Is it fair to spare political parties from income tax investigation?

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Vipul said:   6 years ago
No, it is not fair to spare political parties from income tax investigations because political parties invest huge money in their advertising for election and that money may have black money so there should be some investigation by the Central government to prevent this use of black money or seize it.

Niza said:   6 years ago
Definitely not. No political party should be allowed to contest in election without proper investigation. Political parties receive huge amount of sum and donations from different sources to carry out their campaign.

Now, the question is who are these sources and why they are willing to donate such a large amount of money? Mostly prominent industrialists pay huge amount so that once the party which they funded wins majority and comes into power, the given political party favors them.

The recent rule passed by Election Commission of India which has asked all political parties which receive funding of more than twenty thousand must reveal donors name. This is a welcoming step by election commission and it should be supported whole heartedly for fair election. Transparency and accountability are the two most basic needs which we want everywhere. Once people get to know about different sources they can easily make their decision. Any political party which doesn't fully assist in their income investigation should not be allowed to contest in election and they should be freezed.

RAZHA said:   6 years ago

Question is good, but it depends on government that they want to disclose their source of funds or not.

That requires take decision beyond political will.

Manoj Kumar Singh said:   6 years ago
No, not at all. Like any other entity political parties are also entities. Law shouldI be equal to all. An exempting political party from income tax investigation is quite discriminatory. Like every citizen, all institutions including political parties should be brought into income tax investigation. Law has all rights to know about the source of income and items and amount of expenditure.

Voice of Indian Cityzen said:   6 years ago
My point of views :-

Not, it is not fair to spare political parties from income tax investigation because all the nation political party like BJP (nearly 938 crore fund), Congress (nearly nearly 150 plus fund) have great amount donation or fund from many source, that may legal or illegal and they want keep silent mode on this topic, there are need of transparency, fund of political party disclose on their own website if they have really develop India as Developed Country otherwise our Country youth skills, economic strength of nation, productivity of farmer, research of scientist, martyr of solder waste in increase funding of ruling or opposition party in our country.

Thank you for adding this topic in group discussion.

YASHWANTH said:   6 years ago
No, It won't be fair at all. In law point of view, no one can get exception even those who formulate the law. If the department has reasonable cause to believe it can proceed further without looking whoever on the other side.

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