Is GST really a One nation, One tax system?

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Balram said:   3 years ago
According to me, it is a good initiative taken by our government because it improves our old tax system which is very hard like we have to pay any taxes on the products like vat tax excise tax entertainment tax ETC. But now we have to pay only two types of tax one is c-gst and other is s-GST. And there is a fixed value of these taxes. So it is a very simple tax system. It attracts many foreign companies due to this simple tax system so it improves also our economy. Before this system, we don't know how much tax we are paying on the product but we know it clearly. And this is in practice not only in India but also in many countries. So I would like to conclude that it is a good step taken by our country.

Siddharth said:   3 years ago
Friends as we all know our today's topic is ' is GSt really one nation, one tax system. Friends GST means goods and services tax. Gst is ia very good taxation system in which we have to pay only one tax instead of multiple tax like vat, entertainment tax, excise tax, etc. Government has decided different slabs in gst 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. Milk, local panner, local rice, oil, ghee, pulses etc are tax free. In 5% slab branded packet of food items, panner, milk, tea, footwear etc are added. In 12%slab umbrella, sports kit, milk juice, mobile phone etc are added. In 18% slab computer, hair oil, instant foods, cornflakes, soaps, toothpaste etc are added and in 28% slab ac, refrigerator, washing machine, entertainment etc are added. Gst is very good step for both consumer as well as for trader because naw both of them have to pay only one tax. Gst will increase our economy and also increase the income of tax which will be helpful in our development.


Vinayak Kumar said:   3 years ago
Hello, everyone.

First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me a great opportunity to speak in front of you.

GST implemented by the government of India with Tagline of one Nation one tax.

Some of the merits of this system are:

One Nation one tax -Before the implementation of GST, a number of taxes were implemented by the states on a single good like excise duty, VAT, entertainment tax etc. Since the states are imposing the tax accordingly, the prices of similar good in different regions of the country becomes different. GST has successfully eradicated all these taxes.

Clear idea about taxation system- Before GST people were unaware of the percentage of taxes to be paid on a good but after implementation of GST 5 slots were made, 0% 5% 12% 18% and 28% and the goods are distributed in the class accordingly now peoples know how much they are paying on it.

Development of country -since the amount to be paid on a single item is the same all over the country it will automatically lead to the growth of GDP.

Tax collection increased - before the implementation of GST there are a lot of shopkeepers who are not registered and practising. But after GST it became mandatory for all to get their name registered. So the number of taxpayers increased and automatically tax collection increased.

Some of the demerits of this system are.

Petroleum And alcoholic products after not kept in any slot of GST. Since their daily usable products, they should be assigned their slot, but it is not.

Since no special training with given by the government to the shopkeeper about the registration with GST, shopkeeper suffered a lot.

Since, the prices of some of the goods increased within no time, customers suffered a lot.

Amol Agarwal said:   4 years ago
Hello, Everyone.

Goods or services tax is a great initiative by the central government since it helps to mitigate the problem of unequal tax-paying across various parts of the country which has greatly reduced malpractices in the corporate world as well. GST has also helped to make the process of tax return filing easier since it ensures that all the taxes are paid at a time which is in July. Another advantage of GST is that it attracts more and more multinational companies to invest in India since these companies prefer these types of tax models.

Amarjeet said:   4 years ago
Hi everyone.

In my opinion, Yes GST is really one nation, One tax system.

GST means goods and service tax which is induced by the central government after eradicating of the old regime. Before the GST, the tax system of our country become so wider. There is different tax policy for different goods and service and these tax also varies with the state due to which same product have different rate in a different state. But after the commencement of GST, All tax has been marge in the form of GST with the special categories viz.

In GST different product has considered as the different rate of percentage tax policy. This tax policy implemented by the central government of India so each state has to virtuous it. So this tax policy reduces the differentiation of product price of a different state.

So, like that, it is called one nation one tax.


Tanmay Biswas said:   4 years ago
Good morning sir,

Thank you so much for giving such an opportunity to express my views over Gst.

Yes, I support this central govt idea. It is very good initiatives one nation one tax system. For this, the whole country will be given the same tax for the same thing. For this, there is no variation of price of an element in the whole country and Unscrupulous businessman don't fulfilment their bad intention. If it properly implemented in our country the economy of our country will grow faster. So the government should look at the matter if it implements all over the country uniformly. Thank you once again.

Shaik Ismail said:   4 years ago
Hi every one!

I can say that GST is one nation tax. Why because before the GST system we have more indirect taxes like excuse duty, entertainment tax and many. So the central government merge all those taxes and implemented only one tax that is GST. Not only in India most of the developed countries like the USA also implements one. Nation one tax. GST is a tax that reduces the risk factor of the taxpayers.

As we have seen state government provides tax percentage as they like either it is fair enough or not we know. It will create discrimination among taxpayers. To eradicate all these problems Government of India decided to implement the same tax system entire India. So they decide to implement GST [Goods and services tax].

And these tax rates are not fixed. They may be changed according to the present economic position of the country like mostly recently govt of India reduces tax rates due to coronavirus.

So, friends, it is for development of the nation. So we can say that GST is one tax for one nation.

Deepak raj joshi said:   4 years ago
According to me GST, that is goods and service tax is one nation tax because if we talk about old regime whether there are many taxes like on the manufacturer excise duty was levied on the interstate sale CST (central excise duty) was levied. But now in the current regime, many taxes are Subsumed and one tax is implemented which is a destination-based tax levied on the supply of goods and services. CGST, IGST, UTGST OF EVERY state is almost similar by this there is also benefit of ease in different states tax system however there is some category of goods which are outside the ambit of fat like Liquior, crude oil, petroleum oil, etc.

JITENDRA KUMAR MUDULI said:   5 years ago
Yes, according to me, GST is one nation one tax system.

Because, previously there were lots of tax living by states and central governments like the Central Government levies tax on manufacture (Central Excise duty), provision of services (Service Tax), interstate sale of goods (CST levied by the Centre but collected and appropriated by the States) and the State Governments levy tax on retail sales (VAT), entry of goods in the State (Entry Tax), Luxury Tax, Purchase Tax, etc.

Now there is one tax system in India now.


1) it will attract foreign investment due to the simplified tax system.
2) improved the ease of doing business.


1) Petrol, diesel, natural gas are not I GST slab.
2) It is because of both central govt and state govt enjoying great tax from the old tax system.

Manish said:   5 years ago
Hello everyone,

Is GST really One nation, One tax system?

I would probably say no because in spite of having GST (goods and service tax) people put service tax as extra which is already included in GST.

Many businesses run like this and people will not be aware of it.

People need to be very careful and see what they are paying for.

At times society needs to raise voice against such acts.

Many of them just ignore such things even though if they are aware of them.

We are in a DEMOCRATIC country and we have all the rights to question and most importantly at the end of the day it is all upon us and we have to go by the rules.

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