Good Things Always Come from Good Thinking

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Bhanu said:   1 decade ago
Of course, but it is not absolute. Because when scientists invent something they do mistakes through those mistakes they understood that the path which they taken is wrong. Next time they wont do mistakes. In this way sometimes bad thinking leads to good things. This is my opinion.

Priya said:   1 decade ago
Obviously my dear Friend Bhanu, the path can be wrong but the thinking which sometimes also lead to wrong path is always positive. So this line is very true. Good Things Always Come from Good Thinking

M.Saranya said:   1 decade ago
Yes absolutely if you think great thoughts you will be succeed its sure......
that way if you think good your path is also good and thinking power will be increased so my dear teenagers girls and boys please think good and you will be succeed.

Udhaya said:   1 decade ago
Yeah, absolutely i accept priya's thought. Sometimes it is going on a wrong way. We cannot decided, what will be going on?

Basheeruddin said:   1 decade ago
Yes if you want to make others happy then ultimately you'll get the good going life and you will get the respect from yours near and dear one so if your thinking is good then good things come from you.

Malli said:   1 decade ago
Yes obsolutely good things are always come from good thinking, but some time the bad things i mean mistakes make man perfect.

So, according to me some times good thing also come from bad thinkings.

D.Vijayalakshmi said:   1 decade ago
Yes. Absolutely good thinking makes for good things.

V.sowmya said:   1 decade ago
Good things are always not come from good thinking. Every man on the earth should committed mistakes in his life some times those mistakes are also make good things. Let take us an example in our childhood we do not know what is fire and what will it cause. When we touch the fire we feel pain means we know that when we touch the fire it will painful to us. By committing a mistake we will know what are causes of it. So always don't think in a good manner sometimes think in a different manner. This is my opinion.

Priyanka said:   1 decade ago
Not always, sometimes we learn from our mistakes. Every man does mistakes in his/her life and learn a lesson from his mistake.

Harish2318 said:   1 decade ago
Yeah, its absolutely right good things com from from good thinking because the thinking will reflect the attitude of the person and interest of him. It can be cllealy explained by simple statement if the person likes something he will think of it only otherwise he wont i.e if his thoughts are good he makes good thing and appreciated by the people.

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