Globalization vs. Nationalism

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Ajay Kumar said: (Jun 23, 2022)  
Hi everyone,

I am very fortunate for giving a such opportunity to discuss on the topic of Globalization vs Nationalization.

First of all, we have to know about the topic, and what actually it is:

"Globalization" refers to the relation between the trade, business, commerce etc among the countries across the world.

"Nationalization " refers to the process of taking control of companies, industries, banks or assets by the government.

Both we have to take equally as important, if we give more priority to the nationalisation then the economy of our country will increase in a very fast rate also the export of our goods and services will spread across the countries by this we will get significant at a global level. And we will automatically find the participation of our country at the global level in any sector.

So, we have to look forward first to the nationalization of our goods, services, skills etc.

Thanks to all.

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Rajeshwari Shinde said: (May 2, 2021)  
Globalization: The word global himself defines itself it leads to world marketing and technology development. Globalization leads to the development of underdeveloped countries by means of competition levels at different level globalization develops an enthusiasm among other undeveloped nation to develop itself and compete in global market globalization not only helps in marketing development but also helps in the economic development of the nation it always foreign boundary-less trading facility through which foreign investment is being practiced and these foreign investment helps to develop the economy in Bette way.

Nationalism: it leads to nations development into its country itself it doesn't allow us boundary-less trading nationalism deals with limitations to take the small scale industry are the best example of nationalism it leads to minimum development of the country with its boundaries. Thus in comparison to globalization and nationalism global plays a vital role in the development of nations to other nations.

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Komal Dandare said: (Mar 19, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

It is a great topic to discuss.

Globalization - I think globalization is the need of a peaceful world when we globally interactive by means of business, trade, tradition, culture it will help in the progress of humanity.

Nationalism - Nationalism is important to factor to drive our Nations economy faster when we love our country our people we will do work hard for the betterment of nation and America is the example where 41 % of people say my country is the best country in the world and the second one is India where 36% people says India is the best country in the world.

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Vinay Singh said: (Mar 21, 2020)  
If we will talk about globalization and nationalization then there are much difference between globalization and nationalization because nationalization is a way to reach at globalisation level. In nationalization countries only trade with one or two nations but in globalisation countries trade with many countries and concentrate on their globally utilisation of resources. In globalization those country trade with other countries which have the same economy rate, technology scale, and many other factors which could be affect or helpful.

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Yedhusree said: (Oct 4, 2019)  
As per my believes, Globalization and Nationalism must be an integration process for the betterment of this world. Globalization is an inexorable and inexplicable process. With the rapid progression of technology and communication, Globalization has become more pragmatic. For developing countries like India it has transformed more of a necessity. Over the years, we have had appreciable international relations that stimulated Globalization and aided us in many fields including science and commerce. It is often replicated in the country's foreign investments too. So it is imperative to take Globalization as part of our development.

But it's a matter to be taken care that it must have negative impacts on our nation's economic progress. We need stringent foreign policies to secure good demands for our indigenous goods in the international market. Above all as part of Globalization, we are a vulnerable country to brain drain and the govt must see to provide enough education and job opportunities for it's people.

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Kunal Kumar said: (Sep 11, 2018)  
As per my opinion, globalisation is not a choice but a need to walk along with other countries and nation. This era is completely based on technologies and if we don't make a good connections with rest of the world we can be thrown backward.

Also, I don't oppose nationalism as we are doing globalisation also for the our country and nationalism is above all of it if we haven't shown nationalism during our independence fight we have no nation.

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Vikas Singh said: (Sep 8, 2018)  
Yes, I also agree with both because both are the two sides of a coin, if we think about globalisation which is essential for every country to weigh its economic situation in front of other countries at global level, globalisation always support that country which comes at a global level to share new technology, education as well as culture, no one can avoid the impact of globalisation, it states the situation of economy of a country as well as GDP, PPP ALSO.

BUT on the other hand the nationalism I feeling towards our country to do something for our country like love, respect and patriotism, but here is doesn't matter that nationalism is less than global because if we have advanced technology as well as education which may be other countries have not then we have a opportunity to share with others at global level which makes powerful of our country, and also our country should accept new things from others and give opportunity to drive its, which may help to our nation in a global.

So finally both are interconnected to each other nationalism works like body muscles for every country, and globalization works like the skin of the body to confront with others.

For instances boycott Chinese product, make India etc it works for nationalism.

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Idriz said: (Sep 3, 2018)  
According to me, both are important for the development of the country. Even in local countries, nationalism plays an important role by selling the products or goods in the lower prize. But if we see in globalisation the goods are from foreign trade and foreign investment is expensive. Both play a crucial role in developing a country. But in modern days many people are buying goods from foreign. In modern countries, globalisation takes place mostly because of the quality of the goods and products.

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Ram Sunder Das said: (Aug 11, 2018)  
Well according to me, globalization and nationalization are both important because both are interdependent on each other taking globalization with nationalisation will lead to a brighter future because it will not only increase the GDP but also an easy lifestyle and remove poverty from one's country.

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Devanshu said: (Jul 23, 2018)  
According to me, Globalization along with Nationalism is important. If globalization increased then it will also effect on nationalism. If we talk about the value of rupee then if globalization increases then its value increased so things will be available at cheaper prices but we must try to take the things which are good in our countries that will also help nationalism.

So, we can export more than import this will develop our nation and we can increase the standard of living.

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Sakshi said: (Jul 21, 2018)  
Globalization and nationalism both of them are important aspects. And both are co-related in some way.

In my opinion, nationalism refers to love, respect, patriotism towards our nation. Along with this, it also means we should strive hard to improve education, economy, health, culture, tradition, technology, etc.

Globalization is also an essential aspect. It simply means the exchange of goods, services, ideas, customs, trade, traditions, across the globe. But without maintaining peace and fraternity within the country, how is India going to contribute on the international level?

Without maintaining its own economy, how will our country be able to contribute towards the world economy?

So, in my opinion, first focus on the national aspect and along with it strive hard towards the global aspect.

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Satish Kumar said: (Jul 3, 2018)  
In my view, Globalization and Nationalism are two different sides of a coin. Both playing the significant roll in Nation. Globalization is a platform where we share or exchange our products, culture, ideas, technologies, educations and other resources among the nations is the actual meaning of globalization. Globalization allow to the import, export, trades on international market. Globalization teach us foreign management, easily hire the foreign technologies. In last four years, our Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi invited many countries businessman and Intentional company in our India for set up new technologies and idea. In make in India we spread out our technologies among the nations and also invite new manufacturing company to setup their branch in India. Globalization help to increase in Growth rate of GDP. Our PM Shri Narender Modi is a youth icon in present time. It is true our Prime minister take initiative in transferring the Foreign technologies in India. Our nation is a developing country and for a developing country new technology play a very important roll. In present, India raised its interaction from the world through globalization. Globalization cause economy revolution in many country.

On the other side, Nationalism is much important for a nation. Nationalism is the feeling of patriotism, respect and love towards our country. Nationalism is shown how to we represent our country on an international platform. Nationalism gives the permission to trade inside the limited boundary. Nationalism is the feeling of the person about his country. If we don't have these feeling than how should we represent our nation on international platform.

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Sapna said: (Jun 26, 2018)  
According to me, both (Globalization and nationalism) are having its own necessity for each and every country in the different way whatever it's about social, economically, politically. Globalization makes a relationship between us as a brotherhood. Due to this, it's very easy to know every one seating at home. We enjoying things very easily by the help of it.

And on the other hand, nationalism also increase the level of literacy in our country. It also helps to improve at a social level in a different way.

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Dibyaranjan said: (Jun 13, 2018)  
In between Globalization and Nationalism, I would like to lighten some precious points on regarding the benefits of "Globalization". Now we are living in a world full of hope, prosperity, development, and with some problems regarding terrorism, economical crisis, and climate change. So to deal with all the mentioned topics we need to work with full of collaboration with each other. This is quite impossible for a country alone to deal with this. Due to globalization the work process will be easier for all of us. The exchange of knowledge, technology, education, submarine, army, business all these things between countries can have a great impact that can simplify the task of each and every country. And it will create a ecosystem that the relationship like brotherhood can be established between the countries.

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Aman said: (Jun 10, 2018)  
As we know globalization is trend of inceasing interaction between people or comapanies on a world wide scale and nationalism is patriotic sentiment or political idology. I support all type of globalization except political globalization. Globalization help in increase gdp rate of country, reduce unemployment rate, enhance technologies and also in transportation but political globalization is danger for democracy of country because increase of international influence the power of government will get reduce due to this intereference.

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Lokesh Yadav said: (Apr 15, 2018)  
I will generalise this topic and consider India as a country, even though globalisation is the only direction in which a country should go in order to achieve the status of a developed/powerful country but there are many backsides to it, for a country like India who still has majority of people below poverty line and a higher rate of illiteracy its very hard for its people to get out of the bigotry and bounds of religion, but as Darwin quotes"survival of the fittest " the ones who will adapt will progress whereas others will be ruined.

Globalisation is basically reformed to a culture not necessarily radical, and people should adapt accordingly, because what was said before doesn't apply to present circumstances, therefore I believe globalisation is a must for a country to progress and culture, values of a country should remain intact along with globalisation with certain crucial adaptation.

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Nikhil Mahale said: (Mar 13, 2018)  
As India is developing economy we need to adopt various new technologies regarding trades, commerce, IT, agriculture and other allied sectors from the developed nations in order to compete them in future. Therefore Globalization plays a vital role as a trademark of our nation should be developed so as to called as SUPERPOWER.


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Tesil said: (Feb 27, 2018)  
It is true that globalization may provide competition for countries and encourage countries to economically develop, however, we must not forget that as countries become more and more interconnected with each other; a more "dominant" culture will undoubtedly end up overthrowing the "weaker" ones. This means that important traditions, political systems and religions will be lost for many of the "smaller" and "weaker" countries. Now, this does not mean that I believe nationalism has only positive aspects. Most countries/cultures need to lean on others in order to survive, especially with how technology is advancing in a direction to further interconnect us. This means that for a country to be able to thrive in this age and day, they must to a certain extent, be open to globalization.

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Mariana G said: (Feb 26, 2018)  
Both globalization and nationalism are important, globalization helps countries, have greater contact with other countries and cultures, it helps them with trade, technological exchange and more. But nationalism is also important as it should not be replaced by the influences of other countries during globalization.

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Alee said: (Feb 26, 2018)  
I think that both concepts are vital for the survival and development for every country and society nowadays. On one hand, it is imperative to mention that every society and culture is vulnerable and sort of exposed to the process of globalization, and this has both advantages and disadvantages. Through erosion of national boundaries, the exchange of ideas, goods and services, and the creation of information networks can favour every country to some extent; satisfying consumers around the globe, improving technologies, and creating jobs, for instance. Also, the process of globalization is important because it is the way the world economy stabilizes nowadays; no one is self-sufficient.

However, I believe that there must be limits to this global homogenization and that nationalism is important in the sense that one must protect and value one's community and its rights. Because otherwise there might be a loss of cultural identity and more.

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Julia said: (Feb 26, 2018)  
Globalization is an important element in the development of a country. It aids in the expansion of a country's economy by the creation of new relations with other countries. More developed countries are able to invest in less developed countries to provide more jobs, more capital, advances in technology, among others. Nonetheless, it also involves the flow of ideas. As a nation becomes more developed there can be negative consequences concerning nationalism. Countries tend to lose their ideas and costumes when they become more interconnected with others and begin to adapt to new cultures.

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Amanda said: (Feb 26, 2018)  
Globalization is important for both developed and developing countries as it creates connections between economies, cultures, and technologies. However, it is important for a country to remain with certain nationalism while developing in order to avoid the loss of cultures.

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Miguel P. said: (Feb 26, 2018)  
In my opinion, globalization and nationalism should go hand in hand with the development of a country. Globalization helps elimiante barriers between regions, and has connected the world more than ever, making it easier to reach places we couldn't reach before, and arrive at faster times, furthermore it has made it easier to exchange culture, ideas, entretainment almost instantaneously. This if applied correctly can help boost a country's economy, and make people more aware of what happens in other parts of the world.

Nationalism is also a major factor for a country's development, as it is what connects people, based on their history. It is crucial that people feel identified with their nation, as not only does this help unify the country, and avoid internal conflicts, but also if people don't feel identified with their culture, and don't embrace it, the true values of a country will not be represented correctly at a global scale.

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Wo Ai Ni said: (Feb 25, 2018)  
Globalization is more global movement or trend that can erode nationalism. Nationalism is more based on a specific "nation" with a specific culture. Meanwhile, globalization attempts to create a global culture by implementing a more dominant one over other countries while having a backflow from its receptor country.

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Seersak Joshi said: (Feb 17, 2018)  
In my opinion, first nationalism should be enhanced in our country because we should make use of our resources that we manufacture that will make us proud that yes India has the capability to be a developed country but what happens is that we are most often making use of other country resources which is making India to be called as developing nation, it is not that globalisation should not be done but globalisation should be the second point in the development of the nation. It is also required to promote friendliness, to promote import-export of the country.

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Raviteja said: (Feb 17, 2018)  
Both are important in their own respect. Globalisation has made countries to share technology and ideas which helped the nations to boost their trade, create employment and above all creating a positive environment to respect each other for whatever they are irrespective of background. Nationalism is a must as one shouldn't forget their roots of culture and traditional values and love their motherland. The feeling of your country performing well in any field gives you immense pleasure.

Follow your culture and respect others traditions!

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Saba said: (Feb 11, 2018)  
Globalisation blur the boundary lines between two states. It allows free trade economy between the countries.

Nationalism promotes the theory of realism; the states work for its own survival. It leads to politicaly economic crisis among the country.

The demerit of globalisation is the great influnece of west on developing countries.

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Vivek Gupta said: (Jan 15, 2018)  
In my opinion, globalization is very important for any country as well as nationalism. For developing country like India, it is very important to be connected to with rest of the world for the purpose of business, communication, finance, cultural exchanges, tourism etc. It helps creating job opportunity. Globalization and Nationalism are said to two parts of same coin. Globalization is intermixing of culture trade and relationship among other countries.

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Ravinder said: (Nov 2, 2017)  
Definitely friends both these terms play a immense role while prospering of a nation is considered.

It may be just compared to handing over reigns of a buisness to a child when he turns out be capable for this.

In the same way when the country gets internally well nationalised and united then it will be a must to step towards globalisation.

Here is the junction a nation gets to know of its stand in world and enshrine the needed innovations to help solve problem of unemployment, doing away with social evils with liberal thoughts.

Yes nationalization will play a great role here as it won't let the other cultures dominate that of ours.

In the conditions like today when china dominates the cheap goods markets will help people to gather guts to sacrifice their bits for Indian markets.

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Abhishek Kumar said: (Sep 21, 2017)  
Globalisation is the way by which we can share our product out of the country such that it enhances our economic condition, and tell us that what is a condition of our product in comparison to other. But nationalism is too much compulsory as globalisation because it makes the bond between people of own country. And due to nationalism, we can enhance the importance of our product in our country.

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Vasa Vijay said: (Jul 14, 2017)  
In my opinion, firstly every country have to give the first preference to Nationalism. When nationalisation of domestic market goods and services are to succeed, then the globalisation of goods & services will be more successful. But here happening is other country's goods are getting more inside our country. So as per that when we have to increase the utilisation of own country's products and services, then automatically there will be more development in our country.

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Sridhar said: (Jun 5, 2017)  
We are first join state after speak globalization. State to state different rule and regulations we are first correct state. India current scenario go to lagging market. The India backbone of agriculture but present agriculture is reduced this government. Agriculture land convert to Mnc company to approved this government. We are save agriculture we improve national.

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Shailesh Kumar Dubey said: (Mar 27, 2017)  

In my point of view, Globalization and nationalism both is important for every country. Globalization improve economical condition of a country, relation with other counties should good then technology growth, exchange resources.

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Greeshma said: (Mar 9, 2017)  
Nationalism and Globalization are said to be the two different parts of the same coin. Both are needed for the development of the country. Nationalism is the complex, multidimensional concept involving a shared communal identification with ones nation. Globalization is the intermixing of the culture trade and relationship between other countries.

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Samuel said: (Feb 12, 2017)  
In my opinion, globalisation is great because it leads to greater international interdependence and thus will eventually achieve world peace. It also expands markets, making them more competitive. This reduces monopolies reducing prices and the cost of living. Wages increase as well as a result of more competition. Bigger markets also give consumers more economic freedom and thus more political freedom to express themselves.

All of these factors have and will continue to increase living standards across the world, so long as we don't head down the path of nationalism that leads to violence and serfdom. If you underestimate the evil of nationalism then remember that it caused two world wars and countless genocides.

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Alok K. said: (Jan 25, 2017)  
Hello everybody.

According to my opinion globalization is one of most plate form to bring the new ideas, establishment of new technology and to know the culture of other countries etc. If I talk about our country economic improvement it is possible due to export and import of goods and dealing with requirement thing with the other country. Earlier year India deals with Russia related to weapons and with japan related to bullet train etc. Really It can never possible without Globalization.

Everybody are interesting to know new things and going to tour in other country and also foreigners are interesting to visit our country to see historical places and know about the Indian culture. A nation can not implement to own self at the world level without globalization.

So Globalization is a Factor related to business with other country and to make the emblazon nation.

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Kaushlendra Shubham said: (Dec 22, 2016)  
In my point of view, the globalization plays a very crucial role in the growth of our country. The growth in terms of economy, GDP, technology and in health also. But to improve globalization we need to the development of our nation, to do the same we have to apply our mind thoughts and creativity to our land so that can able to compete with any other countries. And also after that, we can develop a good relationship between the all other countries in the world. Hence we can say that without nationalism we can not expect globalization and vice versa.

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Mohammad said: (Oct 16, 2016)  
!>>> In my point of view, In a country, both globalization and nationalism should go hand in hand.

Globalization refers to a process by which businesses or organization achieved international influence or start operating at international scale.

A country is to be called developed if it is able to compete with the world in all sectors and gained some rank in superiority in any sectors like IT sectors, Agriculture sectors etc.

Since for these, we need to know other countries technologies, employment skills and many other things.

Globalization helps us to meet the demand of acknowledging these.


Globalization play's a very crucial role in country development.

1. It enhances the employment of country. And also it helps to develop the employment skills of an economy such to compete with the world.

2. Gaining the use of new technologies that far has not yet developed by the nation.

3. It's built strong trade ties with the nations, etc.


Globalization carries some disadvantages along with are as follows.

1. It's bankrupt many local businesses or organization.

2. People of the nation no longer follows its own culture. The began to survive by focusing on less costly costumes, dresses, etc.

Also before competing with world economies we need have an internally developed nation, in these context NATIONALISM coming into the picture.

According to Nationalization, it states the process of transforming private assets into public assets under the public ownership of national government or state.

Nationalization refer's to the context of building a nation without competing with the world.

Small scale organization, firms, and businesses are provided supports from the government for its development such that in future it can compete with the world.

Allowing no taxes on export and low taxes in the import of goods.

Providing good sources of education for skilled employment.

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Saikrishna Adepu said: (Sep 29, 2016)  
As a common man, both are important to our country. Globalization is depended on nationalism vice versa. In my point of view, GLOBILIZATON is better to the country. Nature creates a lot of jobs so it will increase the nationalism levels.

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Ahmed said: (Sep 23, 2016)  
I think both Globalisation and Nationalism are required for the progress and development of a country. With globalization, we can get up to date with the latest technologies, keep our pace matching with that of other countries and at the same time maintain healthy relations with other countries. We never know we might need anyone at the time of distress.

The very idea of nationalism, when linked with Globalisation, is when you get inspired by the technologies and develop your own model so that other countries appreciate it and trade with it. It's not about taking aid from other countries but it's about following the principle of "Aid and Trade". Nationalism comes when you stay in your country and contribute your brain in the progress of the country and take your nation to a higher level and not leave your country in search of opportunities. It's about giving back to the country that created you.

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Ashokkumar Ravichandran said: (Sep 1, 2016)  
It is a competitive world. If we choose Globalization is hiding the power of our country. My point of view nationalization is used to measure our talent day by day. It is also the growth of our country. By the business and also employment stands for making powerful enhancement of country.

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Fathelrahman said: (Aug 25, 2016)  
Hello everybody,

Globalization now dominates since the world is moving towards open economies, investments, tech-exchange, communications, immigration impacts, cultural interactions, but all these factors got pros and cons towards many nations on earth used to live in conservative trends which globalization force threat to change that way of living like what mentioned above from participants. The right excited when any country wants to develop should focus on the positive side of globalization elements and stick around their heritage, even the developed countries look at 'immigration's influence as new cultures new languages threatening their own existence.

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Zia said: (Aug 24, 2016)  
In my point of view, nationalism should be given more priority because unemployment is the major issue in our country nowadays. If we are able to manufacture the electronics and many other products in our country, either by exporting from China and all. It will be helpful in solving the major issues such as unemployment and many Indian's will like to work in their own country instead of going abroad. It is necessary to give more priority to 'Make In India'.

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Gavish said: (Aug 9, 2016)  
Both are very important Globalization and Nationalism is just like two eyes of One Face.

But Government must see to that the Percentage is maintained at any cost 50% India and 50% Globalization.

Rules must be like this from Government,

India must not give permission for a foreign country to business on its own it should have straight norms that have Joint Venture with Indian company with an equal share of 50% each. (India 50% and foreign 50%).

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Vidhu Gupta said: (Aug 9, 2016)  
If Globalization is accepted by the world, there will be no boundaries alive for which people could develop Nationalism. Just like no Human on earth is perfect, every country is also dependent on each other to become better in all aspects. The direct impact of globalization will be observed in a diversion of Government's Huge amount of money flow from Army, Ammunition and other Forces to the welfare of every citizen of the country.

If Technological produce is better in China or Japan and at the same time, agricultural produce and man Power is significant in India then Why not let's share and benefit everybody.

Like: Whatsapp, one does not need to tell about its usefulness in the world.

So if Globalization is not accepted by the world, Humans are just going against the Will Of Nature.

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Harshit Gupta said: (Jul 16, 2016)  
Well, According to my point of view, Globalization is necessary for today's life. So that a common man will able to sale its product beyond its country boundary. With this way, monopoly will remain in the market otherwise we the common public has to face unnecessary inflation. A very important point GDP of a country will grow with the help of globalization. Nationalism is also necessary for a country to develop with the help of nationalism we are able to provide the employment. Which results in growth of a country. So globalization and nationalism both are necessary for a country to develop.

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Sagar said: (Jun 30, 2016)  
Hi guys,

I think nationalism play important in development of country, but globalisation is also a needed to become a developed country, as my friend consider globalisation as help, I think globalisation is must needed step to be a developed nation, without globalisation nationalism is not able to act, so both of them depends on each other.

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Neha said: (Feb 4, 2016)  
Nationalism is all necessary with globalization. India is a developing country & to be developed like USA nationalism is compulsory. Modi's make in India campaign also support nationalism. Nationalism help country to develop their own resources & decrease the dependence on others.

India has the problem of unemployment for which nationalism is necessary so that we can provide jobs as well as stop our talent to go outside. Due to globalisation Indian joint family culture breaks & divorce cases also increases as well as serious crimes like rapes also increases, it breaking our reach culture. Globalisation is important but to develop & to be maintain our cultural diversities nationalisation is also necessary.

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Neha said: (Feb 3, 2016)  
There is famous quote or saying in India called Vasudev Kutumbkam that means all world our family these lines are ample to reveal the importance of globalisation. Globalisation is important for any country. Olympics games are the big example of globalisation and is health effect on competition.

Globalisation helps any country to go beyond its boundaries because no country have such plenty of resources that can satisfy need of every individual. Globalisation all encourage diversities in culture, language, religions & create humanity between individuals.

It helps talent to go & explore opportunities beyond boundaries & show their talent & capabilities to the world. People like laxmi mittal, Sundar pichai, Saina Nehwal are the best examples who host the Indian flag in the whole world.

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Saurav Gupta said: (May 10, 2015)  
Dear Friends,

Globalization is the key to success for a nation. Here I mean as in nationalism people are engaged in competing within countries boundary, to grow, produce and be innovative then other competitor on same agenda globalization unite countries people in the name of brotherhood, and compete with other nation as one unit.

As said by my one friend Maruti 800 also required help of neighbor countries to achieve final output. Have you thought though India is a rich resource of many medicinal plants, but it still requires some help for foreign surgeons to treat disease, and if globalization can save a life of child, it means a lot to mother and we us all.

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Varun said: (Apr 19, 2015)  
Hey guys,

Although nationalism is important for development within our country and for the growth of our companies, globalization plays a much bigger and serious role. It helps a country to open up to what the whole world has to offer and works together in a healthy competitive society. It helps a country to achieve development and bigger money returns on a larger scale.

And by this I don't mean to tell that a country has to avoid and ignore its small companies, but instead use the revenue and resources that it obtains through taxes and other sources for development and upbringing of the small industries.

Thank You.

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Rushikesh said: (Apr 1, 2015)  
Hello everyone ! I am Rushikesh!

To talk about Globalization, it is changing the thing around us and with us rapidly and yes Change is Necessary. It is not possible to meet every single need of people out there by using respective nation's resources. When Maruti 800 came it had few countable parts were made in India & rest of them were outsourced, but the finished product is what mattered and that all was for the betterment of the country!

Nationalization, the thing which gives an upper edge to us amongst the entire world! Yes we need to keep up that Indian spirit in us by following our cultures and traditions but only up-to the limit where it doesn't hamper a individual's growth! same goes with Globalization too!

Bottom Line is : Globalization is Necessary for developing countries like India while nationalization is what defines us in this Globalizing world !

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Shantanu said: (Mar 17, 2015)  

Globalization is compulsory for our growth with the height of world technologies. Competition with each other country and helping each others in commerce and technologies is the best support for all nation to develop that itself.

Nationalism is alright as it help developing all part of country and making as unite the country and globalization provides an identity to a nation. Thus globalization is important also in sustain the true nationalism.

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Digambar said: (Feb 9, 2015)  
Hi, friends as per my point of view globalization and nationalization plays important role in our life! According to economy and any any other things globalization is needed, But it is need to restrict globalization. Many time it affect our nation our culture, now people move towards to the foreign languages.

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Kaleem Uddin said: (Jan 10, 2015)  
Globalization vs Nationalism:

Hi friends,

I think that globalization is important for countries because it give us new technologies. And new resources for income. It helped us to make new relation with others countries and to share goods of needs with each other. It is our just thought that globalization is opposite to nationalization. Actually with Globalization help we can show to word that how much our has power.

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Manasranjan Behera said: (Aug 26, 2014)  
Globalization vs Nationalism: As per my concern globalization has been playing important role in the development of country and it is necessary for the country. Though this globalization we all are able to use the new kind of technology which has been adopting by globalization, but in globalization or development race we are forgetting our culture as well as our responsibility towards our society. Everyone should take some responsibility for the society as society is not for a particular person or things. As globalization is important for the country like that nationalism also an important things for the country.

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Luffina said: (Aug 3, 2014)  
Globalization is necessary, but in the name of globalization we cannot give away our nationalization our culture, traditions. In the name of globalization we gave away our food habits too and changing to fast foods which is very hazardous to our health. In the name of globalization young people leave our country to work abroad. Nationalization is what made who we our now, don't forget it. Nationalization is what which build a platform for us to show and express our talents and thoughts globally. Globalization is necessary but don't give up nationalization.

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Bhaskar Nuthanapati said: (Apr 3, 2014)  
Hi friends.

Good evening, globalisation is one of the best way to reach our goals with using our resources with help of other countries. So, please encourage globalization.

In the past 50 years our country was so poor but now it was entirely different technology was increased vastly this all are because of in the year of 1991 our was registered in globalization list so we can share our ideas with other countries automatically it develops our country. In the past 60 years development was developed in only last 10 years.

In Nationalization also very important for every country so, please encourage our nationalism why because these two GLOBALIZATION AND NATIONALIZATION are good options for developing entire WORLD.


SO, finally I conclude that both globalization and nationalization are the best to develop any poor countries.


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Rohit Negi said: (Feb 21, 2014)  
Hi frds.

All our country progress and development is today because of globalization. Think before of medieval history if European countries have not came to India For the purpose of business then today India remained backward and in the list of poor countries. So globalisation must be their in today's competitive world.

Nationalisation is good for country to increase it current account deficit and flow of rupee remain in our country only. It is beneficial for our country to balance rupee against dollar in nowadays.

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Manoj said: (Feb 20, 2014)  
Hi, I appreciate globalisation for update in the world but we can't forget our nation and our nationalism. For example China people are well educated and well ahead in the development but they doesn't forget their nation love, if we want to know there technologies we need to know chinese language.

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Ronit Sharma said: (Feb 15, 2014)  
Globalization privilege us to grab the things of other countries. All things & discoveries can't be made in one country only, so each and every country must depend on each other that globalization and I don't think there is any harm of globalization except that we take it in a wrong manner. While talking about nationality, its our inner attitude or respect towards our country, afterall we are India and born in India it's our mother so we should respect our mother and we should be allegiance towards our nationality.

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Amit said: (Feb 9, 2014)  
I think globalization is necessary for every country. It can be understood with an example like ayurveda was discovered in India and now the whole world is taking benefits from it, thats globalisation. That is how a developing country becomes a developed one by using technologies of other countries and spreading its technology to the world. Though nationalism is not an enemy of globalisation but how long can you stick to your old customs, sooner or later we have to get over it and get globalized.

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Nagaraja A.H said: (Feb 6, 2014)  
Hi friends according to me globalization and nationalism both are important concept for every country, we need to maintain nationalism to expose our talent to the world and also it need to support our people to show their talent. Whereas globalization is also important no country is independent itself they need help of others so it's also important.

I would like to share 1 example India invented 0 now whole word using 0 for expressing their numerical things it's give world recognition to Indian, also it helps to all countries. When we want show our inventions to world it requires globalization, as well as as a developing country we need globalization but have maintain nationalism too.

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Ramesh Jat said: (Jan 27, 2014)  
Hi friends as per my understanding both are important but it depend on a national economy conditions which should be the best options to grow the economy. If we talk about developing countries there few sector where we can fight with mnc's where we should accept globalization and for example if a area where we still need to develop than we need only to allow come technology and not globalization so totally it depends on condition of country which is better option to grow.

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Salman said: (Jan 18, 2014)  
I believe we are leaving in a planet where every one of us are so matured that what is right or wrong. I think that there should not be any kind of inhumanity among the national and globalization and the most important tag the globalization should not forgot that, the implementations, upgrade, superiority of the globalization is all by the efforts of nationalism. As of the current view of the society it has become such away that the products used by one country are bought to the other country and get to be sold which makes that particular country currency down and down. I THINK IF THIS ISSUE HAS A SOLUTION, THERE WILL BE MANY COUNTRIES LIKE CHINA, NOT THE ONE.

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Pranav said: (Jan 15, 2014)  
Globalization and Nationalization can co-exist, but only to the point when globalization is not confused with Westernization. Post-Independence, we Indians, have had strong infatuations with western traditions and way of life. To globalize does not necessarily mean to adhere to a different philosophy and abandoning our entire belief system. Different countries can co-operate peacefully on economic as well as other platforms without infringing upon the Nationalistic ideologies of another nations.

I would like to add an important historical point here. Back in the day, our country was proud to have Universities like Taxila and Nalanda where students from all over the world came and gained knowledge in various disciplines. The medium of language was partly alien to the foreign students. Still they came and studied. After all, it was the education that mattered and not the language.

It is one of the few examples where we managed to globalize tremendously keeping the nationalistic tendencies alive. There was a huge influx of foreign students at that time. Currently we do have "world class" management institutes but they do not have the same amount of foreign influx. We certainly have globalized a lot post-independence, but that globalization has come at the cost of Nationalism.

And this is what we need to keep in mind. For a country having tremendous cultural heritage, nationalistic ideologies are an intrinsic part of getting Globalized. If we continue on the current trend.

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Ashish said: (Jan 10, 2014)  
Hello Friends,

Globalization and Nationalism both are equally important for any country to have an eminent stand in the world market. As globalization gives a better way of sharing ideas, technology and knowledge in the current market situation resulting in emerging out better solutions but it should be done in such a way so that it must hinder the ethics of nationalism.

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Sean said: (Jan 5, 2014)  
Globalization is the product of multinational corporations greed, exploiting and ravaging poor nations for corporate profit. Multinational corporations from the US have the US govt in their pockets. They rob US jobs with overseas slave wage workers and create dependence on other countries, like the mideast for oil and china for our cheap trinkets. Id be glad to pay a little more for oil and parts and trinkets and stuff to keep jobs in the US. The US through globalization brought on by multinational corporations, most based right here in the US have depleted the independence of the US.

In roman times, all roads led to Rome. The wealth of the roman empire flowed from the rest of the world into Rome. When history looks back, The US empire will be the only one in history to have created such massive wealth and gave it away to the rest of the world who still hated them for it.

In my opinion countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt or any other country for that matter do not appreciate our help our intervention, our wars, our democracy, our aid or anything about the US.

Globalization might be good for some countries, but it is bringing down the US. Time for nationalistic policies keeping jobs and a good economy at home before we spread the wealth to the rest of the world.

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Meihuan said: (Dec 18, 2013)  
Globalization and Nationalization are two very different terms. Globalization refers to assimilation of the best technology, economic pattern, defense, education, etc. Whereas nationalism symbolizes closeness or adherence to ones own values and culture which includes social, economic, political etc.

In the past due to less or no globalization countries development were stagnated or slowed, those were the days when nationalism was dominant. But at present we are convinced that if it was not for globalization we might have been still ignorant and poor and development a far dream.

Having said that to reap the fruits of globalization we have to create a favorable national environment. In short. We need a good blend between globalization and nationalism.

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Kannan said: (Dec 18, 2013)  
Globalization means exchange the ideas with other country of the world. It help us a lot because India still developing.

According to me globalization is necessary for us because it help us to understand different techniques and education system.

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Gautam said: (Dec 7, 2013)  
In my point of view the globalisation and nationalism goes hand-in-hand. The famous quote "The charity begins at Home" is a worthful quote. Today in the present scenario where the we are globally connected with each other, the global responsibilities have increased if we are major country of the world, but still nationalism cannot be overlooked first country then world then only we can be successful.

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Nitin Patidar said: (Dec 5, 2013)  
In my point of view globalization is best option for developing country because we need to so many new technology and new ideas so we can afford that things through globalization without globalization we can't compare to our nation growth to other nation we don't know about other technology or other new way so we should be support globalization.

Than you.

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J Asthana said: (Oct 17, 2013)  
Globalization is a major hindrance in the way of nationalism. Globalization is spread of values ideas and tools and technology irrespective of territory and space, whereas the process of national building through the ideas and feeling of of nationalism requires nativism and attachment with the native land and native people. (for more read my article on GLOBALIZATION DECULTURATION AND NATIONALISM).

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Ram said: (Oct 13, 2013)  
Globalization is very necessary for a developing country to improve their economy. But I am not said that nationalism is not important first of all we start from nationalism than after see the popularity in national market than go to globalization. So both factors are important.

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Dattaraj said: (Sep 18, 2013)  
Focusing to the world scenario both are important. For survival we have to enter in the world market, moreover if not we must try to create self reliant processes but in every aspect it not possible, we directly or indirectly depend on other nations.

We have to do both, globalization also but without harming the principles and regulations of the nation. Using power to do business in world markets will definitely fetch prosperity towards the nation.

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Anand said: (Sep 11, 2013)  
I think globalization is important but in today's scenario developed countries enjoying globalization much more than country's like India, they use Indian market and sell their products in a high prices and indirectly this causes the problems like spoiling of our home products and surge of dollar against rupee. So in my opinion the globalization is good if it gives equal share to all.

Nationalism is also very vital for nations like India because it makes people totally devoted for nation welfare and traumatize the evils like corruption etc.

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Venu said: (Sep 7, 2013)  
Both the globalization and nationalization are important for a company to grow in all aspects. These are just like the two eyes out of which any single eye cannot be neglected as it is. Globalization is the new buzzword that has come to dominate the world since the nineties of the last century with the end of the cold war and the break-up of the former Soviet Union and the global trend towards the rolling ball. The frontiers of the state with increased reliance on the market economy and renewed faith in the private capital and resources, a process of structural adjustment spurred by the studies and influences of the World Bank and other International organisations have started in many of the developing countries. Also Globalization has brought in new opportunities to developing countries. Greater access to developed country markets and technology transfer hold out promise improved productivity and higher living standard.

But globalization has also thrown up new challenges like growing inequality across and within nations, volatility in financial market and environmental deterioration's. Another negative aspect of globalization is that a great majority of developing countries remain removed from the process. Till the nineties the process of globalization of the Indian economy was constrained by the barriers to trade and investment liberalization of trade, investment and financial flows initiated in the nineties has progressively lowered the barriers to competition and hastened the pace of globalization.

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Satya Naik said: (Sep 3, 2013)  
Hello friends.

I think globalization and nationalism are two different facts and both are inevitable. Globalization is now not only confined to the areas of business, economy but are also extended to the field of entertainment, education etc.

Considering the case of Slum dog Millionaire, the casting crews clearly speaks about the globalization. Further now, we often use books, journals of authors outside the nation, not that our country's author are not efficient, but we need to have others views also. In each and every field globalization is important, in order to keep our nation abreast from others. Globalization doesn't discourage nationalism. Moreover, sharing a common platform for sharing views and other things will bring a sense of humanity. And Nationalism is the love towards our nation and for the betterment of our nation.

Rate this: +120 -12

Prasad said: (Aug 30, 2013)  
Hello friends,

In a way globalization leads to nationalization. Nationalization means development of our people and our resources. Globalization helps in the advent of new technologies and huge capital into our market which helps in the development of our resources, regional market which leads to increase in GDP. It can be said that globalization is changing our culture, but if we remember what we are and our true identity, it is small price to pay for development of our nation.


Rate this: +33 -5

Sammy said: (Aug 24, 2013)  
I think nationalism is better than globalization, one sided of globalization have great role in increase the knowledge, standard, etc. If we look at its another side is that it increase the corruption, crime rate. Globalization help to provide opportunity to the other country is to hack the company software. Or help in also the crime (in military, or to attack in country) , .

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Shubhangi said: (Aug 19, 2013)  
I would like to add something regarding to globalization and nationalization. Globalization is a way to make many country to come and share a common platforms and then make progress with the help of that platform. The nationalization is a Something which gives respect about the nature, ethics, value.

But Globalization and nationalization go side by side and both are need for the growth and development of the country.

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Ramesh said: (Aug 13, 2013)  

In the present scenario we can't expect our country to be a superpower in near future without focusing on nationalism. Nationalism means to think, act and work for the people of our country and at the same time empowering our people so that they can raise themselves from social issues like illiteracy, corruption, poverty.

Even the motive of going global can't be happened in true sense if we do not pay attention towards the upliftment of our common poor people we have been devoid of their rights since independence. There can't be two standards for rich and poor. If we want globalisation then first build national interest in every people in India and government also.


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Akanksha said: (Aug 1, 2013)  
In my point of view, globalization and nationalism both are equally important.

India would never have developed at such a rate without globalization. Globalization helps in sharing knowledge, culture, ideas, trends with the world. Many Indian companies are enjoying the benefit of global market too. Better technologies, increased tourism, increased exposure is the advantage we are enjoying. Globalization doesn't mean disrespecting our nation. We should be equally proud of our nations culture, its diversity, its people and language, its assets.

Thank you.

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Ankush said: (Jul 24, 2013)  
Globalization gives a platform to many countries to share their knowledge and technologies which other countries use for their future advancement to accept and explore the better ways to move ahead in these competitive world and also gives the opportunity to learn new things which can be beneficial for country. So my point of view globalization is very essential for any country who want to survive in these competitive world.

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Ayush Jain said: (Jun 30, 2013)  
Nationalism and Globalisation both are necessary but we should prefer nationalism first. Because we are losing our cultures and ideology. This is creating a sense of being under governed by other countries.

As we have seen in our past that due to this only we had been the colony of the Britishers.

So we should think before entering the global world.

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Pralad Dessai said: (Jun 21, 2013)  
In India before the development of nationalism, people were generally loyal to a religion or a particular leader rather than their nation. Nationalism was developed in India after its independence.

Globalization means international integration arising from interchange of world views, ideas and other aspects of the culture. Rise of the internet is a major factor in globalization.

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Shubhi said: (Jun 18, 2013)  
As it is said even to develop your personality you just not only need the inclusion of moral values from the parents but also foreign agents in the form of school, colleges or other organisations, similarly while nationalism contributes to internal growth of a country the inclusion of foreign countries resources is needed in the form of globalisation to boost up the economic, social and political growth of the country in the form of foreign technologies, manufacturing products and marketing strategies.

Rate this: +43 -3

Diksha Rajput said: (May 22, 2013)  
Globalisation is like an adhesive to bring together the idea's, technology, design techniques, entertainment sector and the culture of all the nations and share on a common platform so that the world can make use of these global resources as well as give their viewpoint on the same. It is the creation of a global economy the creation of a global culture.

There are lot of examples of globalization in various sector's:

Be it the entertainment field where a film like " Slumdog millionaire ", music director " A.R Rahman" and actress of Indian origin " Freida Pinto " receives the oscar award for their outstanding and magnificent performance. And the entire nation stood united to applaud these achievements.

Be it the Business sector where the world famous food chain brand McDonald's has so much potential that it operates 30000 restaurants in 119 countries around the world and it opens a new restaurant every three hour, and is located on every continent except Antarctica employing three million people worldwide.

While Nationalism is the feeling of love, respect and gratitude towards our nation, culture, ethics and values.

And in my viewpoint both nationalism and globalisation go side by side because any individual, group or community or any business firm in any nation with feeling of nationalism would definitely love to make their nation stand strong along with the leading nations of the world and for that they need to promote their culture, traditions, technologies and their values on a global platform as well as accept the global culture, thoughts, values, ideas and technology open heartedly, without forgetting their own values.

So promote your nation as well as accept other nations to make the the two things go along together.

Rate this: +192 -13

Ankit Gupta said: (May 1, 2013)  
Globalisation is a fact that no country can deny. Today. It is needed not just for economic benefits but also to showcase our culture, tradition and values to the world. No country can succeed without collaboration and sharing their resources with other countries, we have to have Globalisation in the center of our economic model. Globalisation along with a strong political will power to protect our national interest will definitely take us to the great heights of economic as well as human development.

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Gopal said: (Apr 22, 2013)  
Hi friends,

The world has become smaller by advancement in new technology like internet, cloud computing. So, in today's world globalization become more advantageous for spread the business through overall countries in the world. So that facilities of products can be given to all human beings.

I think Nationalism is traditional way of business, every small business is performed by this way, but we need some advancement in it.

Globalization does not effect on our culture until we does not think that way. So, With nationalism we can also give opportunity to globalization for advancement in business.

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Pearl said: (Apr 20, 2013)  
Well I guess, with a lot of foreign investors coming into our country, has not given jobs to a lot of indians, but has also expanded the minds of people to think, act out of the box (India). A lot of exchange of ideas take place and we are able to work in collaboration with the world outside. Nationalism - I guess every Indian is proud to be one.

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Siddhesh Nikam said: (Apr 3, 2013)  
Global. The word itself defines the world without boundaries. To start with I would like to state the economic reforms done in 1991 then PM of India Mr. Narasimha introducing globalization of trade. There is no doubt that India made a mark in the world economy due to global thinking. The same results wouldn't be possible with a closed economy. Being global does not mean anti-national it only give us strength and ability to be at par with other world leaders.

Globalization itself generates employment within and outside country. Globalization in other terms also to be social enough to be concern for other countries problems. Now the times have change we alone cannot make the great difference for the mankind. As it is rightly said that " ships are safe in harbour but that not they are made for". Globalization in terms of culture gave us an opportunity to to learn new languages /traditions/lifestyles. It made our living far more secure by sharing each others technology in the field of medical science/space research/gadgets.

Todays world globalization we clearly see that for livelihood we go from one state to another from one country to another the whole world has become our family where we get every chance to explore new things and show our talent. Closed economy and closed culture often made economic slowdown. A fine example would be Indian economy comprise of 45-50% from service sector which have many clients around the world. It clearly states that clients abroad helps India to grow. Also India is one of the largest producer of fruits and vegetable which is around 240mn MT. Imagine what would have been a scenario if there wouldn't be export of these goods. Globalization helps us to meet our needs and maintain a stable demand supply ratio.

Therefore to be secure and for a economic social progress GLOBALIZATION is the need of hour.

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Lalit Kaushik said: (Mar 28, 2013)  
Globalization spread your culture, values, life style to the other parts of the world and, in this way you can influence and hence expand yourself. But at first, we have to.

Make ourselves independent in some respect.

I would like to give the example of western culture, which is blindly followed in our country, is a result of globalization. We are on the losing side and the western countries are on the winning side because they did what I said earlier.

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Sagar Sakalley said: (Mar 27, 2013)  
Globalization is not all for our country rather it is only because if we go for indigenous or Nationalism, consequently we got more profit and good inflation without any stagflation. In short why should be depend upon others, we have potential to do all.

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Manasa said: (Mar 27, 2013)  
According to me globalization is more important, it is the better way of enhancing our selves in technology especially in research for suppose, if a country has good medical knowledge trough out the world every one gets benefited.

I do accept the person who done the research are more likely to popular his/her name but it do varies in some aspects like medical.

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Subhash said: (Feb 26, 2013)  
Globalization is a term which is meant for exposure of everything like various cultures, adopting latest technologies etc. It is very helpful for the developing nations to adopt globalization, through which they can be benefited by exposing their great culture to the world and can increase the revenue of their country by encouraging tourism.

Not only in this way, for developing nations they will get benefited by allowing foreign companies to invest in their country which in turn helpful for the development of nation.

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Rohin said: (Jan 19, 2013)  
Globalization is based on the theory of the survival of the fittest. Ie the one who is fittest will survive and to be fittest one should be flexible, reasonable, social, other set of traits and which is globalization i.e discussion of different nations for new technologies, ideas, executions, policies etc. So in order to keep our nation in abreast of all others I strongly recommend globalization.

As we know everything has some flaws as globalization leads to inflation but due to inflation we cannot forgot the outcomes of it as more and more employment, rise in economy, rise in technology, built good relationships with other nations and the development of our nation since 1991.

Rate this: +31 -8

A.R Singh said: (Jan 17, 2013)  
Hi friends I think this "versus" term should be removed from globalization versus nationalism. Why can't we adopt both at same time? we must be proud of our nation and its heritage and at the same time should be receptive to all new and innovative ideas across the globe and at the same time we can put our practices and values on global platform and can act as a role model.

Rate this: +67 -9

Lipika said: (Dec 27, 2012)  
Hi friends.

As everything has some bad effects, Globalization is not an exception. As far as economic development is concerned globalization is very important for developing countries. Investment of large amount of capital by foreign companies, new ideas, advance technology are the gift of globalization. If the small companies of a country adopt the new ideas, if they take the advantage of new technologies then it will help to improve and grow their business and one day they will be able to compete with the foreign companies which ultimately will help a country to grow.

Globalization also help us to know about the culture of other countries. We can introduce our culture in a global stage through it. But in India we are neglecting our own culture and are adopting the bad things of western culture. Without giving respect to our own value and culture, we cannot represent our country in a global stage. It is true for other countries also. Here is the importance of nationalism. So a proper balance between globalization and nationalism is needed for becoming a developed one from a developing country.

Rate this: +155 -9

Munish Jindal said: (Nov 14, 2012)  
Globalization I think is further of two types Like our people going abroad and a very few foreigners are coming to our country with Ideas, our people are just going there and settling down and they are doing almost nothing rather than sending some currency from there means wealth is there but no skill improvement. For development if a nation one must acquire the latest science so two way globalization is must with taking care of national interest and values.

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Globalization vs. Nationalism

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