Farmers' Income: Will India be able to double it in next 5 years?

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Vikash pal said:   6 years ago

I am Vikash Pal BE student from RGPV Bhopal.

Now a day people are getting lazy, workless in the field of farming, agriculture. And the most of people depends on the rainy session because they have not facilities for watering, boring, canal and electricity. If a farmer takes KCC loan. They have to pay with more interest because the crop is also ruin due to globalization.


THAMARAI SELVAN B said:   5 years ago
Farmers income will increase if they do export of the demand crops of other countries, but now we are not able to do because of the high demand of our country on crops. Demand can be reduced by full filling our needs on crops by ourselves by doing backyard farming. Eventhough, we not able to cultivate all crops some what we able to manage the demand 40 to 50 percent.

Ramkush Maurya said:   5 years ago
The way, the situation of farmers are going to treat can not lead the same. We can see the problems of farmers are growing day by day whether it is a shortage of money, water resources, seeds and fertilizers or insecticides.

After these all, the value (coast) of their crops are not as much as they can be get satisfied.

After seeing these situations we can't say that in the next five years the farmer's income could be double.

S. Chandini said:   6 years ago
The goal is achievable if the farmers adopt and use modern technology in cultivation like drip irrigation as it will direct the maximum utilisation of water with minimum quantity. Water is like god, we have no right to waste it. The focus will then be on more crop per water for every farm doubling farmers income.

To double the farmers income by improving technology, increasing milk production, use of solar light, honey production.

Increase afforestation by planting more trees along river banks to avoid soil erosion during floods.

Arnab Banerjee said:   3 months ago
India is a developing country and this development is mostly on the farmers. From independence, the Indian government continuously brought a lot of initiatives for our farmers, because the government also know these farmers are the backbone of our country. There is a television channel named Krishi Darshan, dedicated only to the farmers. Many initiatives are taken to Krishan Nidhi Samman Yojna in which every farmer gets Rs 6000 every year, and Kusum Yojna in which farmers get incentives to install solar pumps. But still, to make farmer's income double in 5 years government must take some more actions like giving them the chance to sell their products without any agents, providing the proper environment for farming, proper education on modern ways of farming, crop insurance, subsidies for tractors and irrigation and many more. In the end, I must say, we can call India a developed country only if we can see our farmers smiling.

Shubham said:   1 month ago
Absolutely, our farmers are capable of doubling their income and they are very diligent, and honest. But they require the support of the government. If the government Provide them with relaxation on electricity, gives many schemes related to their benefit and gives new innovative technology items for farming they will grow. And govt. Should be aware that the youth to do farming because without farming nothing possible. Now, in foreign countries, they built many innovative products that make their work so easy and fast so we all should take some steps to take these innovations in our countries.

Anomie said:   5 months ago
In my opinion, in the next 5 years India will double it because farmers are the most hard-working people in our country in Farming is one of the most important things in our life without farming we wouldn't get food to eat. Now the generation of people were didn't like farming and farming was decreasing Day by day due to the increasing population their lands are decreasing.

So the farmer's income in India will be able to double in the next 5 years.

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