Is it fair to spare political parties from income tax investigation?

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Ramjit said:   6 years ago
As we all know that our country comes in the top for corruption and for black money. This all corruption taking place from this political parties and from business persons only. If we are spare them only from the income tax investigation then how will our country will develop the poor people will going to be poor only then. Which ever political party starts any new project in our country they are playing a big game in that and every earns a huge profit from that and they are not paying taxes for the same. Every year they start a project of crores of crores budget and actually they are using this all money in that project not at all they all goes in their pocket and not even paying tax. So it is not at all fair to spare a political parties from income tax investigation.

Harsh said:   6 years ago
We are living in the country which comes in the list of most corrupted countries.

So, it is definitely not fair to spare political parties from income tax investigations because political parties are one of the soul reasons for corruption in our country and they are the most corrupted persons of the society.

So sparing them from income tax investigations will escalate the level of black money in our economy and at the end, the common people will suffer.

So, if we want to a developed and corruption free country so we should not spare anyone from income tax investigations.

Manoj said:   6 years ago
Hello, everyone.

As we all know certain laws have been made for everything and they are same for everyone any particular person should not be exempted from it be it a politician or someone else.

Poltics has become a business now like they spend so much while campaigning, to make Thier party a winning one. And if they got the desired results as they spend all the five years in collecting money for their future campaigning and this cycle goes on fooling the common man.

So in my point of view, this is totally not fair to spare them from tax investigation, as the law should be one for all.

Abu said:   6 years ago
According to me, political parties must not spare from income tax. All people are same, rules are mean to everyone. Political parties have huge responsibilities to follow the rules. Leaders must pay their taxes regularly. They must be a role model to every citizen. Leaders like Perunthalaivar Kamarajar, Arignar Anna Abdul Kalam are a role model to everyone, We accept these kinds of citizens. But in today world, these kind of leaders are not possible. Thank you.

Uttara deb said:   6 years ago
Hello, everyone. This is Uttara.

Of course, each and every person who runs from the rule of law should not be allowed to participate in any kind of election. Elections are meant to select the people's representative. And the person or party should be fare and integrated. In our country, politicians the main culprit to avoid taxes. Huge amounts of money get vandalised in elections. Big corporates donate the unaccounted amount to these parties in the name of political funding to serve their ulterior motives in the future. Politicians loot many portions of these funds and channelise very little to support political activities. Moreover, many politicians give gifts or donations from these funds to fuel communal violence as we can see in recent West Bengal turmoil. The Election Commission has notified few rules like election bond and no cash donation more than 20000 and discloser of donating party name etc is a welcome move in this regard but much still needed to overcome to see India a corruption free country at least in the sphere of the election.

Ajay Yadav said:   6 years ago
Definitely, not because every citizen of our country should have given equal fundamental rights so why should this fundamental equality not be introduced on politicians? They are elected by the common man. Our national party like BJP and Congress who got a huge amount through the donation of eminent person because they know once they come in power they will favour their company and will earn a big amount by the party name and government. So their fund should be check on regular basis and any irregularities found, they should be banned. Thank you.

Prateek said:   6 years ago
No absolutely not. Why political parties need exemption from income tax investigation. Are they above constitution. Talking about Indian political parties, these are one of the biggest source of corruption. Almost 80% to 90% funds is from undeclared sources. These undeclared sources funds the political parties and later earn that money from unfair means when that party is in power. This is corruption.

Now, the time has come when the political parties should declare their funds and should come under RTI.

The country's economy is digitalizing. Political parties should also promote digitilazation and should declare that they would only accept the fund paid by digital means.

Anamika Das said:   6 years ago
Hi, everyone.

According to me, Political parties should definitely not be spared from the investigation of IT department. Law should be the same for every person and there should be no discrimination. Also, a considerable part of the black money is in possession by the political parties which they spend in elections that in turn leads to illegal votings and people doesn't select the right party. So in order to maintain transparency political parties should be included in IT investigation. Thank you.

Ravi said:   6 years ago
No it's not a fare to spare political parties from income tax investigation because the law is common for all whether they are from political parties or from big rich groups, there should be transparency for all, as we all know that these political parties have lots of funds, which they use during votes and because of that people don't give vote to genuine people, so according to me, there should be strict law for all, I mean we all human being on this planet earth.

Thank you.

Akansha Nigam said:   6 years ago
Hello, Friends.

Good to read all your comments and really as like you all.

I also believe that political must not spare from the income tax investigation. I believe that in the name of helping people all the parties getting fund which has not records and income tax department doesn't have any eye on it which is not good.

India really doesn't afford such kind of lacking as our next generation must have developed country. Everything must be transparent, our common man has gone through with many problems regarding this black money so the political leader must have this investigation. India needs it, we need this as it's Indian citizen property. These leaders must not ruin our India. Every money must have the transparency from where it comes money should move then only we will get rid of this black money.

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