Foreign Television Channels are Destroying Our Culture

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Deepz. said:   6 years ago
May be they are destroying us! but, still they are like innovators to indians. Actually, we can learn lot of things from the movies like interstellar, terminator, divergents, etc. It depends on the person watching. If a girl wear jeans it doesn't mean that she is destroying our culture but it means she is very much comfortable in wearing it.

So, I would say that rather than protesting against westren culture. Let us grab some good ideas on that and make our India much better.

Ankita said:   6 years ago
India is a vast country with 1.3 million people. It is rich in traditions and cultures. Nothing can destroy such diverse culture of our country. And so foreign TV channels also can't affect our culture. In fact we can learn a lot of things from foreign TV channels. They are innovators. They are full of ideas and creativity. Unlike Indian TV shows they can teach a lot of things. Science fiction shows how best can we use technology. Then there are many other shows based on a new concept which unlike Indian movie of typical love story and serials based on saas bahu conflict. Also we improve our communication skills which is must in corporate world.

Nandhu said:   6 years ago
Foreign television channel is not destroying our culture. Actually, it is used to improve ourselves. We are all not a kids. We know what is good and bad. And also it depends on the individual thinking. It's all our vision how to we take it. Actually, foreign channel is helpful to know about the other's culture.

Pj _19 said:   6 years ago
According to me,

Foreign television channels are not destroying our culture, in fact channels like discovery and NatGeo. Provides information and practical views. It totally depends on the person what he wants to see it's nothing related to culture. Their tv shows are far better in technology than our and their rankings are on a global level, so instead, we should try and make our shows at par in excellence as theirs.

Akil said:   6 years ago
Foreign television channels are not destroying our culture it used for creating things and history of apes and wild life etc.

Aruna.V said:   6 years ago
In my point of view, foreign channels destroy our culture. For example, women's are used to dress neatly but nowadays there are following culture and most important is food but our Indian people were following fast food from foreign culture these are the worst thing. I think so. And some shows are can not be seen by children's. When BBC shows in India they only bad events and when our India conduct world health organisation In BBC news they show top headline due to poverty India conducted a WHO.

Pravallika said:   6 years ago
According to me, watching to foreign television channels may not destroy our culture because it is up to the individual, one should grab new and good things by watching the flaunt English channels which can develop our communication skills. Here, Newton's third will depict a lot, as it says for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction we people are trying to change our culture into Western but the foreign people are trying to follow our customs. So it is up to us to watch the foreign channels or not.

Thank you.

Rasik preet nahar (bilsrk forever) said:   6 years ago
According to me, there are both negative and positive effect of foreign channels on our culture as on one one side small children who are only of 3 to 4 years and should learn good things but are glued to foreign cartoon channels like shin chan and oggy and the cockroaches they are not getting good deeds from that and are spoiling their minds due its Hindi translations it's getting worse if the future of our county will only forget is culture and will adopt these things then what will happen to our country as every coin has two sides these channels also in a positive way forget news channels sports channels are the one who informs us about the world they don't affect our culture but still there is an impression of westernisation is there on our minds foreign news channels even make us modern and connects us to the world.

Thank you.

Jai Hind.

Jai Bharat.

Kayel said:   6 years ago
According to my view of point, the foriegn channel helps to invent new thing. The thing is Indian channels.

They are the destroyable ones.

Pallavi sharma said:   7 years ago
According to me, foreign television channels are not destroying our culture because it depends on us what we gain from television and foreign or Indian channels. It depends on our mentality what we thing right or wrong. Ex. Television also shows or display good news or channels but why we gain bad things. And after that, we blame foreign channels and say. They are responsible for destroying our culture. As we see and learning about culture in the childhood and after that one channel or news or a program can destroy our culture easily. How this possible? And please stop blaming another thing or a person for our mistakes. So first we should change ourself and another point is that. It depends on us we want to destroy or not, our culture. Thank you.

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