Is GST really a One nation, One tax system?

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Abhijeet said:   5 years ago
Hello, everyone.

First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me a great opportunity to speak in front of you.

GST implemented by the government of India with Tagline of one Nation one tax.

Some of the merits of this system are:

One Nation one tax -Before the implementation of GST, a number of taxes were implemented by the states on a single good like excise duty, VAT, entertainment tax etc. Since the states are imposing the tax accordingly, the prices of similar good in different regions of the country becomes different. GST has successfully eradicated all these taxes.

Clear idea about taxation system- Before GST people were unaware of the percentage of taxes to be paid on a good but after implementation of GST 5 slots were made, 0% 5% 12% 18% and 28% and the goods are distributed in the class accordingly now peoples know how much they are paying on it.

Development of country -since the amount to be paid on a single item is the same all over the country it will automatically lead to the growth of GDP.

Tax collection increased - before the implementation of GST there are a lot of shopkeepers who are not registered and practising. But after GST it became mandatory for all to get their name registered. So the number of taxpayers increased and automatically tax collection increased.

Some of the demerits of this system are.

Petroleum And alcoholic products after not kept in any slot of GST. Since their daily usable products, they should be assigned their slot, but it is not.

Since no special training with given by the government to the shopkeeper about the registration with GST, shopkeeper suffered a lot.

Since the prices of some of the goods increased within no time, customers suffered a lot.

JITENDRA KUMAR MUDULI said:   5 years ago
Yes, according to me, GST is one nation one tax system.

Because, previously there were lots of tax living by states and central governments like the Central Government levies tax on manufacture (Central Excise duty), provision of services (Service Tax), interstate sale of goods (CST levied by the Centre but collected and appropriated by the States) and the State Governments levy tax on retail sales (VAT), entry of goods in the State (Entry Tax), Luxury Tax, Purchase Tax, etc.

Now there is one tax system in India now.


1) it will attract foreign investment due to the simplified tax system.
2) improved the ease of doing business.


1) Petrol, diesel, natural gas are not I GST slab.
2) It is because of both central govt and state govt enjoying great tax from the old tax system.

Anonymous said:   6 years ago
Goods and service tax (GST) has really proved impressive in market. Earlier there were multiple taxes extracted from the people which was really annoying but since the introduction of GST, a single tax have been imposed on the various products thus increasing the transparency in the taxation system giving boost to our economy.

In India GST has primarily been divided into 5 slabs i.e. 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% & 28%.

And the various goods have been categorized into these slabs.

But still. There is an issue related to fuel and alcohol. Why haven't they been bought under GST. It is clearly observable that the prices of fuel are sky rocketing day by day and I guess you might know that there is nearr about (40%-50%) tax implemented on them. There for giving a good boost to economy these products need to be subsumed under GST, then only GST can be termed as one nation & one price.

Digambar chauhan said:   6 years ago
Yeah, I think GST is one initial step that our govt has taken.

1st it reduces the other taxes like vat, excuses duty and other services tax.

2ndly it reduces the corruption.

3rdly it is One Nation One Tax, so people of any state would not have to pay extra tax and get direct Benefit of it.

4th it is more comprehensive than before and it is dual system tax i.e chat and sgst. So People do not get much confused over tax.

Rajkumar subramanian said:   6 years ago
GST was coined mainly to make each and every person pays the TAX.

# It is used to eliminate "BLACK MONEY", since everybody is imposed to pay the tax.

# There will be ease in the business, because GST eliminates the major previous taxes namely the.

Excise duty, serivce tax, VAT (value added tax), central sales tax (CST).

# This will increase the foreign investment in India (Here comes the MAKE IN INDIA). Thus increasing the GDP (gross domestic product).

# This helps in the movement of goods from one state to another easier, since the taxes are not collected in the borders.

# Mainly two kinds of TAX they are central (CGST) and state (SGST). Which helps in the limiting paper work for the buisnes people.

# so, GST will definitely lead to the economic growth in India. Not immediately, slowly but definetly.

Manisha said:   3 years ago
Hi everybody,

I am here to give my opinion on a given topic that is "Is GST really one nation, one tax system". In our country, the GST tax system is introduced by Modi in July 2017. It is one of the best initiatives taken by the government. Before this, we have to pay many taxes like service tax, excise tax, central tax, etc, and hidden charges by the government. But due to this Goods and Service Tax (GST), we are paying only one tax throughout the country so it's very feasible for us. Many foreign countries use this type of tax system hence after the introduction of GST in our country many foreign companies investing in our country as they are familiar with this tax system.

There are 5types of tax categories in GST i.e 0%, 5%, 12%, 18%, 28%. In 0% all basic things are there which are taxless. In 5% packaged food is included. In 12% oil is included, in 18% electronics are included, in 28% luxurious things are included.

By this system, one can know how much we are spending on taxes. This system is beneficial for the government as well as for peoples. Hence, GST is really one nation, one tax system as it is the same all over the country. We don't have to pay taxes according to the state.

Thanks a lot!

Pavan Kumar said:   6 years ago
Hello friend's,

Yes, it is absolutely true that GST really a one nation, one tax system. But the definition of GST in our country is totally different than other countries, because GST the world over, it is simple tax with a single rate applicable across the board, in a few countries. It has dual rate. If in India, you can't have a single rate. But you can have dual rate. But how, you can have eight rate.

So I think, when I look at India with GST. So as per my mind, I feel it is mockery of GST. Yes, there is no doubt that GST is a very beautiful thing but the implementation of GST was not good and thereby during the implementation of flawed GST many samall and medium sector have gone in deficit. And meanwhile the crisis of employment has increased.

Let me tell you very recent example of flawed GST,

In tripura there is a one old bus stand before the implementation of GST there was 5, 000 samall and medium sector that was the source of employment for the people's. But during the GST almost 4600 small and medium sector has been shutdown. And thereby the employment of the people's destroyed.

This is only one example, which I told you. Besides that, there can be also many another example.

That's my own outlook regarding to the GST.

Manish said:   5 years ago
Hello everyone,

Is GST really One nation, One tax system?

I would probably say no because in spite of having GST (goods and service tax) people put service tax as extra which is already included in GST.

Many businesses run like this and people will not be aware of it.

People need to be very careful and see what they are paying for.

At times society needs to raise voice against such acts.

Many of them just ignore such things even though if they are aware of them.

We are in a DEMOCRATIC country and we have all the rights to question and most importantly at the end of the day it is all upon us and we have to go by the rules.

Arun said:   5 years ago
GST is one Nation one Tax?

Definitely no everyone aware that we have difference GST slots but it is not applicable to liquor and petroleum it clearly shows we are not under one Nation one tax system. I am not going to give any statics but I'm going to tell how it affected my life before GST I was watching movies at balcony now ticket rate is become increased so I can't afford that price then I start watching the movie from first-class second class ticket and I plan to buy a car before GST the price was 600000 rupee after GST it becomes 700000 these are the simple example which we could relate with our self everyone can understand but there are so many things we are getting affected without our knowledge after the GST India have faced economic crisis because so many scale industries are destroyed if this government not reduce the percentage of GST slots India will face much crisis in future.

Anushka said:   6 years ago
GST i.e. Goods and Services tax is a very good initiative taken by the government. GST is added at each step pf the production process but it is refunded for everyone other than the final consumer. The GST on products is divided into 5 slabs, i.e.0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%.

However, GST is not applicable on Petroleum products and alcohol right now. But it is necessary to bring these products under GST to reduce the high prices of petrol.

India has dual GST, Central GST and State GST.

However, it was opposed by the opposition parties because they believed it was virtually same as the earlier system of taxation.

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