Is Social Media Actually Connecting People?

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Porus said:   1 week ago
What generally comes in our mind when we talk about social media is; That everyone in the family is busy in their phones and hardly spends times like it used to in earlier times. Those talks, that cosiness and that laughter. Obviously, exceptions are always there. But it is separating families. Taking away that natural motherhood and that care of fathers too. And rushing people of any age towards validity from society. The same society, that we know before becoming developed in critical thinking, started going back in the dark ages.

Social media should be a platform to represent your views rather than just finding your old friends on it. The views, are not guided by any propaganda but erupted from your own experiences and there is the audience, to critically analyse the same with empathy and there is space in the heads of view presenter to modify the same. It could be a platform of cognitive growth, moral growth and financial growth if it is learnt from individual experiences. But for that experiences should be based on our own personal observations. So that, we may be able to discuss problems like climate change and gender equality (that women do not belong to the kitchen only and men to workplaces). Not only eager to discuss but more to find solutions.


Mohammad imthioz said:   2 weeks ago
According to me, social apps help to connect people in so many ways, and they are gaining so much knowledge about society, about business to improve their skills etc. People can connect with anyone through social applications like Facebook, Instagram, etc. They are also proving themselves by showing their dance, singing, arts, etc. By doing this so many people also want to improve their skills and perform his/her talents in these social apps.

Social apps also help to communicate with anyone where they are in this world to make new friends we can chat with them and call. It helps to communicate our skills through social media. And by this social media, we can watch what happens in our society. We can watch news channels and accidents in our society.

Thanks for this opportunity, and this is my opinion about social media is connecting people.

Rahul raj said:   2 weeks ago
Hello everyone,

I think yes, Social media is actually connecting people. Because it is the only way to connect with our friends who are far away from us. And in the case when you live far from your family social media provides you to connect with them because previously your family is not able to see how you sustain your life.

This is my think.

S. Aruna Kumari said:   3 months ago
Yes, I think Social media is connecting people. It has become a powerful tool for us to get connected to each other without any physical barriers. It has also played an helping role in connecting people with their necessities, (Example-Calling an ambulance in case of an emergency, Online shopping etc).

Nigar ayubi said:   7 months ago
According to me, yes social media is connecting people.

But now, it has become a medium to show off people are just doing stuff to improve their social media presence.

Actually, there are both advantages as you know, it is all depending on you how many times you use social media and how can we use it and how it will be helpful for us that's all depends on you.

Thank you so much for giving me this golden opportunity.

KIRAN KULKARNI said:   10 months ago
Hello everyone,

Social media plays a very important role in connecting people. It is a powerful installation where in just within few secs, A man who is poor but is a smart and hard worker will grow up as a rich and on the other hand the person who is rich and is involved in malfunction n all will be completely suppressed and demolished this is what the power of social media.


> it plays a very crucial advantage role in gaining the knowledge, updates in news, etc.
> strangers will get connected and can play a very imp role in users' life.
> a platform for skill showcase and skill development.
>FB, WhatsApp, etc. Such apps make people to get together in the form of groups, or individuals.
>it can be the best option for the donation for whoever is in need.


> Actually social media itself tells us that it connects people socially, but it actually is making a reduction in family bonding. Where the person addicted to social media is wasting a lot of time, if they could give enough time for his family and they're loved once, he can lead a beautiful life.

> usually fake id's are used to malfuncation, blackmail, etc. Therefore cyber security has to be updated.

Felix said:   11 months ago
Yeah, I think social media is really connecting people and it has increased in the last 2 years thanks to Corona virus.

We had lockdown and we meet new people through social media like Instagram, YouTube.

And I even some friends with the help of social media. In the social media age, your religion, country and blah blah doesn't matter so you can connect with so many people on social media.

Shubhanjali said:   12 months ago
According to me, yes social media is connecting people who are far from us. There are both advantages and disadvantages. It totally depends upon you how we use social media in our life. We can't blame this plate for wasting our time. We should change our thoughts about social media so anything which we do within the limit is always beneficial for us. But if you talk about disadvantages then it connects us to the world but as well as increasing distance from our family.

Thanks for giving me the chance to say something about social media.

R.Akshay said:   1 year ago
It is connecting us and social Media is connecting the people those who stay far. But this helps the people to share their thoughts, ideas and information to a public issue. All we need to do is that just stop blaming social media for the damages rather start changing our way of using it.

Vikas said:   1 year ago
Yeah, It is connecting the people. The main purpose of social media is that only to connect people and share information quickly. We can talk with a person who is at the other end of the world, through social media. But unfortunately, nowadays new generation kids are very much addicted to social media that they cannot spend time with their family members. And the people blindly forward the information which is coming from the other person without knowing whether it is true or false.

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