Is MNCs Superior to Indian Companies?

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Safiqul Islam said:   12 hours ago
MNCS is a good company this company has huge contributions in the economy. I always prefer talented people rather than experienced due experienced people always think traditionally they always try in a safe zone but the youngest & talented people will think versatile for profit & production.

Anbu said:   2 years ago
Hi Friends,

In my opinion, MNC company is better than Indian company. If you are an average person in communication or knowledge about the particular segment, they will teach you trained you finally they mold you, you will reach some level what others have knowledge or communication, personality same entity.

MNC will observe your ability and leadership style and based on that they will give a promotion. Now many of the Mnc companies are included diversity. That\'s the welcome note, I have seen last three years. In this pandemic, Most of the companies are not deducted employees' salaries.

But Indian entities will not look at your personality your knowledge and other parameters, here only speaks experience and politics. Many of my friends who all are working for Indian companies are not getting a salary in this pandemic, even though the company has achieved positive growth. No proper training's to develop their knowledge and update the current trends in the particular segment, I am not telling all the Indian companies are doing, the majority of the companies are like this, some Indian companies also doing fabulously.

This area needs to be the focus on if we can do proper training, our dependency will be less to expect MNC products.

Faizan said:   3 years ago
I believe India is doing a good job, but they must ensure that India does not become a slave to these multinational corporations. MNCs do have good employment and job protection, but there are advantages and disadvantages to each problem. I believe that India should embrace modern technology and step away from primitive ways of thinking in order to grow. Thank you so much.

I believe this was an excellent opportunity for me to gain experience.

Monika said:   4 years ago
Hi everyone.

Our topic is "Is MNC superior to Indian Companies". As per my opinion, To some extent, yes it is superior. MNC provides various of products by considering Customer Desired. They are taking first-mover advantage and make product according to the customer demand which leads to Customer Satisfaction which Indian companies can't do. Indian companies take Reactive approach while MNC takes Proactive approach and hence it leads.

Sahil thakur said:   4 years ago
I don't think that MNC's are superior to Indian companies. MNC's only focus on their profit in a particular country but for Indian companies it is more than profit. Indian companies are the backbone of our economy. They only focus on how to enhance country's development and growth. Profit is their second priority and growth is first.

Shruti said:   4 years ago
In my perspective MNC's superior to the Indian companies because in today's life everyone wants to get a job in MNC's. Because they offer a good salary, luxury life, and their management is also good. They only offer jobs to talented people. It is not easy to get a job in MNC's. Indian companies focused on economical growth but MNC's mainly focused on profit and production. So they are superior.

Abhishek Gupta said:   5 years ago
According to me, the MNC company is to provide job satisfaction. When you have a talent then you survive in MNC company. Because the demand of MNC company is that he take the youngest student which have a lot of talent.

In India, most of the people are know. How to survive in the company. So the value of talent is more as a comparison to experience person. Because experience person is not thinking about new technology and new ideas but the youngest person is trying to give the best and search for new ideas. This is my opinion.

Thank you.

Pallavi Rajput said:   5 years ago
It is true, that MNCs provides luxury life, corruption-free culture, growth and good salary structure. MNCs hire brilliant and talented from large pool of people. But according to me, Indian companies like TCS, Infosys and Wipro have a big position in the corporate world. These companies have contributed to the GDP of India. Indian companies provides Indian people of the opportunities to showing their talent beyond Indian boundaries for their business expansion. Indian people's brains are the big reason of success of MNCs.

Ashutosh said:   5 years ago
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Sunil kaldhone said:   5 years ago
I thik nowaday Indian companies progress and it achive leval of MNcs standard because of India try to convert into digital India thas way I thik it benifitial to Indian companies in future Indian companies cross this statement.

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