Is an MBA necessary to succeed in life?

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Priya Shaarma said:   4 months ago
I do not think so, that MBA is important for succeeding in life. MBA gives you an environment where you can interact with people having growth mindset, but it does not means that MBA is the must for Success.

Well doing a MBA will obviously give you an edge in your career but even if you don't have MBA degree still you can make it.

Harsh Tiwari said:   5 months ago
In my opinion, MBA is just a professional course. If anyone wants success in his life, then there is not necessary that you have to complete MBA. If you are a dedicated to work or you work hard then you will get success.

Many people got success in his life but not everyone complete MBA.

So, the conclusion is that MBA is not necessary for success in life.

Rakesh Yadav said:   1 year ago
Hello Everyone,

As per my thoughts and experience in my life, MBA is a good professional degree, as well as a living of standard. So everyone completes their professional degree and change their life whatever specialization as per candidate so it is must for an educated person.

Sibayan Giri said:   3 years ago
MBA is not necessary to succeed in life. As my other friends have written the same thing but I would like to add something more on this topic.

MBA is a professional degree just like other degrees. MBA's are very disciplined, well mannered, have core knowledge about business and his or her taken specialization subject. It is just a platform where an individual can showcase his talents. If I conclude this then my answer is NO, MBA is not necessary to succeed in life. Success comes from hard-working, dedication and a little bit of luck or fate.

Thank you.

Amarjeet said:   4 years ago
Hi everyone.

In my opinion, an MBA is a good course for career enhancement. It helps the person to enrich their personality, all-round growth but in spite that the MBA is not only things through which we get success in life. To get success in life there is my opportunity prevailing in the environment we need to grab that opportunity. So the MBA is the best career opportunity but in spite that it is not too necessary to get success in life. If we work hard for our own livelihood. We can get success in life. So the point is that " To get success in life there is not necessary to do an MBA, necessary to do hard word for achieving goal ".

Aakriti singh said:   4 years ago
In my point of view, success is not a destination but a journey. Definition of success may vary from person to person but in general term success is accomplishment of aim or goal, whatever goal he wants to achieve it may be safety, social need, psychological need or something else.

Coming to the point, MBA is necessary to succeed in life. My answer is no because having MBA will only the way to run smoothly a company but again it is not only one way to know how of company should run. A company may run by any person but an MBA degree holder gives a better result then any casual person, but again he can't give surety of success of a company then how can we assume that it is necessary to succeed in life. Yes, of course the way of thinking and personality, problem solving attitude of MBA degree holder what he have gained help them to achieve success in life but it is not necessary for success.

A.krishna said:   4 years ago
M.B.A (Masters of Business Administration) has three pillars of finance, human resource, Marketing these three pillars are very helpful for company for its smooth functioning the company need a finance for its activities to start and human resource for the friendly and cooperative environment the last pillar of marketing helps the company to improve for its brand value which in return helps the company to achieve its growth and name and fame the MBA is not only about the 3 pillars but it is also the tatties for tackling the problems in company point of view and strategies which are applied by MBA graduate helps the company to withstand in tough competitive situations.

Shahzaman Khair said:   4 years ago
Hi everyone.

I want to explain some important points related to this topic. For me, the MBA will grow carrier opportunities and gives higher earing and give platforms to expand business ideas in various business areas. But it is not a part of success in life Because many people don't have an MBA degree but they are successful in their life. MBA is not a solution to success. It is the key to grow business and expand the thought process which will boost business areas. Many people are a success without an MBA.

So everything depends on the dedication and hard work in any field. Success can be achieved in many ways with dedication. The most important things are If anyone earning well, for example, A autorickshaw driver is earing well and fulfill all the needs of their family and individual. So he is a successful person in society. Finally, I will finish this Discussion after giving a conclusion. The conclusion from my side MBA and other courses is not a key to success. Success in life is to maintain and learn skills and develop a strategy to earn good money.

Swathi M said:   4 years ago
Hi friends,

I will not agree that MBA is necessary to succeed in life. It is only one of the chances to succeed in life through MBA. Our success only depends on our hard work and interest in that field that we choose.

Shilpa said:   5 years ago
Hai friends.

I am Shilpa.

In my perception, even common man also plan their career without educational qualification there are so many people succeed their life very much but MBA gives right structure to the becoming entrepreneur everyone can plan their daily activities but the implementation of activities is very important. In MBA we learnt about KSA and learning skills etc.

So, that it helps a lot to increase our career levels.

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