Is an MBA necessary to succeed in life?

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Maithili said:   1 decade ago
The roadside hawkers selling vegetables don't do an MBA, yet, they're successful in selling their veggies to their customers- homemakers/ other women. They've created a market for themselves, or at-least established themselves well in a market that required them. They didn't need a fancy management degree to do that! however, when we're talking about managing larger business houses & the people employed by them, such experiences won't serve us the best. MBA will be useful in treating our business in the appropriate manner & make the right strategic & tactical decisions. In 2 years of the course we learn what a decade of experience would fall short to teach. It may not be absolutely necessary for success, but it does enhance your chances of achieving it!

Nik said:   1 decade ago
After Doing MBA we can not get the success. We can get success by dedication and by the management, MBA is resource to understanding the corporate world, after doing MBA we know the Actual Professionalism. After doing MBA we secure our Future as well as business.

Vishal said:   1 decade ago
N0 No, it is dependent on you and what is presently going in your field. It doesn't mean that everyone will do MBA to get success. I am seeing that people of 35, 40 years of age doing MBA just to increase their salary. I want to say that "education doesn't mean filling the bucket but give the bucket's water to your surroundings". The education is not only related to MBA, we can also choose some other courses to get success.

Peter said:   1 decade ago
According to my opinion If you have a very good product to offer to the market, like the (iPhone) which the world has not yet seen, MBA is not all required. All that you need is common sense to manage various tasks involved. The product which your business endorses is critical in in building the brand image of your company. MBA is not for aspiring entrepreneurs but for management professionals.

Aadhi said:   1 decade ago
Now a days that is not a easy thing to take off a company. First of all we should know how to manage the company. So, if we start a business after finishing MBA we don't lose our future.

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