Foreign Television Channels are Destroying Our Culture

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Nishant bhardwaj said:   2 years ago
Definitely not, foreign channels are more informative than Indian channels and the fact is we skip the information we should see or get. We watch only movies or fantasy-related shows and even from them we only receive negative learnings, we reckon only of drama and thrill and just want to be entertained but if we start to garner the good from it, a grasp on our IQ and extempore will be the conclusion. Yes, there are some shows which instigate sensitive content but it's up to us with whom we are besotted with The good and the bad.

Appuz said:   3 years ago
Good morning,

Now the topic that we want to discuss here is about foreign channels destroy our culture.

Friends, in my opinion, some channels destroys our culture. For an example some fashion related channels like fashion channels showing some dresses that's not suitable for our culture. But in our India, everyone follows their own freedom for what to wear and not. That's completely depends on individual. But still some foriegn channels introduce new fashion and we are trying to imitate that. So That may destroy out dress culture.

Thank you.

Sach said:   3 years ago
We should agree that television shows are destroying our national culture and dress sense.

In Early days (15 years before) there was only Doordarshan channel, daily 2 news effective and efficient way they used to present the news. But now more than 50 news channels all are working for TRP in the result of it the current situation India is standing.

It is very sad to say that the current generation is only thinking about what the news channels are showing.

Ajay yadav said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone, A very good evening to all of you.

This is Ajay Kumar. Today my topic is foreign television channels are destroying our culture.

In my point of view, I am not agree with this because it totally depends on the vision of us that we look and accept it, as we all know that beside bad things foreign television shows many things which is good for our knowledge and also broadcast movies which is based on science fiction which is interesting to know.

Like a coin has two faces it also has good and bad things but we have to grab positive things which is beneficial for us.

Thank you.

Suraj said:   5 years ago
Foreign television channels are destroying our culture actually it up to you, it's all our vision how we take it, foreign television channel is helpful for us if you watched foreign television your English will impore and thought process also impore.

And you knowledge about another clutter also impore.

We can learn good think and facts about our life.

{Wha's going on in the world} we can threw the channel.

Naveena D said:   5 years ago
Good Morning Friends,

Obviously, Foreign television channels are destroying our culture. Because nowadays young peoples are watching Foreign television channels. But we should only taking good thinking from the channels. This is not major defect in our culture. But dressing sense and attitude also change our life. So we should make sure our culture cannot destroy.

Thank You.

Mayank said:   5 years ago
Hello, friends, I'm Mayank.

In my opinion, foreign channels are not destroying our culture. First we need to understand what culture is its.

1. Rituals (festivals one celebrate) ,
2. Dresses we wore,
3 The food we Eat,
4 Art and our believes.
And more.

Foreign TV channels prime Moto is something else it may be entertainment, knowledge etc. Foreign TV channels can surely introduce us to the culture of different countries it's up to us how we see it. Sometimes we get excited and want to try their food. Dress, culture but that doesn't mean we destroyed our culture, actually, Every citizen of India has the right to practice any culture and promote his own culture to prevent it from being extinct.

So in any way TV channels aren't trying to destroy any culture they just show the different practices, festivals, food, dress etc people in different countries follow.

It's just matter of perspective of a person.

Rizal Ansari said:   5 years ago
I think yes because nowadays we see children like foreign programs instead of our cultural programs which affect most of their mentality to be like them.

Srijan Rai said:   6 years ago
In my opinion, I partly agree with this statement. Our culture is our identity so its our responsibilities to preserve and protect it. However, it is good to learn something from someone or somewhere which are beneficial for all. Moreover, we can learn a lot from the foreign program, we can learn such miracle things like information about creatures from deep ocean and cultures and customs from the different foreign program. Everything has their both negative as well as a positive part only the difference is that we should analysis right things to enter in our mind and utilize it in a proper way and ignore the bad once which is in our hand. Therefore government should take responsibilities to promote and protect our culture by organizing a variety of program in our local channel and promote it by giving a platform for younger talented people by providing prizes for good actors or actress.

Naveena D said:   6 years ago
Good Morning Friends,

According to me, Foreign culture is destroying our culture. Sometimes, this is used to improve our knowledge. But, the foreign culture has been destroying our culture.

For example, women's dresses and men's jeans. Because jeans is dangerous our health. Then foods also used in foreign food varieties. That food affects our health suchas, cancer, obesity, thyroid problems. Then processed foods also done by foreign products. So foreign culture is destroying our culture.

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