Globalization vs. Nationalism

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Ajay kumar said:   1 year ago
Hi everyone,

I am very fortunate for giving a such opportunity to discuss on the topic of Globalization vs Nationalization.

First of all, we have to know about the topic, and what actually it is:

"Globalization" refers to the relation between the trade, business, commerce etc among the countries across the world.

"Nationalization " refers to the process of taking control of companies, industries, banks or assets by the government.

Both we have to take equally as important, if we give more priority to the nationalisation then the economy of our country will increase in a very fast rate also the export of our goods and services will spread across the countries by this we will get significant at a global level. And we will automatically find the participation of our country at the global level in any sector.

So, we have to look forward first to the nationalization of our goods, services, skills etc.

Thanks to all.

Rajeshwari Shinde said:   2 years ago
Globalization: The word global himself defines itself it leads to world marketing and technology development. Globalization leads to the development of underdeveloped countries by means of competition levels at different level globalization develops an enthusiasm among other undeveloped nation to develop itself and compete in global market globalization not only helps in marketing development but also helps in the economic development of the nation it always foreign boundary-less trading facility through which foreign investment is being practiced and these foreign investment helps to develop the economy in Bette way.

Nationalism: it leads to nations development into its country itself it doesn't allow us boundary-less trading nationalism deals with limitations to take the small scale industry are the best example of nationalism it leads to minimum development of the country with its boundaries. Thus in comparison to globalization and nationalism global plays a vital role in the development of nations to other nations.

Komal dandare said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone.

It is a great topic to discuss.

Globalization - I think globalization is the need of a peaceful world when we globally interactive by means of business, trade, tradition, culture it will help in the progress of humanity.

Nationalism - Nationalism is important to factor to drive our Nations economy faster when we love our country our people we will do work hard for the betterment of nation and America is the example where 41 % of people say my country is the best country in the world and the second one is India where 36% people says India is the best country in the world.

Vinay Singh said:   4 years ago
If we will talk about globalization and nationalization then there are much difference between globalization and nationalization because nationalization is a way to reach at globalisation level. In nationalization countries only trade with one or two nations but in globalisation countries trade with many countries and concentrate on their globally utilisation of resources. In globalization those country trade with other countries which have the same economy rate, technology scale, and many other factors which could be affect or helpful.

Yedhusree said:   4 years ago
As per my believes, Globalization and Nationalism must be an integration process for the betterment of this world. Globalization is an inexorable and inexplicable process. With the rapid progression of technology and communication, Globalization has become more pragmatic. For developing countries like India it has transformed more of a necessity. Over the years, we have had appreciable international relations that stimulated Globalization and aided us in many fields including science and commerce. It is often replicated in the country's foreign investments too. So it is imperative to take Globalization as part of our development.

But it's a matter to be taken care that it must have negative impacts on our nation's economic progress. We need stringent foreign policies to secure good demands for our indigenous goods in the international market. Above all as part of Globalization, we are a vulnerable country to brain drain and the govt must see to provide enough education and job opportunities for it's people.

Kunal Kumar said:   5 years ago
As per my opinion, globalisation is not a choice but a need to walk along with other countries and nation. This era is completely based on technologies and if we don't make a good connections with rest of the world we can be thrown backward.

Also, I don't oppose nationalism as we are doing globalisation also for the our country and nationalism is above all of it if we haven't shown nationalism during our independence fight we have no nation.

Vikas singh said:   5 years ago
Yes, I also agree with both because both are the two sides of a coin, if we think about globalisation which is essential for every country to weigh its economic situation in front of other countries at global level, globalisation always support that country which comes at a global level to share new technology, education as well as culture, no one can avoid the impact of globalisation, it states the situation of economy of a country as well as GDP, PPP ALSO.

BUT on the other hand the nationalism I feeling towards our country to do something for our country like love, respect and patriotism, but here is doesn't matter that nationalism is less than global because if we have advanced technology as well as education which may be other countries have not then we have a opportunity to share with others at global level which makes powerful of our country, and also our country should accept new things from others and give opportunity to drive its, which may help to our nation in a global.

So finally both are interconnected to each other nationalism works like body muscles for every country, and globalization works like the skin of the body to confront with others.

For instances boycott Chinese product, make India etc it works for nationalism.

Idriz said:   5 years ago
According to me, both are important for the development of the country. Even in local countries, nationalism plays an important role by selling the products or goods in the lower prize. But if we see in globalisation the goods are from foreign trade and foreign investment is expensive. Both play a crucial role in developing a country. But in modern days many people are buying goods from foreign. In modern countries, globalisation takes place mostly because of the quality of the goods and products.

Ram sunder das said:   5 years ago
Well according to me, globalization and nationalization are both important because both are interdependent on each other taking globalization with nationalisation will lead to a brighter future because it will not only increase the GDP but also an easy lifestyle and remove poverty from one's country.

Devanshu said:   5 years ago
According to me, Globalization along with Nationalism is important. If globalization increased then it will also effect on nationalism. If we talk about the value of rupee then if globalization increases then its value increased so things will be available at cheaper prices but we must try to take the things which are good in our countries that will also help nationalism.

So, we can export more than import this will develop our nation and we can increase the standard of living.

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