Good Things Always Come from Good Thinking

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Anumaity said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends, I believe that good things comes from good thinking.

As an example: Mrs. Indira Gandhi, as a chief minister, gave a notice to all of the Indian that they can take maximum 2 children as the population was increasing day by day. In this present day I think she was right and I admit that she was a good thinker because she wanted to do good for our country. But at that moment many of the people refused to do so and Mother Teresa told that child is a gift of God so one who can't rare their child give them to her, she would rare them.

I think that Mother Teresa had a golden heart, she was also a good thinker, she always thought for common poor people. And as a result population is increased. India is one of the populated country. For high population there are so many problems in India.

So, I think always good thinking does not bring good result.

Aparna said:   9 years ago
I would like to add one more thing that there is a possible way to good thoughts which may also come from difficult situations and bad experiences. So I would like to say that good thinking makes us to good thoughts but sometimes bad experiences also help for good thinking. This is also my opinion.

Santosh said:   6 years ago
No, According to my opinion, if everyone good thinking then we will how to decide what is good thing and what is bad thing. So we are firstly compared to bad thing then developed a good thing. If no one does a mistake in life then they nothing learn in life, then that person not able to think different, learn differently and apply or make a good thing. Nothing is possible to develop a 100% efficient at one time.

Aparna said:   9 years ago
Obviously good thinking makes to do the things good. But it is impossible every time for every person. So it is necessary to make mind fresh and peaceful almost all the times. Because only fresh mind gives us good thoughts. This is my opinion.

Haripriya said:   5 years ago
Yes. It is true. A persons character is revealed only through his actions. Gandhiji always said that "if money is lost, nothing is lost. If health is lost, something is lost but if character is lost, eveything is lost".

Chandra Prakash Verma said:   2 years ago
Good morning all friends.

I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Chandra Prakash Verma. Our topic is good things always come from good thinking.

Yes, I concur with this statement and I would like to tell you something about this topic.

You know your thoughts become your words and your words become your behavior And your behavior becomes your value and your value becomes your destiny. And also you know that guy's Gandhi ji always said that, If money is lost then nothing is lost and if health is lost then something is lost but if the character is lost then everything is lost.

Thank you all.

Sonu kumar maurya said:   4 years ago
Yeah, I think goods things always come from good thinking. Because of " Your thought become your words, your words become your behaviour, your behaviour becomes your value and your value become your destiny. So that in my scenario good things always come from good thinking because our thinking makes us great and also it makes us a waste person so if we have to get good things then we would have a good thinking.


Lavanya desula said:   7 years ago
Hai, Yes of course, good things always comes from good thinking. Everyone should have positive thinking so that they can easily get success in their lives. Sometimes bad thinkings also lead to doing good things.

For example, if a person did any mistake after that they realized and never repeat mistakes in this way doing good things from bad thinking.

Uttara said:   6 years ago
There is a saying that beautiful deeds reflect beautiful thinking and that is true from every corner. A good heart only can think of good deeds. And according to that does good work to everyone. A good person is always praised by everyone. A good job is never unnoticed it is the fruit of good thinking only. A positive mind produces positive thinking and a negetive mind produces evil and bad thinking. Like mother Teresa. She always thought good beautiful things for others and her activities for others in place proved her thoughts. So good things always come from good thinking and that's a proven fact. Thank you.

Khadija bohra said:   8 years ago
Hi friends,

As per my opinion Good thinking always lead to Good things and those thinking come from ones positive attitude. If you are positive towards your goal then you automatically gain courage to face all the difficulties coming on your way and get the success that means directly or indirectly you can transform even the bad things into good one with Good thoughts in your mind.


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