Indian villages - our strength or our weakness?

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Rajdeep Kumar said: (Aug 6, 2022)  
Hello everyone.

My name is Rajdeep Kumar.

Today, the given topic is Indian village our strength or our weakness.

In my points of view, the Indian village is our strength not our weakness, most of people lives in villages in Indian economy Indian village plays a important role our economy,

1. Our economy engaged in primary sector in comparison to two other sectors secondary and tertiary.

2. Export agriculture products world wide.

3. Increase employment in primary sector.

4. They are hard working compared to people in urban areas.

Conclusion:- in my opinion Indian village is our strength it helps to growth of GDP, but villages are not devloped in comparison to urban we need to educate people of village we need to built some instafructure in villages areas now a days India growing up day by day because of main reason Indian village if village devloped well then one day India will also became devloped country.

Thank you.

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Anshuman Sharma said: (May 20, 2022)  
Hello Friends,

In my opinion, of course, villages are our strength as our economy is primarily based on the Agriculture sector and Agriculture along with fisheries and forestry account for about one-third of the country's GDP.

And instead of looking at our villages as weaknesses, we should see them as a field where we do have immense opportunities for development. If we succeed to bring our villages into the ongoing start-up and business boom they could prove to be the best asset to the Indian economy.

Besides this Indian villages also possess rich cultural diversity with so many customs and traditions being practised in a beautiful way.

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Sai Rajendra Jayale said: (Feb 19, 2022)  
Village are definitely our strength. But because of less support for agriculture, village people are migrating to cities. Government should provide loans and insurance for agriculture. Government should provide them chance to sell their product directly to customers and government should concern about education and basic needs to village people.

Thank You.

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A. Abhishek. Naik said: (Dec 31, 2021)  
Indian villages definitely our strength because 90% of aggriculture is in villages. M.K. Gandhi said one word about villages that is If you target to see real Indians then just visit villages of India. But it also has weak points but nowadays it reducing. The Indian villages become our strength when we give strength to villages.

Than you.

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Nishigandha Babar said: (Jun 21, 2021)  
Hello friends, I'm Nish Babar.

According to me, Indian villages are our strength as well as weakness.

First, we see how Indian villages become a strength for us:

1) Our economy engaged in primary sector compare to other two sectors like secondary & tertiary.
2)Raw material production.
3) Export agriculture products worldwide.
4) Increases employment in the primary sector.
5) Promote self-Help groups.
6) Become people self-reliant.

Now how Indian villages are a weakness of our economy-:
1) Lack of education.
2) Rural development is a major challenge facing our country.
3) Poverty.
4) Lack of awareness about government schemes so no development.
5) Infrastructure not developed.
6)Old culture and tradition so no modernization & increases superstition among people.
7) Population increases

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Jogarao Sadhu said: (Apr 20, 2021)  
In my view, villages are our strength and weakness. It's our strength in the way of doing agriculture, producing 90 per cent of the food our country needs. It's our weakness when coming to education and health perspective. Due to lack of education, they lack awareness about government Schemes, facilities and also the existence of superstitions. Due to this they are backward and strive hard to live life. But when the villages develop the whole nation develops from a developing country to a developed country.

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Niraj Kumar Yadav said: (Dec 15, 2020)  
Hello, friends good morning to all of you.

According to me, our villages are the strength of our country but definitely, our villages need more funds.

From our government so that basic infrastructure can be built for education and health. Because as we all know education is the most important thing in everyone's life, so our villagers should have the opportunity to get an education. I think our villages have enough government school but what our village's schools are lacking is a quality educator.

Also, there are many superstitions in our villages.

All these things vanish from our villages ones our villagers get educated. What I mean by education is not only bookish education but also moral education.

Instead of having all these lacking, our villages are still the backbone of our country's economy. Besides these, in villages, you find a true sense of peace. In villages, you will never feel lonely because people are very social in villages. Also living in villages is economical than living in cities. In villages, you find everything in very pure whether it is water or air, fruits or vegetables.

Finally, I would like to say that our villages are our strength provided the government should focus more on villages education.

Thank you.

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Aman Singh said: (Nov 27, 2020)  
Hi everyone,

In my opinion, villages are a weakness of our country. Because villages have no facilities like medical and education. That's why our country is a developing country not developed country. The reason behind it is our government. They do not pay attention to the village's problems.

Thank you.

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Anurag Sharma said: (Nov 2, 2020)  
According to my opinion.

The villagers in our country should always look at it with respect, because if they stop working, then within 1 year the entire Indian economy can suffocate. Some people still look at the village people with small eyes. Which is totally wrong according to me.

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Pranathi said: (Oct 1, 2020)  

Our villages are the backbones of our nation. All the customs and traditions of India are originated from the villages. So basically, we all being Indians it is necessary to learn some ethics from the villages.

But in India, villages are not much developed. We don't have proper medical or educational facilities in the villages.

But we all aim for Digital India and I think this cannot be achieved when our villages are in such a condition. Villages are not exactly our weaknesses, but it lies in the hands of the leaders of our country to develop these villages, so that, we all can achieve together.

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G LIKITHA said: (Sep 4, 2020)  
Of course, it's our strength because villages make us learn about the traditions and human values which makes the most sense for all the human beings like how to treat each other and how to be kind and helpful when a person is in need. But coming to the demerit we'll be having many facilities outside the villages but only for that reason, we shouldn't forget villages if possible we should make it as we can use in an effective way so that no one can be in a position to walk away from villages because of no facilities.

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Sourabh said: (May 22, 2020)  
In my opinion, ultimate outcome of this question is Yes, it does lean towards positivity that villages are truly the backbone and strength of any country or India but we should be asking the question are villages really being the strength or contributing to maximum potential?

Don't look at the numbers that 70% population blah blah blah is agriculture-dependent in villages but think about the fact that even that its the case is this 70% making enough per capita income if there's mainly one family member deemed to have earned it. In a sense income from just farm gets divided into individuals of the family and the per capita income basically drops sometimes lower to than of lowest-paid government employees? The talk about education and health-care seems to fall too far because we need a strong core and economy which is still an issue because most people are not self-sufficient.

Sure villages have kept traditions alive but have they enforced enough modern technology to boost productions enough to compete overall with huge modern business through financial standpoints?

We are still in an era that most schemes applied, brought to most villages are not about really about development standpoint but still about ensuring survival or basic needs, even those are deprived in a sense.

To conclude, we need to find a middle way on our own, not inspired by western countries or any other to infuse the traditions and modern technology, we need our own minds aspired to create modern solutions, to look up new ways to do things and open new doors of possibilities in villages.

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Priyanka said: (May 20, 2020)  
In my opinion, Indian villages are the strength of our country. Our countries 70% population is depending on agriculture and the allied sector. India's economy depends a lot upon the agriculture sector. Many Industries depends on villages for raw material. Ecological balance is also maintaining by villages because of the pollution-free environment. Nowadays when the country trying to adopt the western culture, we can see our traditions and culture is safe only in villages.

Because of less support from the government to facilitate villages with better schemes to educate villagers, providing good transport, health, and employment facility they are not developed and face lots of problems.

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Shanmukh said: (May 20, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

In my point of view, definitely Indian villages are our greatest strengths. Because when you see the majority of the agricultural production is from villages even industries depending on that and able to produce their product.

In addition, the village people follow the traditions and culture of the ancient people which is being praised by all other countries in the world which is a big positive thing for us.

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Venkat said: (May 11, 2020)  
Hi friends.

According to Mahatma Gandhi - The future of India lies in its villages. And it is absolutely correct. As India is an agricultural country most of the agricultural land is in villages. Even we can learn about our culture from villages. And mostly we can know the values, unity of villagers.

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Ravi Sigili said: (May 11, 2020)  
As everyone is aware and agree to the fact that Indian villages are the backbone and surely the strengths of India.

As the topic has a word called weaknesses, I believe it is not the villages that are weaknesses, but it is the system that is not able to provide the basic amenities our sustenance of villages which include proper schooling and proper medical facilities.

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Shiv Badiwal said: (Apr 16, 2020)  
Hello everyone!

No one can imagine India without villages. If someone really wants to see the real India can see through only our villages, our traditions, our culture is still alive in villages. Every industry is dependent on villages for raw material and food also. In villages, life is pure and healthy. The only weakness of our villages is that there a few villages that still have those unfair, male dominating traditions and beliefs as child labor, female foeticide, child marriage, and many others but these are just because of illiteracy, but it doesn't mean the villages are the weakness of our country. If one says that these villages are stoping India to develop then they are missing the point the if you really wanna develop India then first develop its ROOTS which are our villages. Actually, there are still a lot of villages which still have no basic facilities, and we are supposing India to develop. At least provide them the opportunity to grow.

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Realme said: (Apr 14, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

Well, I think villages have always been our strength. These villages are actually the real India. Even for our food, we are dependent on the farmers.

I believe that weakness lies in our system because unfortunately, we are not able to provide these villages even basic facilities they deserve. Imagine a village where a proper education facility is provided. Where there are medical facilities so the people don't need to rush to a nearby city hospital in case of a medical emergency.

So, definitely villages are our strength if we strengthen them. THANK YOU.

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Jarpula Jyothi said: (Dec 31, 2019)  
The most important thing about the village financial the people become backward because people Don't know how to do work. They don't know how to save money. Most of the people doing agriculture work India is the second richest country which produces rice. Village people run near the city because of the hospital.

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Wavhale Suvarna said: (Aug 10, 2019)  
Indian Villages are our Weakness.

According to me, In India, there are many villages don't possess hospitals. The people of those villages need to run to nearby towns & cities to receive treatment & medicine. Because of the shortage of hospital. Many people believe on superstition & many people think traditionally. The government tries to implement new policy & a scheme for the betterment of villages people, but people don't aware that scheme so people migrate to cities for more income & standard living Agriculture is the backbone of India, more people depends on agriculture. But people income very low because they use outdated technology & traditional methods and people don't know which new technology introduced in the market how to use it? People don't afford to purchase new technology because of the low level of income. Income is low because of geographical diversity & the high price of seeds.

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Pankaj Raj Prince said: (Jul 20, 2019)  
The Indian village is our strength because in India about 70% people are living in the village area and in 70% about 50 people are farmers with the help of farmers India is the second-largest country in the world to produce rice and these rice are treading from one country to another. And India is the first largest country in the world to produce milk and all milk are producing in the village area so India villages are the backbone of our country.

Thank you.

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Sunil Singh Parmar said: (Jul 20, 2019)  
Hi everyone.

In my opinion, there is not a debate topic because all persons know this we are not the imagination of a country without a village. Think about this if all villagers sifted in city for employment so woh will feed the whole country without agriculture. So, if the village had not developed of any country than the country is also not develop. So, our life is dependent on the village. We should give the respect of villagers and village.

Thank you.

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Debopriyo Ghosh said: (Jun 29, 2019)  
I totally agree to the side of weakness.

Our India is an under developing country. Many People live in the village. They have no facilities of education and other things. They also have no bathroom. So for all of this, l think that village is the weakness.


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Mridul said: (May 16, 2019)  
According to me, India villages are both strength and weakness because there are 70%of people who are farmer this is a good thing and bad also The good thing is India is a developing country and these farmers are the backbone of the country due to them only we are able to get food and without food we are not able to survive and in City people want live in the area where we are not able to do such exciting things which we can do in villages I am really proud that I live in village in village we can live in fresh areas no dust or no pollution and we can climb in trees, swim in ponds river etc. Now while learning these things you are able to know that it is both strength and weakness Thanks, friends.

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Raginee said: (May 12, 2019)  
Life in an Indian village is simple and sorted. People in Indian villages mostly wake up early in the morning and begin with their daily chores. Agriculture is the main occupation of people living in the villages. People here are engaged in different agricultural activities. The men of the house head for their work early. They toil hard all day long and return home by evening.

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Sharmila said: (May 10, 2019)  

The village is one of the precious thing, there are a lot of happiness, such that Indians are more gifted persons. The village can help not only in the economy and also in a natural surrounding. Nowadays there are no person to refresh their stress by live in village, such that the topic can be raised. I think village can be a big backbone of India.

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Abhishek said: (Apr 26, 2019)  
The village is our strength because agriculture is practised only in villages and the major contributor in Indian economy is agriculture so the villages play a vital role in the growth of Indian economy.

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Vivek said: (Apr 23, 2019)  
Villages are not our weakness in any way, because all foods grow in villages, and help for maintain nature. Village and villagers have a major role in the Indian economy.

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Yogesh Kavhar said: (Apr 6, 2019)  
Hello friends.

I agree with you all, but I wanna told you 1 thing Mahatma Gandhi ji said that drive towards a village it means the village is a root of our country first develop village then our country will be definitely develop.

I wanna share one example with you. When a builder build a building if on that place any tree cut by the builder if the same situation at the village then a villager built a house around a tree but he can't cut that tree. It means villager conserve a nature & respect nature.

So, I conclude that the village is a strength of our Indian ethics, nature, & our prosperity.

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R Mahima Sharada said: (Mar 16, 2019)  
Yes, I do agree with all of your points, but every one of you is discussing the economy, govt policies and so on. But the most important part of the Indian villages is the peace where we will not get it in the cities, they are born to be happy without any richness and wealth. They earn to the day leave happy, become a lending hand to someone who is in need.

This creates a lot of peace among the people and the village becomes the most stabilized area. By this, the harmony is created where the people is out of any head weights and the health is improvised "Health is Wealth". But the people of cities are only worried about our wealth not about health. So, somewhere they are our true teachers in our life where we can gain peace and learn harmony from them.

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Nitesh Oliver said: (Feb 26, 2019)  
According to the 2011 census of India 68.84% of Indian (around 833.1 million) people's lives in 6,40,867 different villages.

It's true that 60% of the population depends on agriculture but it is a worry that agriculture contributes only 23% of our GDP.

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Gajanan said: (Jan 14, 2019)  
Villages help in the growth of Indian economy. 90% people of India live in villages. This means major strength of India lies on rural India only.

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Amar Patil said: (Jan 12, 2019)  
Hello! friends.

As we all know that India is a country of villages and it's 70% people are farmer and 67% economy of our country depends on agriculture which comes from villages so how can we say that villages are our weaknesses?

It is not true because farmers are the backbone of our country and they produce crops and food for us so that we may live.

I think villages are strength of our country and I am proud of it that I also belong to village.

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Sabari said: (Dec 28, 2018)  
Everyone telling about economic and agricultural facts of the village.

Yes, I agree with all. Let me drew your attention to other benefits of the village. The people who live in the village have fewer chances of diseases they live in the fresh environment the air they inhale is pure, they get fresh vegetables and fruits which we rarely get in cities. Another major factor of the village is unity among people they always ready to help others.

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Akash said: (Oct 31, 2018)  
Everyone telling about economic and agricultural facts of the village.

Yes, I agree with all. Let me drew your attention other benefits of the village. The people who live in the village have fewer chances of diseases they live in the fresh environment the air they inhale is pure, they get fresh vegetables and fruits which we rarely get in cities. Another major factor of the village is unity among people they always ready to help others.

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Siddhant Arya said: (Oct 26, 2018)  
Hello! friends.

As we all know that India is a country of villages and it's 70% people are farmer and 67% economy of our country depends on agriculture which comes from villages so how can we say that villages are our weaknesses?

It is not true because farmers are the backbone of our country and they produce crops and food for us so that we may live.

I think villages are strength of our country and I am proud of it that I also belong to village.

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Manju Darling said: (Oct 25, 2018)  

Indian villages are the real backbone of our country. Because villages are only able to produce food like rice, wheat etc. So we can not live without food. And also village people maintain unity in their villages and also in their family. So the Indian villages are the backbone to our country.


India villages have no education facilities, health facilities, transportation facilities, and they have no awareness about Swatch Bharat.

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Pooja Rautela said: (Oct 4, 2018)  
Most of our population live in villages so it creates unemployment. There are lack of facilities as compared to cities. It makes India look like a weak country.

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Prashant Patil said: (Sep 7, 2018)  
Hello friends.

According to my view, Indian villages are our strength and also a weakness because all the Indian economy depends on a lot of villages. Villeges are the backbone of our country. In a human being part they people are peaceful as compare to the citizen. They work in unity also hardwork. In villages rice wheat and all other grain are produces because of agrecuture sector is very largly.

The unemployment rate is very high because.

Illiterate rate is very high. Lack of water facility transport facility and also an educational facility. Poverty lie is more in villages.

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Sachin Magar said: (Aug 18, 2018)  
There are schemes such as Gram IT aimed to improve the IT facilities in villages. Despite all these, we must not forget that the villages are centers of economic activity and economy.

India is largely dependent on villages as most of the industries are located here. Villages also stand as a symbol of traditional and cultural values that India is known for.

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Preetham said: (Aug 13, 2018)  
According to me, Indian villages are neither strength nor the weakness because nowadays all the product will get as a sealed and its all chemical product so as though all people suffering from various health issues so in order be a strength villages must develop in all the facilities then only villages can be a strength or else the basic product will get in the market as a chemical product.

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Gopal Mangukiya said: (Aug 1, 2018)  
Hello, friends.

If your target to see real India than just visit villages of India - M K Gandhi.

As my point of view, villages are a real strength of India because of the still in 2018, 58% Indian leaving in villages of India. And Farming is provided 50% Indian to livelihood. Villages are aliment for India, Also produce 50% raw material for India.

Now, in another point of view, if you see the portion of farming in total GDP of India than it's only 15%, it means that the 50% people give only that much continuation for Indian economy. ! First we understand why? Because of the over villages have can't primary facilities like drinking water, electricity, education, infrastructure. So if over target to make strong India first provide proper education to Villages.

If education is their development is their, if development is their than money is their, if money is their than they buy modern technology at Village s for farming. And increase the total output of farming then Indian economy will be stronger, and we say that villages are real strength of India.

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Narendra said: (Jun 28, 2018)  
In My opinion, Indian agriculture is the strength of our country. It is also major part of our economy but One day the level of pollution will be raise every village people proudly say I am village people because at that time the voice of every city. I have no carrying capacity. People also move towards villages.

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SHRIKA said: (Jun 28, 2018)  
As an Indian, I am privileged to have many cultural places that contribute to saving the nature. Thereby it is my strength. On the other hand, India is going to stay underdeveloped and disrespected by other countries if these villages don't develop into towns and cities. We think it as a strength but the world doesn't think so to make the world think that India is also a developed country, we must develop the villages and make them our real strength and not a drawback. So presently, I say that villages are a weakness for the improvement of India.

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Yogeshwaran said: (Jun 17, 2018)  
If the people of the village really need to be in the village, when they expect to move to the city the nature in the village gets spoiled, the villages became weak by selling the cultivating land into a real estate area, does it is a plus? absolutely no. Indian villages need to be developed in the field of agricultural, water management practices, and a perfect infrastructure to sell their cultivated goods. Until the Indian village will suffer as weakness towards the cities. And bring an economic backdrop to the country.

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Chandraketu Kumar said: (Jun 10, 2018)  
In my opinion, villages are the real strength of India. The lion's share of our population resides in village. Agricultural activities are done on village which is the back bone of India economy. Village produce affordable food product. Villagers are hard working and the work in constructing town. India is underdeveloped because its villages are not developed and good taken care of. So for developed and strength India, villages must be developed and good taken care of because villages are the real strength of India.

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Chandraketu Kumar said: (Jun 10, 2018)  
Indian villages are our strength. Lions share of our population resides in the village. Farmers produce agriculture products in village land which is the backbone of Indian economy. The village provides cheap edible products. Our country is not developed because our villages are not developed. So for developed India, our villages must be developed because these are the real strength of India.

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Deepak Kumar said: (Jun 7, 2018)  
According to me, Indian villages are our strength. A big part of Indian population lives in villages as per government record. What I have seen in villages that time is changing now people is getting aware of the policies. But still there is requirement of much more awareness about government policies, So that it can make impacting on rural.

Life. Earlier people who belongs form villages do not take interest to educate children for their bright future, but we can see a change now. Yes, I do agree that condition of farmers is still not good because the government is not taking any initiative to change the lifestyle of poor farmers. Indian villages contributes in a big percentage of GDP, now there is requirement of provide facilities so that they can in hence their lifestyle. Today most of the farmer attempting suicide because of bank debt. Just waving off their bank debt is not a permanent solution. The government need to take some crucial step to overcome these issues.

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Vikas said: (Jun 7, 2018)  
In my opinions, farmers are the backbone of the country it also contributes 18% of our economy but on the other hand.

Due to unemployment in rural areas and more expenditure farmers committed suicide we should support the farmer and arrange an employment in non-seasonal areas.

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Mohit Bhatt said: (Jun 7, 2018)  
My opinion on this topic is;.

Our villages are our strength because we all know our food came from. And our village and villagers have a good atmosphere, relation, humanity, peace, brotherhood and unity. They are honest. On the other hand, if we go for weakness that is lack of facilities and good education and hospitals, these are the main problem for them, it will solve if the government imposed good policies like MANREGA etc.

At last, I conclude my topic by saying "if Indian economy is a smartphone than villages like a charger for them".


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Sam said: (Jun 6, 2018)  
I believe anything that is governed collectively & with a good heart is a strength. Indian villages like hiware bazar in Maharashtra, Punsari in Gujrat payvhir in Maharashtra are good examples of not only prosperity but more important of taking decisions collectively for their village and thus in turn for themselves also.

What they lack in my opinion is the interconnectivity that will not only make it prosperous but also make this country a place where the bonds of social diversity will be woven into one fabric that will make this country the most pretty place on the world.

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Anil said: (May 16, 2018)  
Indian villages are our strength because in villages farmers provide rice, wheat, pulses etc. Because if a village in our country destroys so our country having heavy losses because if farmer died then our country import food rice and many other so whats happen so villages are the Backbone of our country.

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Akhil said: (May 3, 2018)  
Yes, I accept that villages are the backbone of our country and lack of awareness and education is the weakness of it but it strength is green forms, pure air, unity, hard working. And its our responsibility to save the agriculture by saving the agriculture lands and farmers.

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CH.KEERTHI said: (Apr 26, 2018)  
Our villages are our strength when we make use of our sample resources that are available to us in a better way.

As compared to Western nations we are blessed with good climate n rainfall where we can have to grow all kinds of crops and reduce our import n increase our exports. This is possible only when we encourage our villages with best available technology and support from our government.

Instead, when the government concentrates only on the development of metropolitan cities, the people from the villages start to migrate to the cities in search of jobs and the population in the cities start to increase and they start to face problem due to hoke in the prices n increased slum areas.

Nowadays the programmes like MNREGA is providing the jobs for 100 days. In the same way, they have to undertake still more programmes.

Thank you.

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Vikas Chahal said: (Apr 16, 2018)  
In villages, there is also more brotherhood as a comparison to the city.

In villages, everyone knows each other and if anyone has any problem peoples are gathering and solve his problem and in cities, no one knows you even your neighbours.

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Mamta said: (Apr 16, 2018)  
Hello, According to my view;

1. Agriculture is not developed.
2. Unemployment lies more in the village.
3. Lake of help from the govt.

1. Ecological balance is maintained by the village.
2. Indian Economy depends on a lot of agriculture sector.

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Sandeep Yadav said: (Apr 5, 2018)  
According to my point of view, Indian villages are our strength because they provide a base to develop the economy and provide essentially needs to human beings i.e. food, maintained Indian culture.

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Balaji Svs said: (Mar 15, 2018)  
According to me, definitely, villages are the strength to India.

Villages act as a doctor to our polluting environment.

For example, we know main parts of the tree, according to me roots represent villages and stem represent metropolitan cities, branches as cities, leaves as towns.

So, without roots, there will be no tree. i.e, without villages there will be nothing like food and backbone (strength).

My conclusion is, Villages are a strength to India.

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Karuna Prasanna said: (Mar 2, 2018)  
Dear friends,

Yes, INDIAN VILLAGES ARE STRENGH to our country. They are not weak. They are strength to our country in many ways, they are like the day started by a person with milk TO the Dinner taken by a person before a sleep is all occurring from a production of villages only. And not only that today the country is running with a great leaders, where they are also a villagers. Ex: missile man of India-Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam, Dr. Br. AmbedkarEtc. And not only leading but also in Education. Villagers are standing top positions by securing good ranks. They also standing in first position in bringing a good name to our nation as by participating in no of activities ex:Games. From all these how to we say they are weak for the country, NO. Villages are PRIDE to our nation. Only because of villages today our mandal areas are developing due to that districts are developing than it leads to developing of cities and then to states and this leads to a developing our NATION Still TODAY. Villages are playing vital role what we are today in our living conditions. So, friends let us respect our villagae and salute for villagers for their hard work in no. Of ways. Ex:farming. Finally a village is a place, which is a full of peace and values of relation.

Thank you, friends.

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Soumya Gupta said: (Feb 19, 2018)  
Hello friends, in my opinion, villages are our strength because these are the roots which create a beautiful/fruitful tree like a beautiful country i.e. India. In our society most people are very rude towards the farmers due to their nature many farmers are committed to suicide which reflect cruelty.

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Vipul Sharma said: (Feb 3, 2018)  
In my point of view, the village is our strength because now the time changed, now village have our own sources of income they are not only doing framing, village people come to village area and they also doing good in every sector. They have good road 'Gram Sadak Yojna ' also there, now everywhere electricity there attal Jyoti. Village suddenly comes agriculture it also increases our GDP also.

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Prema Reddy said: (Feb 2, 2018)  
Indian Villages - Our strength because they are the backbone of our country. Only because of them we are leading our and able to have a food today. They are people well known customs and traditions.

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Naveena D said: (Jan 24, 2018)  
Good Morning Friends,

According to me, Indian villages are backbone of my country. And it is culture and habits of the country. The villages are mainly used for the farmers. So farmers are pillers of the country. So villages are our strength of the country. If there is no villages the future generations will be affect by the many problems.

According to the current generation, there are 80 percentage of people, we will encourage the agriculture. Agriculture is backbone of my indain country. And also not Indian only the agriculture will helpful for over all the world.

The next think important think is how to develop the agriculture and what are the problems are rectified for the agriculture. So the villages are must be important for the farmers. So our strength is always indain villages.

There are many technologies will be implemented in the agriculture department.

But the current situation is villages are becoming cities. Then the 70 percentage villages made cities by the new technology.

But still there is 30 percentage of the villages just like does not any improvement. That is one of the saddest news. There is no electrical power and no new things and no any facilities like bus, train, other things. The government must provide the facilities in those villages.

Because villages are very important for everyone. This is providing the food and fruits and other things. If there is no agriculture, then there is no food and no water. So save villages in current manner and utilize it and maintain and manage our agriculture.

Thanking You.

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Ankit Yadav said: (Jan 15, 2018)  
As I have read all of you point of view. So as my opinion, we should think about it.


1) If we teach the student about importance of villages then they will get the value of villages.

2) Government should open free school in village and make the school free of cost and who will come to learn he will get money and rewards. And government should give money as their performance how they have performed.

3) Government keeps on making cities better they should concentrate on villages if they concentrate on the villages so it will increase our economy health or help to develop our country.


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Siraj said: (Jan 11, 2018)  
Hello everyone.

There are few points where we can say that village are our strength. Since we know more than seventy percent people live in village and our most of economy based on agriculture. So villages are the main resource to get our bread and butter. Villagers are real identity of India where we get actual scenario of India. Unfortunately Indian villages do not have that short of resources and ample development as it should be. The government should make awareness programme in urban areas so that new generation should not migrate to the urban area and accommodate themselves in agriculture. By using technology we can grow more and more crops. India is popular from any kind of crops. So all these are facts to understand with clarity. Villages are having very good air to breath. They are less polluted we feel to close with nature in village.

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Sri said: (Jan 3, 2018)  
Yes, I accept that villages are the backbone of our country and lack of awareness and education is the weakness of it but it strength is green forms, pure air, unity, hard working. And its our responsibility to save the agriculture by saving the agriculture lands and farmers.

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Yukti Varshney said: (Dec 14, 2017)  
Hello Everyone,

My name is Yukti Varshney.

There are few points where we can say that village are our strength-.

1- Since we know more than 70% people live in village and our most of economy is based on agriculture, so villages are the main resource to get our bread and butter.

2. Villages are real identity of India where we get actual scenario of India.

3. Unfortunately Indian villages do not have that sort of resources and ample development as it should be.

4. Villages are real assets of us. Gen X should understand how agriculture is so much valuable profession. People take it as down manner. We can make India more rich by seeding in children to have value of agriculture. Through the advanced technology we can make India more powerful and developed. We are very much loty that India has so much favourable weather to grow even ilk of crops.

5. Government should make awareness program in urban areas so that new generation should not migrate to urban area and Accommodate themselves in agriculture.

6. Children are not knowing the richness of Indian soil. They do not understand that agriculture is dignify profession. We always tease children those are backward in their study that if you are not studying you will be sent to village to have agriculture work. So from the beginning children are not ready to adopt agriculture as good profession.

7. By using technology we can grow more and more crops. India is popular form many kind of crops. So all these are the facts to understand with clarity.

8. Villages are having very good air to breath. They are less polluted. We feel to close with Nature in village. The life style in village is so simple and less of pomp and show. People love to go early to bed and early to rise which make them more healthier in comparison to urban people. They believe in simple life no night party and all like in metro cities. In villages there are real taste of join family. People understand the emotions of each other. Then do not show fake emotions. People are not passing through much tension like jobers in cities. Whole village is considered one family. People help each other a lot. They celebrate every festival with full enthusiasm.

All in all I would like to say, villages are having real life they are priceless jewels of the nation.


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Manoj said: (Dec 13, 2017)  
Villages is our backbone. Everyone knows villages is that place there our farmers live. They have to do work 24 hrs in every season after that they earn a lit bit money. Because of that foods provide of our people. We also do export some food and instead of import some needly food that our brother couldn't grow crops. 70% healthy population of our country live in villages than cities. They have peacefull and kind nature. The climate of there is very clear and fresh.

But some disease is present in our backbone.

Most people are illiterate because of lack of sources of education.

They are not smarter compare than citie's public.

Lack of technology.

The government can allow the little source of earning money that they can run amidst farming "cloth mil" this sort of business will improve our economy.

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Kunjal said: (Nov 19, 2017)  
Indian villages are definitely the strength of India. Villages are home to farmers who provide us with food grains. The environment in villages is pollution free, unlike cities which is surrounded by pollutants in the atmosphere. The calm and serene weather in villages refreshes one's mind. It has also been said that the real India resides in villages. The villagers are the most hardworking people. But of course, there are shortcomings which need to be addressed. There is a dearth of basic infrastructure in villages. The primary schools are not up to the mark. People find it difficult to avail a loan. There is lack of irrigation facilities. There is a dearth of all-weather roads. People are illiterate. They are also highly superstitious. But all of these problems can be tackled if we pay attention to our villages. There is an urgent need for good quality schools, primary health care units, financial literacy among other needs. There is huge untapped potential in villages. If we address these issues with a sense of maturity, the day is not far when villages will flourish more vibrantly.

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Shruti Vinod Patil said: (Nov 12, 2017)  
Hi guys.

According to my opinion villages are our weakness.

Because villages are economically backward they don't have proper basic needs. In villages, level of education is low, unemployment is common, lack of water supply and most important health care facility is rarely available in villages are the reason for not having awareness on anything.

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Hiralal Patra said: (Oct 20, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

I am Hiralal.

In my opinion, villages are our strength because most of the farmers are living in villages and farmers are a backbone of our country. In India 70 percent of food products from villages.

I think Indian villages lifestyles are very beautiful and attractive. Villages are peaceful than the city and calm also. Villages are full of greenery where one can breathe fresh air and one more thing most of the urban peoples are came from villages. But one bad thing is 60 percent of the population are from villages.

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RIZWAN AHMAD said: (Oct 12, 2017)  
Hello everyone,

From my point of view, villages are the root of the development of our country. As Mr Gandhi said that the" real India resides in villages". As the more than 70% of our population lived in villages they have a vast potential for the development of country. Country can not develop without the development of the villages. The growth of any economy directly link with the growth of its villages. So the villages have a lot of unexploited potential in the terms of consumer, raw material, human resource as well.

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Prakash said: (Oct 12, 2017)  
Indian villages is our strength as well as our weakness. In the above all are discussed about the strength. Due to many reasons Indian farmers got the top most positions in farming case. But farmers can't develop a great country. They are not developed. It is bad information but they doesn't want to learn more due less motivation. So India is an developing country but. The reason is why India is not an developed country. Due to lack motivation in village. Thank you.

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Avantika said: (Oct 5, 2017)  
Hello, Everyone,

In my point of view, villages are a weakness to our society as villages in India don't get the necessary amount of resources for their development such as they don't have good infrastructure nor good schools neither do they have a good internet connection so they are mostly cutoff from the outside fast growing world. No doubt villages are the backbone to our Indian Culture but the people residing over there lack basic amenities. Most of the villages are farmers so steps should be taken to inculcate modern machinery so that these people won't face any difficulty while striving for their basic needs.

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Avantika said: (Oct 5, 2017)  
Hello, Everyone,

In my point of view, villages are a weakness to our society as villages in India don't get the necessary amount of resources for their development such as they don't have good infrastructure nor good schools neither do they have a good internet connection so they are mostly cut off from the outside fast growing world. No doubt villages are the backbone to our Indian Culture but the people residing over there lack basic amenities. Most of the villages are farmers so steps should be taken to inculcate modern machinery so that these people won't face any difficulty while striving for their basic needs.

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K Ajith Kumar said: (Oct 5, 2017)  
Hi friends.

In my opinion villages have both strengths and weakness by the following reasons.

1) India greatly depends on agriculture products for exports. And nearly 75% of people are from villages. Hence it is clear that villages are a backbone to our country.

2) in cities we can't see the greenish atmosphere whereas villages have a peaceful climate thereby decreasing the pollution.

1) villages are economically backword. They don't have proper basic needs. Lack of good schools and hospitals in villages are the reason for not having awareness on anything.

2) villages mostly doesn't have good internet facility and transport facility.

3) earning more income at villages is difficult.

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Chetan Banakar said: (Sep 25, 2017)  
Hello, everyone this is Chetan.

As we all know that our honorable prime minister Modi ji has made a plan called smart cities. But I think cities are already smart so now lets concentrate to words villages. Let's Make a plan called smart villages. We all know that India is a 2nd largest populated country in the world so let's use this human resources for the development of the country. We youths are not useless we are just used less. Modi has made one promise before becoming prime minister of our country. That I will give full support for youths. But now what is your support sir? I'm not blaming you, sir I can understand. Being a PM how many problems you have to face but. Give India in youths hand. Then see what changes will be done. Everyone will say I want to be a doctor I want to be an engineer. But no one will say that I want to join politics. This is because of our worst political system. Now we youths are ready for everything sir just show us a way. Then the rest will be history. 100 Village can make 1 smart city. So why don't we make villages as a SMART villages? Then the world will be looking to words INDIA.


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Malatesh Daddikoppa said: (Sep 18, 2017)  
Hi everyone.

I am Malatesh Daddikoppa.

Indian villages our strength or our weakness,

In my view, villages have both strengths as well as weakness also.

1. Villages are backbone of agriculture,
Nowadays 70 percent of peoples depends on agriculture only out of 70 percent more than 50 percent peoples from villages.
2. 70percent of food products come from villages, in India 70 percent of food products come from villages.
3. 70 percent industry raw materials come from villages.

1. India have 75.04 percent literate people remaining 25 percent are illiterate people.
Out of 25 percent more than 15 percent illiterate peoples from villages.
2. Development works is lessor compared to cities.

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Amit Maurya said: (Sep 14, 2017)  
Greetings to everyone,

I would like to say on the both aspect,

Indian Villages are Strength because they provide the Food for whole state and also around 60 % employment and contribute to GDP by around 13%.

And because of raw materials for many products provided by villages only, the development and sustenance of Cities is possible.

It maintain the ecological balance, are literally pollution free, people are also more healthy here.

Villages shows how to live in unity, with loyalty with each other.

Negative points are.

In villages level of education is low both quantity and quality wise, unemployment and underemployment is common, lack of water supply and electric supply is there, sanitation problem is there, health care facility is rarely available, population growth is more, lack of financial assistance and other basic facilities are not readily available.

Transport facilities are not there for easy trading and business in villages.

Inter caste and religious hatred is there, status of women and children is not at par. Lack of professionalism is there in there dealings. People in villages still follow the old malpractice and superstition.

They are not open minded for the use of modern technologies.

I know my view are more in favor of Weakness:- Because these are the fact people are moving towards the cities, Cities are expanding, they are more fun, welcoming, availability of facilities is there (govt. Sponsored) , so people are ready to sacrifice the former advantages.

Govt and public has to put more effort for the development of villages for uniform growth in India.

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Kajal said: (Sep 10, 2017)  
As we know that India is made from villages and now we can not say that it is our strength or weakness. According to me, it's our strength. We know that mostly farmers live in villages & we get a proper environment for food cropping which we can't get in cities also in villages there are so many small businesses which also increased our economy and if they won't run this business so unemployment will increase. Instead of saying village we can develop it we know that villages consist so many problems but so we can develop it.

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Riya said: (Sep 2, 2017)  
Another aspect is, apart from agriculture, other primary occupations like poultry farming, fisheries, animal husbandry, textile give rise to secondary occupations and Ultimately pays off to the Gross domestic product (GDP) of the country while at the same time creating employment opportunities for the rural population as well as semi-rural population. So promoting the growth in this sector will automatically lead to the development of rural population economically!

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Sahil Mujawar said: (Aug 31, 2017)  
According to me, villagers are our strength because 100% peoples are depending upon food, so food is come from agricultural in a village. And in agricultural they are working hard then food is available for all people.

Thank you.

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Amisha Singh said: (Aug 29, 2017)  
Hii friends,

According to me, Indian village is strength of.

Our country. Because almost 80% of our population is dependent on agricultural. And we should not consider it to be our weakness because of villagers who involved in agricultural give us food to stand on our legs. And only with the villagers, we are in connected with our (paramparas) which we are forgetting day by day. And it is truly said by Lal Bhadur Shastri"Jai jawan Jai Kisan".

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Shalini said: (Aug 26, 2017)  
According to me, villages are our strength because 70% of the population depends on farming and industries also depends on villages for their raw materials. And most of the revenue comes from agricultural sector Indian villages and they are hard workers as compares rich people.

Thank you.

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Surat said: (Aug 23, 2017)  
Friends you know that India is the country of villages in ancient. Indian government Approved extra funds to the development of basic requirements.

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Namdev said: (Aug 18, 2017)  
Hello, friends.

According to me, Indian village is strengths of Indian because the village is a backbone of the city. Village make one city we need improve our village city will automatically growth and it is not weakness.

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Ritu said: (Aug 10, 2017)  
Hi friends,

My point is, our India is also, our weakness as well strength because in India the strength is in our country the 60% of the population totally depends on the farming. And one more is the all other industries are also dependent on villages for their raw material.

And the weakness is in our India the education level is very poor. Because in India they don't provide the appropriate knowledge to students means in schools, colleges etc. And also in villages, the number of job opportunity is very less.

If villages get developed, automatically country will develop.

Thank you.

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Uttara said: (Aug 6, 2017)  
Gandhiji said-real India lies in villages. 70% of India's population lives in villages. The gdp of India consists of agriculture industry and services sector where in the first 2 sectors rural population contribute the most. The Rural population is engaged in agriculture which feeds all of us. At the time of independence India was a food import country but now India not only satisfies its own population but also exports much essential food produce. Rural India maintains India's ecology. The rivers ponds greeneries are a balance against populated Indian cities. So these villages are the strength of India. But due to govt negligence towards rural population, it could not reveal its true potential. If given proper education infrastructure and healthcare facilities these rural population can catapult into the robust workforce for prime minister's make in India initiative. Thank you.

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Simran Kohard said: (Jul 30, 2017)  
The Indian villages are our backbone of our country. Our countries 60% of the population is totally dependent on farming.

But this is the only not reason that shows that our villages our strength of our country but it is because our villages show us how to live in unity, with loyalty with others.

It also teaches us how to live life in fewer goods and comfort, Without any sources like electricity, good water supply, good education system. They don't have this all comfort zone but then also they live very happily.

Our farmer which are doing day night work to feed our whole countries is doing great help in our Indian economy. So for that our government must take some special steps for the improvement of villages and make them more strong so that our developing Indian may come into developed Indian.

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Divya said: (Jul 28, 2017)  
Yes, Indian villages are our strength. In fact, not only Indian communities, every person in this world, of any caste, religion, is incomplete without other persons. The key to every success is the strength of all persons working together.

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Ilayaraja said: (Jul 25, 2017)  
In our point, Indian villages are the strength of our economy. The village is the backbone for making agricultural production. This production is transporting from village to city people can survive the country. If the village people cannot make agricultural production, the city people will not live in the country. The village people are only following on our traditional culture and maintaining a dignity of the economy. Because the rural people have been celebrating a festival with their relatives and neighbours in happily. But city people do not know about their near people name and would not make a relationship. Moreover, the rural people have been living for more than the age of 80, the natural herbs and natural environment have extended their life. So, rural is a bone our country.

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Anuraag said: (Jul 13, 2017)  
Hello, Everyone!

Around 70% of our population lives in villages. Most of the food production is done in villages by farmers which not only feed our stomach and taste buds but also makes a big chunk of our exports. Villages maintain ecological balance, are literally pollution free. It's hard to see joint families in cities but in villages, one could still find them. And all these points prove that villages are our biggest strength.

But yes, there is a need to reform them when it comes to areas like proper education, proper Healthcare facilities and more employment opportunities for all kind of developmental work. We also need to develop better connectivity among villages and cities. Along with Smart cities Smart villages as well should be worked upon and formed as Smart Districts. To preserve the essence of India, as Mahatma Gandhi had said, we need to first respect our villages and acknowledge their contribution towards the economy and social sector as well.

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Saurabh said: (Jul 3, 2017)  
Indian villages are our strength and they are hard working as compares to rich people.

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Rishabh Soni said: (Jul 1, 2017)  
Hello Everybody.

It's, Rishabh Soni.

As a coin has two side villages of India are also have Strenght or Weakness.

So, if we talk about that Indian villages are our strength then it's right because without village it is impossible to make balance in Indian economy as well as In food supply, we all know that villages peoples are gutsier than urban area people that's why they helping Frightfull accidents and they take part in Indian army/Navy but less in airforce due to his lack of education they do not work for luxurious life they only need simple and happy life and they are happy with it.

And if we talk about that they are our weekness then it is totally insane at present course without villages who will provide us grains, food, fruits, and many more things and as we all know that they are illiterate and not much educated it is because of India's government and some middle people like on central level or state level so we all love them and we are highly obliged by them.

So, thank you for our happiness and peace life,

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Kinnera said: (Jun 30, 2017)  
Indian villages are the biggest strength of our economy. As the father of our nation Shri Mahatma Gandhi said that" the future of India lies in its villages".

Most of the revenue comes from agriculture and 70 percent of the Indian people lives in villages. When we think of villages, the first thing comes to our mind is greenery which is the colour of our Indian flag. We cannot imagine India without villages. India is famous for its traditions and cultures which origin from the villages itself.

Traditional occupations, festivals, fresh air and water are inevitable in village life.

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Me said: (Jun 29, 2017)  
They are absolutely our strength. As the others have said Villages are the backbone of our country and most of the people of India depend on agriculture. THERE are 60% of farmers in India.

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Sathvik said: (Jun 28, 2017)  
Hello all.

Definitely, I can say one thing that villages are our strength because if village perishes, India will perish too. Agriculture is the primary occupation of India. 60% of our population depends on agriculture. Most of the Indian villagers are farmers, they are the backbone of the our country.

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Arjun Chandran said: (Jun 2, 2017)  
By reading first two or three comments I came to know, a lot of guys are underestimating villages and villagers due to lack of knowledge about what exactly happening in India.

Most of the Indian Village peoples are farmers and they were producing crops, rice etc and make sure the food safety of our country (But still they are all largely exploited by some agents and agencies who collects their products) lack of knowledge about the economy and market are the key reason why they are cheating by some middle persons.

Villagers lack school educations may be, but they have a high value of humanity, did you guys noticed if there is an accident or crisis happened, Villagers have more guts and kind heart while we comparing with urban peoples in a rescue mission.

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Akansha Sharma said: (May 11, 2017)  
Indian villages are our strength. Because of them only the development of cities has taken place. They are the base of Indian Culture. They are not useless but the only thing is that they are used less. Low literacy rate does not mean that the villagers are illiterate but the only thing is that they are not given chance to show their talent otherwise they also have a key role in the progress of the nation. If India has to develop the villages must develop and their lost culture need to explore as much as we can. So, let us lend a helping hand in the development of our villages which will ultimately lead to the development of our nation.

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JAINAM said: (May 3, 2017)  

There exists illiteracy, unemployment, lack of water supply also electric supply, poverty, lack of knowledge, population no birth control, infant morality rate is high, no proper sanitation, ventilation, no proper houses etc.

If people of villages join their hands can become successful.

They don't have guts to move forward and think big also they don't have that support to think bigger but if they start thinking they will get success.

Indian villages are the reason our country is still developing.

If all villages get developed our country then nowhere behind to become developed from developing country.

Many people from the village have become came up and become a millionaire or you have an example like A daughter of an auto rickshaw driver has Become CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT. Etc.

So develop VILLAGES develop INDIA.


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Indian villages - our strength or our weakness?

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