Is MNCs Superior to Indian Companies?

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Anbu said: (Aug 28, 2021)  
Hi Friends,

In my opinion, MNC company is better than Indian company. If you are an average person in communication or knowledge about the particular segment, they will teach you trained you finally they mold you, you will reach some level what others have knowledge or communication, personality same entity.

MNC will observe your ability and leadership style and based on that they will give a promotion. Now many of the Mnc companies are included diversity. That\'s the welcome note, I have seen last three years. In this pandemic, Most of the companies are not deducted employees' salaries.

But Indian entities will not look at your personality your knowledge and other parameters, here only speaks experience and politics. Many of my friends who all are working for Indian companies are not getting a salary in this pandemic, even though the company has achieved positive growth. No proper training's to develop their knowledge and update the current trends in the particular segment, I am not telling all the Indian companies are doing, the majority of the companies are like this, some Indian companies also doing fabulously.

This area needs to be the focus on if we can do proper training, our dependency will be less to expect MNC products.

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Faizan said: (May 5, 2021)  
I believe India is doing a good job, but they must ensure that India does not become a slave to these multinational corporations. MNCs do have good employment and job protection, but there are advantages and disadvantages to each problem. I believe that India should embrace modern technology and step away from primitive ways of thinking in order to grow. Thank you so much.

I believe this was an excellent opportunity for me to gain experience.

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Monika said: (May 26, 2020)  
Hi everyone.

Our topic is "Is MNC superior to Indian Companies". As per my opinion, To some extent, yes it is superior. MNC provides various of products by considering Customer Desired. They are taking first-mover advantage and make product according to the customer demand which leads to Customer Satisfaction which Indian companies can't do. Indian companies take Reactive approach while MNC takes Proactive approach and hence it leads.

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Sahil Thakur said: (Mar 5, 2020)  
I don't think that MNC's are superior to Indian companies. MNC's only focus on their profit in a particular country but for Indian companies it is more than profit. Indian companies are the backbone of our economy. They only focus on how to enhance country's development and growth. Profit is their second priority and growth is first.

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Shruti said: (Mar 2, 2020)  
In my perspective MNC's superior to the Indian companies because in today's life everyone wants to get a job in MNC's. Because they offer a good salary, luxury life, and their management is also good. They only offer jobs to talented people. It is not easy to get a job in MNC's. Indian companies focused on economical growth but MNC's mainly focused on profit and production. So they are superior.

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Abhishek Gupta said: (Aug 3, 2019)  
According to me, the MNC company is to provide job satisfaction. When you have a talent then you survive in MNC company. Because the demand of MNC company is that he take the youngest student which have a lot of talent.

In India, most of the people are know. How to survive in the company. So the value of talent is more as a comparison to experience person. Because experience person is not thinking about new technology and new ideas but the youngest person is trying to give the best and search for new ideas. This is my opinion.

Thank you.

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Pallavi Rajput said: (Jul 2, 2019)  
It is true, that MNCs provides luxury life, corruption-free culture, growth and good salary structure. MNCs hire brilliant and talented from large pool of people. But according to me, Indian companies like TCS, Infosys and Wipro have a big position in the corporate world. These companies have contributed to the GDP of India. Indian companies provides Indian people of the opportunities to showing their talent beyond Indian boundaries for their business expansion. Indian people's brains are the big reason of success of MNCs.

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Ashutosh said: (Jun 13, 2019)  
In my point of view, Aadar is good for everyone because it gives you an identification. When I was studying in class 10 I have no any I'd proof then I was scared to travel by e-ticket in railway when my Adar is made then was travel anywhere by e-ticket. I think this opportunity provides me to Aadar.

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Sunil Kaldhone said: (Feb 6, 2019)  
I thik nowaday Indian companies progress and it achive leval of MNcs standard because of India try to convert into digital India thas way I thik it benifitial to Indian companies in future Indian companies cross this statement.

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Naveena D said: (Feb 5, 2019)  
Good Evening Friends,

Obviously, Indian companies are superior than Multi National companies. Because Indian companies are ready to involve their economic development and growth. It is mainly useful for young generation peoples to getting good job and also making good economical development growth. Multi national companies only focus about their product and profit. Indian companies are focus about our peoples and also economic development.

Thank You.

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AHAMMAD SHAFI K N said: (May 19, 2018)  
Hai friends,

MNCs, not superior Indian companies, because MNCs main purpose is only profit making, but Indian companies purpose in getting profit with making Indian economic development.

MNCs gives more preference to their own country people that is the reason Indian people are getting very less.

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Mayank Agarwal said: (May 15, 2018)  
Hello Friends,

I totally agree with this statement that nowadays MNC's are superior to Indian companies reason being today every individual want to join an MNC why? because of their good management, work culture, various other facilities and growth and to the side of MNC's they get a better advantage in terms of resources like cheap labour in India as well as India is a country where it provides benefit in terms of material also to the organisation. As there are various pros as well as cons of this superiority like it provides employment opportunities as well as technological advancement to the country also. On the contrary side, it is eliminating our culture and more dependency on the MNC's rather than domestic companies.

Thank You.

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Md Riyaz Ansari said: (May 8, 2018)  
I fully support of MNCs companies because MNCs doing the work very smart & smart job.

MNCs invest a lot of money in research and development, MNCs are very good & very successful companies.

It's very beneficial for employee and also beneficial for our India.

Thank you.

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Neeraj said: (Jan 8, 2018)  
Hi Guys,

Before saying anything, first, I would like to say that what is the meaning of Multi National Company so that I can get the way to explain, actually MNC runs its business in more than one country. Now let me ask that, are Indian companies not MNC?

There are many Indian based companies which are MNCs and they are working very well so how I can say that MNCs are Superior to Indian Companies whereas Indian companies are MNCs themselves.

But yes, If I talk about other countries' MNCs so most companies are superior to Indian's MNCs at the place where they work for growth because they pay higher to their employees with the help of their norms which are followed in the companies.


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NIKHIUL DOOHAAN said: (Dec 22, 2017)  
In terms of stages of progress of a business, YES.

Companies are basically Businesses with a certain level of achievements that makes up a hierarchy.

IN this hierarchy MNCs are at the top because they have excelled at their field so much that they are now operating successfully in a different country and a different race has accepted that and Basically, your classification is wrong.

In business, there is no such thing as MNC vs Indian company.

What about TCS it is an MNC and it is INDIA company.

So you should learn to classify thing in a correct basis.

Thank you.

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Shweta Soni said: (Oct 28, 2017)  
- Indian companies like TCS, INFOSYS, and WIPRO etc have the big position in the corporate world. They are playing a vital role in growth of India. These companies have provided us with a dearth of opportunities to grow and also have contributed to the GDP of India.

- When concerned with marketing, Indian companies are superior to other MNC's.

- Indian brains are the success of MNCs companies as they are the back bone of MNCs companies.

- Indian companies have not only provided employment to lots of Indian people but also gave them chance to show their talents beyond Indian boundaries by giving them opportunity to develop business outside.

- They have set examples of Indian success in industrialization and globalizations as well as they have set the examples in front of other Indians also.

Not only this, these companies are rivals of Foreign MNCs in their respective market which is changing attitude of western people and most of them want to make business with Indians.

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Vaishali said: (Oct 4, 2017)  
Hello everyone,

According to me, MNC's are basically hindering the growth of Indian companies. In short, history if we amalgamated the data it was mentioned that many of the startups and new ventures did not come into light among the people. As we all know that India is a country who is rich in resources but due to these MNC'S these resources have been used in their businesses and they take away the money to their countries. The campaign DESH KA PAISA DESH MEIN RAHENA CHAHIE, would also take a gumption towards profit generation for the country and also be enhancing the Gdp growth as well as many job opportunities within India. Many brands such as, Patanjali which is a customer's ethnocentric brand, have also introduced the campaign SWADESHI ApNAO, which is also helping the people to get aware of using Indian products rather than MNC'S such as p&G, Cadbury and much more.

At last, to sum up all the things together I want to conclude by saying that we are all Indians and should be endowed to use swadeshi by dint of which, our country's economy would grow faster and we would also become the most powerful nation of the world.

Thank you!

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Anamika said: (Jun 24, 2017)  
Hi, everyone.

As we all know Mncs are beneficial in our country in certain ways like it is creating more job opportunities in our country, creating competition, coming up with newer technologies and improving the quality of goods and services. But it definitely can't be said that Indian companies are any inferior to MNCs. Take our public sector units like SBI, IOCL, BHEL, Pawan hans. They hold a considerable market share in the economy and competition MNCs. So Indians companies are no less than MNCs. Thank You.

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Vivek Upadhyaya said: (Apr 12, 2017)  
I think Indian companies are far better than MNC because most of the product and way the MNC is operating is harming our Indian culture if search our ancient history we will find that Indians had created far better quality of technology than foreigners. Not only that MNC are working here because the took major part of the profit to their countries if same money will remain in India AIT will benefit the Indian economy You all guys must know that Maggie, Pepsi fair and lovely dominos pizza etc are not good for the health and these products are produced by MNC.

So, my conclusion is we should stop all foreign culture and be a swadeshi because China is far ahead of us because they are not allowing more number on MNC to work their main motive is swadeshi.

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Bharu said: (Mar 12, 2017)  
Yes, MNC are superior to Indian companies. Because they offer good salary compared to Indian companies off course the employee should be put more efforts.

Everyone prefer MNC because standard companies and they feel proud because they are employed in MNC.

But India is still developing country. If you know MNC means it has breaches in more than one country. This company working for not only India.

We are working in Indian companies then leads to developed India.

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Saurav said: (Feb 25, 2017)  
A company is a judge by its employees. How much they are skilled.


-> 36% of SCIENTIST in NASA are INDIAN.

-> 70% of DOCTOR'S in USA are INDIAN.

What do these facts convey?

It's simple that our company like TATA GROUP, INDIAN OIL CORPORATION, NTPC, SBI, ICCI, GAIL, BHAIL, TCS, INFOSYS, Reliance Industries all are good companies creating a lot of job opportunity in India. Furthermore, these are contributing a lot many things to globalized word. Example Tata steel is the largest steel generating company in the world. Tata motors are the fifth largest truck manufacturing company in the world. So we can't directly says that MNC's are better than us. We are developing nation but with our digital hero, I have a faith that we soon become a developed nation, thereby strengthing our company more and more. We will become the world's most powerful country in the world in all terms whether in terms of exporting or importing.

Thank you all for the attention!

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Rudraksh said: (Dec 10, 2016)  
Yes, I am agree with this topic that MNCs is much better than Indian companies there are many reasons first of all India is a developing country we have a lack of modern technology as compared to developed country example like Germany, UK, USA and japan they invest a lot of money in research and development that's why they are better than Indian companies apart from that they provide a better working culture as compared to India companies that's why employee are very happy in MNCs companies which directly provide a benefit to company because employee are satisfied there It is also beneficial for our national growth lots of investment not only increase our GDP but generate an employment. Workers of MNCs companies are learning an advance technology which is very useful for the future of India.

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Vijay K said: (Dec 4, 2016)  
There is a myth or truth can say exactly but most of the people will say if I go for the MNC then there I will be getting lots of resources and I can extend and grow myself on international standard. On the other hand, we do have also companies who operate on international standards but the fact is we don't have too much option so people fear for completion and simply go for the MNCs. I think we should change our thinking at this point just come in front and do your best for an organization in whichever you are. So conclusion of this topic is yes, MNC are superior then Indian companies.

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Darshit Shah said: (Nov 28, 2016)  
It actually depends. In most of the MNC's, you will be stuck in the same type of work for years; whereas in Indian companies, based on the requirement (s), a person may have to handle multiple hats.

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Neha said: (Nov 23, 2016)  
Hello friends,

As we know, MNC's are very much resourceful and powerful than our Indian companies. The MNC's extends thier assets and facilities in more than one country like Walmart has operated in about 28 countries and many other companies also like this - Volkswagen, Toyota motors, Toshiba, Honda, BMW and all. More involvement of countries leads to highly skillful employees and use better and enhanced technology.

Thus MNC is superior to Indian companies, and also influencing our country economy, growth and obstruct the development of the nation.

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Nikhil said: (Nov 12, 2016)  
Yes, I think MNCs are superior to Indian companies both in terms of finance and experience. In MNCs, the potential of individual is judged and according to that, the job is given. Since India still is a developing country, so Indian companies. They do not judge an individual on the basis of their potential but being judged by their degrees, caste and most commonly jugaad. But now, things has been changed, the Indian companies are getting aware. They are bonding with 3-parties like Cocubes and AMCAT to know an individual's potential.

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Sravanthi said: (Nov 9, 2016)  
In today's work culture, world getting led by the word globalisation. As MNC's are increasing day by day, our Indian people getting part to enter into globalisation and getting knowledge. I don't think India is getting loss because of this MNCs as they are very good in tax payment. Our Indian govt is also getting funds from foreign countries which in fact actually increases the GDP of the country.


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Gopal said: (Nov 8, 2016)  
A multinational corporation (MNC) has facilities and other assets in at least one country other than its home country. Such companies have offices and/or factories in different countries and usually have a centralized head office where they coordinate global management. Very large multinationals have budgets that exceed those of many small countries.

Multinational Corporation - MNC Definition | Investopedia
SO, first there may be an Indian Co which work in other countries. so they are MNCs.

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Jeyasri said: (Nov 2, 2016)  
Greetings to all,

Myself Jayasri. MNC companies are best, We can get more facilities than Indian company. It will give good working experience. It will offer to work for some foreign company also so our growth will come very shortly.

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Ashok Kumar said: (Oct 27, 2016)  
Indian companies are the best. As per the criteria, we can achieve our goals within a short period of time if we work in MNC companies. But if we work hard for our Indian companies it might be the development for that company. We can compete for MNC.

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Dilip Singh Rana said: (Oct 27, 2016)  
Sir, see the salary and facility including bonus, canteen, medical facility difference between MNCs and Indian companies if I said Indian company is the main reason of enhancing the poverty in India then it is not wrong. MNCs company provides every facility to their employees so that their living of standard is much higher than Indian companies employees.

See the salary structure of Patanjali company.

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Bhupinder Singh Dhanjal said: (Oct 27, 2016)  
Rather than to work for MNC companies, people should work for Indian companies and put their hard work, skills, intelligent for their Indian companies. So growth can b seen fast in upcoming year.

Thank you.

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Gourab said: (Oct 24, 2016)  
I think the basic reason of The MNCs becoming superior than the Indian companies is because most of the Indian people are working in the MNCs and exploring their knowledge and skills in those companies. As a result The MNCs are getting benefited by them and there by becoming superior. I can assure that if this Indians work in the Indian companies and explore their knowledge and skills over here then this International MNCs will no longer stay into the competition.

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Surya said: (Oct 21, 2016)  
Yes, MNC's are superior because they prior to increasing their company goodwill in any manner as much as possible without any hesitation.

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Shruti said: (Oct 2, 2016)  
MNCs are superior to Indian companies. These companies are growing day by day because out of hundred, sixty percent of Indian employees are working for MNCs they are contributing their skills, ideas, talent, time for the development of the company. As everybody wants to achieve their goals within a short span of time and multinational companies are providing the opportunity for tremendous growth that is the reason why Indian employees prefer MNC rather working for the Indian companies. So yes for now MNCs superior to Indian companies.

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Himanshu Tiwari said: (Oct 2, 2016)  
Yes, MNCs will more superior than Indian companies because the more important point in MNCs is 'How to save your job?' there will be more competition in MNCs as in Indian companies if people get job then he is getting that job for full time which make people lazy from mind the result due to that type of mind setup is that people do his job in lazy way or many times ignore work if work is not important in present time.

And in MNCs, all people fight for his/her job which affects in work. Work done smartly and first and by these work complete more fastly as compared to Indian companies.

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Ramya said: (Sep 26, 2016)  
Indian companies mostly work for the specific time limit and MNCs have the different way of shifts but Indian company are not.

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Prithvi Raj said: (Sep 12, 2016)  
We, Engineers, struggle to get a job in MNC's. Working for them, because of their high salary and we made them better.

After doing this we are making the debate on this topic!

One thing I need to say, Technology of INDIA is in our hands. Stop working for MNC's and work for the people, work for the government, make INDIA a developed Country within 2020.

Let the desire of Dr. APJ ABDUL KALAM be fulfilled.


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Sandeep said: (Sep 12, 2016)  
Hi, everyone!

According to me, MNC jobs are good but they won't give any kind of comforts we expect, but whereas our Indian companies provide a lot of facilities like giving quarters to live, pensions after retirements, annual parties and tours etc. But whereas in MNC they just pay the good salary with a lot of hardworking and contribution from us. In other words, they even instruct us to move out of the company thereby no secure in a job. Hence Indian companies are much better than MNC.

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Bipuljee said: (Sep 9, 2016)  
Hi, As I am working in an MNC. I can't deny the fact that MNCs are better than Indian companies. But I would like to add that if there is political corruption in Indian companies then MNCs is also not an exception in this aspect. Here is also cut-throat competition for the higher post and package and yes, the ultimate goal is to go 0ff-shore. So. What restricts the Indian companies. Again we Indians are responsible. So the need of an hour. Is collectively organized efforts to shine our Indian companies by taking a valuable lesson from MNCs. Which we consider far better than Indian ones.

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Sharmila said: (Sep 9, 2016)  
My feeling is that MNC's are not superior to Indian companies but I also don't say that Indian companies are superior in fact I say that we are making MNC's superior and moreover holidays are more given by Indian companies and working hours are also suitable for Indian fellows.

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Sharmila said: (Sep 9, 2016)  
Compare to Indian companies is more enough to other because Indian companies not have more income to ours.

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S.Kiran Kumar said: (Sep 8, 2016)  
Hi Friends,

What the thought is that the MNCs are the superior and good to India. But local and government companies are also better than MNCs in some areas like giving pensions after retired from job and providing job security for as long as he/she want to do the job. Wheresas MNCs don't have such facilities and in these companies we don't have job security. But one thing is true that as long as we are skilled and updated for this new generation we will survive in MNCs.

Thank you for your patience.

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Jalaj said: (Sep 7, 2016)  
Actually, it does not matter that MNC and all very good in compare of Indian companies. There are many MNC that is also started from a small startup company in India then after they became large.

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Swapnil Borges said: (Sep 4, 2016)  
MNCs are not superior to Indian companies they are only to make a profit of their own Indian companies have a big contribution to India's economy. Most important is that we engineers make MNCs superior by working in the companies just because we get more money there but the fact is that even in Indian companies we get nice to pay with good facilities. Therefore I think our Indian companies are superior to the MNCs.

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Parveen said: (Aug 27, 2016)  
Hi, to all.

I am supporting the MNCs are superior to Indian companies but who make them superior? of course, we make them they use our competitive peoples so why we are not working for Indian companies make them grow and better. So that our economy is better as compared to MNCs.


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Asma Ahmed said: (Aug 23, 2016)  
MNCs are not superior to Indian companies. Because MNCs doesn't work in an eco-friendly manner. And MNCs only work for the profit motive. They don't keep in mind that they work for the development of the nation. They also think about how to earn goodwill in the market.

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Mahesh said: (Aug 15, 2016)  
No; MNC is not superior to Indian because in now few years there is tough competition in all sector MNC doesn't provide competition to his employees as compassion to India Co. And 2nd reason is that MNC creates the monopoly in India and another reason is that they spend more money on R&D and SELLING COST they give better advertisements companion to Indian Co. And show himself superior to him the main motive of MNC is to earn profit not social welfare they achieve only their goal nit countries goals.

But; Patanjali gives tough competition to MNC.


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Amit said: (Aug 1, 2016)  
Yes, most definitely. There is no comparison between the culture of a multinational vs an Indian company. Indian companies are lacking in everything that you can possibly imagine from a workplace. It quite possible that you earn a fair amount of money in an Indian company. However when you compare an Indian company with a multinational company on any other parameter, be it work hours, clearly defined work protocols (Indian companies don't have any), malpractices are work, work related harassment, the high handiness of bosses, etc, multinational companies scores high on all of them.

In my sector where we provide engineering consultancy, Indian companies are so wretched that I shudder to even think of working for one. I had started my career in an Indian company and today after spending 12 years in my field I can safely say that I will never work for an Indian company unless all other options have been exhausted.

Multinational companies are ethical and believe in fair practices, especially if the leaders are expats, while Indian companies follow the most unethical practices that you can possibly imagine. Money isn't everything and if you want to have a good professional life DONT choose to work for an Indian company.

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Gagan Satija said: (Jul 15, 2016)  
Ya, it's always been a major point regarding MNC's and Indian Companies. The service we get from MNC's is less comparable than India's i.e. better technology and advancement, better living standards etc. We as Indians believes in hard work (usually), they are the one's which tries to do in simple and lucid style i.e. more often smart work (talking about MNC's employee). The fact is actually how much exposure you get with these?

Going to different countries and work in the different atmosphere gives an expected answer for the question raised above. (one line description. What you suggest). Whereas Indian companies do not deal with this key factors (I mean not fully).

But still, pros and cons always exit. I believe if any individual possesses some extraordinary skills then for them discrimination regarding companies doesn't matter.

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Ashil said: (Jul 13, 2016)  
Hi, friends.

You thought like MNC are give much salary then Indian companies. Do you think why they giving much salary?

Because they are in the standard level. So the skilled people would like to join in MNC. For that Indian companies get low. In order to solve this problem our Indian money rate have to increase. For that skilled peoples should select the Indian Companies. If they doing like this means our Indian money rate will be increased. When money rate increased our India moves towards high. After that, our company will become the best company in the world. Automatically our salary will be increased compare to MNc.

Thank you.

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Neeraj Joshi said: (Jul 3, 2016)  
Hi, friend. As per the topic MNCs superior to Indian companies, I agree with this statement. It is true because every MNCs has some rules and regulation which they follow, in every MNCs, every employ has to follow these rules and their standard, which uplift the individual growth and give them chance to grow.

These rules and regulation do not find in Indian companies.

MNCs take care Evey aspect of working, they think about the employees in every possible way, they are more concerned about the safety, but not Indian companies.

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ANURADHA JHA said: (May 23, 2016)  
There is lot competition in Market and the various company want best and we also want best.

That's why we choose MNCs.

If we get a job in Indian company than we always want peace and rest.

And average salary which is not sufficient for our needs and requirement.

And always prefer MNCs which are Indian or some other company.

And MNCs are best.

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Amit Wandile said: (Jan 10, 2016)  
By listening every ones point I could also feel that MNC is a good opportunity in India. Because we are over here to grow and learn and want to have freedom from Old job Beliefs. So these will give new dimension to work and also makes you feel better and challenging persons in overall growth span in Career.

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Naren said: (Oct 29, 2015)  
Hello Everyone,

We all who are working in MNC's that these companies provide high Salary but you guys know that, who are living smooth live in country, all those are working in Indian Companies, They do not have that much of salary but as an average people stay in Domestic companies more than MNC's. This data also tells that people only want to work in MNCs for higher packages only, if job is related to facilities, they should not leave these companies very frequently.

Also these companies give growth only according to their countries and average comes out 5-8% as average where the inflation rate in India is atleast 12%, how people can survive, another painful thing is that, these companies does not care anything when they don't need you.

In some experiences people just leave because the culture of these companies now a days is not that as it is shown to us. The big building they have made for their own purpose not for us. The high facilitated grounds are to show to their customers not for us, we are just using according to their rules. And rules changes according to their need not for employees.

I am also working in MNC and not against these but we should consider before we are going to give a big part of our life to these. As I have seen that work-life balance is in papers only, not actually.


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Skanda said: (Oct 23, 2015)  
Hi friends if every one goes for MNC's and follow foreign culture. Have you forgotten our Indian culture, traditions, customs. Never we will get leaves for our Indian holidays.

Totally our generation is having no clue about our festivals and culture. MNCS have disadvantage other than advantage. So please develop Indian company instead of developing foreign countries.

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Supriya said: (Oct 13, 2015)  
I always have a confusion in mind about joining in MNC and other companies. The hi fi salary provided by MNC has made us spendthrift instead of saving more. Always Indians used to save more and spend less. This mindset is gone. And the Indian Companies are still at stake because of the bureaucratic procedures, right from registering till liquidation.

Hence each and every thing takes time, this in turn increases cost, time and energy for companies which in turn affects employees. Foreign investments are important to many politicians, hence they speed up all procedures and help them achieve their objectives. Employees' talent are highly recognized at MNC in which our people fail caste, recommendation, influence make talented people lose their hope.

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Kiran said: (Sep 19, 2015)  
When we are comparing two entities, the two entities should be of same level. In this case MNC's are of course better because MNC's are very large scale, their finance is very high due to that their work culture will be different, provided facilities obvious better than local companies.

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Charumathi said: (Jul 7, 2015)  
Hi to all,

According to me, as we have seen how the MNC companies follow there business strategies and how they are effective to control any problems and how they are using Indian man power to save there cost. So this is the good learning for us to make our county companies to that level and use the same planning like MNC. In future time should come that we should outsource to other countries.

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Ayush said: (Jul 5, 2015)  
According to me,

MNC's are superior to Indian company because they provide- good lifestyles, high Salary, good environment as there are educated peoples over there. MNC's helped all top Indian companies to sharpen their business strategies because of which customers get high quality products MNC's increases the performance of Indian companies.

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Rajesh said: (Jun 10, 2015)  
My point of view MNC company better then Indian corporate companies. MNC companies are provide not only salary but growth of our life.

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Raju said: (May 15, 2015)  
Hi everyone,

I agree that MNC are better than Indian companies because their are providing good facilities to employee who are working in the in MNC. While in India their are not good facilities for employee. So most of the people like to work in MNC companies because they will going to get bigger salaries as compare to Indian companies. OUR government should give good encouragement for Indian companies so they can get good result.

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Minakshi said: (Jan 22, 2015)  
Hi friends,

I am not here to discuss about whether MNC is superior or Indian company, I am working for an MNC, I always have a query in my mind, we always talk about Indian company are growing but have so many issues wherein MNC's are great place to work they do provide Quality products they have developed tool and so many great things about them including higher salary packages.

Has someone ever thought the person who is making these quality products, the so called human resource are us, so if we can work for these MNC and can make them grow why can't we work for Indian company and make them much better.

I assume large young population of India is moving towards IT jobs i.e. MNC and after few year everyone has a dream to go onsite (abroad) , and after few years to settle down in abroad, so if our youth will move like this then what will happen to growth our country, I know these MNC also contribute to our country finance but if all us pt all that effort for Indian company growth wouldn't it be nice.

I always think like this but never got option what can be done and how.

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Gaurav said: (Jan 14, 2015)  
Hello friends.

I would like to add my point favoring superiority of MNCs in relation to Indian companies in respect of their approach. MNCs provide better ambiance. MNCs go for product-based as well as service-based jobs. MNCs having their base in large number of countries perform better than Indian companies. For example, we may compare performance of IBM with any Indian companies.

IBM has its own products e.g DB2, Lotus office suit and many more which are being used by IBM as well as it avails others also with those products. Indian companies, even after long duration since their inception are yet based on out-sourced projects. MNCs have larger strength of employees in relation to Indian companies.

So, as my conclusion I would like to say that Indian companies have yet to go a far in comparison to MNCs.

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Rajeev said: (Jan 7, 2015)  
I will consider Indian companies competent enough to MNC's, only when companies like TATA and Reliance can start from scratch in other countries, just like the MNC's come to India and start from scratch. As long as this is not possible, for me, MNC's are much better than India companies. Its competition!

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Vikash Ch. Pandey said: (Nov 11, 2014)  
Every Indian company are not used the latest technology. Because our country growth level compare to other is very low. Indian company not giving the facilities. But other hand MNC's giving very good facilities to their employee.

Indian company compare to MNC's much less cost because there net growth is not much that MNC's.

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Rohit said: (Sep 19, 2014)  
MNC are always superior because half of the Indian companies are ruled by politics corruption and the few which are left are ruled by jugaad system where reducing employment, not maintaining high standard and giving less salary is their only motive.

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Bhoopal said: (Sep 8, 2014)  
Hi to everyone, I never discourage others opinions and when coming to our topic, I agreed that MNCs are useful to our country when we are thinking from the mindsets of common people but when we are in the place of a businessman we opposed that (saying frankly this is true).

The presence of MNCs are very important for our country due to the following reasons:

->To know about the advanced techniques which are used by MNCs.
->To know how they are giving products at such a low costs.
->To improve the competition which is very beneficial to everyone.

But dependency may creates problems at any time so depending mostly on MNCs are always danger. We must observe the procedures followed by them and then we must improve our companies.

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Tanuja said: (Jul 15, 2014)  
There is question for all of participant's Why people prefer MNCs? The answer is, people rush to MNCs because they offer high salary, and many incentives, but Indian company does not do so. They give the employee as small as they can do. So in my point of view if they can work upon these reasons then people will automatically follow Indian company rather MNCs. If we use our knowledge in our own company then definitely our Indian companies will reach to MNC's. But we have to work upon these basic things cause we all know Indian people are very much talented.

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Jyoti Sharma said: (Jun 29, 2014)  
Overall views are correct on their own mind.

Somebody said that the MNCs are the best and some said that the domestic companies are also not bad. But you all know about the fact that MNCs are the best because we promote them by getting employee under them on the self greed basis or by consuming their product as they are cheaper than the domestic product, just because of lower price we shift our preferences by ignoring the quality of the product.

That's fine that the quality of their product not always bad, but for only show off of our literacy or that we are of modern generations we gradually depriving from our real Indian culture. Modern doesn't belongs to western style & wear, modern means that we need to change in our thinking and should always try to promote the Indian power.

MNCs are growing rapidly and the Indian Companies are growing gradually, the main reasons behind this are as follow:

1. We most like to prefer fashionable & stylish product rather than the Indian product which are of simple & sower in nature.

2. Foreign companies got our weak point that is our Indian Culture which now have broken.

3. We still are promoting or motivating foreign MNCs more than Indian.

4. We Indians are so hardworking and having the world's largest labour power but we are unaware of our brain or talent of which the foreign MNCs take the benefits.

5. We have the knowledge enough that we can change the entire world according to our mind strategy but due to unawareness we are losing our Entrepreneurial skills.

So overall I would say,

If we want to see the INDIA as a leading economic country in future then we would have to prefer the Indian companies.

For this we should motivate the Indian companies or culture rather than the foreign companies or culture.

Now the situation is "MNCs are superior to INDIAN companies" but if we will consider & implement the solutions regarding the above mentioned defects in the societies, then the situation will reverse as "INDIAN COMPANIES are superior to Foreign MNCs".

SO COME ON INDIA THATS DEPEND ON YOUR THINKING that you want to become an Entrepreneur or only a labour that is working day-night under the foreign MNCs.

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Prashant Patro said: (Jun 11, 2014)  
The basic difference between MNC and Indian companies in INDIA is WORK CULTURE, which is the most important factor in one's work life.

MNCs intend improve on productivity, so they motivate by improving the living standard of the individual by facilitating personal growth monetarily (not necessarily very good) and facility wise. Also facilitating professional growth by providing training and development to the individual so that he can perform better in work and climb the hierarchy.

Which is a win-win solution by MNC to improve desired productivity level and development of the person is just an byproduct, who in turn can be retained for a good amount of time with his effective improved skills, is a big plus.

Whereas Indian companies don't focus on people development, except few big business houses, who adopted this by expanding their business beyond boundaries.

So Professional development of an individual is carried out in all MNCs irrespective of scale of business. There are very few MNCs in India, as well those who intend to tape this understanding but they are more worse than Indian companies.

Patriotism with Indian company is good with those facilitate professional development and work for long time and the decision making must be based on facts, rather than any inclinations or out of business logic to the extent possible and where like minded people work.

I saw people suffocate and leave from good MNCs because of the ignorance and inclinations, whereas MNC professionals get better perks in Indian companies and contribute those who are honest, and well received by Indian companies, who in turn prosper in long run. If Indian companies doesn't provide the freedom to perform, then they jump fast or don't contribute.

The type of paradigm change can be provided by MNC professionals often not properly well internalized by Indian companies and in turn force them to leave. So crossbreeding these two culture is very good but due to understanding level and style of business by top management or owners is the biggest challenge for this crossbreeding. By cross breeding of this MNC culture there are so many benefits in terms of improved work culture in companies, satisfaction level will be more at all level, IF THEY VALUE IT. Then they only focus on growth and innovative business and making brands that work for them. There are so many Indian companies from smallest to largest than any MNC.

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Sundar said: (Apr 18, 2014)  
Really I speak to all of our friends, MNC companies are great, They are doing good, we have to accept this first, After joined some of our friends into the MNC they got some respect from others,

Because everybody wants money man. We have to agree this first. Humans always behind money yaar,

But I working in Indian companies, why because still I didn't get opportunity,

If I get surely I will join there, Its practical thinking.

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Nagender said: (Mar 9, 2014)  
I agree with the statement. Why I say because mcs's provide wide range of opportunities. They provide good environment to work in, have best of infrastructure facilities, spend more on research and development and provide good pay scale. Whereas, Indian companies don't give these amenities. That is why people don't want to join Indian companies. Moreover, people working in mnc's can earn lot of knowledge not only in terms of technology but also cultural wise. As people from different countries work in mnc's. Mnc's provide a sense of security where as Indian companies don't provide it. As mnc's grow fast, youth in our country want develop themselves fast. So, they join mnc's. As there are pro's and cons to every issue, stress and pressure are major negative aspects of mnc's. People working in mnc's don't have a balanced life.

At the moment, mnc's are superior but in coming years, we can negate the statement. Indian companies are also developing at fast rate. For example, companies like tata, reliance are acquiring mnc's. Companies like wipro are doing government jobs. They are working with government in implementation of policies. So, if Indian companies give facilities that are given by mnc's. Definitely, people work in Indian companies. As there will be some patriotism in every individual, they want to work in Indian companies, work on Indian ideas, work for development of the country.

I want to conclude that Indian companies can be in part with mnc's in coming years.

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Rajendra Sharma said: (Mar 9, 2014)  
It seems to me that it depends on employee interest. Where employee is interested in working if anyone works for mnc's so it will be productive for him/her and when it comes to the Indian companies so employee can not get handsome salary while working in Indian companies as compare to mnc's.

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Poonamverma said: (Mar 7, 2014)  
According to me both are mnc and Indian companies are better then each other on few points.


MNC's provides good living of standards, status, good environment in organization, and one important thing MNC's provides good package with incremental growth which is need or preference of every employee.

But in the Indian companies, there is value of every employee work an his ideas, but in Indian companies there is less growth in their packages, status as compare to employees expectations.

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Aditya said: (Feb 27, 2014)  
We cannot talk about superior or inferior in this context since both have equal pros and cons. A MNC provides financial benefits, provides exposure to latest technologies, enhances the employment rate and contributes to economic growth via taxes. On other hand it gathers its own profits by working on cheaper labour and taking back all profits.

Indian companies have grown tremendously in the past 4-5 years. They have outshined many MNCs and even acquired them. Corus acquisition by TATA is an apt example here. Indian companies have taken the government responsibilities as well like AADHAR card project taken up by Infosys. Many Indian companies have done so well that MNCs have merged them with themselves. Indian entrepreneurs are amongst the best talents of the world.

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Vinod Sonawane said: (Feb 27, 2014)  
Hello Friends,

If we talk about the superiority then first employee satisfaction should be considered. Until and unless companies staff is not satisfied we can not say that the company is superior or good.

Here the difference is that MNC's having a lots of business but they don't have satisfied staff and we provide them good staff. So ultimately we are superior than them.

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Prakash Sharma said: (Feb 20, 2014)  
Well, it depends on your priorities. Whether you want to work only because the salary is high or you want to work because you love your job. Or you want to travel the world. Unfortunately, we Indians want to earn more so that we can get a good girl for marriage. We are more worried about our society. We Indians hate to take a different path.

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Gandhi said: (Feb 18, 2014)  
Good morning.

I think neither MNC's nor Indian companies are inferior to anyone.

Advanced technology implies decrease of man force.

India is not implementing advanced technology because of its huge population. Indian companies or Indian government is following ethics and also giving employment opportunity. Where as in the foreign countries they did not have this problem of population. So they developed the advance technology.

So its our wish whether to work for MNC's or with an Indian company. Only the standard of living makes the difference in the salaries that we are not thinking and running towards the foreign and Multi-National companies.

Rate this: +30 -4

Jack said: (Feb 14, 2014)  
If we think in different way, then Indian firms are great because they value people, their thought, their work. Its not infrastructure, not CTC which make company great, it's employees who make the firm grat. Indian companies are far better than MNC because the aftermath of recession will be more aggressive in mnc's, but Indian companies can be sustainable in that situations, but the salary is the one of the most basic criteria for under development of Indian companies, but still companies like infosys, wipro, tcs they have been globalised, hence the profit of income is high, with good stock share prices in market.

Its not a question who is best, here seeing contemporary situation one can't predict who will best. India is developing country not developed so here Indian companies always have question, how to equalize th budget. It is true that MNCs have well infrastructure, good and well salary. But Indian firms are very aggressive as compare to MNCs. Here Indian firm have low budget for R&d but what they design, produce have global quality with cost effect.

If we think in different way, then Indian firms are great because they value people, their thought, their work. Its not infrastructure, not CTC which make company great, it's employees who make the firm grat. The issue that weather Indian OR MNCs which one is best is not that much impressive. Because in private firms results are very important and to achieve that results employees have to work under pressure or for an extra hours. This condition is same in any of private firm in the world.

The main issue is that MNCs had started their international operations 20-40 years before and Indian firms have started it now in an aggressive manner. Another difference that is about salary and turnover is just because of currency gap. This remains because many Indian firms are getting revenue in rupees. If they get maximum revenue in Euro, Dollars Or in any costliest currency this picture will change. And after 10-15 years if Indian firms establish their own brand with new technology successfully then only Indian firms will also be in the range of MNCs. For this they will have to spend more and more for R&D. If you see the % spending in R&D expenses you will see a significant gap.

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Shobha said: (Feb 4, 2014)  
Let me tell you the true situation of MNCs in 3 points :

1) When you get to relax on weekends, the pressure of your work aches your body and your mind.

2) The tension that follows every recession.

3) The insecurity and lacking the opportunities to enjoy with your own family because we can't get that many holidays as we are working for them and they are paying for it without any second thought of our comfort and relaxation.

What is the fun of getting so much money and not having the time to enjoy it? What is the fun of getting such big status and not being able to share and enjoy that with your family?

Rate this: +82 -11

Dev Anandan said: (Feb 3, 2014)  
I think Indian companies are superior, I would like to justify this by saying that, one can succeed only by attaining self-belief our Indian companies believe in our nation's wealth, human resources, energy to achieve in business and at the same time when the company reaches new heights it fetches good reputation to our country and simultaneously increases our economic wealth. Meanwhile the employees who are obviously Indians they can feel the pride in working for our Indian company which tends them to accomplish their part well.

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Dhamini said: (Jan 18, 2014)  
Yes, I don't completely agree wit it, because even the Indian companies are in competition now and moreover mnc's just pretend with their advanced technologies, human capital which only includes the Indian skills.

Even it depends on the people dedications, if at all the employees dedicating themselves just for good packages then obviously the Indian companies are not in phase at all, but I truly believe that the Indian companies too have great competition towards mnc's.

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Nilesh said: (Jan 14, 2014)  
Which are the type of professions or companies wherein they send employees abroad for training or for expos? I am in search of job which involves extensive overseas travelling.

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Abhay said: (Jan 4, 2014)  
MNC's are superior than Indian companies because they have an agenda, different ideas, access to new technologies, infrastructure, etc which enables them to grab so much of attention.

On the other hand India has huge talent which makes MNC's to focus on Indian employee. They give high salary, security, living standards, etc due to which employee at MNC's have easy life and dragging Indian talent into their company makes MNC's superior than Indian Companies.

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Guru said: (Jan 1, 2014)  
Hello. Well I don't have enough knowledge about MNC, but according to my point of view, Mnc are superior than Indian companies, as I also work in Indian company, there you get less pay after giving your daily hours or extra hours because our country is still developing and need a lots of changes. But it is still developing and providing employment to various people around the world. I want from both Indian and MN Companies that they have to provide jobs not only to those who are eligible but have to give chances to those who can do better than their expectation, but cannot be selected because of their language problem and other issues. Indian companies still need more development and changes and mnc also need to provide chances of all.

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Nita said: (Dec 31, 2013)  
Hello Friends.

I think Yes MNCs Superior to Indian Companies, but it have both advantages as well as disadvantages. If the employee in our country get their salary their wages properly means as per their works then it is superior because the MNCs gives us more advance technology. It gives us more jobs.

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Varun Kumar said: (Dec 25, 2013)  
MNC's have large number of branches, high quality of infrastructure facilities when compared to Indian companies. Also the case that they attract number of youngsters by providing them good pay, other extra benefits, which Indian companies were not able to do. But as of today things have changed now our companies are in a stage to compete with any MNC.

Our infrastructure has developed a lot during the course of time, and were offering good amount of salary too. I think it is good to work as a part of Indian company rather being a member of any MNC, although MNC need our work more than anyone else in this world. Finally, I can say MNC are superior than Indian companies, but we can negate this statement in the coming years.

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Sasank said: (Dec 21, 2013)  
The meaning of MNC is.

When a corporation that is registered in more than one country or that has operations in more than one country may be attributed as MNC. If you see the populous list of companies operated in india, one could say that almost all are MNC's. So the companies which operate only in India are few. So number of companies wise MNC's are superior.

Consider an Indian Company- BHEL. It is the one of the largest plant manufacturing power plant machinery and one of the reasons for its growth is using state of art technologies by collaborating with top MNCs like GE.

Comfortability wise flexible work hour timings, loss of pay are practised by MNCs and are followed in India.

So definitely MNC's act as a firm support to Indian company and hence are superior.

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Kishore said: (Dec 15, 2013)  
In one point of perspective MNC'S are far better than Indian normal companies. MNC's provide good infrastructure, provide good salary to the employees. And MNC'S help in technological development in our country.

And if you compare Indian MNC's and foreign MNC's, Indian MNCs such as infosys, Reliance, TCS, Wipro, Tata group, Birla group etc are not less than any of the foreign MNCs. They are the examples of Indian success in industrialization and globalization. These companies are rivals of Foreign MNCs in their respective market.

And also the reason for the MNC's evolution and growth is indian's talent. so it is possible to develop indian companies by the youngsters joining in indian companies and develop them by exploring our skills and tallent.

Rate this: +34 -4

Amaan said: (Dec 11, 2013)  
A main think is that we are not seeing the background clearly. We usually compare USA to India in terms of productivity but we often forget that USA got its independence from Great Britain almost 230 years ago and India got its independence 66 years back. India has developed 50% of USA in so less time. I hope it will be developed more than USA in 180 years.

Rate this: +113 -5

RAMYA said: (Nov 27, 2013)  
I think that MNC are better than Indian company but it doesn't mean Indian company are not good. But MNC provide good salary and good environment and they allow to implement our talent. Everyone want to get job in MNC because we want to grow up in our society with help of good job and salary which is provided by MNC. It doesn't matter where you work and how to you just give best output. Indians are the backbone of MNC's. So I think both are having their own position in the world.

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Kushal said: (Nov 22, 2013)  
No I don't agree with above statement because India is a developing country and MNC's gives strength. Economical growth, advanced technologies, create active competitive environment and huge employment to our country so MNC's will always superior to Indian companies.

FDI investment for foreign companies proves that which one is superior and which is more important for increasing the GDP And GNI of country.

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PRASHANT said: (Nov 8, 2013)  
Hello friends.

No doubt MNC's provide good salary package, they provide good great living standard and extravagant life and of course everyone's has a dream to go to MNC's. If we talk about Indian companies then we can't say that they are inferior than multi national companies.

I have a slightly different view here, I think that its the people/worker who make this great.

70 % Indian wants only comfortable life, they just want to get a good package and wants to do only comfortable job.

A job is just a job if you see it as a job, every job has a opportunity to explore your skills, explore your talents that's for what we made for. Either it is a MNC's or any Indian companies, we must give our best.

I have seen so many people who has been worked for MNC's and now doing GATE or IES coaching, they just want comfort life only.

I believe in MNC'S (indian mnc's or world level mnc's) , they provide excellent platform for skill developing and exploring our creativity, maybe I'm wrong but Indian companies provides comfort life only. They must provide a great opportunity for Indian engineers for developing their skills.

Both provide good package but it's up to us what we prefer, what we want i.e comfort or growth and comfort both.


Rate this: +72 -8

Manu said: (Nov 3, 2013)  
Good Day All,

Superiority can be measured with many different constraints such as preferences given by the job seekers to the companies, the facilities and salaries provided by them, human resource management, timeliness, job security etc. Undoubtedly MNC's provide good facilities, salary to the employees. In case of customers, MNC's provide better service as they do not encourage corruption.

Accuracy and timeliness is also better in case of MNC's. But this doesn't mean Indian companies are far away when compared to MNC's. Indian companies are not far too back in case of facilities and salary, but are not up to the mark when compared to MNC's. In case of job security Indian companies are far better than MNC's. It should also be noted that MNC's are well known for their better human resource management. So one should say in case of superiority Indian companies are not very much lagging than MNC's.

Rate this: +10 -3

Rahul said: (Oct 27, 2013)  
Well the above statement can't be stated as absolutely right because we are not about a single MNC or a single Indian company yes I agree that some MNCs are top class & every one wants to be a party of them but all MNCs are not that popular they cannot be declared better than our Indian companies because it is us Indian who make these MNCs work better we try to ignore what we have or what our Indian companies can achieve if we the youth of India believe in Indian companies & try to give them a chance to stand against those MNCs.

Rate this: +14 -1

Asif said: (Oct 13, 2013)  
According to my point There is no any bit difference in MNC and Indian companies. There's only one difference, people Minds are set that we will work in MNC Only. Good environment, good package, good life with no corruption. But India has same possibility if we think positively that first preference to my own nation it will definitely workout if our young generation think on this matter. Ex: Tata, reliance and other had proven that they are going hand on hand with MNC.

Thank you for attention.

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Venkat said: (Oct 5, 2013)  
In my opinion there are both positive and negative points regarding MNC's.


1. They provide us with world class infrastructure facilities and great exposure with other cultures around the globe.

2. They provide a great platform for the people who are willing to take challenges.

3. They provide fat salaries and growth potential is more.


1. The people working in the MNC's couldn't balance their work life and family life equally.

2. In the MNC's we were doing projects for the foreign countries and making their revenues expand.

3. We were implementing the ideas of other people rather than improving our own ideas.

Rate this: +132 -9

Priya said: (Oct 4, 2013)  
Yes, MNCs are superior because they are providing better opportunities, advanced technology and handsome salaries so naturally workers are attracted towards them. I think everyone have dream to work in google, facebook etc for making future bright. But if we focus on the other side then MNCs are taking advantages of our weakness and hiring at low salaries compared to their nation. We are attracted because we find the salary very high compared to salary in Indian company. So actions should be taken to stop brain drain for competing Mncs.

Rate this: +26 -6

CIVIL HARI KUMAR said: (Oct 2, 2013)  
I agree with all the above mentioned points but I will never accept the MNC's as the superior company because MNC's are trying to make us their slaves indirectly, most of the people they don't understand this and they just get into such companies. The MNC's recruit only well talented and skilled people if this goes on who will provide work to the slow learners.

Moreover INDIAN companies like Ratan tata, reliance, ashok leyland and others are organised for their international standards. So the youngsters and students have to be thought about the Indian cultures and its values but whereas the MNC's spoil our culture.

So I conclude that INDIAN companies are best and INDIAN's are best.

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Is MNCs Superior to Indian Companies?

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