Is an MBA necessary to succeed in life?

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Richa said:   1 decade ago
Hi all, in my perception MBA is good for developing your personality and makes your thinking broad. Since there is all about to get profit in all aspects, having management skills tells better how to grasp the profit. Right so its really beneficial to have an MBA.

Feby said:   1 decade ago
MBA is professional business world but it is not the last word for the success.

Even though MBA graduates are under referenced than any professional courses. But the issue is MBA holders can't develop their career as per there qualification.

Then the another issue is minor of the MBA holders are not at all satisfied with there current positions and thus create equality in work life.

Pankaj kumar said:   1 decade ago
Yes MBA has become necessary to succeed in life as it helps an individual to learn some managerial activity and provide an opportunity to become a successful manager.

So that an individual can brighten his future.

Madhuri Pyla said:   1 decade ago
Dear all, In this discussion I would like to share my views on the topic. Every successful man is not a highly qualified man and every unsuccessful man is not an illiterate. To succeed in life one should have the guts to face the failure because when you aim at success, the fear of failure comes into your mind. And this fear doesn't allow you to learn/try new things. Each time you fail, you will learn a lesson out of it. That lesson is important in your life not the MBA degree. There are many MBA's who were left unemployed just because they lack the life skills. And also there are many successful people even without an MBA just by nurturing their life skills.

Kanaka chandra rao said:   1 decade ago
Hi. Friends thanking you to give chance to me to share some views.

Coming to my point of view now a days MBA are requires many companies to done business operation because companies are know post graduation students are has some knowledge about companies motto to run business in a successive manner & also know the targets of the companies So MBA are place an important role in present marketing.

MBA is evergreen. Thank you.

Krutika said:   1 decade ago
My two years of experience in a Finance Company says that after having pursued the highly valuable degree like MBA, we MBA's are not treated at par with Chartered Accountants. Though MBA's give tough competition to the Chartered Accountants, they are mistreated in the Corporate. The reason is the simple fact that there are numerous known-unknown universities offering the MBA degree but there is just one standardized institute to offer CA degree. In India, if we really want to be successful MBA's then we will have to standardized the MBA education. We need serious reform here just now. And this is what's the fact according to me. Thank you.

Vishal bhojani said:   1 decade ago
What I feel is, it totally depends on us, what we have to take from this degree. For some its just for fame, for some everything. I am MBA finance. Not from best college but I have done. I would like to tell for those who won't be pursuing their MBA from big colleges that if you have some other passion - follow it. If not make your passion to find your passion. Finding does not mean enrolling in MBA programme.

Lets say if you feel I want to make finance as my passion or career, for that you can do MBA but you also have to do much beyond that. Their is lot in finance. Pick up one thing. Read write analyse on that. Good luck.

Payel said:   1 decade ago
I think MBA is a smarter and shorter way to get a proper job. Frankly speaking, now-a-days, competition is very tough and there is no assurance that somebody will get a govt job within few years after completing the graduation, and in case of non govt job, job in corporate world a management degree is always welcome. So by doing MBA one can secure a job in private company at-least.

Ashish Yadav said:   1 decade ago
Technical students do MBA to learn management skills to get a job, yeah a good job, in actual. Thus doing MBA surely uplifts you to a next level in hierarchy of your office. Thus you would be successful in life doing an MBA is true, but its vice-verse in not.

The question asks whether MBA is necessary to succeed in life, its not at all necessary to succeed in life. Most of the best entrepreneurs of the world have not done their MBA while they were on the top. Thus to be successful in life, you have to do hard work and have ambitions. And it is obviously not necessary to do MBA for that.

Ranjan said:   1 decade ago
HI. Friends in my view MBA is a good professional course. Many top company also recruited MBA degree holder with good marks. It is a good investment for bright future in economic market. As we know that every thing has two side good and bad. In some case MBA course has negative point like it is having less scope for development.

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