Is Social Media Actually Connecting People?

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Sangeeta said:   4 years ago
In my opinion it depends on the way we use it, i.e. for the betterment or for the destruction.

Following are the few pros:

1) With the help of various social media applications like fb, insta we can always be connected to our long lost friends. We can know what is happening in their lives like about their weekend plans, places they are travelling to, etc through their stories and posts. This gives us a sense of connection with them.

2) Social media has now become a powerful tool to express our thoughts. Twitter has proved to be an excellent platform for the same. For eg. If we find something wrong happening around us like the police officers misbehaving, taking a bribe or something like that we can just take the video of the same and post it, it may become viral in very less time and quick action against the wrong can be taken.

3) Various platforms like Linkedin have proved to be an excellent way of connecting to professional people and increasing networking. This will in long run help in searching of jobs, gaining knowledge, interacting with the people having the same or similar qualification.

4) Social media provides a platform to content creators to share their content like memers to share their memes, poets to share their poetry and shayaris. These people try their best to connect to their current followers and increase the same.

Madhumita Dey said:   5 years ago
In my point of view, the answer to this question is a big no. Yes, it can be said that social media has helped to know other people, be friends with. But the term connecting is actually not working these days. Anytime and Everywhere people are out with the cellphones to click picture and uploading as soon as possible. We can say marketing of social media has grown rapidly but this is a deep truth that it can never connect people in an actual basis because nowadays, people are eager to show and know how much they are happy and comparing there happiness with others. In this manner they are connected but it can never be like the old school friendship where there was no phones in hand and still we are connected in every levels all the time.

Anjali Thakur said:   5 years ago
According to me,

Social media is basically good as well as bad just like one coin have two sides. So its on us how we use it, that is for our betterment or our destruction. All we need to do is that just stop blaming social media for the damages rather start changing our way of using it.

Subrat said:   5 years ago

My name is Subrat and hope you all are doing well. No doubt Social media helps to connecting people.

But everything has a limit, now youth are so busy with social media in posting, sharing, uploading photos etc even if there is no time to talk with their parents that is the point.

My view is that social media helps to connect people who are far from us but at the same time it also helps to increase the distance from nears.

There is so many benefits of social media in terms of helping someone, gain knowledge from any valuable post etc. But if we maintain the time spending with social media that would be beneficial for both far friends and closer one (parents). THANK you.

Ayushi Rathore said:   5 years ago
According to me, we have seen that by social media we all are connected to each other but inside us we feel alone. We have 1000 friend list in our account but whenever we need just only one friend we have none. So it is seen that social media is connecting us to many people but actually it pushes us to loneliness in today's world.

Bhoomi said:   4 years ago
Social media has become a very important part of everyone's lives. It is quite helpful to the adults nowadays. As nobody is really interested in reading the news papers but when the news is spread through social media each one of them reads about it and it helps them know what is actually going on. Also, They can connect to their close one's staying away from them through social media and can share each others lives through it. But simultaneously, it is harmful for the now growing kids as they tend to spend more time on social media than actually meeting people or friends around them. The kids do not want to actually go out and play games but rather spend time in social media by uploading content. This could be leading to connections online only for the sake of having a connection. Because, Children miss out on the real fun in the outside world.

Sp thakur said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone.

In my point of view, social media make people as less social. People are connected virtually to each for many apps like WhatsApp, FB, Instagram but they lose their real relationship. Every thing as two thought positive and negative. If we use social media as an improvement like students take an online course and learn new thinks put the question and get the query. And other students who waste there time to enjoy as social media sites like online games pubg, tiktok and waste a lot of time. We conclude social media reduce the distance which far for her but at same time they increase the distance which is near for her. So my advice is that people try to use social media as an improvement, not as a destructor.

KIRAN KULKARNI said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone,

Social media plays a very important role in connecting people. It is a powerful installation where in just within few secs, A man who is poor but is a smart and hard worker will grow up as a rich and on the other hand the person who is rich and is involved in malfunction n all will be completely suppressed and demolished this is what the power of social media.


> it plays a very crucial advantage role in gaining the knowledge, updates in news, etc.
> strangers will get connected and can play a very imp role in users' life.
> a platform for skill showcase and skill development.
>FB, WhatsApp, etc. Such apps make people to get together in the form of groups, or individuals.
>it can be the best option for the donation for whoever is in need.


> Actually social media itself tells us that it connects people socially, but it actually is making a reduction in family bonding. Where the person addicted to social media is wasting a lot of time, if they could give enough time for his family and they're loved once, he can lead a beautiful life.

> usually fake id's are used to malfuncation, blackmail, etc. Therefore cyber security has to be updated.

Akansha said:   5 years ago
A big NO.

I think social media has lost its essence, the purpose for which it was initially created. It was created so that people sitting at two different corners of the world can connect. I do agree that people do get connected through it but that connection does not have any value. Nowadays on social media, people's have thousands of friends who are just there for liking, commenting in their post nothing else. Social media is connecting people on a superficial basis that doesn't have any real connection. Even people's are having a conversation with different people who are far away from them but they are losing contact who is sitting next to them. In need of help, one would get help only from their real friends who they have met personally and not from their other facebook or Instagram friends.

Even social media can actually help us in connecting people if we use it in a limited and optimum manner rather than using it all day all night just for fun.

Thank you. Have a great day ahead.

Pankaj said:   4 years ago
Hello friends!

I think that Social media has emerged as a very powerful and effective tool of communication that has converted the entire world into a global village.

But here the topic of our discussion is that is it really connecting people. According to my opinion, yes! It is connecting people but in virtual relationships. And we are getting deep down in these relations that we have started ignoring our real relations. But the reality is that most of the virtual relationships are fake so due to these fake relations we should not neglect our actual real relations.

People these days have thousands of friends on WhatsApp, FB etc. But they don't have even a single one with them that can understand his /her friend and can help him/her when there is need of a friend.

In the age, when a son should be a friend of his father, he is busy with thousands of friends on social media.

In the form of conclusion, I would like to say that social media has definitely reduced the physical distances but has enhanced the distance between hearts.

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