Foreign Television Channels are Destroying Our Culture

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Dhaval said:   1 decade ago
In my opinion, we, the indians are totally respnsible for destroying our culture not the foreign t.v. channels ,because we are the humans and we must have to know that what is right and what is wrong. These t.v. channels are promoted by ourselves, their TRP's raising due to us ,so why we are watching such type of channels if i think that it destroys our culture .

Jaskaran said:   1 decade ago
I don't think foreign t.v. channels has anything to do with this. Even indian t.v. channels are showing off the same thing. Let,s face the fact,T.V. channels telecast only those things which are in demand. In my opinion we are responsible for this destruction.

Sajan bhatia said:   1 decade ago
I am not agree that foreign tv channels are destroying our culture because foreign tv channels provide us so many knowledge channels like discovery, animal planet, history, national geographic channels and so on. Foreign tv channels enhancing our knowledge. It depends on us in which types of shows we are watching. There are so many good or bad shows on tv which are diverting our mind, specially of young generation. Finally we have to watch knowledgeable and entertaining shows.

Sajan said:   1 decade ago
I am not agree that foreign television channels are responsible for it because it provide us so many knowledge of channels like discovery, animal planet, history, national geographic channel and so on. Foreign channels enhancing our knowledge.

We are human and knew that what is right or wrong. There are so many Indian and Foreign shows on tv which is diverting our mind, specially young generation. It depend on us in which types of shows we are watching on tv. Finally we have to watch knowledgeable and entertainment shows.

Narasimhan said:   1 decade ago
Indian culture can never be destroyed by any so called foreign channels.

Its based on people and how they take it.

If something inapprophiate is seen, it is his/her duty to switch over and where that is not possible there is feature in probably in every TV sets "THE PARENTAL LOCK".

I really don't think so that a 14 year old would ever find the password. ;-).

There is always problems in life but overcomining those problems is the beauty of life.

Yamini said:   1 decade ago
According to my opinion, we cannot blame completely foreign channels for destroying our culture. There is something to learn from everything what we take from these depends on our wisdom. There are channels which are very useful for our education and there are some channels which brings out our hidden talents like axn etc and the cartoon channels are a boon for the children for improving their ideas and for their entertainment. But there are some channels which portray unethical culture. An adult can make a wise decision but this may not seen in the case of kids so there must be adult supervision on such channel which destroy our budding minds of kids as the childhood is the crucial time values of our culture should be learnt by every child as long as the parents and people around the child are responsive in carrying the culture then these channels will never effect our culture.

Amit bisht said:   1 decade ago
Well according to point my view I would like say that it is not devastating our culture, although it all up to to the human mind, weather he get useful thing or get unacceptable things, now we talk about the children destruction to watch the vulgar or unethical channel, but it really must be control by TV lock system, I must emphasis that both good and the bad, we really can get a lot of information about western culture, some knowledgeable like discovery, animal planet, English news channels and kids for various cartoon channels. It has a lot of limitless advantage compare than the disadvantages. So your endeavor must for good one.

Sudee said:   1 decade ago
My friends we INDIANS have a great culture and what happened in earlier times was when British entered India and astonished about our way of doing things we all were having a accepting attitude all good things every one in the country was happy and enough thins to live. Now I'm saying a fact that is the British person some higher level ranking wrote a letter to the vice Roy of Britain that I don't think we can control the Indians since they are following a excellent system which inhibits in their culture and every one have good knowledge the answer from the vice Roy was this destroy their culture and make them believe they are wrong and mix other way of doing things. Till now we are not aware because we INDIANS have a good heart of accepting every one thus unknowingly we think bad about our culture and support them. Build a view of critical thinking then you will understand. IN BBC whenever they are showing INDIA they always shows some slums or other bad events EG: when INDIA conducted common wealth games the news from BBC was this out of poverty INDIA have hosted common wealth games. And they were only showing the bad events like steps falling down etc as all you said before we have negative sides but why British have to hi light that and hiding good things.

Take example of women dress cord INDIAN women used to dress neatly now we start following western does does fashion require showing of sexual organs. My request to every one is that wherever you go stick to our culture learn good things from them but don't allow to flow the sand under our leg. People respect the one who follow their own culture.

Ghanshyam said:   1 decade ago
Culture can't be destroyed by a mere foreign channel. It is our mind and duty to understand the our own culture. It obvious that we can get the knowlede of the whole world what the other country people are thinking of our culture. We also know that when vivekananda was allowed to tell on the subject called zero he has given the rite knowledge and culture of India to the world and the world has accepted it.

So telling that culture can be destroy by the foriegn culture is not very rite. Seeing the intresting thing on the foreign channel we can devlope more intresing thing. At the end if you don't know the culture of other how can you diffrenciate. So many evil thing are alredy present in our culture, first we have to delete that like caste system, reservation system etc. So telling about the others culture we must have to look on our own. It is the mind set that adopating foreign culture from channel only, we have now a day internet day we can connect ourself to the world and world can also connect with us.

Abinash singh said:   1 decade ago
According to my all friend I am also not satisfied that the foreign channel destroying our culture. It's totaly based upon us what we think for it. Everyone watch ftv, discovery, and many of those foreign channel because they like to watch it rather then our cultural channel.

So its our thinking that it destroying our culture.

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