreciating them. And the main thing that we can easily connect to the various businesses, is job opportunities. Surely social media has having few disadvantages but there are many more advantages too.

Vaishnavi said:   1 week ago
Hello everyone.

In my point of view, social media is both connecting people and also making them apart at the same time. Social media has many benefits we can connect with people, we can access information and business purposes it has many benefits. Through social media, we can connect with people who are far from us, but we are getting apart from the people who are staying with us.

For example, we say good morning or goodnight to the people who are far from us. But we never say good morning to our family members. And also, in our childhood, we just played games with our friends or cousins. But in today's generation, children always play video games or watch unnecessary things on social media. So, I suggest using social media for limited-only purposes, instead of scrolling reels, go and spend your time with your family members.

Anjali dussa said:   1 week ago
Social media connects people and also helps in making new connections. Through social media we can stay in touch with everyone despite not meeting them since time, relations are alive. It's the law of nature everything has advantages and disadvantages so one can get distracted, and addicted to it. Nowadays people use social media for fame, likes, comments etc.

Mohan said:   1 week ago
Hello everyone,

Today’s topic is very relevant to our generation: Is social media actually connecting people?

I personally believe that social media is both connecting people and making them grow apart at the same time. It has a major impact on our lives; for instance, we can easily keep up with what others are doing by frequently checking their social media accounts. For parents whose children live far away for jobs, studies, etc. Social media is a big help. It allows them to know whether their children are doing well.

However, this virtual connection can also lead to growing apart. People may become so reliant on virtual interactions that they forget to meet in person and take care of their relationships in real life.

To conclude, the effect of social media on relationships depends on how it is used. If used properly, it can keep people connected. If not, it can make people grow distant.

Bikash Sahu said:   2 weeks ago
Hi everyone Bikash Sahu from this side:.

Yes definitely, the impact of social media is growing day by day and it has become our necessary routine. In my point of view, there are many advantages and fewer disadvantages you can see, it depends on how much time you are spending on that. The advantages are, that you can connect with people easily and shortly and you can share anything. Also, you can show your ability and talents using different platforms publicly where if you notice on disadvantages then you can see that by using social media platforms people are becoming so lazy which has a bigger impact in itself if you consider physical purpose. So in the end, I suggest everyone use social media for limited purposes only, don't waste your valuable time by scrolling reels or on other unnecessary things.

Kumar said:   2 weeks ago
Hello everyone.

Myself Kumar.

In my thoughts, social media is a very good innovation in which country the whole world reduces distances. Help people know each other understand their cultural customs and traditions from different parts of the world, what's happening in different parts of the world what innovations are happening what social and political drama happening. Also, help in raising issues related to their place. I found it very useful but on the other hand, it has some bad aspects also like fraud abuse and the main important issue I found countries like the USA and other European countries like China try to push their narrative to a poor country and affect their internal politic which is the worst thing I found, they use it as a tool.

Sujith said:   3 weeks ago
Let's take this situation in today's world if you want to share your thoughts social media is the only tool that could have a mass audience and it would reach to worldwide people and also it has a bad impact on this generation of kids as they get obsessed with the content that is present in the social media and it also leads to addiction. So, as a whole social media could be a good two-sharp knife if you handle it properly you get benefits or you get wounded.

Saloni said:   3 weeks ago
Social Media is a very good platform to connect and communicate with people. We can be in touch with people more efficiently. It even helps to increase the marketing sector, thus, bringing people closer. But I feel like connection is different than bonding. Because when communication is one click away, the desire to meet up decreases. Yes, Social Media is connecting people, but not strengthening relationships.

Anomie said:   4 weeks ago
According to me, social media helps people to connect and it is connecting peoples but the bond shared by people on social media is not good as it is among the people who have connections with each other in the real world. In social media, we used to make connections only for the profit of ourselves where we can learn from them but the connection of the real-world has feelings of love, and care for each other.

JENCY THERESA said:   1 month ago
In my point of view, social media is connecting people through various applications. Especially WhatsApp is the main conversation app to provide communication with whoever we need to speak and to build a good communication. But as well, it is not good as connecting with people in real life. There are lot of difference between real life and social media. Social media conversion won't be same as when we have a conversation in real.

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