Is GST really a One nation, One tax system?

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Shubh Patel said:   5 months ago
Good evening all of you.

Hi my name is Shubh.

With your permission, I will start a group discussion on GST.

According to my opinion, GST means Good answer service taxes. GST is a collective tax of products instead of various taxes like excise duty, state tax and central tax. GST is taken from the customer who purchases a good and uses services. I am in favour of a GST. GST is Create transfer in the market. Also chance of reducing the theft of tax by various persons. Also, favour for various companies for the establishment of their unit in any part of the country. In earlier, companies are not easily establish their unit because of the various taxes. Also, new ones create more earnings for the government. And favour for the development of the country.

Neetu said:   9 months ago
Good morning to all of you.

Today our gd topic is GST. So I express my views on it.

GST means one nation one tax. GST is an indirect tax which has replaced many indirect tax in India. Gst is mainly technologically driven the minimum tax rate under gst is 0%and highest tax rate is 28%. Goods and services are taxed at the following rates 0% 5% 12% 18% 28%.

GST is texted on all transactions such as sale transfer purchase.

GST is based on input tex method the journey of gst began from the year 2000 when a committee was setup to draft the law it took seventeen years from then in 2017 the gst bill was passed in the parliament. On first July the gst law came into force.

Benifit of GST.

GST is right step to move forward with the Make in India vision.

GST gets rid of multiple taxation system in the country.

GST registered business will be able to claim tax credit to the value of GST.

The tax structure is much simpler and easier to understand.

Reducing production costs will make exports more competitive.

GST eliminates complexities in the present taxation structure.

Key points if change in GST.

Small treders and exports were hurt most by the application of gst. It was crucial to Prime minister Narendra Modi's plans to create million of more jobs. Accordingly the decision were taken with a view to raise revenue.

That's all about my perspective.


Pankaj Singh 233 said:   2 years ago
I agree with that - but I see many Negative points of GST.

When I doing Under Grad. In 2008 The Sevice & Sales Tax was Near 8 to 10 % and most highly needed items were also tax-free that time when time went in 2015 the tax rate touched 12 to 15 % and that also highly needed items also tax-free.

But when our PM Modhi Ji Introduce GST - I am Very Happy Like You,

But later I Realized That he doing wrong to us. I Have Some Res. Behind This,

1) They Incre. Rate OF Tax for our diversion they define many tax rates like 0, 5, 12, 18, and 28 % - but earlier the tax rate was only 12 to 15 %, and all most items are there in but now max. Item in 18%, and car, Bike & Luxury items charge 28 %. That was very high.

2) The Main Res. Behind This Central Government want a High Tax Because - 1st when GST Not Apply SG have to collect tax according to his rule they give some money to CG, But after the GST CG give half amt of tax to SG.

3) CG & SG Never Change the Working Style to Clean the City - if you Saw That CG Introduce Smart City Work Project - they give Tender to Other companies - they increase employment but when go in any city where actualy Smart City Work started you See the Reality - they just spent out Tax on the name of some Project. - I Have A Example of that - IF You hear The Name UDAIPUR City (Lake City) in Rajasthan tile today date 11. Oct 2022 they Spent more than 1000 Cr. Rs in name of smart City. (i may be wrong in the Amount Term) ask any local people that you are happy with the work - you Got the answer. From them. And work starts at 5 years ago still not Complete and also saw the Material Quality and our State government create Another Plan as that charged From us 200 t0 800 Rs Every2 months from us - you can say that SG Plan Charge us another Tax.

4) GST also Increase Many Accounting Work related exp. Like every month or Quater wise return file,

GST Mismatch Error, GST LATE Fee, GST Late Payment Interest,

5 If every Person Pays GST on a Maximum ITEM Then why Charge Income Tax From Indiuval and Company? - Because Many Company PAY Gst But Accutal GST is Bear by the Last user of the product - who consumes the product or services,

6 Who Pay Income Tax In the Individual Category - Mostly Salary People because they have No Option in the way of Deduction, But a Business person has many Options to reduce his taxes.

7 due to GST Corruption Reduce I agree that but Gov. Still increases Salary OF Gover. Employee only those who increase the salary of Non-Gov. Employee. And after GST also allow 5 day per Week in Gov. Department work they increase just Creat lazier the Gov. Emp. - all people know how Gov Department work still there have many of corruption Because GST Is one way to collect the tax from the user but Most of the department work only From Bright (Reswat) - who Clear this type of Corruption.

8 I Like Modi's Style but am not Happy With GST.

Dhino kevin said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone,

This is Dhino Kevin,

According to me, the Indian economy is nothing but a clumsy system of corruption.

The sharing of gained GST from all states is distributed unequally. Which is nothing but a loop hoe for corruption. The highest GST-paying states are not helped during the time of crisis but other states were given free food and stuff parallelly. This simply means sucking one resource to develop others for their own benefit which is similar to what the British did to us.

Dnyaneshwar said:   3 years ago
Hi everyone,

In my view, one nation one tax system is the enormous solution for corruption. The unallowable taxes taken by various product manufacturing industries increased the prices of all goods. The government service tax i.e. GST will enroutes the problems like this and will make better increments in national economy. After applying GST the all individual's in the entire country will conduct one tax payment system and there's nothing like partiality with anyone in tax aspects.

Manisha said:   3 years ago
Hi everybody,

I am here to give my opinion on a given topic that is "Is GST really one nation, one tax system". In our country, the GST tax system is introduced by Modi in July 2017. It is one of the best initiatives taken by the government. Before this, we have to pay many taxes like service tax, excise tax, central tax, etc, and hidden charges by the government. But due to this Goods and Service Tax (GST), we are paying only one tax throughout the country so it's very feasible for us. Many foreign countries use this type of tax system hence after the introduction of GST in our country many foreign companies investing in our country as they are familiar with this tax system.

There are 5types of tax categories in GST i.e 0%, 5%, 12%, 18%, 28%. In 0% all basic things are there which are taxless. In 5% packaged food is included. In 12% oil is included, in 18% electronics are included, in 28% luxurious things are included.

By this system, one can know how much we are spending on taxes. This system is beneficial for the government as well as for peoples. Hence, GST is really one nation, one tax system as it is the same all over the country. We don't have to pay taxes according to the state.

Thanks a lot!

RAVI PRAKASH said:   3 years ago
Hii friends,

The topic given to us for discussion is "Is GST really a one nation ;one tax system ?".

Surely, GST (goods and services tax) is really one nation one tax system. Before the implementation of GST there was a lot of indirect taxes like service tax, excise tax, vat etc but now only one tax in direct way i.e. GST & their tagline is used one nation one tax.

In GST each and every goods and services are distributed in the class accordingly now people can know how much they are paying on it. Five slots are made 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% & 28%. The Basic and very needy things in 0% slots and this is great helpful for the general people. 5% is on branded packets of foods etc, 12% on sports, milk etc, 18% on computer, mobile etc, 28% on luxury hotel, entertainment things etc.

After implementation of GST the number of tax payers people have increased and the difficulty in tax collection has easily solved and of course, this is directly in favour of both government as well as people.

Due to flexible and perfectness, most of the developed country are applying so, absolutely this will be in favourable of growth of economy of India.

Now foreign industry will be attracted to establish their company in India without hesitation because they are familior this type of tax system.

Anuj vishwakarma said:   3 years ago
GD morning all of you.

Firstly, I would like to say that g s t mean s goods and services taxes it came in 1julay of 2017 if we talk about its merit s it attract s foreign company in. India because it has one tax system it has ended much tax as bat excise duty entertainment tax etc if we talk about demerits it has included many small traders who can not pay tax it has to include many traders who are attached with one Field in it takes a tax from factory and raw material sellers and who buy it and sell it conclusions it has to try to best in the tax system of India in my point of view petroleum products and alcoholic products are included in it.

Vinod Kumar said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone,

Today, I am going to discuss a very important topic is that GST.

Our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi launched GST scheme in first July 2019 and the moto of GST is one Tex one nation.

Full form of GST is goods and services Tex.

Before the GST many taxes are paid like as central Tex, State Tex and such other taxes. But now after implementation of GST one nation one tax add.

There are four slab of gst 5%, 12%, 18%, 28%.

And two types of GST CGST and SGST.

According to CGST, our central government paid Tax.

Alcohol and petroleum products are not included in GST. And according to me, this is a major mistake of the government of India. Because alcohol is a very best source of Gst.

There are many benefits of implementation of Gst like as economy of India rising after implemantansion of GST because many persons don't pay tax their things.

And GDP of India is also increase.

Shubham said:   3 years ago
Hi. Friends,

First of all, thanks for giving me this opportunity. Today we discuss the GST really one nation, one tax system.

GST means goods and service tax which is implemented by the government. GST first introduced in Europe in France. But in India, it introduced on 1st July 2017.

Gst is implemented by the government before GST there were lots of taxes giving by the government like service tax, entertainment tax, exercise tax, central tax etc. But after 1st July 2017, there is only one tax implemented by the government which is GST before GST we don't know how much we pay the taxes of the product we bought. But after GST we all know how much we paid the tax on the product which we bought. Because in GST there is only 5 types of tax implemented by the government which is0% 5%, 12%, 18%, 28%. In 5%, packed food items, in 12% oil, coconut oil etc, in 18% Mobile phones, electricity bill etc and in 28% include a washing machine, refrigerator etc.

Gst is not included in petroleum and alcohol but this is not the good government should do tax on this product because under this GST no one takes higher charge.

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