Good Things Always Come from Good Thinking

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Abhishek Gupta said:   8 years ago
Hi All,

I believe that the statement is self-explanatory and obvious. I believe that good thing always comes out of good thinking only. First of all, I will try to differentiate between a good thinker and a bad thinker. What I believe according to that, a good thinker is one who always thinks towards the humanity, like scientists and researchers, who spend their whole life in an effort to make common people life better. On the other hand, if you will see then you will find that there are some people who never think about humanity, and they make common people life miserable. So, I will consider them as a bad thinker or a person who has lost his mind. They can be anyone Like any terrorist organization or a particular person.

So, finally, I can say that scientist or researchers who are good thinkers according to my point of view creating good things. Hence, we can say good thinking always creates good things. If someone is creating bad things and he is saying that I am a good thinker then I will say to him that there is some discrepancy in his thinking.


Amit said:   3 years ago
Very warm greetings to everyone, the statement is absolutely correct and is an axiom. The situations or the results which come are simply relative for person to person. For one person it may be a source of happiness while for others it may be a cause of lamentation. The one who considers it a boon will remain motivated and work positively while the other person will always lament and remain morosed. He will start getting demotivated in every other aspect of life.

It is to be understood that one should always find a good lesson from any mishappenings because our attitude is going to play a vital role in our action. So when we think positively we will work positively.

The great inventor of the bulb, Thomas Edison used to find happiness when he fails in his attempt. He considers the failure in a positive way by saying that he knew the incorrect way of attempting that means he is one step ahead towards the correct answer.

So whatever we are thinking, doing is going to the design of our future. Hence, keep always a positive attitude to act positively.

Balu. said:   10 years ago
Yes, I agree Good things come from good thinking Good thinking means the positive sense of thinking. But not always. Why not always, because, suppose now we are doing a work, after few days the work is completed. After completion of work, that will used for disadvantages more than advantages. Then we will suffer. All of this suffer causes by who bring this thought first.

In case if we think before do one thing both in sense of positive negative. We will see the future of product, Einstein invented atom bomb, but they used that for vanishing the Hiroshima city. He knew after invention of the atom bomb, that causes this type of dangerous. If he before think invention of atom bomb he will not at all made that bomb. Here Einstein thought is good, and he invented for good purpose, But bad thinking people used for disadvantage due to their bad thoughts. So good things come from good thoughts, bad come from bad thoughts. This is my opinion.

Chaitanya sadgir said:   1 decade ago
Good things are always not come from good thinking. Every man on the earth should committed mistakes in his life some times those mistakes are also make good things. Let take us an example in our childhood we do not know what is fire and what will it cause. When we touch the fire we feel pain means we know that when we touch the fire it will painful to us.

I admit with the words of my previous counterparts but in my view thinking good always will not going to help you all the time for example when a person thinks good he will soon trust on anyone and the evil section of society will try to take the benefits from this as you can see in railways there are many drug peddlers thieves who try to rob persons by providing them drugs through food materials. By thinking good towards these persons will make fool of ourselves so we should think good but smartly also to lead a good n safe life.

Anumaity said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends, I believe that good things comes from good thinking.

As an example: Mrs. Indira Gandhi, as a chief minister, gave a notice to all of the Indian that they can take maximum 2 children as the population was increasing day by day. In this present day I think she was right and I admit that she was a good thinker because she wanted to do good for our country. But at that moment many of the people refused to do so and Mother Teresa told that child is a gift of God so one who can't rare their child give them to her, she would rare them.

I think that Mother Teresa had a golden heart, she was also a good thinker, she always thought for common poor people. And as a result population is increased. India is one of the populated country. For high population there are so many problems in India.

So, I think always good thinking does not bring good result.

Riyaz said:   1 decade ago
Ya I agree that @Dipti, its really depend up on our thoughts, people should remember that their feature is depend up on their thoughts.

For example, a man has his own business as flesh shop, he selling meets daily for 50,000. One day his son told him that "Dad there is a virus spreading for all hens and many meet business are getting down".

The flesh cutter get worry about that so he buy's less hens for sale after few days he said to his son "yes sun you are write business is getting down".

Here in this story "there is no business loss but that man THOUGHT this is done by the virus, SO HE SOLD SMALL AMOUNT OF HENS THEN HE YIELD SMALL AMOUNT OF MONEY".

So everything is depend up on our thoughts.

So make your thoughts as good it will bright our future.

Shaurya said:   1 decade ago
I JUST DISAGREE With this point because there are many incidents which can prove this wrong. For ex. 1st we are taking the example of atomic bombing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. By Americans. If we they wouldn't dropped the bomb then how would people came to know about the disastrous effects of atomic bombs on humans. And also its long time sufferings of the entire environment of that place. So we conclude that the thinking of Americans was bad but the thing came out from there was good. So from that time no atomic bombing is done till now. So they are very much conscious regarding this. So this has also led to the formation of organisations which encourage peace among world nations. (UNO). This example just disagree this point.

Surbhi gupta said:   8 years ago
Yes, I am very much agree with this affirmation that is "good things always comes from good thinking" because "good thing" and "good thinking" are somewhere directly proportional to each other. If path is positive, things must be positive. And if you are a positive thinker, you can see humor in the darkest situation. And even in a worst situation thinks becomes easy to face.

And. For a good thinker, every difficulty is an opportunity. He/she knows that whatever the situation is, he/she can face it and come out of it and now I am end up my line by saying be positive in every step in your life either whatever the situation is and spread your positiveness across the world. Thus think good, do good, feel good and be good. :).

Rupali said:   1 decade ago
Good thinking doesn't necessarily mean origin of new ideas, creating new concepts etc. Yes, they are a part of it, but it should always be a part of positive attitude. When you talk about scientists, businessmen and other great people, they met with some kind of failures or obstacles, but instead of just worrying or regretting it, they stood up with positive attitude and learning from the part, and that is known as good thinking, which resulted in what we came to know as new ideas or innovations and discoveries. So good things automatically results from good thinking only when it is accompanied by calm and positive attitude, patience and the passion to go ahead and finish up what you have started.

KHATANA said:   1 decade ago
In the Geetha when Arjuna posed the question, "What exactly is the benefit of attaining You?" Krishna smiled and replied, "Arjuna! What greater benefit is there than attaining union with God? This holy victory makes one a Mahatma. While a normal person is established in body consciousness, and is tossed about every day by joy and grief, the Mahatmas are free from all dual experiences and are ever joyful. They are above and beyond. They are pure in heart and have no further birth and death. They have released themselves from identity with the particularised; they become the Universal, Eternal, Changeless. They are neither dull nor driven about by desire. They are unaffected by attachment or hate."

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